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Vixen stood before the high mirror in her room, admiring the blood red gown she wore. It was most likely not appropriate for this ball she was to attend, but if she was forced to attend it....She would wear whatever the fuck she wanted. A soft knock at the door alerted her to her captors arrival, and She sighed, opening the door with a smile as sweet as honey, and as deadly as poison
Avery stood standing before her in the door way dressed in his royal court garb, blood red with gold trim, a long trench coat/robe with a short shoulder cover, black slacks and a pair of black boots trimmed in red. His hair was long now and pulled up in a rather high pony tail tied with a gold ribbon. He even had a design in elaborate curls and spikes drawn from the corner of each eye disappearing into his hair line and down to his chin
Vixen stood for a moment just taking the sight of Avery decked out. "Well.... aren't you the overdressed one?" She teased, stepping out past him, closing the door behind her. The skirt of her dress trailed out behind her as she walked across the hall, turning to look at him once more. "You realize I am not doing ANYTHING at this ball, I don’t want to be here.... and you know it."
He smiled halfheartedly. "Yes I know, and I do not expect you to either, just that you attend." his voice was low and soft like gentle waves lapping at the beach. He walked up next to her and standing rigid extended his elbow to her
Vixen glared at his proffered arm, hating the idea of even touching him, but was educated enough on royal protocol to know when to hide her distaste in events as to not make a fool of herself or get killed for being offensive. She took his proffered arm daintily, settling her face into a serene smile, golden eyes glittering in the candlelit hall. "Shall we away?" She asked, voice smooth and tranquil, masking the turmoil within
Avery could feel her distaste in her touch and radiating from her being. "I know this was all such a drastic and rather unwelcomed circumstance I have you in, for that my apologies. I really am not the asshole I may appear to be and again I apologize for how I have presented myself to you." he straightened his shoulders and lifted his chin ever so slightly. He swallowed hard and took a deep breath and purposefully took a step forward and then another until he was almost gliding across the high polished marble floor
Vixen marked and internalized his apology, her face not showing any indication of if She had accepted it or not, but followed him just as gracefully into the main ballroom where lights twinkled, music floated through the air and aromas of food and wine blissfully mingled with the chatter of folk. "Just drop me off wherever you need to, Avery.... I will watch form the sidelines.... I assure you.... men will stop asking me to dance once they get enough of my expression." She said with a smile
Avery nodded ever so slightly to her and escorted her to high backed winged chair off to the side of the room where a bottle of wine and some finger foods sat on a small side table next to it. After bowing to her deeply and elegantly he spun on his heels and walked with poise and command to the throne. He ran a delicate hand over the intricately carved wood of the back of the chair before standing in front of it facing the crowd; he bowed slightly before taking his seat. She could see him sigh heavily once seated. It was apparent now as to why he had stayed away for so long; he hated the formality of this life style
The Lady, who sat on a smaller throne a bit lower than he, reached out and proffered her hand for him to kiss it. "It is good of you to join us, my Lord." She said, bowing her head. Avery could see her eyes briefly wander to her daughter Vixen who sat down the way, clouding with sadness briefly before she smiled brightly. "Don’t be so gloomy my lord, go and dance with some court ladies as is your duty."
He took the offered hand and lightly kissed the top of it. He simply nodded at her and rose back to his feet and floated down the steps to the main floor. Almost instantly he was accosted by many young women and men, all wanting a dance from him. He smiled a sparkling toothy smile at each nodding slightly. A few words were spoken here and there but nothing formal. He pushed himself through the gaggle and over to Vixen. "I know you wish to keep to yourself, but would you grant this retched king a single dance?" his voice again was soft and velvety, almost sing song like
Vixen who had grabbed the nearest glass of wine sat and watched the spectacle of young people accosting Avery. She was used to these types of disgusting displays, having watched Cona get girls literally thrown at him from high ranking families. She was torn from her thoughts when she saw the whispering swirls of Avery's cloak on the floor. She raised her eyes and inwardly sighed, not wanting to draw attention to herself, nor dance with him. But, she could not refuse a dance offered by a King on his own home turf. "Of course my Lord." She said sweetly, taking his hand and going into the perfect dance position. She leaned close and whispered. "I thought I said to leave me alone you bastard, you knew I couldn’t refuse in front of all these people.... I heard the Shamrock part of you was devious.... but maybe he gets it form you."
