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Post  Nagi on Tue Jun 28, 2011 6:50 pm

June 28th, 2552
Pfft..yet another day. It appears that Lark is running the show, well i should say the Other Lark. it is definitely depressing to see that the body of the girl i Love is being controlled by a more....ambitious one. I really wish i could turn back time a slight bit and undo what i had done, but truly would it have turned out any different? this Other Lark would end up coming out at some point in the future anyways. Perhaps that is why I have not asked my mother for the orb or tapped into the magic my father left to me to do so. the crazy thing is i have the ability but wont let myself use it. is it me that is preventing this or something else? I wouldn't put it past Tobias to do something like this. he seems to have something in store for me. Hell the person i am supposed to report to hasn't even called me to introduce themselves or give me an assignment. I wonder if they actually exist. It is strange to go from a role where i knew everyone and everyone knew me to a role that i know no one yet they all know me. so very strange. But in the mean time i have much to do. I bought the old Axel Manor from the city and have restored everything, except the Stables. I'm doing those by hand. I guess the connection i have to this land and the stables is stronger than i thought. it is rather soothing to clean it and restore it by hand. I refruse to use magic on the Stables. they were my home and life when i lived here before, i guess i feel i owe it to the memories here to do this myself.


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