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The office was dark and very uninviting, causing a soft sigh to escape her lips. Jaqu was being a real headache lately.... and he was supposed to check in soon. Looking towards the door she heard footsteps, and knew he was about to enter... would he be in a good mood though? Oh well, she thought, straightening up and tossing her blonde hair carelessly over her shoulders, waiting for the inevitable
Jaqu paused at the door, hand already on the handle. Things had gotten out of control the last time they had spoken. He had been bitten one too many times, the next one would kill him, well not perfect death, and he’d be turned into one of those he can’t stand, a night stalker, a brutal innocent killer. He shook his head trying to shake the thoughts from his head. Slowly he turned the handle and walked in, letting the door close on its own. He plopped down in a chair lounging, one leg over an arm of it. "Hey"
"Hey, yourself" Arianna replied with a brilliant smile. "How have things been for you Jaqu? I know the change is close upon you.... you must be getting urges lately...." She rose and came to the front of her desk, leaning casually back against it, her hair falling almost to her waist free form its usual confines in a ponytail. "Be honest.... you aren’t going to see this vampire anymore...are you?"
A small smirk crossed his delicate never aging features. "No, no urges Arianna. You shouldn’t worry yourself with such trivial things." the smirk only got wider. "As for seeing Jasper, I made a promise I will not seek her out."
She nodded and walked to him, kneeling in front of him. "For your sake I hope that’s the truth... I worry about you..." she said, placing a kind hand on his knee
"Always worrying about me, old friend, you may one end up with wrinkles that will ruin that porcelain face of yours." the smirk was replaced with an endearing smile as he placed his hand atop of hers
Arianna pulled her hand out from under his, hating when he got his holier than thou voice on. Besides, he could read her easily and she did not want any of her Zarron issues to show on her face up close and personal with him. "So.... avoiding Jasper is step one... but what do you want to do assignment wise now?"
“I suppose whatever you think to throw at me. I was doing some reading in the library. You and Mr. Frost have quite the back story with each other now don’t you? One that goes deeper and further than anyone else, I have heard rumors of you two meeting up. Have you fallen for your old boy toy Arianna?" the smirk was back
Arianna clenched her fists, refusing to fall into the pace he was setting with the conversation. "No," she said coolly, turning to face him, arms at her sides. "We have history... but he and I are no more than friends now, Jaqu."
"Yes I am sure that is the case. The little sparkle in your eyes when his name is mentioned is just from dust falling from the ceiling." His smirk seemed almost super glued to his face. He had come a long way from the servant breaking the rules to outright being a cocky ass. But he always loved the banter between them, and with new fuel to add, it was much too easy for him.
Arianna moved completely away from him back to her desk, settling herself in her chair. "Let's not pussy foot the issue at hand here, Jaqu" She said in her authoritative voice. "I don't want to keep sicking Haruka on you to babysit you because you indulge in your desires to fuck with or to actually fuck Jasper Axel. Two bites is close... one more bite, an exchange of blood and death... and that is it."
"Well then the true beast of the hunter begins to emerge." He stood up and slowly walked around the room running his fingers over the smooth surfaces of the furniture in her office. "Hmmm… do you honestly think that I think with only my penis? The desire I once had for Jasper has long burned out. Perhaps the game of cat and mouse with the never possible catch is more thrilling than other so called games in my past. And yes perhaps I have been careless, but then again I can hold my own. It has been proven time and time again." he paused long enough to stretch and pop his neck. "Mmm the full moon is quickly approaching, a forth night it feels like. His voice trailed off as he looked at a picture on the wall
Arianna shook her head and tilted her chair back precariously, lounging her long legs on the desk in front of her. "I know you, Jaqu. Your poetry and philosophical bullshit won't get you out of the shit hole you dug and threw yourself into this time." She rose abruptly, appearing at his side as if out of thin air, gripping his left bicep. "Don't do anything stupid. Don't be a loose cannon. Besides," she continued, "I took you off the Jasper Axel case. I am moving Ravyn to it since he is already linked to the Axels."