Avery simply smiled and attempted to hide it. "perhaps my lady but at the same time by asking for your hand to dance, no one else will bother you tonight as you will be seen as the King's partner for the night because I danced with you first. So you may say it is devious but it is more so helping you." he whispered back as they spun across the floor
Vixen smiled and swept across the floor with him, twirling into a dip at the pinnacle of a song. "Say what you will, but I have my own theories." She replied, moving herself closer to him to squeeze through the crowd which had gathered to watch the two dance. Whispers of "they are so amazing! And so beautiful!" filtered through the crowd as they continued to dance. “You seem weary and tired of this dance anyway, just once more song and then I will retire anyway, but thanks for your help I suppose."
"And what might those theories be, my lady?" he asked as they continued to spin. He heard the whispers from the crowed and did his best to ignore them. Settling down was not something he was interested in and especially with someone like vixen who was already betrothed to another king
"A lady," She paused for dramatic effect. "Never reveals her secrets." Seeing Avery's face tense slightly at the constant wave of chattering and gossip, she took a chance to swirl them in the direction of the veranda, knowing no one would dare follow. Once outside she let go of his hands and leaned against the banister, the moonlight bathing her face. "Better?"
Avery simply went with the movement of the dance. As the cool air hit his face he finally took in where they had actually ended up. Sighing he relaxed slightly as her touch left his. He sighed, a rather different persona then he had demonstrated before. He nodded and looked up to the sky. The two moons shone brightly and the millions of stars sparkled like diamonds, un-obscured buy modern city lights.
"Avery.... as much as I hate you right now.... you seem as unhappy as I am to be here. Let’s both get out of here." She suggested, resting a hand near his own on the banister. "You have the right as king to pass leadership top the next in line.... instead of running, make a change you want and leave for good if that is what you wish."
"I would, but I made a promise once and I will not go back on it. There is too much at stake to hand all of this off. But the next in line, technically would be you, and I doubt you want that. No, my place sadly is here." his voice soft and floated on the gentle breeze.
"You must understand something about the elves, when we make a promise we keep it."
Vixen remained silent for a moment, taking his words in. "You know.... I never was interested in politics.... or in royal lines... I know I am next in line for this throne... and I know if I marry Cona I will be a queen... I never told him this... but I won't marry him. Ever, because I don’t want that kind of responsibility." She turned to face him, looking intently at him. "This is your problem whether you want it or not... I kind of understand that I have to have this as my problem too because of my birthright here." She sighed and held her head. "Ok... you win. What do I need to do here before I can go home?"
"I didn’t want to WIN anything. But if this is your way of saying that you will be civil and willing to learn then I will accept that." he looked at her watching her closely. He chuckled softly to himself. “ya know you are more like your mother then you will ever know Vixen." he turned and leaned his back against the banister arms crossed over his chest
Vixen grinned and shook her head. "Well I guess I will have to take your word for it... I don’t know my mother at all." No bitterness in her voice at all. "But... we should return, I think rumors about us are getting out of control... and God knows I don’t want people thinking I ended up with YOU of all people." She said with a sly grin, grabbing his hand to propel him back to the dance floor
"End up with me? How rude." he chuckled softly and followed her back into the palace. He sighed as he looked around the room at all the guests. It was an elaborate attendance, than again with the 'King' back in town it was sure to draw all of high status.
The Lady had risen from her own throne and was whispering to some of the other elders in the ballroom, and spied Avery from across the way. She excused herself and walked to him, her long flowing white silken gown flowing like wind behind her. "Good Lord... the ball is nearing its end... perhaps one last dance?"
