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Roslyn poked her head through the open door and found Jaqu staring off. "Hey, you visit here enough and eat enough of my food. I want your pretty ass out here working too." She said with a smile, exiting the room to talk to Lark. Who was leafing through an old dusty book from the shelves?
Jaqu drug himself up from the couch in the back office and slipped out into the store. He quickly grabbed the cart of new deliveries and started putting the "new" books on the shelves where they belonged, just to keep to himself
Lark came up behind him and reached over his head, grabbing a newer book. "Oh, thanks dahling. I will be borrowing this for a moment." She said with a sweet smile, though her eyes looked at him darkly. "Hey Roz, here is teh one that didn't work out!" She called, floating the book in her direction. "WOw.. you did magic in front of me" Roslyn commented. "Sure you are feeling ok, LArk?" Lark nodded. "Yeah.. I feel like.. the freest I have ever been." she said with a broad grin
Jaqu stiffened slightly as lark grew close to him. she looked at him darkly but he wasnt too sure as to why. he siged and shook his head as she used magic in front of Roz, yeah roz knew about them but still
"SO I am gonna close up soon, you guys going home together?" Roslyn asked Lark. "Hm? Nah.. thought I'd go out on my own tonight to the club. Been a while since I got my freak on.." Roslyn just stared at her friend who seemed.. off somehow. "U sure? I could go with?" Lark shook her head, mussing up her hair to a sexy windtossed look. "Nope, I am good to go." She said, waving a hand to replace her conservative attire with tight black jean booty shorts, thigh high leather stiletto boots and and off the shoulder blood red midriff top.
Jaqu's jaw hit the floor, 'seriously?! she is going to wear that?' he thought to himself. "i have buisness uptown so i'll be heading that way." he said staring still at lark
Lark glanced at him. "Really?" shew asked, placing a deep red ruby choker around her neck. "Well, I am heading off, guess I will catch you later then." She said, walking out of the store into the warm night. "Jaqu.. what the HELL happened to her?" Roslyn demanded. "This is waay too weird.. even for Lartk.."
"ium...i did something that i didnt expect to have this outcome
"Well you better UNDO it. DId you see how freaking hot she was? She is askign for trouble. You better follow her."
"i dont think i can undo it Roz but i'll keep an eye on her. can you take care of the buisness i have uptown for me?" he asked looking at her
"Yeah, I can do that. You meeting someone from Circle?"
"no...i am buying property." he said walking over to her. he pulled some rolled up papers out of the air, unrolled them and signed them. he then pulled out a wad of cash rolled up and closed with a rubber band.
Roslyn took the papers and the huge wad of cash without blinking an eye, and placed them in her black purse. "I got this, you just go and deal with Lark.. I don't want her doing anything else unlark yeah, I leave it to you." she said, rushing out of the store. "Oh and lock up when you leave!" she called back, jumping into her small black two door sedan to head uptown
Jaqu appeared outside of the door to the shop. he looked at it and smiled. as he turned to walk down the street the lights inside turned off, the open sign went dark and doors locked. he nodded to the bouncer as e arrived at the club slipping in between a few other patrons and looked around
Lark was on the dance floor in the middle of a circle of onlookers, dancing in between three very interested looking young vamps. She grabbed one and kicked her leg up, wrapping it around him to drag him closer, running a hand down his chest as onlookers cheered
jaqu sighed. he knew he was going to get a lashing from someone tonight or a fight was going to ensue. he was really looking to going home to his "new" home, hopefully Roz didnt mess up. keeping a mental lock on Lark he grabbed a drink from the bar and sat watching her
Mentally from Roz, she let him know that she had arrived and the paperwork had gone smoothly. "I am goign home to hit the sack, good luck with LArk.. and um.. enjoy your new space, you rich bastard" she added with a joking tone before cutting off communications. Lark ran her hands through her slightly damp hair as the song ended and approached the bar, smiling at the three vamps and letting them know to ask her for another dance later. "Oh, well if it isn't Jaqu." she said amicably, settling down next to him and ordering a martini
"hey bab....uh...Lark." he corrected smiling at her. He loved her but this other side of her made him...unsure of her intentions and if the feeling was still mutual.