"My poetry and philosophical bullshit? Seriously? Arianna perhaps you do know me too well." he chuckled slightly until he felt her grip on his arm. Casually he looked at her out of the corner of his eye the smirk disappearing quickly. "Ravyn is a good Hunter, and yes he has connections to the Axel Clan, but I am Axel Clan, you cannot be any closer than blood Arianna, you taught me that." he said as he slipped his arm out of her grasp just as quickly as she had gripped it
"Perhaps, Jaqu... but it is done. You are off the case. I am putting you in charge of Mirabella Axel. Her movements have been different lately, something is up with her. I want you to focus on that, Understood?" She said, looking straight at him, a bit of her blonde hair had fallen into her face, her clear blue eyes peeked out between the strands, her face set in stone.
"Mirabella?" he asked quizzically. He was unsure why her actions seemed to be of interest. She was old and to him was expected that she might eventually go batty, he was beginning to think that perhaps Arianna was as well.
"Yes, Mirabella." Arianna swept over to her desk and pulled up a file from her cabinet before handing it to Jaqu. "She has been seen in clubs... wearing red, leather, corsets, miniskirts and smiling." To anyone listening in this conversation may not have sounded odd, but anyone who knew Mirabella knew she was not known for her ability to move away from 'old habits die hard'. "Not only that... there are rumors that she is seeing more of the great wizard Christopher H who created the orbs of Lore. ... We as hunters are also searching for orbs... so this is a double mission for you."
"I see" he glanced at the picture he had been looking at one last time. Something about it reminded him of the past but he couldn’t place his finger on it. He took the file and flipped through it looking over the pictures documented in it and the paperwork, his face never changed from a blank look. One he had when placed on missions in the past.
"You are to start right away, Jaqu." She said, glancing at the picture he had been gazing at. "If you have any questions, come to me. I will try and keep Haruka off of your back... but you know her. She is as much of a loose cannon as you are." she said with a grin
"Loose cannon?" his voice was flat but it was obviously a question. He continued to look over the file. It was extensive
"You know what I mean, Jaqu. You and her both like to go off and do things how you want when you want to... it’s been in your nature." She stood next to him and slightly leaned against him, peeking as he read quickly through the file. "Any questions?"
"Just one." he said closing the file as he read the last line. "What makes you think the Clan will allow me near them? I have been absent for hundreds of years." he let her lean on him, he would never admit it to her but he deeply enjoyed her touch and her energy so close to him when she was like this. It gave him a sense of peace.
She sighed heavily, laying her head against his shoulder as she spoke. "It won't be easy... but you don't have to get directly involved at first. Watch and learn, right? Isn’t that what I have always told you?" She said, still looking down at the file in his hands. She felt him relax a little bit with her so near, she never knew why her presence made him relax sometimes, but she felt it would be better to talk with him calmer than not. "I just want you to be careful, Jaqu... that’s all."
He sighed softly and turned the folder over in his hands a couple times. "hmm, be careful....that seems a bit oxymoronic to me regarding a Hunter's life." his voice was soft and relaxed but with him so relaxed it let his guard down a slight bit allowing the magic that stirred deep within him to leak into his voice, a power he rarely ever used or accessed but the power was great and ached for a release
Feeling a bit of deep magic seep from him Arianna jerked away suddenly. She never knew what would happen when his magic crept out, and she tended to avoid physical contact with him when he let it slip. "Tell me about it." She said heavily, turning to face him, leaning against the wall beneath the painting in front of him, looking up at him through her golden hair which had fallen in her face again. "It’s just the way we live, if you aren’t used to it now you should have gotten out a long time ago." She said half smirking, cocking her head to the side to look at him
He smiled slightly. "Had I not gotten used to it do you think I would still be standing here? I would have left a very long time ago when you first approached me with the idea." his voice was smooth like velvet and still heavily magic ladened. He looked up at the picture again briefly, it still confused him. He looked back down at her a cockiness taking over slightly. He leaned closer to her his arms on either side of her hands against the wall.