"Yes I suppose one more dance. And who would you like to see me dance with?" he asked as he watched her closely, She had always unnerved him slightly not knowing what her true goal was
She laughed softly, her voice like silver bells echoing in the cool winter air. "Silly boy... me of course." She said, extending a hand, while bowing her head, her long glowing red hair falling about her shoulders.
"Yes of course," he returned her smile and took her hand. He bowed slightly to her and whisked her out on to the dance floor. Each step in beat with the music

Gwyn held his hands lightly and swirled with ease and grace of a noble woman on the dance floor, leaning in close to whisper in his ear. "Have you convinced my child to remain and train as was required of you, my Lord?"
Avery smiled softly "you should never doubt your King, Gwyn." his voice soft and a mere whisper.
She stiffened slightly at the informal use of her name, but continued to dance as if everything was fine. "You know I do not appreciate the informal use of my name, my Lord, Even by my King." She commented, twirling once away from him at the peak of a song. "I leave my daughter in your hands... make her a true elven woman."
Avery smiled a rather devious smile at her uncomfortable tense from his informality, he really didn’t care how she felt about it, and she truly didn’t have much power to pull her biddings to work in her favor all the time. "We will see if She can become the top Elven Woman of all time." he half slapped her with his words
Gwyn inwardly sighed, wondering how and why the Kings darker nature always seemed to pop up at the most inappropriate of times. "We shall see, indeed my Lord." She replied, turning into a curtsy at the end of the song. “You should retire for the evening my Lord, I shall speak with you on the morrow." With that she pulled away and returned to her chair, watching the crowd disperse from the ball.
Avery Stretched and nodded to those that graced him with their words of the evening, many thanking him for the grad ball and for him returning to them. Most simply bowed to him as they walked past. He reached up and grabbed a half full Nectar Wine bottle that walked past on the tray of a server and took a few large swigs from it as the ball room grew more and more quiet
The room slowly emptied, leaving Gwyn, Hyde and Vixen as the last souls. Gwyn remained on her chair, Hyde at the exit and Vixen started out of the veranda window. Hyde motioned to Avery and snatched his bottle, taking a swig from it himself, “Man, you used to go to bed with some hot thing from the ball, My Lord. Not feeling up to it tonight?" He asked with a broad grin
Avery chuckled, "no, I suppose I’m not tonight. I have been out of this game for so long that slipping back into my place atop the tower has been....rather taxing honestly. Oh how I do miss the days of my rambunctious self. I know Hyde, why don’t you grace me my bed." he slyly smiled at him running a hand through Hyde's hair and down the chest plate of his armor
Hyde rolled his eyes and slapped his friend's hand away playfully. "None of THAT, your majesty. Lady Gwyn would have a fit." He smiled and shook his friend’s hand, bowing before excusing himself for bed. Gwyn came to the door after Hyde left, noting the grin on the King's face. "Good Night, your Majesty." She said softly, bowing her head briefly before exiting as well.
Avery sighed and stretched one last time. He went to take a swig of his wine and noticed that Hyde had run off with the bottle. "That little damned devil......" he muttered under his breath. Looking around the room he quickly caught glance of an unopened bottle of the highest quality Nectar Wine made from the Roscom Berries that grew in the palace gardens. He grabbed two glasses and made his way on to the veranda where Vixen was
Hearing footsteps behind her, Vixen turned, spotting Avery. "Ah... your glamorous ball over already?" She asked, a hint of her vixen-like sarcasm in her tone. "Hm... that means I can go back to my prison cell? Oops... I mean my room." She corrected herself with a sly smile
A scowl crossed his face briefly at her obvious stabs of distaste. His face returned to a blank emotionless look. He walked up to the banister and popped the cork on the bottle with his thumb and poured two glasses of the sweet intoxicating smelling wine. Setting the bottle down on the banister he handed her a glass. He brought his glass to his lips and sipped at the wine before looking out of the landscape of his home
"Okay... fine be that way if you want," She said calmly, leaving her glass on the banister. "I told you I would learn... but I never said I would have to pretend to be happy that I was brought here against my will." She said matter-of-factly, turning her back to lean on the banister of the veranda to look at him intently.
