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the shifter peered back at her charge, still foggy it seemed “You have to keep up, Jaqu...the longer you stay...the harder it is to extract you‏”
“Extract to where again?” he asked confused‏
the petite woman pused, nearly fast enough for him to potentially run into her. She turned, gazing with those amber eyes That shone In this desolate landscape “You were murdered, Jaqu...if you cannot come to terms with that...we potentially have problem‏”
“I know I'm dead. I accept that. Why are you pushing me? I don't understand why it is so important for me to be alive again.” he had skid to a stop inches from running into her‏
“That is something you will understand when we reach the mouth....it is not easily explained‏; come we move!” and onwards she pressed, calling for him to follow”‏
he stared blankly at her. He knew her, knew he was supposed to be following her. But he didn't know why or to where. Cautiously he pressed on following her. He couldn't remember a time he had ever felt so.......lost, or felt at all for that matter. 'What is going on? What is happening to 5?' He asked himself‏

from behind them, a mighty roar resounded as the girl became engulfed in flames. From their center rhea strong sturdy form of Kartikeya peered, spear swinging as he shouted “MOVE!!‏”

Jaqu's eyes went wide in surprise as he took in the scene. He remembered this man, but the boom of his voice made his legs push him into a full out run, flying past Mal.‏

"What the fuck is going on?" He shouted over his shoulder‏
“not good. Mal raced after him, catching up ”not in front Jaqu!“ the roar went quiet and silent, as if he had been there all along Keya loped beside them ”Exiting is forbidden...i shall aide u on the journey to the mouth. rest assured, Jaqu…we will protect u‏”
"But why? Why do I need to go back? Why can't I stay here?" His voice just loud enough for his companions to here‏
Where are your loved ones, Jaqu? “Mal asked.” Your life was stolen…you have to go because it was not your time‏.”
“If it was not my time then why is something trying to stop me from leaving? Loved ones? What are you talking about?‏”
“Who can easily escape the land of the dead?“ Keya asked ”it will be explained in a safer patch....just ahead...i will try‏

Jaqu looked at Kenya for a brief moment over his shoulder. He simply nodded as he continued forward, even though he was still unsure as to exactly what was going on. He sighed internally. These two were helping him to escape the Veil, even though he had no idea as to why. But if they found it important to risk their lives then he would keep moving forward.‏

“he air was thicker here... a hush had fallen over the twilight planes of endless grey tones... empty skies... with no moon... nothing. ”Stop here.” Keya said lightly, falling to a knee to rest himself. Mal reached out to tug on Jaqu's sleeve to indicate he did not need to run, settling indian style on the ground ”Sit with us... ask us anything... we will try and help you.” She said softly to him‏
Jaqu complied like a little child and sat down next to them. "I'm just confused as to why I can't stay here."‏
“There is a time and a place for a passing, Jaqu” Mal began.” Your life was taken out of sequence... by your own flesh and blood... he is pushing against the flow of time and fate... and so you cannot stay here‏”
He stared blankly at her for a moment, almost as though there was no one inside of him. "ok. But aside from that why must I return? Who are these loved ones you speak of?"‏
Keya peered to Mal and shook his head, moving to settle closer to Jaqu ”Do you think you came to be with no mother... ? No father? That you lived a life and died utterly alone?‏”
"well obviously I was born at some point. But that was over a thousand yarns ago. Any loved ones I had would be long gone by now." He glared at Kenya like he was an idiot‏
“And.... if you died at one thousand... your loved ones were not long lived either?“ This time Keya looked at him like he was an idiot ”Your mind fades... a clean slate in this place... besides your name... you know nothing, right?” Mal watched quietly, whispering something under her breath as she felt energies shift... yes... it had worked... the people were at the gates that needed to be there... her work in the past had been... fruitful”‏

“Jaqu... in one thousand years... you never had a woman then? Someone you cared for? Think, man. You are a male... and in one thousand years you never....?” Keya grinned at him now
Jaqu blinked in surprise. this man was a formidable person, forceful in his words but gentle all the same. "why man wouldn't have fucked someone. Of course I have!!! But how would I know if they were still alive? I've been here for a long time"‏

“You have been here... for three hours. I .... have been here since before you were born.” The quiet tone of his voice was almost littered with heat ”You best listen and open your eyes to us and what we have to say.... instead of flailing like the child you are in this place while your "loved ones" risk everything to save you.” It was then Arianna's voice ripped through the deadly quiet” JAQQQQQQQQQUUUU!‏

Jaqu jumped to his feet in an instant. he recognized that voice. a voice he heard every day for what seemed like a life time. the voice of someone he knew he had loved, and still loved. the voice of his personal angel, though he some how knew he had never told her so.

