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Sasako started at the sudden touch, but soon relaxed when she felt the familiar touch of a tail around her waist. `Hey Yuki` she said with a smile, leaning back against him, feeling comfort in his familiarity when her home life has been getting crazy as of late

"Hey little red" he whispered in her ear as he uncovered her eyes and wrapped his arms around her. "I have missed you"

`And I you` she replied, turning to face him, hugging him tight. `I snuck out again... Twister will freak if he finds out, but I got bored...` she whined, enjoying being girly with him when she had to be a hard ass all the time usually. `Your sister get better? last time I was here she kinda...switched boded or something right?*

"still the same. nothing will change until Keiko returns to her time." he smiled down at her. it was different for him to have something so fragile in his arms yet he felt so at home with her there. in the back of his mind lingured the thought that one day she will grow old without him.

`True, but it will work out...besides... we have enough problems of our own with your mom` she pulled away from him and began walking, extending a hand for his to hold. `you talk to her at all since she barged in like a huge rancid whore and demanded you marry me and peg me until I am with child?` she asked sarcastically, obviously THAT bridge was burned

He chuckled and took her extended hand. "No i haven’t yet spoken with her. Besides she is none too pleased that i didn’t choose another demon for myself, much like my sister. She is afraid there will be no true Demon blood born Heir. She demanded i pick a demon girl to mate with until her gives birth to a living blood Heir then i may do as i wish. Just wish she would see that we live forever and that doesn’t have to happen right away." his tone was light though, trying not to turn the conversation dark. He gave a gentle squeeze to her hand smiling to himself

`Mmmm forever huh? Well you never know though... I mean Keiko died didn’t she? What if Nagi dies? Then it would only be you to carry on the line. I am not selfish enough to demand you only for me... if you need to have a child before anything happens with me that is understandable... besides... if you don’t soon... I won’t be around you know. `

"Keiko was killed in the Great Beast War. A war with the Shifters and Vampires. A rare shifter had the ability to appear as anyone they wished. He appeared to Keiko as Rhea and then killed her and she appeared to Rhea as Keiko and killed her. That rare shifter is what spawned the Skin Walkers on this planet. Nagi may get herself killed simply because she can’t seem to stay out of girls' pants." he grew silent for a moment. And then spun Sasako around to look at him "Sasako, i think i have found myself in an interesting situation. I have found that i have fallen in love with you. But you are human and would not be able to share a life with me in whole. However if you do find that you wish to be with me forever i can do 2 different things. I have the ability to make you immortal."

Sasako sat there in shock at the barrage of words coming from Nobuyuki. ` me? ` The very thought of it made her happy and scared all at once. `I love you too, Yuki... you are the first person I have ever truly loved... so I am glad you feel for me like I do for you... but immortal..? How...?`

His heart jumped with excitement that she too felt the same as he. "Well, i can turn you into a demon and leave you as such, or with much more magic and time i can turn you into a demon and then remove the demon essence leaving just the immortal essence. Both are tedious and take a lot of energy to pull off. Few have ever been able to do it and the only ones that have done either successfully are the black eyed demons. Unlike my sister i have come into my full black-eyed potential and have not only harnessed it but mastered it. So it can be done. I will not push it on you or beg you to do it. In fact after this day i will not bring it up again. I love you too much to pressure you into such a drastic life changing event such as that, but know that the offer and ability is out there if you ever wish it." his voice was soft and gentle barely above a whisper. His eyes gleamed bright though and oddly a single black tear fell down his cheek. It was obvious that this meant a lot to him

`Yuki, ` she said softly, pulling him into an embrace. `I want to help you... I do... but... won't work...` she whispered. `I... I was attacked once by a vampire... and they took my blood and tried to make me one of them... it didn`t work... i never turned immortal... it`s like my body rejects changes form the outside.. I haven`t told Twister about it... but you should know... but I want to be with you... just not if it hurts you to watch me fade away with age`

"To watch you walk away instead of spending what time i can with you, would hurt worse. It is strange that you could not be turned, but maybe one day you would at least allow me to try?" he asked still holding her to him. He didn’t care if he could or couldn’t make her immortal just the chance to be with her was all he needed

`of course... of course I will! You never know... maybe a little black eyed demon is all a girl needs to override strange enchanted blood nowadays` she joked, leaning up to kiss him. `But... maybe we should ask an expert about this... like... my sister’s boyfriend. He is the king of vamps, he can use a vial of my blood and see what enchantments are in place, maybe even tell us how to get rid of them`
"Are you talking about Spyro? Eh...well...i...i don’t think that would be a good idea. Remember i had mentioned something about The Great Beast War? Yeah may not be such a good idea for me to go near him. He was just a boy at the time but a vampire never forgets a face." he smiled slightly as he held her still tight to him

`You and your vampires, then let me go alone. I want us to work Yuki... and if it means getting this spell or whatever it is off of me, I will do whatever it takes. Katie will be there, so don’t worry. Besides, I wanted to visit her for a sec anyway. I can meet you back at your ship, or we can go to a different club after and dance... what do you say? This is for us remember`

