Orbs and Locations (up to date)

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Orbs and Locations (up to date)  Empty Orbs and Locations (up to date)

Post  Nagi on Sun Aug 28, 2011 4:24 pm

Orbs of Lore

Orbs and Locations (up to date)  Orbs10

Red – Enhanced physical abilities and strength
Black – Time & Dimension Travel
Yellow – create walking Illusions & making dreams real
Orange – All current Knowledge and prophetic abilities
Blue – Increased magical abilities & magical Tolerance
Green – Control of all Elements & animals
Clear – increased mental abilities, telepathy & mind control
Purple – Immortality
Multi-colored – Christopher-  access to forbidden realms
Teal - Defensive shielding mental, magical and psychical
Brown - Tap into forgotten magics or damaged energy sources
White - Clean slate, rewrite
Silver – Balance
Gold - The ability to cement and alter time dimensional space
(Price for use = Death of loved one of user)
Bronze -  The ability to heal and revive the dead
Rose - Grant and take love and soulmates from or between people
Iridescent - Permanent Death (if used, the user shall experience
the pain/emotion of death at the moment of transition)

Demons – Ryoko/Nagi – Red
Axel – Georgia– Black
Ita – Lara – Blue
Shifters – Cona – Green
IGM – Twister – Purple
Vampires – Spyro – Clear
Demons/Jurians/Humans–Sasako – Orange
Hybrids – Haruka – Silver
Angels – Kaitryn – Yellow
Creators – Chris H. – Multi
Jurians- Ayeka - Bronze
Twilight Circle- Maleigha-  Gold
Humans/Wizards/Wolves- Lark -White
Elves- Shamrock - Teal
Altirs - Daylen - Brown
Witches- Mi-kal- RoseSecto
Sector 7 /Hunters- Arianna/Jaqu - Iridescent

Other Stones
Tiger eye
Summer sky
Purple dusk

Demon Auras
Blue – The Guard
Green – Masters of the elements
Gold – life & death, bringer of balance
White – white eyed demon, the white ones
Red – royal family, nobility
Black – black eyed demon, the black ones

X –Vampire planet
Orion 3 –Demon Planet
Gaia – Shape shifter planet
Stardust –IGM galactic base
Sunfire - club
Medusa - club
Dragon – casino – in space
Black Rose –Nightworld club
Nightworld –society of night world creatures
Sector 7 –secret organization with in Nightworld, Hunter society
Twilight Circle - American Branch off of Night World, operates the European sector
Juriai - Jurian home planet

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Orbs and Locations (up to date)  Empty Re: Orbs and Locations (up to date)

Post  Kamryn on Tue Sep 06, 2011 3:22 am

Thanks for this! We can both add to this as time goes by Smile


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