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Post  Nagi on Sat May 18, 2013 12:45 pm

[8:29:38 AM] Avery: Daylen sighed, he was soaked through from the pouring rain. he had known it was going to rain today but hadn't cared. the walk slong the beach had sounded like fun. no only did he wish he had brought a towel. seeing a large log of drift wood he flopped down on it and laid out on his back, half enjoying the rain that fell on his face and half in a day dream state
[8:32:54 AM] Kairi/Eva: -Things had been getting crazy at home for Georgia.. with Nightworld in a frenzy about the impending war.. all she wanted was to be alone. SHe wandered aimlessly along the empty beach, bare feet plodding through the soft sand to squish between her toes. Though there was no sun, the light rain felt refreshign against her lightly bronzed skin. She tilted her head back, running her right hand through her short deep raven colored locks that ended in choppy layers at the base of her neck. Silvery eyes peered abotu aimlessly as she continued to meander. She was dressed simply, wearing only a black fitted tnak top and a pair of blue jean shorts, as if in a fight with the elements. No sun? No problem. Rounding a corner, she spied the familiar ALtir.. short in stature he may be.. barely taller than herself, but one hell of a confident one. She paused at first, wondering if she should approach an alpha from upwind or not.-
[8:36:25 AM] Avery: Daylen closed his eyes smiling to himself as he listened to the waves crash against the shore. They had beaches in Canada, but you never occupied them unless it was summer, else you freeze your ass off. The thought of someone running around assless made him smirk and chuckle softly too himself
[8:38:01 AM] Kairi/Eva: -He had not taken notice of her yet it seemed. She approached slowly and carefully, silently as she had been groomed to do as the new Omega of the Axel pack. Would he hear her? Would he sense her? She used a small amount of magic, pulling it out of the pit of her reserves to cloak her aura, though hiding scnent was harder. One step, two, three.. oh so very close...-
[8:39:09 AM] Avery: "Stalking your prey Axel?" He whispered on to the wind that he knew would travel to his ears
[8:39:16 AM] Avery: her**
[8:41:03 AM] Kairi/Eva: -She paused in midstep, standing up straighter to wrap her arms around her slender torso as she looked down to him settled upon the driftwood.- Maybe.- She replies with a soft smile, shifting closer to plop down next to him with the ease and grace of a well honed fighter.-
[8:42:48 AM] Avery: he chuckled again. "was wondering when i would see you again. If i remember correctly you had told me to not disappear and then you disappear. should of know a pretty wolfy would be tricky." he teased with a laugh in his voice
[8:44:38 AM] Kairi/Eva: -SHe shook her head, raking her slender fingers of her left hand through her short locks as she regarded him.- Isn't that are jobs?- She asks in a playful tone, smiling broadly at him. Daylen had such a charming confidence.. a perfect example of an Alpha.. even if to others he did not look it.- How goes it with your pack?- She ventures, wondering if the war had finally begun to effect them too.-
[8:48:39 AM] Avery: he turned his head and looked at her. she was as she always was, stunning in his eyes. there was something about her that had slipped under his skin, something alluring, something....dominating. he reached out and gently ran his own fingers through her short hair, slowly leting the strands wrap around his fingers. " we stand ready for the coming onslaught. other than that everyone is off doing their thing."
[8:51:04 AM] Kairi/Eva: -She goes utterly still at his touch.. no one, even Hunter had dared touch her with such familiar ease as this man did. She could feel the tingle of his ALpha magic as if it wan through his fingertips directly into her scalp. He had such a confidence, such a way of carrying himself that drew her to him.. even as leaders of different packs.. ones that should never mix, she could not help the draw.-We are working on it ourselves.. but it looks bad.. do you think.. we should ally our clans? More numbers?
[8:53:58 AM] Avery: "hmmm....a truce is always tricky young wolfy. How would you manage it? you are not yet the leader of the Axel clan." he lifted her chin up so he could look into her silver gaze. how those eyes made him feel as though he was falling. "i've missed you." he whispered very quietly, for her ears and her ears alone.