He smiled widely. "All right for us." he tilted her head up and leaned down to kiss her deeply. "I would love to go dance with you." he smiled into the kiss

She shivered into his kiss and ran her hands up his side `now that is what I like to hear, meet me in an hour? Say at medusa instead of black rose? `

"Sure thing." He smiled kissed her on the top of the head and waved to her as he walked off and faded into nothing

Sasako looked after him longingly, wishing for something to work for them she walked to the club and headed upstairs, heading into the VIP area where Spyro and her sister sat. ` have a minute to talk in private Spyro? ` She asked, looking very serious

Spryo looked up from the glass of blood he had just received. He raised an eyebrow looking at her questioningly. Sasako hadn’t come to him directly in years. Effortlessly he lifted Katie off of his lap and into the chair next his with one hand. Setting down his glass he stood up, looked at Sasako and walked towards the back corner of the VIP floor

Katie remained where she was, also curious as to what Sasako was up to. She always visited her but never Spyro. Sasako followed him into the back corner and sat herself down, facing him directly, `I was wondering. If you had the ability to read peoples blood. Tell things about them like their health, or if they had enchantments on them`

Spyro watched her with an expressionless face. "Yes. Every vampire has that ability. Some have more skill at it." he watched her closely. "Why?"

`I...need to know why I can’t become immortal. One of your kind already tried to turn me... I didn’t turn and he died instead after taking my blood... I need to know what is wrong with me... there is something i need to do and I can't do it if my blood is tainted with something. I thought you as the vampire king could help me or at least give me advice`

"Why do you care about being immortal?" he asked. He looked past her for a split second at Katie and then back to Sasako.

Katie watched them from afar, but remained at ease in her seat sipping wine. `I am in love with an immortal, and need to figure out how to live longer so we can be together. You understand don’t you? Loving my sister who is a human who can`t live forever... you want her to be by your side for longer don’t you? ` She ran her hands through her hair, settling back in the lounge chair to wait for his response

He watched her closely. What she said rang true. He wanted to live with Katie forever, something he had never wanted before. "All right. I'll help you, if you help me." he stated a slight bit of charm slipping from his eyes into hers

Sasako narrowed her eyes at him. `I will help you...without your little power pushing me into it thank you very much. ` She replied, dropping her eyes from him. She may be trained to evade vamps a few times but more than one or two times and she would not be able to, `let’s do this openly ok? I will help you, I want to help you if it means Katie is happy too`

Katie kept watch wondering why the atmosphere seemed so serious

"Katie is happy, but i don’t think she will ever be ready to join me for eternity. She is very up in the air about it. If you promise to help her decide, which ever she chooses i will be happy then i will figure out your blood." he said standing up. He looked over at Katie nodded and then smiled a smile he reserved just for her before looking back at Sasako with a stone face

`I can do that for you, I truly appreciate your help. Should I deliver a vial of my blood to you later on? ` She asked, standing up to glance at Katie who was smiling at the both of them.

He reached out to shake her hand. As she raised her hand to him he sliced a cut on her hand with his lightning speed and as he shook her hand her blood dripped into a vial he held below their hands. It was not until he released her hand and started to walk back towards Katie tucking the vial into his pocket did she notice that he had cut her hand and taken her blood

She sighed inwardly, wondering what Katie saw in this man... but knew her job. She had to get Katie to spend the rest of her life with him, even if he seemed to have issues. `See ya later Katie, tell Twister I was here would you? ` She said as she left the club, heading across the street to Medusa to meet Yuki

Yuki was sitting at the bar talking with the bar tender over a simple beer. "..So a bar named after a Greek titan?" he smiled as he sipped on his beer

Yep, you would be right` Sasako replied, grabbing his beer and taking a chug. `It’s done, he will help me... though he could have healed my cut; can you heal it? I don’t want the sweat to sting it when we dance`

He nodded and kissed the palm of her hand and healed the cut. He grabbed her hand and spun her around before dipping her as he laid a gentle kiss on her lips.
She went with his motions, drowning herself in his soft lips before taking a peek at her hands. `I take it this is part of your spiffy black eyed demon side? ` She asked, wrapping her arms around his neck

He chuckled softly. "Something like that." he spun her around on the dance floor moving with beat and trying to avoid running into any of the other dancers

Sasako followed him with ease, weaving through the crowd to the deep beats Medusa had pumping that evening. It felt nice to not have the general crowd of people watching her every move. Being Twister`s child always seemed to come with a price. `Let’s dance a bit, then head back to your place, I will send you off home before sneaking back into my room* she shouted over the noise, turning her back to him to shimmy up and down

He grinded deeply with her running his hand up her thighs and torso as they danced. His fingertips brushing lightly over pressure points with each move. "Sounds like a plan." he whispered hotly into her ear before nibbling lightly on her ear