"Ari?" he looked around, trying to find the source of the voice. "ARIII!!!!!" he called out. Annoyed that his voice echoed off of the walls around them, making it that much harder to pinpoint her location‏
Ari herself could not hear him, but settled looking tired as hell outside the lines of the casting area... with Georgia glaring ”You cant disturb it!!! you enter when we are ready!” She glared at the child... but said nothing... for without her or the others help... this would not get off the ground.”

Inside the Veil, Mal and Keya both rose, looking at Jaqu. ”She... is your special person.” Mal said quietly. ”She is waiting for you... she is trying to get you out... that is why we are here now‏”
Jaqu suddenly looked very confused. " who?" he looked at them. "aren't we supposed to be going somewhere" he asked pointing down the corridor that they had been headed‏
‎It was a blink of an eye and he appeared to have already forgotten about Arianna‏
“He will make it in due time... but needs a more visceral stimulation.” Keya said to Mal, who nodded, motioning to him ”We need to get to the mouth... there you must speak to Arianna. She will tell you everything.” Both began to run... there was much he needed to do here... but before that could happen... he needed to know who he was... and why he was there”
Jaqu, frustrated as hell now, glared at their retreating forms before shaking his head and choosing to follow. "how much further to this mouth thing you keep talking about?" he called to them.‏

“Believe me... you will see it when we arrive.” Mal stated, keeping the pace fast... as behind them shadows crept.

outside, Georgia looked worn... the magic was hard on the body. Kamryn could not touch Kaitryn, but she was feeding her magic to keep the woman on her feet... Michael was not far behind, floating above the premises... ready to sweep in should the dumb ass non angels fuck things up. ”Arianna... this is it... the mouth is at the widest point... if you are going in... best is now... we will keep it open as long as possible... but maybe 24 hours Veil time max!” Kamryn shouted. The blonde wasted no time, stepping through the portal, feeling hands grip her spirit to try and fling it from her, but as long as the magic remained... she would be whole. And here she began to wait... hoping Mal had done her part to bring him close
Jaqu felt a sudden strange rush slam into his body forcing him to stutter in his steps for a moment before regaining momentum. There was an energy that he recognized. A heat he needed, the air to fill his lungs. He dug his feet into the ground harder blasting past Mal and Kenya, leaving them with a cloud of dust in his wake. "I feel her"‏

Mal did not try to stop him this time, for she knew Arianna had entered. She stood solitary a mile away... her white blonde hair shimmering in the dim light, fine and straight over her shoulders. She was dressed in a simple gown of white, everything taken from her at the time of entry... for she was a temporary soul in this place... one that would fade.” Jaqu…“ She tried to call, but her voice was constricted... stolen... she had to breathe somehow... but there was little air...
Jaqu could feel her, her soul, presence, everything. But he could aloe feel her slipping away, fading. He pushed harder, he felt like he had lost her before and couldn't let that happen again. He saw her hair before he saw anything else. This time he was going to be there for her. "Arianna!!!!" he called out ahead of him. What was left of the ragged shirt he had died in finally gave way and flew off behind him, his bare feet slapped against the now cold ground as he grew closer to her.‏

