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Cona's mother smiled proudly at her son after he returned to the palace, settling down in a chair beside Vixen who had presented herself as his advisor. "Do you.... have an issue with me as your advisor, your majesty?" Vixen asked, curtseying once before winking at him.
Cona did his best to suppress a smile, briefly looking at the ground before returning his gaze to Vixen. "No, there is no issue to be had, m'lady" he bowed ever so slightly
Vixen rose and moved to stand beside him. "If you excuse us, Honorable mother, the new King and I should begin our discussions immediately about his new leadership policies." With that she grabbed him by his cloak, and began dragging him towards the door
Cona looked surprised at Vixen's brazenness but at the same time he half expected it from her. He smiled gently at his mother and was about to bow to her when vixen's hand yanked on his cloak. "Uh M'lady...." he tried to be formal
Cona's mother laughed and shooed them away. "Go on.... She’s just trying to save you from the crowds waiting outside to interview you." Vixen smiled wider. "Your mother is smart." she said, pulling him through a backdoor into a hidden passageway
"I suppose i should thank you for that. Honestly I’m not the biggest 'people person'. Perhaps taking the throne was not the best of ideas." he sighed following Vixen's pull
She sighed herself, pulling her hair down to let it fall in a mass of messy waves and curls to her shoulders. "People person or not, young prince.... well.... I suppose King now. You are royalty. And with that.... comes responsibility."
1 yes responsibility, not always something someone my age looks forward to each waking moment." he leaned against a wall closing his eyes to catch his breath, even though he had not lost it
Vixen smiled and knelt beside him, leaning against one of his legs. "Prince.... you are young yes.... but so am I. Barely seventeen and leading Redmoon. That’s why I thought we could work together you and I.... I can be your eyes and ears where you can’t be.... in the beds of men and women who may betray you."
He sighed and bent down lifting Vixen's chin with a gentle finger. "Such a dangerous job you have found yourself in. more than one it appears. By taking the words from loosened lips could also lead to your death. I would hate to see that." he smiled at her
She reached up and gently ran a nail over his finger on her chin. "Now, now.... says the young prince whose innocence I stole...... who would be in danger you said?"
he chuckled slightly, remembering to keep his voice down, through the corridor was hidden it ran like catacombs through the whole palace, a single air vent would alert anyone that they were there, "you may have taken my innocence and taken the life of your old mistress but you still are putting yourself in harm’s way young Maiden."
he chuckled slightly, remembering to keep his voice down, through the corridor was hidden it ran like catacombs through the whole palace, a single air vent would alert anyone that they were there, "you may have taken my innocence and taken the life of your old mistress but you still are putting yourself in harm’s way young Maiden."
Vixen rose in response to his tone of voice being soft and took his hand. "Come your majesty, let us away to your chambers." she said in a flawless courtesan accent. Then she whispered "hmmm.... are you nervous of prying ears? If that’s the case let’s take this somewhere quiet"
Cona smiled at her again. "Ok and where did you have in mind sweet courtesan?" he teased gripping her hand in his own
She tugged a little harder on his hand and turned to face him, poking him in the eye. "Nothing of THAT sort my lord....” she said with a grin, tugging him into his chambers.
He chuckled into his room after her, sighing a sigh of relief to find that though his title had changed his room had remained untouched by it. "Oh is that so?? Then why my chambers?" he winked as he ran his hand along a delicately carved bed post
Pausing she looked at him for a moment, before bursting out laughing, grabbing her stomach and kneeling on the floor. "Ah! It hurts! Oh my God! Really? You are soooo cute."
He paused and turned to stare at her. "EXCUSE me?? Cute? Perhaps you should look again." he stated as scowled at her. He walked over to an armed chair and unclasped his cloak dropping it on the chair. He removed the crown he had been wearing for the coronation and for the first time Vixen could see how he truly looked. His long hair tumbled down lying over his shoulders and down his back in thick waves
She paused in mid laugh and stood up, giggling once more. "I'm sorry, Cona.... its-it’s not that I just.... “She huffed once and crossed her arms. “Yes you are not just cute.... but very attractive.... more so then the little gangly thing I slept with when I was fourteen, I'll give you that." She walked to him and assisted him with removing his last piece of armor before falling into a chair. “Am I forgiven?"
"I suppose for this once you can be forgiven." he winked at her a smile spreading across his face. In a last ditch effort to be more comfortable he pulled the ceremonial shirt off and walked towards his armor, pulling out a white and black shirt that over lapped on its self with a beautifully woven dragon up one side
Vixen watched him absently with her metallic blue eyes, sitting herself up in his chair. "You will be a great King, Cona. You may have been a brat as a kid, and hell.... you still ARE a kid.... but you will be an incredible leader. I can tell."