She sighed in pleasure, rocking back and forth on the dance floor with him. God he made her crazy, made her feel like she was a wild animal with no control. `You` she breathed into his neck, turning to him to jump into his arms, catching his lips with her own which she refused to relinquish.`

He moaned softly into her kiss deepening it with the lure of the demon essence that coursed through his body. She felt warm to him, like a gentle summer breeze on the beach of the Blood Gorge River. His arms wrapped almost all the way around her slender form. He gave a slight squeeze with his fingers on the pressure points on her sides as he too refused to release her lips

`Yuki...` she moaned into his ear. `Why do you always seem to want to make me rip your clothes off and have my way with you even though I know you could easily stop me?` She joked, running her hands through his hair. `As soon as Spryo finds out about my blood, I will make my move, if he can take the enchantments off then I am leaving my fathers. I want to stay with you`
He smiled and gently laughed at her comment. "Are you sure your dad will allow you to leave his home to live and love a demon?" he knew all about Twister and the Red Dragon Casino and Resort. He had found himself in the hovering 'city' a few times before they ever actually landed on earth. He held her tight to him easily without even the slightest of effort

`I don`t care! ` She said harshly, eyes glowing with anger. `He has held a tight leash on me forever... and has always been easy on Katie Just me... I never know... I never know why. And now he has his elf tracking me in his spare time too... it is hard to live that way. And he never even... he didn`t even protect me when I was little. He didn`t... she buried her head in his chest, and Yuki could feel the cool dampness of tears

Noboyuki's eyes went wide and shocked at her sudden outburst. When he felt the tears he laid his head atop of hers and held her close to his chest. He could feel the tattoos on his body shifting and changing as he felt a sudden rush of anger towards Twister. "'s ok Sassy, I’m here for you and will be forever. I feel such a deep connection to you that i can’t ignore. I’ll never leave you; i will fight and die for you. I love you and that’s all that matters." he whispered into her ear as he slowly maneuvered backwards into a dark shadowed corner off of the dance floor and away from prying ears and eyes

She clung to him, holding on to his body and his reassuring words. `I...I`m sorry... I don`t usually cry like that, It has just been so hard lately... and I never have loved like I have now... so I am a bit of a mess. God` she cried out, covering her face. `My makeup is fucking running, what a sight that must be. ` She sighed and wiped at her tears, looking up at him. `I should go home... I think I need to be alone tonight to think and just... process stuff. Can I call you tomorrow? ` She asked, hoping he didn’t feel like she was abandoning him.

He smiled down at her and wiped her eyes like he was wiping away tears when in fact he fixed her make up. "You are beautiful with or without makeup running." he nodded completely understanding how she felt. "Let me walk you home." he whispered as he set her down and took her hand as they walked out of the club

She took his hand gratefully, and walked slow beside him wanting their time to be longer... but she knew she needed to be alone for the night to settle her feelings. `You and me...huh... we are a good coup0le I think... ` she said gently, running her hands up his arm as they walked. `I hope Spyro can do something. I want to live forever with you`

He gave her hand a gentle squeeze. "I think we are too." he smiled and watched the sidewalk as they walked. "I would love to spend the rest of my life with you. But are you sure that is something you truly want? You barely know me and the life i have is not one you are used to. I'm a Prince to the demon Race, Heir to the Throne. It can be rather boring as well as rather brutal. Are you sure you are up to such a life?"

She laughed bitterly. `I am the red dragon`s princess right now, it has been marked onto my very skin.. I live brutally every day of my life... true your life is unknown to me... but I am up to the challenge` she finished with a wide grin, a little of her fiery spirit popping back into her eyes, `here we are, I gotta sneak in past the elf. Goodnight, Yuki... I love you` she said softly, kissing him once before heading towards her back window

He smiled after her and he continued on down the sidewalk towards the forest that hid the ship.

Sasako quietly opened her window, slipping into her room with ease before shutting it behind her. Seeing it remained dark she tucked herself into bed, and turned over for sleep.

Back at the black rose Katie turned to Spyro. `What did my sister want? She isn’t the type to just chat with people she doesn’t know well... is she ok? `

"Yes she is fine my sweet. She asked me to look into something for her." he smiled and retook his seat in his chair. He patted his lap lightly re-inviting Katie to sit on his lap again if she wished. His glass reappeared in his hand and he slowly sipped it looking out over the dance floor below

She took his invitation, settling into his lap where she usually found herself for most of the evening unless they danced, which was rarely as he seemed content to remain more anonymous. `If something happened to her... you would let me know right..?` She prodded, poking at his side. `You tend to act cool towards everything, so I need to make sure. `

"Yes Katie i would inform you of your sisters health if it were a concern. Just like i would tell her of yours." he smiled that smile he reserved for only her and leaned in placing a passionate kiss on her lips wrapping his arm around her. He lightly nipped the inside of her lip breaking the skin. A ritual he did from time to time during a passionate kiss. He liked the mixed taste of her saliva and blood. That and he knew her father would never check for bite marks on the inside of her mouth

Katie moaned at his sudden touch, he had been doing this more often... not that she minded at all. All thoughts of her sister flew from her mind immediately. `You play dirty... yu know you can get me to do anything if you kiss me like that you sly bastard. ` She said with a gentle purr, snuggling into his arms. Then it came, the silence that she held with him. She would joke and play but never take their conversations in serious direction.