She turned, those avid blue eyes clear and deep as they regarded him ”Ja...qu?” She felt a strength from him... he belonged. Her arms reached for him, and she finally touched him, drawing in a mouthful of air as his aura protected her from the bone chilling place ”You... made it. You made it! Mal... she got you here!‏”
He felt a rush of relief wash over her as his arms wrapped around her, pulling her close to his, her hair tickling his bare and scarred chest. A smile spread across his face as he felt her warmth flow over him. Without so much as a blink he leaned in and did only what felt natural to him, he kissed her. Deep and full of passion, longing, and fear.‏
In this moment... Zarron was not in her mind... only Jaqu... He was here... even if it was the Veil... in her arms... which she used to hold him tightly... and though they had not truly ever spoken much about the feelings they housed... she let him kiss her... and kissed him back with much want... lips trying to push the very breath of life back into him... but time was limited... she knew she could not stay. And so she pulled back, locking eyes with him, holding him tightly ”Jaqu... you... know who I am?‏”
He almost whimpered as she pulled away from him, this kiss had been everything his heart had beat for. Breathing deeply from the exertion of the kiss. "yes, I know who you are. You are Arianna Hunters"‏

“Good... I am glad you remember me... I would punch you otherwise.” She leaned in again in an uncharacteristic motion, laying her head on his chest... “I... thought I lost you.... but I’m here... I am going to save you... I promise.” She said, pulling back to rest her right hand along his cheek. ”I will also make the man who did this to you pay....‏”
He held her close to him. Enjoying the feeling of her breath on his chest. It was so warm, so full of life. "You could never loose me. You know I'd haunt you from the grave if needed be.” he smile and kissed her forehead‏
she smiled lightly, nuzzling him slightly... before realizing that was what she was doing, but then she leaned against him ”The gate is open... and we are ready for you... but you have to be ready, Jaqu... you have to want to leave.... will you? Will you come with me through the mouth?” She looked up at him, staring intently, heart beating rapidly... she was afraid he would stay behind.... and she knew deep down .... that if he did... she would never be the same.”
"I......I don't know. I don't know if I should. I don't know why I should. I’m.............confused. " his eyes on the ground as he held her tighter‏
You don't,....want to come back? What is keeping you here?” She asked, speaking carefully to him. She did not sound angry or accusing, but wanted to know why he felt so conflicted... he wrapped her arms tighter about him, running her hands on his back ”You can talk to me Jaqu... I mean... I have dived into the afterlife after you... think I deserve a bit of open bookness ya know” She joked, trying to lighten the very dark moment”
"What do I have to come back to? You are here, so I have nothing left to go back to."‏
“I can't stay here Jaqu... I'm not dead... I cant die... you know this... I have to go back through the mouth....‏”
“But....” he stared at her. “I'll have nothing left to live if you leave me“ she stared at him a long moment,, but didn’t release him... remaining close ”That is why I want you to come with me... if I leave and you don’t come... you don’t live Jaqu... you will die... be dead... permanently...‏”
“But why? I'm dead. Why must I disobey nature. I died‏”
“You didn't just die Jaqu.... you were killed. It wasn’t your time. Why... would you stay here? What is here for you? I cant stay here.... you wont be able to see me... I cant see you.... I came here to get you out of this place... I don’t want to leave you behind‏”
“Why can't you stay? Stay with me forever Ari. You know I love you. I'd always be here with you. Forever. We just have to stay. No troubles, no worries.‏”

“Jaqu... I cant stay here.... I am not meant for this place... I am not dead. But you... you can live again! I am here to take you out. Come out of the Veil with me... please?” She asked, stepping back to grip his right hand with her own

"You must give me a reason why I should go." He looked like a kid. Waiting for a parent or someone to love him.‏