[8:55:57 AM] Kairi/Eva: -His words were not untrue.. she was not the leader yet.. but as Mirabella had vanished suddenly, and with no word.. that put her in charge, though he did not need to know that yet.- If I can't handle my pack now, when will I ever be able to?- She asks him back, holding his eyes with her own as they stare at one another. A connection to be sure. At his final words she blinks, averting her gaze just once, showing her slight submissive place to him for a breif moment before returning those silver eyes.- And I did you.. I wondered when I would see you again..
[8:58:22 AM] Avery: "ah yes, the strength of being a leader is only as strong as those willing to follow you. You are pretty clever pretty wolfy." he teased. without a second thought or hesitation he leaned in and let their lips touch. they hadn't shared a kiss since the night he had met her and dragged her to his clans regroup meeting.
[9:05:08 AM] Kairi/Eva: -Gods he always seemed to have the right words to say, he was a younger Alpha from what she recalled him saying, but he showed such strength of conviction, such a wisdom beyond his years... it didnt hurt that the man was damn fine too. This of course, was a personal opinion, purely extra.- You give me too much credit.. I am trying my best though.- She replies in a light tone, feeling the air between them seem to buzz where their magical auras touched one another. She did not even blink as his lips descended upon hers, in fact she let hers dance more atop his, savoring his strong flavor of the wind and outdoors as they sat together atop the driftwood. The zing was incredible, as if a lightening bolt had struck her, she found herself moving closer to him, pressing her chest to his to deepen the kiss.-
[9:08:04 AM] Kairi/Eva: (dude my Japnaese bud who called you Lezko chan still thinks we should get together -.- she is like a huge fan of you haha)
[9:09:40 AM] Avery: he wrapped an arm around her waist and in a fluid move pulled her into his lap. he let the kiss deepen letting his tongue slip between her lips to mingle with her tongue. she tasted of spring time and summer's bonfire. his chest rumbled low and deep with an almost feral growl or passion and lust. he was surprised at his own desire for her. they had been away from each other only a few weeks but yet it had felt like eternity. and now here she was in his lap on the beach.
[9:09:47 AM] Avery: (oh good grief lol)
[9:13:38 AM] Kairi/Eva: -How strong and stable that arm about her waist, drawing her slender form into his lap was. His body heat was amazing, lycans such as themselves always tended to run a bit warmer, their bodies prone and ready to release the shift, but his temperature felt perfect to her. She was unable to stop the soft moan that escaped her throat as his tounge began to mingle with hers, the vibrations from her vocalizations tingling his surely already heated lips as they continued to remain locked in a steamy kiss. Her chest against his own felt the rumbles from within, sounding like silken wine rushing atop jagged rocks, dangerous and alluring all at once. It seemed fate had something in store for them indeed, letting them meet time and time again. Though at the moment this was the last thing on her mind, no, she was more concerned about those muscular legs beneath her as she shifted her body, letting her legs straddle long side his lap.-
[9:14:40 AM] Avery: (look at you all paitent and shit lol)
[9:15:18 AM] Kairi/Eva: (what is wrong with patience? should I not be?)
[9:15:56 AM] Avery: (lol you just look so......complacent)
[9:16:07 AM] Kairi/Eva: (its because it is like 1;15 am haha)
[9:19:55 AM] Avery: He fought with every fiber of his being to not rip her close off, at least just yet. how animalistic and fitting it would be if they take things further here on the beach. he let one of his hands travel up her side up under her shirt, caressing the burning flesh he found waiting for his touch. how smooth and agile her body was, how perfect she felt under his finger tips. he slid his thumb over a pressure point on her stomach with a bit more pressure than his other fingers gave her skin as his hand trailed up her side further. When he reached the soft cloth of her bra he ran a nail just under the edge of it on the more tender skin he found there
[9:22:11 AM] Avery: (brb potty)
[9:25:29 AM] Kairi/Eva: -Though the weather was cool and rainy, the couple kissing hard and deep upon the driftwood were hot enough to nearly turn the falling droplettes upon their skin to steam. The moment his hands moved under the light fabric of her shirt, her breath hitched, chest pressing harder against him as her body pressed forward eagerly to receive his touch. Her nipples were already starting to rise to attention, scraping through her bra and the tank to delicately press agaisnt him. How eager she seemed, her body responding well to him.. mouth uttering a low groan as his fingers pressed teasingly upon the pressure point of her stomach.- You are.. teasing..- She whispers against his lips, hot breath mingling with his as her hips swivel delicately atop his lap at his invading touch oh so close to her chest.- You are a wild one.. out in the open now...