"Besides.... you are getting manlier by the day.... and you already kicked ass when u were little."
He turned to face her with one last tug of his shirt over his head and straitened it. "I hope i can live up to those words Vixen. Someday i hope to be half of the man my father was. he was so proud and protective, looking out for even the smallest, he had seen war and death, and watched life come into this world, none of which i can say i have seen or been a part of." he sighed and flopped down on his back on his bed, hands tucked under his head
After he plopped on the bed she waved a hand, replacing her elaborate dress with a simple red shift "ugh.... I hate having to look pretty all the time.... do you know how hard it is to get men to fall all over themselves by one glance form me?"
"Hard? I wouldn’t call it hard. I mean....look at you, gorgeous no matter what you have on or not." he smiled and winked at her propping himself up on his elbows to look at her
Vixen smiled and plopped herself next to him on the bed. "Hmmm you are about the only guy whose compliments I will believe....” she said softly, laying her head on his chest.” but you shouldn’t flirt with your advisor"
"Why only mine? Am i really no different than the other men to come to the Redmoon? I came looking for a good time and got it, on a couple different occasions. And who says I’m flirting? Simply telling the truth." he gently ran a hand through her hair playing with ends, twisting it and curly it before returning to the top of head to run his hand through it again
She shook her head and sighed. "Dummy.... it’s because you were my friend first before you even asked to get in my pants. And you tried to buy my freedom.... no one did that for me, ever." she kept her expression blank, but a slight teariness about her eyes shone in the sunlight. "Besides. Everything is flirting to me, little boy." she added, poking him in the side
He shifted away from her poke and laughed softly, her poke had tickled. "I will always be your friend first and foremost above anything else." he smiled and gently wiped her eyes with his finger. "Besides you can’t hide anything from me."
She jerked slightly at his gentle touch and sat up suddenly. "Well, your majesty," she said, sounding suddenly formal. "Now that I have whisked you away to safety, I have to go."
"Oh and where do you have to go in such a hurry?" he teased but seriously wanted to know
"Hm?" She replied, turning around at the door. "A client calls." She said, waving a hand to appear in her formal garb once more. "You can’t keep me to yourself now,"
"Never thought i could. Would be like taming a wild dragon, it would never happen." he smiled sitting up on his bed. "I probably have some work to do myself." he smiled once again at her
"Well then.... goodbye," she said simply, closing the door behind her. Hopefully he wouldn’t see through her lie that she had a client, it was what she hoped anyway. With that she began to walk back towards the throne room to the bustling party
In a wave of his hand he was dressed to the nines in his normal royal garb and slid out of his room, zig zagging through the halls and slipping unnoticed around partiers and drunken soldiers, which he mentally noted he would deal with later, until he was back in the throne room. He snuck up to stand behind his mother's throne sighing with great relief he had made it without anyone having seen him
As he hid behind the throne he would catch site of Vixen chatting up a young nobleman, who was quite drunk and quite pushy. He kept running his hands under her bodice in public, even though she was pressing him away, clearly talking to him to keep him from catching someother less suspecting poor girl
Cona growled under his breath at such disregard. He walked over to the man and grabbed him under the chin as though he weighed nothing and subtly dragged him off into the shadows out of sight and sound of the rest of the party. "What is with you man? Such actions in public will not be allowed under my rule. Do you understand?" his voice was low, yet harsh and full of command
Vixen came rushing around the corner to see who the hell had drug off her companion and stopped dead upon seeing Cona. "You-your majesty....” the man said drunkenly. “I-I shorry. I musta gotten carried away. She is just fucking hot ya know?" he said laughing loudly. "My favorite bedmate. But. I will keep our sessions more....*hic* private" he finished, bowing awkwardly.
"You will be doing no such actions at any time. And you will not speak of anyone in such a manor, regardless of occupation you will treat each with the same respect as you would show your King. If you cannot learn your limits and hold your tongue then i will be forced to make harsh your punishments. Atop of it all Miss Vixen is my advisor and there for part of this royal court, her stature is higher than yours now and you will treat her as such. Do i make myself clear....boy?" his voice still low yet carried such venom on each word
Even through his drunken state, the young man gulped and stood ramrod straight. "Y-y-yes your majesty." he said softly, quickly bowing before running past him back into the crowd. Vixen continued to stare, and eventually walked up to stand in front of him. "Thank you.... but I could have handled that myself.... I don't appreciate interference with my business, Cona."