“A reason? Jaqu... I... I don’t know what you want me to tell you...” She looked at him with an expression as equally as helpless as his own ”I want you to come back with me... why would I come all the way to the after Veil to get you if I didn’t want you to come back with me? Is that not enough?‏”
He looked to the ground. "Ari.........do you......do you love......me?" He asked as his ears turned red. The first time ever she would see him blush.‏
The usual talkative Arianna went very quiet... and she didn’t say anything for a long time. ”You are... very important to me Jaqu.” She began carefully. ”But you know me... I... I don’t... I don’t love people... not... after.... what happened....”‏
He stared at her blankly. His eyes instantly lost their sparkle. They became almost hallow orbs of gold and green. "Then.............I have nothing to go back to." His usually powerful voice was quiet, meek, barely audible.‏
“That’s not fair, Jaqu. You can’t pull a guilt trip on me here! What use is it to lie to you!!!???“ She pushed away form him then, shivering at the sudden weight on her body ”WHy is being important not enough for you...? I wouldn’t do this for just anyone.... I made Nightworld... the hunters... everyone move... I pulled in all my favors.... to save you. Because I don’t want to lose you... why is that not enough?‏”
He looked ashamed that he had put her in such a situation. And no regretted what he had done. "I'm sorry Ari.......I'm.......i shouldn't have said that. It wasn't fair." He reached out to her to grab her again. He didn't want to loose her touch. That meant he'd loose her completely. He didn't want to the push her away. That was the last thing he wanted. "Ari.......I love you, and always will. You stole my heart, my soul, my being; but it was so long ago, and with all that has happened to you, I shouldn't expect you to feel the same. I'm sorry." his hand found hers again and pulled her back to him.‏
He would find the mighty and brave, cold faced and steely Arianna Hunters shaking in his grip, more delicate than one might find. ”I... didn’t want to yell at you....“ She admitted, feeling Mal and a different presence approaching from ahead... as well as a heavier push on her lungs... the Veil would reject her soon. ”I cant... say I love anyone... not anyone Jaqu... and you know why. But...“ She paused, biting her lower lip nearly hard enough to bleed ”If I.... could love someone else... it would be you‏”
He embraced that moment. And pulled her to him again. And kissed her deeply with more fire and passion then he ever had. He didn't pull away until he felt both Mal and Keya's eyes on them and their embrace. "I'm sorry......" He whispered. "I'll come with you."‏
Pale Arianna's skin would flush as they kissed... how long had it been... since anyone had really kissed her like that? Her eyes closed a moment... and she let herself go for just this one moment... just for now... indulging in the feel of his lips on hers,....only until the others were near. She pulled back as he did, smiling lightly at him. ”I will help you get back... I promise. I... I have your body healed... waiting for you...“ Mal came up behind him then and lightly touched his shoulder ”You have to m remember first Jaqu... why you came here.... how... who killed you... and what you need to do....‏”
Jaqu looked between all of his companions now. 3 of them. He had started this journey on his own. Why so many cared for him he was still clueless to. But it was what it was. But he still was unsure as to what and how. "I don't know." He suddenly was frustrated with himself. Of all the times to have amnesia this was not the best. "I'm dead. That's all I know."‏
Ariana was both sad and relieved at the appearance of the other two....but what mattered most was Jaqu.... if his soul memories were incomplete, He could not leave the veil. ”He is connected.to you.” Keya offered to Arianna “only you can help his memories.‏

“Ariana was silent as she contemplated this turn of events. though she spoke at last. ”I have to stay longer....otherwise he wont know‏, you know the price.” Keya spoke. “if you are found....and your body is killed....the last hunter shall die.‏”

“I know....but for Jaqu....I would risk my life...‏”

three pairs of eyes turned to Jaqu before Ari spoke again ”Your father killed you, Jaqu....you wished a final battle....but fell....he....is trying to destroy everything...i will help u remember....I promise‏”
Jaqu wasn't sure what they were going on about. Wasn't it enough that he remembered them? "NO!" He shouted at them. "No. Arianna, you can not stay longer. No matter what. I will not allow you to. You have risked enough simply coming here. I will not let you risk more. I will remember. I must." With that he faced Arianna again. "Will you trust me?"‏