"I know you are not happy with the situation. I won’t force you to be either. I do appreciate that you are willing to learn but again I don’t expect you to really care about what is taught." his voice was low, deep and full of dark magic almost. He understood her position but at the same time deeply wished she understood his position
Vixen's eyes narrowed and she slapped the glass of wine off the veranda, letting it shatter on the floor beside them. "NOT forcing?" She said intensely. "I thought we were beyond this lying crap." She said. "Wow... I can't believe I almost let you talk me into staying here and learning of my own free will. Well SCREW YOU elf. I refuse to listen to your bull shit anymore." She could not believe he sat here and said these things to her after threatening to kill Cona, to destroy her home planet... She seethed with anger and she brushed past him, walking towards the now empty ball room
He reached out and wrapped his hand around her upper arm and pulled her back to him turning her to look at him. His hair was short now, a dark brown and blood red color, his eyes a darker green. His muscles rippled under his skin. His voice had dropped a couple octaves. "I don’t care about your little temper tantrums, have as many as you like but you will NOT disrespect me! I have had enough of your childish antics and attitude! If you wish to stay out of the gallows and cell blocks and be a guest here you will start acting like it"
Vixen glared, her golden eyes beginning to sparkle. “GUEST!? I was never a guest, Avery!" She yelled at him. "You TOOK me from my home, drug me here against my will, and act like everything is fine... I will cooperate as long as you don't pretend to act like I wasn't forced to be here... I HATE liars." She snapped, trying to yank her arm from his steely grip. "Try to understand me here.... I don't want to be here... but I will work so I can leave this place... as long as I am not treated like an idiot who doesn't know her true situation!!"
Shamrock laughed heartily at her. "Let me make this clear Vixen. Because of your blood we could kill you without a second thought and be done with all of this. You are an abomination. But the ranking of your mother changes your stand here, so we are trying to make the best of it. We don’t want you here anymore than you want to be here, but we have rules and regulations to follow. If my counterpart, Avery, has tried to make you comfortable then you should be appreciative, if it were me running the show you'd be dead already. Do I make myself clear?" his voice low already now seemed like a growl
Hearing the change in his voice was finally accompanied by an energetic shift that Vixen felt to her core, making her shiver slightly. "My counterpart, Avery?” She scoffed and shook her head. "Well... it appears the REAL king has finally decided to make an appearance. Well YOUR MAJESTY," She said in a voice dripping in venom. "I will be here until I suppose is deemed fit for me to be kicked out of your humble abode. Threats to kill me won't work, I may be an abomination... but I am the only heir to this thrones planet you got." She said with a grin. "SO... let me go, I will go back to my room, and begin my studies tomorrow......your grace." She said softly, her mind reacting against her will to the threat Shamrock posed against her.
"You are not the only heir, you have a brother and he seems capable to be King if we needed it of him, besides heirs can be made easily." he said with very sly devious smile. "There are many here who would love the chance to be the mother of the next heir. So do not think that we have any fear of 'loosing' you." his voice still seems like a growl and his grip had only tightened. His gaze seemed to burn into her
Her eyes narrowed and she began to pull hard away from him, trying to get out of his grip which was beginning to hurt her. "Then why do you even need me here?" She asked, the venom almost gone from her voice as She began to feel nervous trapped by his hand on her upper arm. "Go out and make heirs then, Shamrock, you seem more interested in being King than Avery does..."
His eyes narrowed back at her. "That is something that Avery and I have in common, neither of us really cares for the throne, but a promise is a promise. It is not that we NEED you, as it is that we are doing our duty." he slowly and gently released her arm from his grip. "Your first class will be on manners." he looked at her one last time with fire burning in his eyes and he turned and started to walk back through the doors into the ball room
Vixen waited until he was a bit further away before giving into the pain in her arm, wincing as She grabbed it, feeling her sore muscled almost groaning in protest. "Bastard," She mumbled, following far behind him until she reached her room, entering and closing the door swiftly behind her, locking the door behind her. Tomorrow would be a long day.... and she deeply missed Cona... and wondered how he was fairing without her....