Cona simply turned at looked at her. His face hard as stone, a permanent scowl seemed plastered on his face. "I will take care of what needs to be taken care of in my home Vixen, if it is business you simply see here then take it elsewhere." he simply walked past her
"Bye then....” the whispered, turning towards the dance floor. “Vixen," Cona's mother said, placing a hand on her arm. "Don't feel bad, he was just doing his job.... and I think he was worried about you.... why don’t you apologize?"
Sighing, Vixen walked up behind him, and knelt in the shadows, poking him in a pressure point behind his left knee
Cona dropped to his knees at the pressure point being pushed. He turned to look at the culprit of the pressure point. He looked down at Vixen watching her closely
"Sorry" she whispered, still not looking up. "I was acting a little cold earlier.... guess it’s just been a long day. You were only trying to help....”
He sighed and looked at the floor. "No....I shouldn’t have gotten involved. It really wasn’t my place. I just....couldn’t....” he sighed again and looked her in the eye
"I’m sorry vixen, i was out of line."
Vixen rose and stood on her toes, kissing him softly on the corner of his mouth. "No your majesty, I appreciate the assistance. I will make sure my customers are better behaved in the future." she whispered in his ear discreetly, returning to her normal standing position to look up at him with a gentle smile.
He smiled and gently placed a hand behind her ear and pulled her to him, leaning down to gently lay a kiss on her supple lips
"That would be greatly appreciated. You have a high role to uphold."
She curtsied politely after indulging in his attentions and leaned closer to him again, still smiling from the kiss. "You should also be aware of your position, Prince. You are the King now.... and cannot freely go about kissing high level courtesans in public.... it will be taken for something else entirely."
he smiled down at her and leaned in to whisper in her ear "perhaps but perhaps it might just be exactly what it is thought to be." he smiled before walking up to the kings throne, lightly inspecting it quickly before turning quickly to face the party and taking his seat, he ran a hand through his hair and sighed deeply. He had played in his father's throne many a time when he was very young but now the chair had a different feel to it
Vixen stood there stunned at his blatant statement, and turned to look at him on his throne. Lounging against a pillar in the light she snatched champagne as it passed on a tray and sipped it, watching him as he made a wonderful figure on the throne. "Idiot....” she whispered under her breath.
'Why am i an idiot?' he asked her mentally. He had definitely inherited all the traits of his father, exemplary hearing outside of the norm for shifters. He never looked at her, simply shook hands, and swapped simple chatter with others, smiling at those who congratulated him
Out of the corner of his eyes, he would be able to see her stiffen slightly, swirling her glass. She responded mentally back to him "Do you enjoy eavesdropping on the victims of idiotic men? If you don't know why you are an idiot then you ARE still just a little boy"
He turned his head from the nobles before him and looked right at her a smile spread from ear to ear, he winked at her. 'I am no boy, would just like to hear your reasoning fro why i am an idiot.' he said mentally back to her
Vixen almost couldn't stop herself, and she laughed softly, shaking her head at the strange looks given to her. Oh.... you are a boy.... you turned.... just fifteen? Don't parade around like you know it all yet little prince," she said teasingly. Finishing her drink before walking past him on the diesis, running a hand over his arm as she passed. "I am retiring, your majesty. I have been given quarters near yours as is due for an advisor... until later then." she finished with a smile, still refusing to give him the information he wanted
He raised an eyebrow smiling to himself. "As you wish, m'lady." he said acknowledging her retirement. He stayed with the party until most of it had died away. At which he too took his leave and retired to his chambers. Upon entering his room he stripped down to simple pants as quickly as possible. He was hot and felt confined in his royal garb; he wasn’t looking forward to it for the future. He laid out on the banister on the veranda looking up at the stars. Mentally to vixen, 'are you going to answer my question?'
In response to his question, she entered his room quietly, joining him outside. The starlight struck her red curling and waving hair leaving streaks of gold in it as it waved to the shoulders of her loose semi-sheer red silk robe tied with golden straps with the royal crest on them. "Just leave it." she said aloud, resting her elbows on the banister of the veranda.
"Just leave it? That is not fair. If the king is an idiot should he not have the right to hear the reasoning behind it?" he asked a slight smirk caressing his gentle features
"You are .... a piece of work, little prince." she replied, smiling equally wide with mirth. "You are an idiot for being intimate in public with me, hell a woman in general. You can't do that anymore and you know it."