He smiled to himself. The glass vanished from his hand and he stood up holding her to him. And started walking towards a solid wall of the VIP area caring her

`Whoa... where are we going? ` She asked curios about his sudden shift in mood. She could never read him and now was no different.

"hush." he teased as they continued towards the solid wall. As they grew closer her pace didn’t shift. As they reached the wall the wall wavered slightly and they passed through and into his room. Not only did he own the club but he lived in it as well. the room was spacious with a large round bed in the middle of the room, a couch and winged chair in a corner that was lined with book shelves of old dusty books. And a large bathroom off to the right of the room tucked away and rather out of sight. The lights were dimmed like the rest of the club and there were no windows. The walls sound proof. He gently sat Katie on the bed which had silk sheets and blankets
`You... this is your room? ` She asked in surprise, settling herself into his silken sheets which felt good against her skin. `So... why did you keep this a secret, you wanted me to be in shock didn’t you? ` She teased laying herself out on the bed to watch him

He chuckled. "A little, perhaps. Or maybe i just wanted to wait for the right time." he winked at her and climbed onto the bed straddling her. He leaned down and kissed her neck and nibbled on the pressure point behind her ear a little harder than usual

Her eyes widened in surprise as he became more aggressive than she was used to. `The right time? ` She asked, voice quavering a little as waves of pleasure rolled over her skin. She responded by reaching up to pull him closer. `mmm so you have been biding your time and being patient... all you had to do was ask, Spryo.` she said with a smile, staring intently at him with gentle eyes which she usually never did

"Asking is so..... I don’t know... not my style. I would never force myself upon you and if you asked me to stop i would." he whispered over her now damp hot skin. He reached down slowly and began to lift her shirt up exposing bare skin. "You will have to stay with me for a couple days before returning home." he whispered and gently sank his teeth into her neck on pressure points.

"Have to hm?" she asked softly, only half paying attention. "And...What exactly do you plan on having us do for all this time?" she continued, arching into his touch, gasping at his sudden invasion into her skin

He drew softly on the punctures he made taking in the taste and warmth of her blood. He pulled her shirt up around her shoulders and delicately ran his nails over the skin of her stomach on pressure points. "May not be the whole time but going home with the marks i just made would not be a good idea." he teased in her ear before returning to dripping from her neck

Katie moaned again, her body rigid as he played with the bite marks on her neck. She gasped repeatedly, almost losing her mind in how good his touch was feeling. "Spryo... what has gotten into you?" She asked, hands twisting into his hair. He could see brief thoughts flash in his mind from her blood, thoughts of pleasure, thoughts of uneasiness and thoughts of joy

"Am i scaring you?" he asked as his hand found the closure of her bra and undid it sliding her bra and shirt off and onto the floor. He nibbled on pressure points around the bite marks and randomly returned to the bite. His hand slid up her torso on pressure points until his fingers cupped her right breast

"No, why would you ask?" she murmured, stretching her neck to allow him access. Her thoughts whispered unease still, with a hint of her inner self hiding away from him. A leg wrapped around his waist to pull him closer. "Mmmm this feels good."

"You seem UN easy and as though you are hiding from Me." he stated as he rolled her nipple between his index finger and his thumb. He moved from her neck and took her other nipple into his mouth where he rolled it around with his tongue

"Ah..!" Katie shivered under his ministrations, closing her eyes tight as pleasure ran through her in waves. "I...I’m... not...hiding" she said quietly, gasping at the sharp pricks of sensation. "You aren't...playing unfair and reading my blood are you?" She asked, digging her nails into his left side hard on pressure points, mixing pain with pleasure as a little punishment for his invasion.

He smiled slightly to himself. She was smart and he liked it, finally someone who understood him and what he did. He moaned softly into her breast as she dug her nails it. It was a sweet pain that he loved and desired. Being immortal and hard like a rock he rarely felt pain and pleasure anymore and now both are felt well and under her fingers it felt like the heaven he would never see. He pushed his hips against her slightly as the feeling mingled and ran through his body

Katie enjoyed hearing him respond to her touch, and obliged him by using her other hand to dig nails into his Right side, moving her mouth to catch his as he was finally distracted from nibbling on her. The taste of her own blood mingled in her mouth with his essence, and she ran her lounge through his mouth to taste herself, pulling away to nip at his lower lip. "Mmmm you are not the only one that bites here, Spryo.." she teased him, sliding down beneath him to run her tongue along the edge of his pant, fingers playing under the belt line to run over his delicate hip bones.