“It has already been done.... my time here...... every hour spent... is an hour I am no longer immortal back outside of the Veil.... I might as well take the dive... and stay here with you. My body will be protected if need be upon our return.” She sounded much more assured than she felt, but she wanted to do whatever it took to get him back”
Jaqu smiled weakly at her. He pulled her close again, and as her head touched his chest he dove into her memories of him. Every memory she had that pertained to him. It took only a moment. But when he was done he dropped to the ground with a large thud. Thousands of years flooded his mind, and so many emotions to filter through. His body shook as though he was cold, teeth chattered, and a cold sweat covered his brow and chest.‏
The white blonde was not expecting the sudden invasion into her thoughts... her initial reaction was to shut him out... so Jaqu would have felt much resistance to his tug on her memories until she finally relaxed and let him in. Any emotions she had at the time of her memories would be quieted, so he would only access the visual, tactile and scent of the memories. She shivered herself, kneeling beside him to gently rest a hand on his forehead. ”Easy... you took... a lot... and very fast... your mind needs time to process......‏”
Jaqu went still as Arianna's hand touched him. It was that same old calming sensation that ran through him every time she touched him. It had always felt like waves of peace washed over him, calming his soul. He inhaled deeply before sitting up and opening his eyes. To him he saw nothing but images of himself throughout their time together flicker across his vision, but to the others his eyes flashed colors. First his perfect melding of gold and blue, then just gold, blue, green, blue, silver, red, green, blue, gold. Before stopping on his normal swirls. It felt like an eternity for him but it was only a couple minutes. He gasped loudly as the images stopped and realization set in. Some facts were still foggy, but mostly because of Arianna shielding her emotions to the events. He braced himself with his eight hand on the ground behind him. "I......." He trailed off. His Astral form was once again full and solid. "That fucking BASTARD!" He cried as he leapt to his feet. "Fuck you Chris. You touch a hair on anyone............GAAAAHHHHH! You're a dead man!" He turned and looked at his companions. "I must go back, now. I can't let him get away with this. Killing me, hurting my friends and family. He will pay." His face was suddenly very stern and fierce. Glaring towards the crack in the veil that was their ticket back to the world of the living. A green flare of energy erupted from him, encasing him. A second later it was gold and pulsing. "I'm ready. " He said as he looked them all in the face.‏

His sudden outburst left the once silent place nearly sizzling and crackling with his energies as his magic and astral form tried to come into completion. ”Its ok, Jaqu... everything will be ok... you remembered.” Arianna offered a small smile, just as Keya stepped forward with Maleigha in tow. ”Take him from this place...” <even if his work is still to be done here.> He thought to himself. Once in the Veil... you were a part of it. Mal had already paid her price with the abilities of her orb... sacrificing everything to change the destinies of others. Where Keya had been trapped as a warrior guard for time unknown. And Ari... as soon as she stepped out... she would face six hours of vulnerability... when the last immortal hunter would be killed... wiping her kind from the face of the universe forever.

She reached towards Jaqu now, Arianna taking his hand in a firm steely grip. ”Your body is in my offices... being watched over by Ravyn... lets go together.‏”
Jaqu squeezed her hand tightly in his. Not wanting to let her go. "I'm ready. I'll protect you and everyone." He turned and looked at Keya. "Thank you old boy." He smiled and extended his unoccupied hand.‏
“You need not shake my hand or thank me. My Loyalty was yours the moment you entered this place, Jaqu. I have waited... so... long for you.” Down to one knee Kartikeya went. ”Count on me to follow you even when you leave this place.” Without another word the warrior vanished, leaving Mal and Ari behind. Ari held Jaqu's hand tightly as she tugged him towards the exit., looking at Mal. ”Why are you not coming?”

“It.... finally hit me. I... have been in here for a long time. I don’t think... I can walk on my own anymore.” The usually quiet woman spoke... though there was no fear in her gaze. ”You two go ahead. I shall surely follow shortly.” Ari gave Jaqu a look and motioned towards Mal. ”Shall we take her out together?‏
Jaqu raised an eyebrow as Keya knelt before him. He would have to remember to ask him about it later, about what he meant by he had waited for him. He nodded and smiled down him. "Thank you" He squeezed Arianna's hand and released her hand turning he walked towards Mal. He extended his hands to her. "You will not stay. I leave no one behind." He smiled the dashing smile he possessed but never showed. A smile that made heaven and angles envious.‏

“Mal looked up at him with her usual expression of serenity. The woman was not one to show much range of emotion no matter what the situation. But she cocked a light smile at the corner of her lips, taking his hand to stand up on her feet as the three made way to the exit.