Sensing a slight shift in him Arianna focused her gaze on him, noting his confident cocky smile and feeling the magic pulse in him, his voice when filled with magic was reminiscent of a vampire stalking prey, she hated when he sounded like that. She pressed herself against the wall a bit more before catching herself, not wanting to appear uncomfortable with his closeness. "Well then," she began, glancing away from his face briefly "we are on the same page....also... why do you keep staring at the picture above me?" she asked, trying to get his focus to change.
He knew her as well as she knew him and he knew she was trying to get him to shift his attention. He had forgotten how he felt with his power running through him, the pulse in his blood but he also knew Arianna hated it for some reason. A point he was determined to push with her. He slid his arms closer to her and placed a practically invisible field around them that would prevent her from being able to slip away from him. "What about me makes you so uncomfortable, Arianna?" The magic had reduced in his voice ever so slightly but a faint hit still lingered
Arianna sensed the field go up and narrowed her eyes, glaring at him. "I hate it when you do this, Jaqu..." she whispered, looking away from him again, moving herself to be as far away from his arms which had moved even closer. “I don't like it when you let your magic go... it reminds me of being around vampires... and you know how much I hate that." she said again, gaining courage to glare directly into his eyes. "SO move away... and get on with you mission." she said with a slight hunter growl in her voice
the smirk lingered on his face a bit longer before he took full control and pulled back from her laughing deeply. The shield had dropped. It was the first time it seemed to him in many years that he actually found himself laughing
Hearing Jaqu laugh made her feel slightly better, and she smiled in return. "I hate you when you do that "I'm a badass thing”, not appealing at all. You'll never win the ladies like that." she said with a wink, swishing past him to go and lounge once again on her desk. "I should go out there myself anyway... I have to keep investigating the vamp movements going on lately... Spyro has a human girl as his familiar now... which the hunter organization is dying to know more about."
"For you to dislike that side of me is strange. Seeing as you are infatuated with a Vampire and you take more and more cases involving vampires. When did my hatred for them leak into you?" he asked leaning against her desk his back to her arms crossed over his chest
She scoffed at his accusation. "Infatuated? I am a hunter... one who has lived many many more years than you, little boy." she said from behind him, moving to stand before him again. "Don't presume that because I take more cases with them I like them... vampires killed my family, killed my best friend as a child and ruined my life. I don't have a sick infatuation with them... I am doing my job is all." she said, clearly annoyed by his statement. Without thinking she reached out then and placed her hand absently on his left thigh. "Just... just back off and go do your job, Jaqu. You are being a little bastard today, you know that?"
He smiled softly. “As you wish, master." he said a bit of southern touching his voice. He placed a hand atop of hers and leaned in to whisper in her ear. "But you like the bad boys." His breath reaching her ear and down her neck.
Arianna shivered visibly, surprised to hear a bit of the southern lilt in his voice she had missed, as much as she wouldn't admit it to herself. "W-well..." she said, suddenly flustered, blushing slightly as she pulled away from him, removing her hand to hold it against her chest. "That is a-all, dismissed." Damn him, she thought. Damn him for his magic, his voice and breath on her neck... it had been too long for Arianna... maybe she needed to go out and find someone before she did something crazy like go for her underling. Not like she would ever tell him though.
He smiled. He knew that she missed is old way of talking but he would let her be on that one. "Yes of course." he said pushing himself off of her desk the south touching his voice again. He placed a gentle hand on her shoulder before disappearing from her office
After he left the office, Arianna sat in her chair, head held delicately in her hands... "Mm," she said to herself. "The story of the lone hunter begins again." Out in the hall, Haruka raised an eyebrow at Jaqu who obviously looked smug for some reason. "Good day in the office?" she inquired
He chuckled. “A good day? No, those don’t happen much anymore."