"Oh is that so?" he teased. She tasted lovely and wanted to taste much more of her, other parts of her but he could wait his turn. his hips rose to her touch and she would actually be able to hear breath passing in and out of his mouth as he breathed harder as his hips were delicately touched

She smiled and tugged his pants downward, revealing his muscled stomach and more of his inviting torso. "You are...just too gorgeous... you make me look bad" she teased, biting down hard on the pressure point under his belly button, gnawing on it furiously as she held him tight against her.

His hips bucked under her as she bit down. The pleasure and pain racing into his groin. He felt a sensation he hadn’t in so long, the growing erection trapped under fabric. He gasped loudly at the feeling but invited it with his whole being. He wanted nothing more than to be with her, to be inside her, to claim her as his

Katie was so shocked by his reaction that she paused, still biting down on his lower torso, and stared up at him with her deep honey brown eyes, seeming to ask him if he was ok. "I have never seen you be so reactionary before...” she breathed against his skin. She slid back up under him and removed her shirt, widening her legs as she scooted her miniskirt up around her waist. "I want you... don't make me wait...”she begged, rolling her hips under him.She knew then that once this happened, things would change... but she didn't care... he was so inviting.. And something about him tonight seemed different...she could feel love, true love coming form him.

He smiled widely at her invitation. It was one he had wanted for so long and had patiently waited for. He may be all powerful and a vampire but he had never used glamour on her and never would. He loved her too much to do so. He slowly reached down and removed her undies taking in her inviting smell. He almost licked his lips. He pulled his jeans and boxers down around his knees. His manhood gleaming with anticipation. "It may hurt you know. Are you sure you want this?" he asked his voice unusually husky from his desire
"Hurt?" she asked, reaching up to embrace him, running her hands over his face gently. "I know you won't ever hurt me on are a vampire...and have a lot of strength and endurance I just don't have, but I am on with that... I know you will be careful." Her voice did not quaver as she spoke, in fact it purred with deep seated desire, her eyes slightly cloudy from the haze of passion they were sharing. "Come to me... let me feel you now" she whispered in to his ear, nibbling on the lobe. "Don't make me wait anymore"

He nodded, promising himself to take it easy with her as she was just human. With an unnatural steadiness and ease he slowly pushed the head into her hot wetness awaiting him. He watched her closely and waited for her to indicate he could push into her more. He could feel her body clenching and relaxing, clenching and relaxing around him and knew that the feeling must be one of pain and pleasure mixed

Katie tossed her head back and fell onto the bed beneath her, breathing hard as he slowly entered her. His entire body was made of steel and muscle, and was driving deeper into her. Unlike the other men she had been with, this presence was one she welcomed, though she tried to relax her body to allow him in deeper. " are friggin huge...”she said, biting her lip as he finally buried himself fully in her. After a moment of rest she began to move her hips in a slow rhythm, letting him know she was ok, enjoying the feel of him inside her, feeling as if they were becoming one.

His rhythm picked up as he felt her accept him inside of her. each thrust he pulled out a little more and more before sliding back to the hilt, he pulled all the way out twice and with a little force slammed into her as deep as he could, enjoying the feeling of her clench around him. He leaned over her and easily leaned down and captured her lips in a deep passionate kiss. he bit the inside of her lip drawing blood and bit his own inner lip drawing blood letting both of their bloods mingle in the kiss. His rhythm matching her rocking hips

The sensation was almost too much for her to bear, as pain and pleasure mixed in her nether regions and her mouth. It was all she could do to keep from crying out over and over with each thrust that seemed to go deeper and deeper inside of her. "Spryo...” she whispered, his name almost sounding like a prayer on her lips as she wrapped her legs around him, pulling him even deeper into her.

"Hmmm Katie my sweet." he whispered in her ear. He didn’t want to lose the closeness he had to her but he wasn’t about to let this all end so soon. he leaned back and picked her up slightly managing to keep himself still buried inside of her and rotated her till her back faced him. He pulled her up so her back touched his chest as he sat on his knees and effortlessly lifted her up and down on him.

" God...” she whimpered, shivering in his grip, gasping for air each time he lifted her up and down. ”I...I can''s too much...” her head was tossing back and forth, hair wet with their mingled sweat plastered to her neck. Her muscles began to clench tighter as she neared her release, and she reached up behind her to wrap her arms around his neck. "Bite me hard when I cum... I want you to." she barely managed, holding back her pleasure as he continued to lift her up and down onto him.
He simply nodded to her plead. As she grew closer to her end he could feel the bond slowly forming between them. A bond that could not be broken unless one or the other met the final death. It would link them forever and would extend her life longer than most humans, not indefinitely but much longer. He was pulled out of his thoughts by a sudden tightening in his groin. He too was reaching his end, if he timed it just right they could cum together. That and the final bite at the moment would bind them together.