[9:32:15 AM] Avery: He smiled as he felt her own desire rising, there was something between them, something higher than they were, something had decided that they were meant for this, for eachother. This teasing was only prolonging the enevitable. he chuckled softly. "i am a tease." he bit her lower lip softly at first and then with a little more animal eagerness. as one hand reached up under the edge of the cup of her bra the other toyed at the waist band of her pants. " would you rather go somewhere more...private?" he whispered the last word into her ear before nipping her ear and moving down her neck along pressure points. he paused when he got the the promise mark he had given her. knowing it would only increase the sensations already running through her body and tiny connection the mark gave them he nibbled on the mark, on the pressure point below it.
[9:41:14 AM] Kairi/Eva: -It did feel as if a force was driving her closer to him.. but was it the Alpha magic? It was the one thing that had always kept her more in line when they were together. Even now as her desire was rising hot and fast, she could feel that small crack in the perfect chalice holding their adoration of each other.. why was she so nervous? What if she let go? And she knew.. sleepign with him would make it more official.. the promise mark.. it would begin to mean more than that.. it would mean linking her clans.. but getting closer.. there was no harm, until her heart was ready to fully make a choice.. for she did find herself drawn to him..and was falling more for him in the days they were not together. - Oh? Confident aren't we?- She asks with a smile, playfully rolling her hips atop his lap. her teasing tone turned into a soft gasp as he reached higher up her shirt, fingers connecting with the supple flesh of her breast, as her dancing hips continued their swiveling motion at the playful touch of fingertips at her waistband, whispering of anticipation of many more delights that could come of this moment.- Yes... lets.. - She whispers back in a husky tone, the inner wolf rising as her eyes nearly glowed silver, her lip still full form where he had bit and suckled it, leaving her nearly crazy.- Ah.. Gods..- She moaned, hands gripping his upper arms as he trailed kisses and nips along her pressure points in her neck, nipping atop the mark.- Take us now.. before I change my mind.- She growls, her nails on her hands suddenly sharper.. Gods the things this man did to her.-
[9:41:19 AM] Kairi/Eva: (sorry its long.. jsut came out haha)
[9:50:52 AM] Avery: Daylen need no prodding and with a simple burst of energy they were in a room, with white and black marble for walls and bear skin rugs linging the cool cherry red wood flooring. the bed in the corner of the room they were in was covered with silk sheets and a fur comforter. the light in the room was dim, almost naturally setting the mood, yet enough light to easily see with the senses of a wolf. The marble walls hung framed works of art, ranging from a print of the Mona Lisa to black and white prints of nature from Ansel Adams. a few hand made old drums sat in one corner along with a violin and a guitar. In the other was a chair surrounded by over flowing book shelves.

as they stood standing atop one of the bear skin rugs he nipped harder at her shoulder on the mark. the gasps of pleasure she made only drove him a bit more wild, a bit more of his wolf trying to escape. god how badley he wanted to take her, right then, but he would wait, he would draw out this feeling as long as he counld. His fingers found one of her supple nipples and he pinched it, lightly at first and grew stonger and more forcefor with each new pinch. the hand that toyed at her waistband slid to the front and started to undo the fron of her jeans.