The next morning Avery was back to himself and sitting on the veranda banister of the throne room watching the birds dip down to the surface of the water picking off the bugs that scattered across the surface. The sky was lightly touched with a pale blue from the sun still rising that had not yet peaked over the mountains
Hyde entered the throne room, leading Vixen along by her arm, as she seemed to be in yet another bad mood this morning. "Your Majesty... I present Vixen for her scheduled manners session. Is there anyone I should call?" He asked, letting Vixen go so she could curtsy.
Avery seemed lost in thought still watching the birds. "To think that such a tiny creature can live so freely but others must live in cages behind grand walls." his voice was barely above a whisper and seemed full of sorrow.
"Um.... Your Majesty.... Vixen is here..." Hyde began, always feeling bad when he had to break his friend’s moment of peace.
As Avery continued to sit and look out the window... Vixen sighed, and walked up to the throne, curtsying once, she spoke calmly and clearly. "If we do not begin our lessons at once my Lord, I am afraid our schedule will begin to get more and more late as we go along."
"Yes Hyde I heard you." his voice was gentle. He slid off of the banister in front of the two. He smiled fondly at Hyde and bowed ever so slightly to vixen. "My lady, good sir" he said to each. "I hear you had a run in with Shamrock, I apologize. Manners you do not need but the knowledge of caste here you will so you can address each elf correctly to not offend any." his voice was still gentle and seemed less forceful then he had been since he had returned
Vixen inwardly pulled herself together... and took her stance She used during her first few years at the Red Moon, leaving her face a blank yet slightly engaged mask, making all who saw her think She was interested in the occurrences around her. "Well then, shall we begin?" She asked, smiling briefly at Hyde who blushed at her sudden change in attitude, realizing she was in fact quite pretty.
"Let’s. Hyde you may stay, you can help with this." his voice soft still. "There are many who appear to have status but truly do not. They have a nice set of clothing that they wear to formal gatherings and that is where you are most likely to run into them. For instance last night, many of the young that were here do not have status but appeared to have. You must be able to tell the difference. One of the easiest ways is to look at the colours they are wearing. Those that wear, pink, light green and yellow are not of status." he looked to her to see if She was truly paying attention and understood that which he had explained. He glanced briefly at Hyde taking in his more rosy appearance
"Roger that." Vixen replied. "I will note that for the future." Hyde cleared his throat and knelt on the floor beside Vixen, awaiting his orders from Avery, while also avoiding being seen red in the face from her earlier smile. "Good thing I wear red a lot." She added as an afterthought, smiling to herself
"Ah yes your red. That you may want to change. Red and blue, dark green, gold and white are for royalty. Though you are heir you are not yet royalty. Those of office standing, such as you, your mother, Hyde and the other of the council wear purple and lighter blues. To these with status as such you refer to them as 'my lady' and 'good sir'. 'My lord' is reserved for royalty." he smiled softly to her wanting it very clear that he was trying to be kind
Vixen looked at him, her face completely still, not devoid of emotion but very unreadable. "Understood." She replied, waiting for anything else he had to say. From behind them the door opened and a messenger called to Hyde. "Lady Gwyn wishes to speak to you." He said, disappearing. "AH... I suppose that’s my cue" Hyde said, rising and bowing. "I suppose that leaves dinner manners and ball room etiquette to you, your Majesty."