Katie's breaths were raspy, her body struggling to contain all the pleasure rocking her system. She went with his motions and pushed herself downward hard on his member, screaming as her entire body twisted and shook with the force of her orgasm, which rolled through her again and again, shattering her awareness at anything except her own body and his.

As she slammed down onto him his own orgasm burst forth deep inside of her. As the waves ripped through his body he leaned forward and bit down almost as hard as he could on the crook of her neck. The explosion of her blood in his mouth only added to his orgasm. He cried out in pleasure as he felt the throbbing flood from his manhood through his body and back down again cuming again and again inside of her. He felt the sudden clench on his soul and on hers as they were joined

Falling back against him, Katie's eyes had rolled back into her head, and her body was still. She was breathing but clearly unresponsive, the bite had taken her over the edge, and her poor human frame could not withstand the sheer amount of pleasure that had attacked it. She rest against him, breathing deeply and rhythmically, blood dripping from her neck to land in droplets on the tangled sheets around them, though she had fallen unconscious, a soft smile lingered on her lips.

Spryo gently lifted her off of his member and laid her down on the sheets. He lay down next to her and wiped her hair out of her face. As he did so he saw the signifying ancient bond symbol appear next to the bite on her shoulder. He smiled softly. He pulled a blanket up over her bare form and stood up pulling his pants back on and his shirt. He smiled once again down at her sleeping form. The bite marks slowly healing themselves now that she was tied to him and had some of his blood in her she would heal faster and when she woke she would find some senses were now heightened.

Spyro would have walked out of the room leaving Katie to sleep after looking into the blood. Not realizing that the whole vampire community could tell that he had chosen a Queen as the bond shook the community

He leaned against the banister looking down over the dance floor. Exhausted for the first time he could remember. 'Sasako. I have your results. Come to the club' he said mentally

Sasako lay in her room and jerked awake, a deep voice pushing in to her dreams. She did not expect the results so fast... he must really want to be with Katie. She shoved on a pair of skinny jeans and a tank, and headed to the club, entering the area to press through the crowd, heading upstairs to stand next to him only a mere thirty minutes later. "Sorry... teleportation is not one of my gifts...” she said through heavy breathing.
"Yes i know." he said. "Part of the issue is some deep rooted magic. Magic i can't even remove. However..." he trailed off he knows scrunching a little

She cocked her head to the side as she listened, wondering just what it was he had discovered. "Well?" she asked, leaning against the railing next to him

"It is possible you may already be immortal thus being why you can’t be made immortal. You are far older than you think Sasako. Much older. And there is something deep inside you that may be causing it."

Of all the things she was expecting to hear, this was not one of them. She stared blankly at him for a moment. What did you just say? There is no way! I have no memory before I was five years old... but I distinctly recall my sixteen years on this Earth... you must have read it wrong."
She gripped the bar in front of her painfully tight, eyes wide in shock. A slight shiver ran through her and she quickly let go and sat down on the nearest chair.

"I am NEVER wrong!" he snapped at her. He rarely lost his temper. His eyes flashed slightly as he turned to look at her. "I know what i found and what i found is something has been withheld from you. Perhaps your body was in a stasis or something at infancy who knows but you are not young." his voice had returned to normal

Sasako flinched at his voice, reacting with more weakness than was usual for her. "I'm sorry... but... you can't just drop that on a mere human and expect them to not deny it to be true!" she retorted back, rising to face him. "I'm sorry if I offended you... I... I don't know about vampire culture and etiquette.. But... I just...” she trailed off, looking down, holding her head in her hands. "Sorry... I'm not usually like this."

"Have you ever heard of the Orbs of Lore?" he asked silently accepting her apology

"I have... my father knows of them." she replied, slowly pulling herself together, "but he won't tell me much abotu them." She raised her head and wiped at her eyes, erasing the tear marks that had been left there, steeling her expression.

"There is an orb that was given to each race of being. Each orbs a different color with different abilities. The orbs were given to each race based on their own abilities and the matching of the Orb. Your father, if you dare to call him that, possesses the one given to the humans. From what i can tell, the power of the orb courses through your veins. Almost as though the orb was stored inside of you." he said flatly watching her closely

She listened intently to him, and narrowed her eyes. "My FATHER, as I do dare call him," she said with an emphasis on the word father "may be hiding something from me as you suggest, I will investigate on my own. I have help now, which will allow the process to go smoother. Thank you for your help, I truly appreciate it. As promised, I will talk to Katie.” she paused a moment, and then hesitantly began. "Do you... still have a grudge against the demons?"

He raised an eyebrow. "The demons...i have heard mention that the royal family is here on earth. I have no further quarrel with them as it stands now. However this is my home now and their presence has put us all on edge." he watched her. Then it clicked. "The prince is your boyfriend." he said flatly not a question but a fact

Sasako just smiled wider. "Why yes he is. I thought it better to put it out in the open rather than hide it. I am that kind of girl as you may have heard from Katie." She seemed more at ease with him now, and glanced at the emptying dance floor. "Looks like that's my cue to leave, unless you have anything else to ask or tell me... I will get out of your way. You seem like a guy with a lot on his plate."