He burst into laughter. "Oh....my....vix....en" he could barely make a sentence between boughts of laughter. "Ok ok, fine i will not be intimate..." he smiled swiveling his body so he sat on the banister looking at her.”...in public that is." he reached over and gently pulled her to him, lips locking.
Before she could retort to his comment she felt herself pulled to him, and once again his lips were on hers. His warmth spread into her and she relaxed against him, running her hands up his sides to wrap around his neck to pull him closer. "Idiot." she repeated, nipping his earlobe. "That’s all I needed to hear. I am not your wife, nor your concubine. So you have to watch yourself, little boy.
"Perhaps one day you'll accept my hand in marriage and i will not have to worry about what i do with you in public or not." he kissed down her neck nibbling on the pressure point he found along the way. "Don’t tell you don’t like this. The way we feel to each other, the way we taste." his voice was soft and a mere whisper blown over damp skin from his nibbles and sucking
Vixen blinked as if trying to awake from a dream, her heart beat jumped and her skin began to heat up. "D-d-don't joke...j- ah... don't joke about...t-that” she whispered, voice shaking from the sensations running through her neck and shoulders beginning to pool in the pit of her stomach. "Mmm I never said I don't like it... you are very.... good at....this...for...God." she stopped talking completely to pull his mouth closer to her skin, arching her body closer to his. "Are you really only fifteen?" she asked jokingly, running her nails over his chest
He couldn’t help but smile to himself, he may only be 15 but he was far mature for his age. " i would never joke about such things, vixen, especially not with you." he placed his hand on her lower back pulling her against him more, he trailed his kisses and nibbles down her shoulder before claiming the other side of her neck with the same kisses and nibbles, being sure to not miss a single inch. He very softly moaned into her neck as he felt her nails on his bare skin
Vixen moaned softly at his touch and nips, biting her lip to keep from crying out louder. "Hmm... you must have kept yourself busy, little prince between the last time I saw you and now..."
"No not really." he whispered into her neck. He could feel, could hear her heart beat. It was a different sound then when they last had been this close; he could tell none of it was forced.
She smiled wide and dug her nails into his sides, mixing a little pain with pleasure on pressure points along his ribs. "Then you... must be... a" she paused briefly, gasping "a natural."
He smiled to himself as he slowly moved down her neck towards her chest. He paused only briefly to moan at the pain and pleasure coursing through his body. He pushed her shirt sleeve down and off of her shoulder exposing more skin for him to explore
Vixen wondered how the hell this young one knew so much about the human form and where to prod, poke and to please... not like she minded of course. She rolled her head to the side, exposing the shoulder he had uncovered, and began to run her hands absently over his legs towards his inner thigh as she awaited his mouth,
He moved with the expertise of seasoned sex master over her body, over her delicate skin. He knew this was different than any of the other times they had been together. He could feel the passion, the desire, the need emanating from her body, could hear her heart beating rapidly. In a fluid motion he slid her shirt down even further finding his way to her ample breasts and then ever so gently taking the nipple into his mouth
The moment her nipple was taken into his mouth, Vixen whined like a cat in heat, rolling her hips in anticipation of touches to come. "Cona..." she breathed, tightening her grip on his thighs, releasing gentle waves of pressure points up his sides and around his stomach. “Move me.... to the bed..." she whispered, arching up to his inviting mouth, face flushed red from desire.
His breath caught as he heard his name, it turned him on more than he already was, and she had never called him by his name when intimate. Without question or hesitation they appeared on the bed, he atop of her. His breath returned but increased as the pleasure pulsed through his body
Feeling the bed beneath her, Vixen smiled, "Good boy," she purred, leaning up to run her tongue along the pressure points behind his left ear. She wrapped leg around his waist; drawing him closer to her and using her free hand began to massage the pressure point under his belly button as he continued to suckle her
He smiled around her nipple at her comment. His breath caught for a mere moment as he felt her leg around him, his hips began to rock as she messaged the pressure point. "God....vix....en" he whispered against her skin releasing her nipple, his breath from each word caressing the wet skin.
"oh no, don't stop from something as little as that, baby." she breathed, digging her nails deeper into the pressure point, adding her own rolling hips pressing against him to the pleasure. "Come on.... make me scream your name, little prince.... “She challenged, eyes heavy and lazy as she gazed at him, breath coming quicker.