[9:59:00 AM] Kairi/Eva: -Used to teleportation, the young lycaness was so caught up in the strong sensations running through her entire body that she barelynoticed that the scenery had changed. She felt the softness of the fur under her feet, and gaze a cursory glance of the room as all good lycans do when they appear somewhere new.. they are trained to detect danger and escape routes.. but this was Daylen.. and he was not one that would hurt her. His teeth continued to come down upon her delicate skin, tugging soft sounds of pleasure and low grumbles from deep within the pit of her stomach. A sharp gasp echoes through the room as he grasped one of her already taut nipples, the pinching motions working to make her slender body so unlike her sisters tremble delicately, each one harder than the last. She wraps her arms abotu his neck, tugging him closer to growl softly agasint the delicate spot where neck meets shoulder, biting down hard enough to leave a mark there, but a slight one that would fade over time, marking him as being claimed for potential mate by her. He would feel her grin agaisnt his neck as his hands delved down to the front of her pants, she she wriggled her hips, helping him pull them down.- I can't let you claim me fully tonight.. you know this.. but I will surely make you remember this moment..for many nights to come.- She whispers agaisnt his ear, traling a sharper nail down his arm to the side of his shirt. I single slash and it splices open, easy removal indeed.-
[10:08:59 AM] Avery: he grinned, he knew well that he could not claim her fully tonight, that would set into motion things he was not suer either were quite ready for. he growled loudly as he felt the gentle burn of pain mixed deeply with pleasure as she bit him, leaving her own mark. he smiled as he assisted him with taking her clothes off. he used his foot to catch the waistbad of her pants and flung them across the room. he grinned ear to ear as he felt the light trail of her nail across his chest as the cool air of the room settled on his now bare chest. He had been naked infront of her once before, but there was a different glow to his skin, almost a faded bronze color that produced it's own source of heat. his muscels taught and more prominent then she might remember. "i'll claim as much of you as i can tonight. I will savour every moment of it." he reached up and gripped the collar of her shirt and in a fluid motion ripped the fabric and sent it to the floor with the now building pile of clothing. before the remnants of her tank top touched the ground he had unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor. He lifted her up by her butt, wrapping her legs around his still jeaned hips and moved towards the bed.with a devious grinned he tossed her into the softness of the fur comforter atop his bed. he leaned over the edge of the bed to kiss her deeply, deeper then he had yet to kiss her, the alpha magic mingleing with his own saliva as the kissed only continued to deepen
[10:22:44 AM] Kairi/Eva: -Good.. the bite had taken, she could tell by the shift of magic and the growl that came in response to her teeth sinking into his flesh. With this bite, now they would be connected even further, any sensation that occured would feel double, rushign between them through their conenction in a cycle. She saw him cast aside her pants with a swift kick of his leg and smiled wide, appreciating that he seemed to enjoy having his nice clothing ripped from his body.. and what a body it was. She let her eyes roam over his lithe form, stronger than before it seemed.. he had not been kidding when he said that his clan was preparing for war. His dark words filled with lust and affetion echoed in her ears, makign her growl deeply in reply, her teeth digging into his neck in show of a powerplay, she had the same plans it would seem. He echoed her earlier motion of ripping her shirt.. hell she liked that one but.. he was too god damn pretty to hate. He moved fast, using that lycan speed to undress her and pick her up with ease, placing her legs exactly where he wanted them around those slender and strong hips of his. She giggled as she went flying, landing with gracefull ease as she beckoned him to the bed with a crook of her finger on her right hand. As soon as he got close she trapped him with her legs once more, taking his kiss eagerly, grolwing in it as she delved deeply into his mouth with her tounge. His magic was heady, like a drug, making her shiver with delight and need. Her eyes flashed a glowing silver as she racked her teeth across his upper lip, nipping it as she grazed that plump skin, her eyes locking with his in a challenging stare as she suddenly flipped them, pressing her hips down on ihs own to keep him still.- I like top..
[10:32:11 AM] Avery: "and i like a woman in charge." he teased seductively. he took advantage of the new positioning to admire her frame. "gods..." he whispered as he trailed his finger tips over her now overly sensitive skin with feather like touches. He could feel her delight, her desire, her hunger for him stronger with each second. they had marked eachother, neither a permanent mark, but one that showed they wanted more than just friendship from eachother. He could feel the fate's hands guiding their movements. he licked his lips hungerly as his fingers carressed her stomach, her sides, her brests, the pinch of each nipple with a slight twist. His hands trailed down her back digging nails in on pressure points as he went until he cupped her ass and gave a slight squeeze of her cheeks. his eyes began to glow a soft white as they pushed the boundries.


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