He simply nodded and without anything further he took his seat and a glass of blood appeared as he sipped on it. As he passed her to his seat she would notice he was drenched in more than just her sister’s perfume but also a more musky smell of her sister

Sasako smiled and walked past him towards the stairway. "Congrats, Spryo." she said cheerfully, before running down the stairs and heading straight to Avery's tree. . "Elf man! I know you are in there, we need to talk." she said forcefully, arms crossed, tapping her foot against the bark of his tree. She wanted to know more before reporting things to Yuki; if she was already able to live forever, then maybe he wouldn't have to put her through a change that would be hard on him as well. "Wakey wakey!"

Avery appeared leaning against the trunk of the tree. "And what does the second daughter of a mad man want from me?" he said teasingly

She made tsking noises at him. "Always teasing at any hour, aren't you elf man?" she teased right back, "I need information which I am pretty sure you have. And I want it." She said, looking him directly in the eyes.

"and what kind of information are you looking for miss pushy? boy you have been around Vampires and Demons today. busy day." he chuckled light heartedly

Sasako leaned against his tree and looked thoughtful. "I need to know what you know about me.. specifically about how old I am and why I possess orb magic." she said it bluntly and up front with no excuses, hoping he would respond in kind.

Avery's casual demoner dropped and the air turned icy. "i see you have been looking deeper into things. things no one expected you to figure out till you were much older." he paused "allright i'll tell you what you need to know but i must know what has sparked your sudden desire to know." he said cooly as an apple appeared in his hand. he bit into it the only sound heard was the crunch of the bite he took

Sasako smiled and rand a hand through her blood red hair, letting it fall around her shoulders as she contemplated her answer. "I fell in love is all, I want to be with the Prince of Demons.. and I needed to know why I could not be turned immortal.. so I had Spyro check out my blood and he found out I am older and have orb magic." She looked him over, seeing no tell tale signs of the 'other' half, good he wasn't upset then. "SO.. what can you tell me?" She asked, moving closer to him, still leaning against the tree

he chewed on the bite of apple he had taken contemplating what he should tell her and she needed to actually know. he took in all that she said. "so you fell in love with Noboyuki Hino. the great prince of the entire demon race? how funny that it would be you whom a demon child of Ryoko's fell in love with." he huffed slightly

"Ha ha' she replied with obvious sarcasm. "Please cut the crap.. If you can't or won't give it to me straight, I have a line of people I can go to.. some of hwo may not be the best opf character but who I can ask. You are my first and safest line of information, so.. please.. will you tell me straight without being all elfy like and playing games? I know you fae enjoy that but.."

"ok ok. Sakako Meimi Muyo-Kurozuka. do you know anything about the Muyo name of its origins?" he asked turning to look her straigh in the eyes

"Not really.. I know some Jurians had the name, but it is a common enough Japanese name as well.. so I really never thought about it.." she paused and glanced away from him. "Don't use my full name like that though.. it sounds weird coming from you.. " she composed herself and looked back at him, waiting to hear more

"the Muyo name is Jurian that was passed down to humans after a mingle of the blood lines between the Jurian Branch family and a human line. i assume you know that the Branch family was of royalty. well many generations were born of the mixed blood lines, it becoming more and more dilute over time. eventually the Human portion broke off completely from the Jurians, thus how the name came to be a human one. you my child were the last child born with the mixed blood directly from the branch family and of a human. you are half jurian and half human. you are well over a 100 years old but you have lost most of your memory." he dook a deep breath and bit into his apple again watching her. he knew he had already given her more information then he should of but he had always been honest with Sasako

She stood there for a moment contemplating this. "So I am.. not fully human? over one hundred years old ... ok following so far. But... what does that have to do with the orb?" She seemed to be taking everything in stride, though most likely she would have to deal with it all emotionally later

he sighed. "the orb that was given to the humans was origionally the orb given to the Jurians. in order to safe gaurd it when given to the humans the orb was placed inside of the last remaining link between the two races."

"You are telling me.. that I am a freaking ORB with legs!?" she asked in a harsh whisper. "What the hell does that mean.. which orb did the Jurians even have to begin with..?" she was not looking at him now, and was leaning against the tree even more.. maybe for support."

"eh..." he raised an eye brow. he hadnt said it directly but she had quickly picked up on it. "Yes in a sense you are an orb with legs." he paused and thought for a moment. "They were given the Orb of Knowledge. your father has been more strick with you then Katie for this reason. Like i said it is strange that you should be the one that the Prince has fallen in love with. Ryoko has a great history with the Jurian people. a Large rivalry between the two over a single man, a human man that is. guess who won?" he chuckled

"Heh.. yeah I guess. Does this make me at odds with demons I wonder..? I guess I have a lot to think on. thanks." she said with a sweet sassy smile, leaning up to kiss his cheek. "Oh and DO NOT tell my dad you told me.. he will flip." she waved at him and turned to leave, smiling to herself

"Sasako." he called after her
"there should be no reason you are at odds with the Demons. just go about loving your prince." he called to her as he watched her leave. he shook his head "i'm so dead if he finds out." he mumbled to himself

Sasako ran to the ship and entered the door as she was usually able to..and now she knew why she could.. the ship was ryokos from the past and would of course let jurians enter.. "Yuki!" she called, not caring if she woke the ship. She approached his room and opened the door, and jumped into bed next to him with a sile. "surprise!"