"As you wish my love." he stated his voice deep and husky. He reached down undoing her robe completely and with practiced hands found her inner thigh, slowly moving up her inner thigh on pressure points until he found her treasure. Delicately he brushed his fingers against the warmth and dampness
Vixen arched and sighed with pleasure as Cona's fingers found her center of desire. "Yes... “She breathed, voice shivering as she held back the waves of pleasure beginning to roll down her legs and up her sides. “You... are....treating me....so well..." she whispered between gasps, moving her hands to grip his shoulders. "Don't stop... whatever you do... don't stop."
Gently he slid a single finger into her, gasping softly at the warmth and wetness. Knowing it wouldn’t be too long till more was to come; he reached down with his other hand and managed to secretly wiggle out of his own pants. He smiled up at her leaning down to deeply French kiss her
Vixen partook of his lips greedily like a woman starving for the water of life, and moaned with pre abandon into the kiss. Her hips began to buck in a gentle rhythm to his ministrations, her breath catching as he sometimes found her sweet spot deep inside. Not wanting to break the kiss, she mentally said" mmm I feel more skin... you are too hot for your own good your majesty."
He moved with the flow of pleasure emanating from her. "Want more?" he asked as her words seemed to travel down his spine touching points of pleasure along the way. Mentally, 'why always so professional with me?'
Yes... more.... she pleaded, her eyes smiling up at him. "And I am not being formal... that is called me...mm God... me giving you....shit." she finished, gripping his shoulders suddenly as a wave of pleasure rolled through her. She sighed beneath him, skin glowing from their lovemaking, her hair tossed wildly about, " mmm don't lose me now here, little prince. I have a lot of experience... you better work me good."
“you may have experience but I’m sure i can have you screaming my name in no time" with that he pulled his finger from within her. His movements paused for only a moment as he slid his hard member in to her, with very little caution to how her body would react; he was not young boy anymore
The loss of his fingers caused Vixen to whine, that is... until he entered her fully. Her body spasmed and she gasped, gripping his shoulders even tighter. "Sweet Jesus, Cona.... you... you are definitely... not little..." she breathed, slowly allowing her body to get used to the feeling of him inside of her. “OH God..." she moaned, tossing her head back. "I may go crazy if you move...."
He gasped loudly as he felt her encompass him completely. Instinct took over and he soon found himself rocking back and forth with inside her moaning with each thrust feeling her body spasm below him. He laid his head on her chest breathing heavily as he continued to thrust
Losing all sense of self, Vixen writhed beneath him in pure ecstasy, tossing her head from side to side, gasping and moaning like a wild woman. "Yes....shit..."she gasped, wrapping both legs around his waist. “Deeper, Cona... please..." she begged, eyes glowing slightly silver in the moonlight.
At her begging he couldn’t take it anymore, his eyes began to glow ever so slightly a deep forest green. He felt his muscles ripple under his skin. He had had sex with her many times but nothing like this. He buried himself deep within her, pulling out to just the tip before slamming back into her up to his hilt
Vixen did scream his name then, each time he entered her she cried out his name. "Cona! ....Cona....!" each cry was filled with joy, her body continued to shiver and shudder, her hips bucking uncontrollably as they rocked together in rhythm. "I...I-'m I can't..." she said shakily, body beginning to tense. As her orgasm washed over her entire body shook and rocked, her eyes glowed powerfully, and she leaned up, biting down hard on his neck as she rode each tantalizing wave.
That was all it took. His body gave in with her, he gasped loudly "Oh GOD....vixen!!" he cried out as he too rode his orgasm, coming hard inside her. He actually came a second time as she bit into his neck. His body shuddered as he came to rest laying half on her and half on the bed, his breathing hard and heavy in her ear, sweat pouring form every pore in his body
Vixen laid completely limp, hair plastered to her shoulders and partially in her face, eyes heavily lidded like a cat that had gotten her cream. "Mmm now that...." she said before leaning over to capture his lips with hers. “Was NOT how a little boy fucks a woman." she finished, running her hands soothingly up and down his exposed side. "Mmm that was amazing, Cona."
He smiled at her, a smile that reached from ear to ear, he was barely able to find the energy to reach up and push his hair back from his own face. He indulged her in the kiss, wanting those lips to linger forever on his. "I’m....glad... you enjoyed ...It." he knew the words were not what he had intended to come out but his brain was still in limbo. "Told you...I’m no boy."
Vixen smiled as well, taking the opportunity to kiss him once more, nipping hard on his lower lip, "mmm maybe not in that sense.... but I'm still two years older..." she challenged, sliding to settle on top of him, pressing their sweat covered bodies together. “You are.... above everything, Cona.... my dear friend.... my King, but you will always be my Prince.... and the boy that I fell in love with at the river bank all those years ago....”


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