Outside, Georgia was nearing collapse, the energies were getting wilder... harder to support... the door would be closing soon. ”GEORGIE!! Hang in there!” Kamryn cried, chancing a look at Kaitryn who was channeling the bulk of the energies... what would happen to them?‏
Jaqu smiled wider as Mal took his hands. He released one of hers and took one of Arianna's hands. He squeezed both as they headed at a rather fast pace to the doorway. It wasn't too far from them, 50 yards, if that.‏

Kaitryn, grimaced as the energies became sporadic and wild. Gritting her teeth she gripped tighten to the magic’s she was using and forced more power, stable power, into the gateway. She started a low chant, similar to the one she had used to start this whole thing but slightly different, more haunting. Her body flared with a white golden aura. She had to keep this going. Everyone owed Arianna something, and though most would never admit it, Jaqu was important to each one, in their own way. She knew if she held it to much longer her life force would start to fade and eventually get pulled into the veil, never to be reborn or live again in this world. She had taken the soul link from Georgia so that should it happen only she would be sacrificed. A selfless act, she wouldn't admit to anyone she had done.‏
The exit was proving difficult with the wild energies. Arianna grit her teeth as she pressed onward towards the exit. ”Jaqu... once we leave here you will return to your body in the offices beneath Night World... I will get to you as soon as I can.” But... I might be too weak to. She thought, though would not share that with him. At last the exit was in reach... and a few steps... then at last freedom!

It exploded the moment the exited, rocketing a sharp closing spiral of energies through Georgia and Kaitryn. Making Georgia scream in pain as she fell to her knees, and a blindingly bright light flash outward just as Ari and Mal plopped onto the ground... minus Jaqu who was in swift transport as a spirit energy to his body”‏
Only the closest and most observant people would have noticed the pull on Georgia was no longer but the pull on Kaitryn had grown‏

Kaitryn screamed a blood curdling scream that rocked the ground as she collapsed. Her long hair still long and wild. Her eyes the brightest of the most piercing blue, still had a glow about them. She couldn't feel the ground, or much of anything. The pain from holding the gate had fried her nerves when the gate exploded.‏

Jaqu was flung through the air. He saw the group briefly as they stepped through before being whisked away. Slamming back into his body was the most painful thing he had ever felt. Far worse than when he died. But he did not wake upon entering his form, but slept, deeply.‏

Indeed a rush was on to check over Mal and Arianna, Georgia as well as the initial burst of energy subsided. But Kamryn could feel the tug... her soulmate was in pain....intense enough to make bright flashes cross her vision. Georgia seemed concerned for her sister, but noted the magic’s were still swirling about. The gate was not wholly closed yet. ”Arianna!! We need to close the gate!” She cried to the blonde, who was gasping for air as her body took its own toll... the venture had not been for free... she knew the price had been high... but everyone here seemed broken.

The Altirs were still about doing their chants, but Eva had gone quiet, and peered to her Alpha. Gate magic was ancient... and they had more control over it than most due to the orb in their possession., but this was going to spiral out of control. She moved to Kamryn, placing a hand on her shoulder. ”You have to balance with her. The energies are strong... together, you can help her.”

Kamryn nodeed, rising shakily to her feet before moving to Kaitryn. ”Kaitryn.... Kaitryn... Look at me! You have to let the energy go. You have to shut your conduit off!” She grabbed at her wrists, but felt like she was burning for all the energy coursing through the woman. Michael at this point was watching from afar in the air, invisible to them all. ”Stupid sentimental woman. In the end... you always get used for things like this.‏”

As the wave of energy burst forth from the gate, Daylen had finished chanting. Finally the job was done. He hoped on all things alive that they would never have to do something this extravagant again. It was Georgia's cry out that snapped him out of his deep thinking. He had felt Eva's eyes were on him. But in a blink of an eye his feet curled into the damp and hard dirt below him. and pushed off towards Georgia in a flash, speeding across the dark night like a rogue lightening bolt crackling in the air as his ancient magic whipped around him in tendrils, pushing him forward faster and faster. He slid to a stop atop of the slightly damp grass as he reached Georgia's side. He cupped her face with his warm hands and turned her gaze to him. "Are you alright?" his voice was soft and only a whisper.