Haruka laughed heartily and smacked him on his shoulder, pausing briefly as she felt a hint of magic from him. "Well... looks like you won’t get any more soon either... working on Mirabella?" She whistled in appreciation. "That woman is a head case"
"Have you not noticed? All Axel Clan members are." he chuckled again. The file tucked in his arm. "And what brings you out of your dark hole?" he asked teasing her lightly
She took his teasing in stride and elbowed him. "Popping in to see the boss. Not only do I have to keep you off of Jasper I have to remind her to lay low with that vamp of hers." she sighed. "What is it with you two; you guys are so alike it is scary sometimes."
"Who? Arianna and I? I would love to know why you think that. I have never seen her to be like myself or vice versa." he inquired leaning against Arianna's office door preventing Haruka from being able to pass him and avoid his inquiry
Haruka gave him one of her looks. "Oh... now you are just being cheeky." she said, pinching one of his cheeks. "You both do this...I'm alone and running my own one man show, type of attitude, you both are really only open with one another sometimes, you both get cocky, and you both are obsessed with a vampire from your past... who just happen to be together. Now THAT is interesting." she finished, flashing her white pearly teeth in a broad grin.
"You can be such a pain sometimes Haruka. And I don’t see how either of us are open about anything to anyone." he smiled at her flashing his own white grin at her.
"Hmmm I smell denial." she said brightly. "Fine, believe what you want. It’s just... I have been worried about her lately..." she said in a sudden serious tone, glancing towards her office door. "She didn’t tell you... but she came back from the field a few days ago ... a routine observation and she got caught and hurt pretty bad by a rouge vamp who I eventually staked. She has been careless lately... like her mind is elsewhere. "
He too turned to look at her door. "I see...." he trailed off. “Between you and me, I will keep an eye on her." he said seriousness looming darkly in his voice
"Thank you, really." she said, and nodded to him once before moving down the hall. From inside the office a shattered glass echoed. "Shit!" Arianna cried kneeling to pick up the glass, wincing as a cut appeared on her fingertip. "Gods..." she whispered, finishing the cleanup, not noticing that the cut which should have closed remained open.
The file he had been holding vanished as he slipped back into her office. The smell of her blood hit him hard in the face. With the full moon approaching he normally was drawn to blood, but this was an overwhelming desire for it. He quickly covered his nose and mouth with his hand, fighting the urge to do anything. "Are you ok?" the southern had dipped so far into his words he feared he might slip back into that style and never come out
Arianna jumped at his sudden appearance and nodded. "Yeah... just dropped my glass." she said, wondering why he had covered his mouth... hopefully being bitten hadn’t made him more sensitive to blood. She looked down at her cut and stared, "Wow... this isn’t closing..." she mumbled to herself, standing up. "Don't worry about me, Jaqu. I will be fine." she said with a smile, turning to pick up the last pieces of glass.
He beat her to it. He held the glass in his hand. With a new found courage he removed his hand from his face and reached for her wounded hand. "This should have closed up Arianna. This is not a good sign. Why didn’t you tell me about the attack?" he asked he rose back up to his feet looking her square in the eyes
Arianna blinked in surprise, biting her lower lip slightly in annoyance. "How did you know about that?" she asked, not really expecting an answer. Jaqu was the type to be blunt, and no lying or dodging of a question would work for him. "It... it supposedly happens to every hunter... their body goes through a period of energy conservation for long term immortality... I am going to be vulnerable for a month or so... easily injured, slow healing... I could die... this is usually what takes us out if we ever go." she said matter of factly, hoping he would end the subject then and there
He didn’t accept her response. It wasn't good enough for him. "We have been through this before Arianna; I know how this process works. However dodging my question is not going to get me to drop it." he squeezed her hand a little tighter in his grip forcing the blood to bubble out of the wound a bit more rapidly
She gasped in pain as he squeezed her hand, and tried to pull it away from him. "What in the hell are you doing!?" she growled. "That hurts, you bastard!" She ignored his question and continued to glare, feeling her blood begin to flow freely again.