She glanced at him and crossed her legs, leaning against the bar as she sipped on her martini. "You sound so nervous, JAqu. Relax.. I don't bite or anything you know."
he chuckled, "perhaps you dont but i do." he said teasingly grinning a slightly enlarged fangy grin
She narrowed her eyes at him and slammed her drink on the bartop. "Well how funny for you," she said with a glare. "You may be all happy go lucky mr bushy tailed right now, but I am not interested." she finished, her voice indicating that to her all discussion was closed.
"excuse me? Lark i was simply joking around? when did you loose your humor?" he asked looking at her all seriousness.

"Humor? And to which 'Lark' are you speaking to Jaqu? We may share the same body, but it doesn't mean we share everything else, like our thoughts, our hearts and our personalities. I admit I was a bit...rude to you earlier.. but I don't hate you. But I am not into humor like she is."
"so i take it since you dont share the same thoughts or hearts that a dance is out of the question?" he asked sipping on his drink looking out at the dance floor
She just laughed, her laugh sounding exactly like the Lark her knew. "That would be correct, Jackie Boy." SHe said, downing the rest of her martini. "Besides, I am heading home. Time for me to rest up.. I got a lot of time in front of me to do whatever I want, and I will be busy so.. see ya." she said, leaning in to kiss his cheek before heading towards the exit to the club
the mug that was in his hand melted in a ball of green flame, the wizard in him coming to the surface.his eyes narrowed on nothing in paticular, the swirls in his eyes, simular to his fathers, began to dance as the anger rose inside of him. the melted mass that had been the mug fell to the floor as he released it from his grip. "god damnit" he muttered under his breath
"Oh? Getting a little hot, Jackie Boy? Don't waste any more precious alcohol now." Lark said over her shoulder, smiling to herself as she walked out of the club.
he appeared in front of her his right hand on her lifting her against the wall a foot off the ground. the green fire blazing in his eyes. "i pulled you out and i can put you back. the magic that sealed you was weak compared to what i have learned and control. so watch yourself. you are not the Lark i fell in love with nor the Lark i held tight in my arms as she cried in pain and fear as you tried to bully yourself out of her. keep that in mind." he almost growled it at her. it was a weird mix of the wizards power and axel warewolf magic
She had stopped breathing in surprise, and was staring wide -eyed at him. "You...bastard.." she almost growled. "Yeah.. you can put me back, but you don't know the extent of this sealing spell, Jaqu. If you put me back.. I take her with me.. and we are BOTH sealed you hear me!!" She almost screamed, struggling in his grip. "SO put me down..I have a feeling we both don't want to fuck with one another." His touched burned her where he touched, his magic too eerily like his fathers
"ill put you donw on one condition. YOu dont do anything stupid or recklas with this body, you dont do anything with it that could harm it or go against her wishes. she is still as much a live as you are. If i find that you have done anything to hurt the woman i love then to protect her i will seal you both away." he didnt move from his position
In an unexpected turn, Lark was very quiet, hair falling into her eyes. Her shoulders shook and a warm wetness on the hand that held her up could be felt. "Lark, lark, lark.. what about me!?" she asked. "I was the one whose body was taken, who was locked away and hand things done to her body without my consent! Don't stand on such a fucking high pedestal just because you met the other me first you idiot!...Gods..don't look at me.. I don't want you to see me weak like this.." she barely whispered, still looking down.
Jaqu felt sad for her but didnt trust that this wasnt a ploy to get him to let go. So he decided not to move but his tone changed. "Alright...Lark..." he said trying not to offend her. "i will make you a deal." his voice was soft and the fire had diminished but remained slightly
"Yeah.. like I believe that." she said softly, her crying had stopped but she remained deathly still, aware of the fire witin him even as dimmed as it had become
"i swear... if you promise to not harm this body of yours or do anything having sex...then i promise you i will help you either merge evenly with your otherself or find you your own body and identity if that is what you choose. but you must promise me and keep that promise"
"Fine,, I promise. I wasn't planning on getting hurt, or doing ... what are those called drugs.. and no sex either.. unlike this other Lark I have chosen to remain pure thank you very much.. so if you don't mind putting me don, I may be light, but you are starting to hurt this body you so want me to keep safe." She said in a sarcastic tone, though she looked him in the eyes to show her seriousness.


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