Kaitryn felt the energies rippling under her skin like a high rolling boil. It hurt but had been worth it all. She opened her eyes and looked up into the face of Kamryn, that soft blemish free face. She smiled softly and lifted Kamryn's hands off of her. "no Kammy" She sat up and gasped as she felt the pain crackle from her toes to the tips of her currently very long hair. her hands were scorched and bloody as she looked down on them, completely in awe as she felt none of the pain of those burs as she should have. "No Kamryn, see to Aria.......nna..."

Her voice trailed off as she looked towards the blonde woman only to see something none of them had expected. Standing just behind Arianna and Mal was a young man. His hair a dark luscious mahogany was full and brushed back. His eyes of the most piercing green any of them had seen before, gazed around at all the figures. His feet encased in highly polished leather dress shoes, His left hand was tucked into his pants pocket, gracing the silken lining with his perfect flesh, his thumb the only part of his hand visible laying upon the rough outer layer of the dark tan dress pants. He wore a high collar silk black button up with black buttons, a brocade brown silk vest with pearl buttons. He wore an old fashioned, dark green, Victorian cravat with a pearl cravat pin to match those of his vest. His right arm was tucked behind his back his fingers curled around the inside of his left elbow. His shoulders were back and level, his back rigid straight, Posture out of this world perfect. But it wasn't the easiness with which he stood there, or the old fashioned Victorian style clothes or the regal look upon his face that stood out above all things, it was his uncanny dead on appearance to Jaqu. He watched as the groups eyes followed Kaitryn’s to himself before he smiled lightly. "Hello." his voice had the same elegant southern ring to it and exact same tone and influx as Jaqu. He looked like Jaqu, sounded like Jaqu, but something was slightly off about him that made him stand apart from the Jaqu they all knew.

"who the hell......." Kaitryn's voice was barely above a whisper and trailed off. But it was Daylen that acted first, he pushed Georgia behind himself as he stood staring at thier visitor.‏

Georgia felt that light touch upon her face, Daylen’s gentle voice calling her back to herself. Eva watched silently, expressionless as he approached... but happy that their initial part in this was done.

Kamryn meanwhile leaned back from Kaitryn, glaring at her. ”Fuck that. In the end you are the person who is important to me... Arianna has plenty of people behind her to make sure she is ok.” She argued, ever the stubborn one, even in such a situation. When Kaitryn spoke to not argue, but stare in surprise behind her, she turned as well, eyes widening. How was that...? How could Jaqu be here? She had nothing to say, just sat rooted beside Kaitryn as everyone's eyes turned to the sudden appearance of the man... who seemed like Jaqu... but was different. here was no aura about him... it was as if he appeared out of no where.

Lark stared in surprise, as did Arianna... ”Jaqu... why... we just...” She moved to take a step forward before pausing, her crystalline eyes icy as she watched. ”Who are you? You aren’t the Jaqu that came out with me... that is for damn sure‏”

"No Ms. Hunters, I am not your Jaquall." His smile was not evil or devious, not even a flicker of malice. It was just a smile of knowing that things were about to get very interesting for all of them, Himself included. Looking around again very briefly he took in the faces of those around him, he knew most of them, a few were complete mysteries.‏
Arianna was good at keeping her reactions in check. She did not shudder at the tone of voice. It was like he was a perfect wax mold of Jaqu... walking about and talking without any fucks to give. ”Well. Where you came from then, I suppose that is the bigger question. But I don’t have time to prattle about here......DeAmonte... how are your injuries?” She turned away from this new Jaqu, though kept her senses on high alert... he was still an unknown... and weather a threat or not? That was to be determined.”
The man stood with still a smile, and before he could speak further Kaitryn spoke up.

"I believe I can stand." She shifted in Kamryn's defiant and possessive grip to calmly, and some how graciously rise to her feet. Her white gown clung perfectly to every curve of her form. Her long dark hair swept the ground in perfect elegance.‏
“Must have been quite the magic to grow that short mane of yours out...” Arianna said with a smile, before it vanished from her features. DeAmonte had people in her corner, Kamryn... and a host of angels and hidden demons she was sure kept themselves well out of her scope. Hunters could be unpredictable. So she left her to the care of the others, and returned to... ”What should I call you then? I don’t think Jaqu....will cut it.” She was eager to get to the lab, to see to Jaqu who had returned... her Jaqu... but the time was not right. Damn her responsibilities at times like this.