Noboyuki jumped slightly as she burst into his room and landed on his bed. the ship was sound prrof so he had not been able to hear her when she enetered. "surprise what?" he teased as he sat up and set the book he had been reading down to give his full attention to her

"mmm just surprise.. I got results back from SPyro.." she began, settling into his lap. "Looks like I am going to live forever.. or.. for a long time anyway.. so you dont have to worry about changing me." she said with a big grin. " I also happen to be.. sorta a princess, so if we marry it wont be the end of the world"

"princess? immortal?? how so?" he asked with enthsisum sitting up more smiling

Sasako shifted into a more comfortable position, beginning to speak: "I am apparently a member of the royal branch family from Jurai.. the human branch related to Tenchi.. the last one of the line it seems. So that is why I will be able to live longer.. and have royal blood within me. I find it funny though.. me.. half Jurian.. I never would have thought." she spoke plainly, not really knowing just how deep her words would strike Nobuyuki.. whose family and Jurai had deep connections

"i think...." he traailed off the smile fading from his face slightly. "it is possibly not a good thing for you to mention anything about Jurai around the others. that makes it a little more complicated." he was a little uneasy now, but at the times tryinrg to keep his kool with

She sat still and looked at him seriously. "So... I guess the connections your family has to Jurai do run pretty deep huh..?" she commented, leaning back against him. " I won't tell.. if you don't want me to.. but.. do you.. do you not think it will work out now?"

"the connections are really deep, but in a rather strange love hate relationship. at the moment Jurai is not my mom's favorite planet." he chuckled slightly. "it will work out, it has too. i cant imagine my life without you in it now. im not sure how i ever did live before. my life consisted of many wars, just violence and killing, started to become robotic, but there is something about you that draws me too you" he smiled and wrapped his tail around her

Sasako sighed happily continuing to rest against him. "Well.. I guess that means we pretend that you don't care abotu me dying early, or that you did the whole demon blood thing while we dont tell your mom." it felt odd for her to be this happy, Sasako was just not used to it.. but she didnt mind. "I love you, Yuki.. you know that right?"

"i do know that. you know that i love you righ?" he asked lifting her effortlessly with his tail up closer to him. "mom only needs to kow that you will live for a long time and of royalty and she will leave us alone about the whole thing." he smiled giving her a slight squeeze with his tail on pressure points

SHe smiled, wriggling in his grip. "You are definently a demon at heart" she teased, pinching at his tail that wound aroudn her

"why do you say that?" he teased back at her reaching up to tickle her slightly

"because.." she whined teasingly "You like to flirt with me you playboy." she poked him in his side and wriggled more, trying to get away

"playboy?" she suddenly found herself sitting on his bed and he was standing a few feet from her in just a pair of boxers possing in different posses. "you really think so?" he teased

She laughed heartily and tossed her hair. " but now that you know I am a princess, you should treat me better."
he froze and the smile faded. "you dont think i treat you well?"

Sasako sighed inwardly, and stood up, walking over to him to hug him around his mid section. "It doesn't matter what race you are, men are such emotional creatures.. though they hate to admit it. You treat me just fine.. it was a joke Yuki.. sorry if you took it personally. " she squeezed him to emphasize that she was ok."I am the type to tell you to your face if something is wrong, ok? ok?"

he nodded hugging her back. he whispered softly in her ear. "will you marry me sasako?" she could feel his uneasiness about her possible answer being negative

Sasako stood stark still in his arms, contemplating the full meaning of what he just asked her. Marriage would mean a whole long life with him, maybe moving to the demon planet, kepeing her Jurian secret, holding the burden of being an orb of lore who may get pulled into battles, being the daughter of the head of the IGM, everything ran through her mind for the breifest of moments before she said "Yes," leanign up to kiss him. " I will marry you Nobuyuki Hino"

she could feel the excitement running through his aura as well as the nervousness and the tension that this was going to cause but she could feel the strength running through him as well. "thank you." he ran his hand over her left hand and a tattoo resembling demon writing and art in a ring on her ring fingure. as he did this one would appear on his hand as well and there would be a pull on her soul as it started to link with his

SHe sighed at the feel of comfort and closeness she felt with him, a true link that she was excited to have with him. "hmmm so now what..? over a thousand years of marriage ahead of us I see." she said with a smile. "But... what will we do about the whole.. mom issue.."


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