Avery nodded to Hyde acknowledging his leave and his words. "come." he said motioning for Vixen to walk with him. The veranda wrapped around another 20feet before coming to a stair way that led down into a gorgeous garden, set with naturally smooth stepping stones from the rivers and flowers of all colours and types, some seemed almost alien in nature. Small 7 foot tall trees spotted the garden casting soft shadows on the walk way. A few older trees, the tips disappearing high into the sky were scattered amongst patches of soft grass. A gentle creek ran through the garden trickling out away from the garden, the creek was fed from a waterfall off a little ways but still accessible to the garden. "I know there is a lot for you to learn and most of it I’m sure you already know seeing as how you serve a king already. So I will not bore you with dinner and ball room etiquette."
Vixen walked beside him at ease, the edges of her skirts whispering over the intensely green grass. "Do whatever you feel necessary, my Lord." She responded, voice sharp and clear in the air, holding no trace of malice nor interest. "If we are not to study etiquette then what is next on the list?
"What would you like to know or learn about the elven race?" he asked truly curious if She had even thought of it
Vixen turned to him and smiled softly. "I am only here to learn whatever it is you wish me to." She replied, running her hands through her hair as the wind was blowing about wildly. "Please teach me anything I need to know, I trust you are capable of such a feat."
"Hmmm. there is much to learn more than i may be able to explain. I can set you up with some historical scrolls and books of the elven race, these would have been things you would have learned in school had you been raised here." he offered
"That sounds lovely," She replied, looking in the direction of the library. "I can read to my heart’s content and learn as I do." As the two exchanged pleasantries, Gwyn watched from the throne room veranda above, pondering about why Vixen seemed to suddenly be so forthcoming with Avery when she had not been before. "My Lord, you are needed in a meeting." She called from above, bowing her head in apology for interrupting their time. "Hyde shall escort her to the library."
Avery nodded to Vixen pleased that she was willing to spend time in their vast library when his attention was caught from above. Looking up he looked at Gwyn. 'How rude.' he thought to himself. He still was not fond of her and his dislike of her was not unknown. "Yes of course." he said turning back to Vixen. "I’m sorry I must leave you. Hyde is a good guy he will take you from here."
On cue, Hyde appeared from the shadows and bowed deeply to Vixen in regards to her status, and offered an arm which she took. They walked towards the library, Hyde's ears pink as roses. From above, Gwyn smiled to herself, and waited for Avery, and said to him upon his arrival. "Now your majesty, don't make that kind of face. It is not becoming."
He simply raised an eyebrow at her and did not reply to her teasing. "What is this meeting regarding that it was so urgent to disrupt me?" he asked walking just a step ahead of her towards the meeting room
"You should know very well what this is in regards to." She said, following him to the meeting room. After entering she sat gently in the head chair and motioned for him to settle. "The time has come again for us to talk about you having a child soon..."
Avery settled into his chair. As he heard what she had to say he started to laugh. "Really? I’ve been back only 2 days and already you are accosting me to have a child. For how long we elves live you sure are worried about me having child. Seriously. ok since you are so adamant about this I take it you have some girl in mind for all of this?" he asked looking her dead in the eye, the blaze of Shamrocks eyes flashed quickly before returning to his normal self

Gwyn smiled over his obvious annoyance, and didn't even blink when Shamrock's eyes flashed within Avery's face. "No girl in particular at this moment, no. But you know how difficult it is for us elves to conceive, especially of the royal and noble blood. You obviously do not want this job, and my children are ill-fit for such a position. You need to think about having a child. If you do, you may leave this throne to him or her and all will be well. You can be free once more."
"At what point did you get it through your conniving skull that I did not want this 'job'? this is not only my birth right but also a promise I made!" he was furious now and hated that She seemed to always get under his skin and that She seemed to have taken his rule right out from under him while he was gone.
"Calm yourself your Majesty, shouting and tantruming like a child is unbecoming of you. What else do you expect us elders to think while you run away for hundreds of years with nothing behind, with no communication as to your well being? You have been spoiled long enough. King as you are, your duties now lay in producing an heir as soon as possible." She remained seated, her energy calm amidst his storminess.