Michael had descended from the sky, invisible to all but Kaitryn, grinning at the sight ”Well, well... aren’t you all gorgeous, baby.” He winked once, passing a look over Kamryn Axel... it was the first time he had seen her up close... such a delicate creature... but the power potential was amazing....Perhaps Georgia was not the right pick to be the next pack leader. ”You need a healing boost? Or you going to play stubborn on me again?‏”
Kaitryn glared at Arianna for a brief second before smiling gently at her. The amount of power that had passed through her that night had definitely had a physical effect.

"Ah, I see. Yes well Jaquall would not be the proper name for me anyways. My name is Koldrick Silver Thorn Axel. You may call me Kol." his smile was genuine and kind.

Kaitryn truly did glare at Michael, and mentally spoke to him as she was the only one that could see him “fuck you. Keep your eyes and magical hands to yourself, perv. And no I need no boost.” her wings then for the first time since the start of opening the gate vanished from view.‏
“Kol? All right then, Kol. Since you already seem so attuned to my info, I will skip the introductions. We are busy here at the moment, so to be honest, you are not a top priority. Stay out of trouble and don’t cause any... and you and me will get along just fine.” People were congregating about, helping heal small cuts and bumps, and Arianna was already on her phone, calling Ravyn to get a confirm on the arrival of Jaqu into his body.

Michael grinned wider ”Oh shut up. You know I have no interest in fucking you... hell anything for that matter at the moment.” He watched her as she regained her composure a bit, glancing down at Kamryn. ”It was changed you know... I felt it in the pull of tides. Something altered this woman’s destiny... changed her birthright... at a high price too.” He motioned his head towards Kamryn. ”Lucky you. If you wont be needing me, I have lots of work to do now because of Christopher’s fucking stupidity. chao.” He flipped her off once before vanishing, leaving no one the wiser.”

Lark was watching Kol carefully now. She had been quite quiet through this whole process, and still was.‏
Kol simply nodded, and with nothing more slipped off in to the dark of the night that encased the field they all occupied. His eyes settled on Lark for a brief moment before walking off. Lark would have felt a pull on her soul, a pull stronger than any she had ever felt from Jaqu when their eyes met for that briefest of moments.

Kaitryn paid no heed to Michael and his antics. She had known something major had changed so much in all their lives, and more were on the way, without a doubt. She reached out and found Kamryn's hand, pulling it and the girl closer to her. The warmth of the girl's body radiated against Kaitryn and the power that rippled through her still. She looked down and smiled, before leaning down and kissing her on her head.

"Ravyn. Yes ma'am, his body is secure. The monitors sparked for a moment before returning to normal. Unfortunately there is no further indication of anything beyond that. If he is there, he is sleeping."‏
Kol simply nodded, and with nothing more slipped off in to the dark of the night that encased the field they all occupied. His eyes settled on Lark for a brief moment before walking off. Lark would have felt a pull on her soul, a pull stronger than any she had ever felt from Jaqu when their eyes met for that briefest of moments.

Arianna knew she needed to give this matter more of her time, but she was still too worried about Jaqu to think clearly. Dammit... she had to get her feet under her again. After tonight, it was going to be a personnel nightmare back at Nightworld and Section 7. ”Roger that, Ravyn, I am on my way to investigate the matter further. We also need a tail on a new player named Kol, looks just like Jaqu... appeared out of the mouth just like I did.”

As Arianna kept talking she was already on the move to Nightworld, leaving the others to their devices for the moment. No one was stupid enough here to not be able to care for themselves. Lark was still silent as she stared after Kol, shivering once at the strange storm in her emotions at meeting his eyes. She had looked away quickly, biting her lower lip in thought as he vanished. What had that been?

Kamryn was smiling against Kaitryn, head pressed against her chest as the kiss was proffered. The woman felt utterly spent, but at the same time was zinging with energy. ”Why don’t we head back to your place so we can patch you up a bit... you also look like you could use some rest”


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