"Answer my question Arianna." his voice was stern and commanding the south had taken over. "I will let go when you start talking." his eyes glowed slightly but it was not from his power it was from the large waft of fresh blood hitting his nose. He was struggling to keep composure
This sensation of desire for her blood was new to him and he didn’t want to give into it. To be honest he was a little scared as to what was triggering this sudden desire
"Jaqu... let me go." she said again, pulling harder this time, which only succeeded in making her bleed more. "It hurts...come on, I need to treat it."
Instead of squeezing harder he pulled her to him wrapping his arms around her in a sudden hug. He just stood there holding her tightly to himself. "Why don’t you talk to me anymore?" his voice was soft but the southern lilt was ever present his breath gently caressed her skin again
This was absolutely the last thing she expected form Jaqu, the sudden intimacy of being close to him, of hearing the soft southern voice speaking to her in a caring tone brought memories to the surface. "I... I am not trying to keep things from you Jaqu... but... a lot of time has passed... we aren't exactly the same carefree little southern stable boy and aloof lady of the times anymore." She squeezed him back in the hug, enjoying the comfort of his embrace
"We may not be those anymore but we are still the same people with the same partnership connection. Yes times have changed as so have we, but in some instances we haven’t changed at all." his voice still soft and caressing. He put one hand on the back of her head and gently pushed her head down on his shoulder.
There it was again, that shiver in her body. "Thank you...for caring about me. But I will be ok... I promise. Every hunter goes through this... I just have to keep a low profile so no one can attack me." she said sweetly, clenching her fists behind his back to keep herself from shaking anymore. She wasn’t used to this kind of touch anymore, a hug, a hand on her head... she felt like she would go mad if he kept doing it
"I promise, no harm will come to you m'lady." velvet, his voice. Gently he ran his hand through her hair as he leaned his head down a top of hers. Something inside him had snapped, he wasn’t sure just yet what it was but he had little control over holding back his native lilt or the speech patterns of that time either.
She continued to lean against him, feeling as if even breathing would ease the tension to collapse and something to happen. "Jaqu... M'lady is a little much... you make me feel as old as I am." she said half-jokingly, attempting to lighten the situation. As they sat there in one another’s arms, her cut finally closed, leaving but the faintest bit of blood on her fingertip. At that very moment, in the black rose, a messenger who had been dispatched approached Spyro, bowing for an audience.
Spyro raised an eyebrow at the messenger. It was not one he had seen before. "Speak your business." he watched him closely for any strange movements that would lead this boy to loose his life....again
"I have come to deliver news about the Hunter organization... a friend of mine has had a vision in regards to their leader... it is her weak period... she will be vulnerable for two months’ time. If the need should arise, we would be able to take her out neat and clean, that is the end of the message sir." he said smoothly, bowing.
Spyro nodded to the boy as he watched him run off. "Interesting. So she is a True Hunter then, just like Zarron. But she is still pure. a weak point may just be what is needed."
Theirry glanced at Spyro and raised an eyebrow. "That woman has a weakness? Never... I've known her from way back... she is like a walking piece of rock."
Back in the office, Arianna continued to lean against Jaqu, and sighed in contentment. "It does make me happy that you worry about me though... Mr. I'm such a badass." she teased
“I find it interesting that this comes at the same time as a Blue moon." he mentioned aloud not really meaning for any comments
"Blue moon?" she asked, wondering what he meant. "Oh you mean two full moons in a month... that is rare... how does that affect you werewolves?"