"I’ve had quite enough of this council. There are going to be some changes in the coming days. You may all consider yourselves at the moment as having been stripped of your council duties. If you are seen congregating or meeting up I will have you in the gallows faster than the wings of a humming bird. That is all, you are dismissed." he looked Gwyn straight in the face. He had always felt the puppet of the council and now he was tired of it, he was going to be the puppet master now
Gwyn's eyes widened and after a pause she laughed. "Oh my Goodness your Majesty, I apologize but that will not be possible. You see, while you were away there was restructuring." She rose then, and ran her fingertips along the tabletop. "Until you have an heir on the way, you do not have the full power in this room or kingdom. It is broken down among the members of the council, who will not allow you to throw anyone into the gallows without a voted consent." She glanced at him, sensing the fury beneath his calm face. "I understand this is frustrating for you... but this is the punishment for abandoning your people for hundreds of years, your Majesty... and if you want another chance, you better get an heir." With that she sat down once more
A smile more devious then one that should have belonged on such the perfect sculpture spread from ear to ear touching his eyes, which were as cold as ice now. "There is but one thing that can overrule your division of power, so long as the king has spoken with or met with another of Noble blood prior to the 250 year mark the division of power is null and void. So the fact that I was not present for 221 years and had contact, I might add with your daughter, in that time you no longer have the divided power." he slowly purposefully rose to his feet sliding his chair back away behind him.
Gwyn remained unmoved by his statement, and ran a hand over her skirts to smooth them. "Even if my daughter is blood, my Lord... She was not aware of it. It cannot count as a full communication to a noblewoman. I know you are upset, and I know you rather....dislike me. But I am not the only one with this message for you. I am the elder that is why I deliver this information. SO choose your majesty, work with us and remain on the throne, produce an heir... or lose the throne to my daughter. It is your choice."
Hyde who had returned from dropping Vixen at the royal libraries stood outside the door, feeling the tension within

"Fine then. You will want to follow me into the throne room." with that he opened the door to the room. "Ah just who I was looking for." he grabbed Hyde's arm and walked him up to the throne
Hyde internally winced, realizing that Avery was in a BAAAD mood. "Um... Your Majesty..." he whispered, glancing at Gwyn who had followed them knelt on the floor at the foot of the throne platform
"Let this be known. From this day forward Hyacinth will be named as Heir to this throne if I die prior to producing a biological Heir." his voice echoed off the walls through every hall. as the words left his mouth a soft red energy rose from the throne and whipped around Hyde's body and then latching onto him it pulled him into the secondary throne next the King's, signifying that the throne accepted him
Hyde sat Shell shocked, wondering what the hell had just happened... and Gwyn balled her hands into fists beneath her skirt, rising to her feet, violet eyes flashing silver. "Well your majesty, it appears we have a new heir to the throne." With a wave of her hand Vixen appeared beside her. "You may return home my dear, as you are not required to learn of our ways any longer if you do not wish to."
Avery stood standing rigid and tall. "Yes Gwyn we do have an heir. And Vixen if you no longer wish to learn any more of your heritage then I will escort you home. In which Hyde will rule in my Stead." his voice was as smooth as velvet kind yet commanding
"My Lord... You can't expect me to do this!" Hyde cried, rising from the throne. "Even if I am accepted by the throne... I am not of the original bloodline..."
Avery spun on his heels to look at his life time friend. "You have been part of the royal family since long before either of us can remember, to me that means you are my brother and there for eligible for the throne. The Guardians and Ancestors have accepted you to be the rightful Heir. If you had not been seen as such the powers that be would not have acknowledge you as such. Fear not my old friend I will guide you well." he said with a gentle soft voice and smile, placing a hand on Hyde's shoulder
Hyde did not want to accept what had just happened, but he knew that once the ancestral magic’s had accepted him, that it was his fate. "I understand, my good friend... I will lead well in your stead." he bowed and took his friends hand, shaking it briskly. Gwyn, who looked quite unhappy did not make any comment, but curtseyed to the new heir to the throne, before turning and walking out of the throne room, leaving Vixen behind.


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