Jaqu had braced himself with his back against the wall still holding Arianna. Having her in his arms had more of a soothing affect then just her touching him. He wouldn’t give up for the world, though he would never tell her or let that on to her. "Yeah 2 in a month. Honestly I have never really experienced what others say happen. Something about going animalistic, more so than usual. Heightened desire to breed, and a craving for fresh meat that lasts the whole month." his voice was still soft and heavy with his southern accent
A light bulb went off in her head at hearing this. "hm... so covering your mouth and trying to avoid the scent of my blood didn’t just happen?" she asked with a smirk, her injured hand which had healed now in front of his face, though healed... it still had remnants of her blood. "Well I suppose if that is what you say, then you must have a strong will," she continued, knowing she was teasing him... and wondering what was making her decide to do it
"Yes, I have never experienced any of those symptoms before tonight." he was confused about it but was not going to let her know that. He reached his hand up to her hand that was in front of her face and entwined his fingers with hers holding her hand. He pulled it to his chest. The heat radiated from his chest. "i suppose i do have a strong will. Wouldn’t want to lose......" he trailed off surprised at himself that he almost let it slip that he couldn’t loose her
Arianna didn't skip a beat and answered. "You always hate being the loser," she said with a smile, slowly standing up hand still in his. "Now... I think we both have work to do. I am going to stake out Black rose a little bit to watch Spyro's movements. What about you?" she asked, waving a hand to appear in her new attire of tight black hip huggers, leather boots and an off the shoulder semi shiny and sheer black mesh top with a deep blue tube top beneath it
"I think you are going to stay here. You are on desk duty till you are yourself again." a smirk crossed his face and instead of letting go of her hand he simply tugged, just enough to make her fall into his lap where he quickly wrapped an arm around her again
"Eh...? Jaqu! This is stupid, you aren’t fucking Santa Claus you know." she said, trying to stand up. "I can't stop work because I don’t seem like myself, just like you don’t stop working even when it is close to or a full moon, so stop trying to be the boss, and let the boss go to work," she said, squirming in his lap until she realized that was probably a bad plan, quickly sitting perfectly still.
"Ho Ho Ho." he teased "come sit on Santa’s lap little girl. Now have you been a good girl this year?" he chuckled at himself. “You may be the boss but even your rules state that if "a hunter is unable to do their job due to personal illness, situations or their magic is affected for any reason that leaves them vulnerable they are put on desk duty immediately until they are no longer hindered. In the event the Head of Night World falls victim to any of these situations they will be placed on desk duty and the commanding officer will take over in her stead." in other words I am boss now." he smiled at her
"Oh hell no you aren’t" she said, trying to stand up yet again. She wondered just when the hell he had gotten as strong as he had, she knew she was pretty powerful for a woman, hell as the first and oldest hunter she needed to be. "Come on Jaqu this is serious, if not for observing then just for fun... I don’t want to be stuck indoors for two months because of a blip in my magic."
"That blip can cause your death. Fine you can go, but I am going with you." he still did not let her stand up he was going to hold onto this moment of internal peace for as long as he could. He leaned forward and leaned his head on her shoulder
Feeling is head on her shoulder, Arianna relaxed and gave in for the moment, he obviously wanted a bit of intimacy with her, a close contact that they used to have when they were much younger. "You sure I am not the only one with issues of my own?" she asked, tilting her head back to look up at him, eyes inquiring
"You think I have issues?" he asked his voice barely above a whisper. His eyes were closed as he relished in her presence and her touch, the sound of her voice, the softness of her breathing
"We all do, especially us old fuckers." she said with a smile, keeping her head languishing on his shoulder as he had his chin on her own. "Are you sure you're ok?" she asked again, reaching a hand up to run through his short cropped black hair. "You did act weird earlier seeing my blood, and your magic is kind of slipping out of you again...."
"Yeah I’m ok. It’s the moon. I get a little unsteady around this time. But with each passing year it does get a bit harder. I can’t remember the last time I let the full moon wash over me and take me to that animal inside. But right now that doesn’t matter. I have you." he surprised himself that he even said it, he never had told her anything about how he felt when he was around her and now he slipped. He nuzzled her neck slightly as he felt her hand on his head. He lightly ran his fingers and nails over her skin of her arm
Arianna felt a small shudder go through her when he touched her arm, feeling his warm breath against her neck as he nuzzled her. A soft sigh of pleasure escaped her lips before she could stop herself, and she suddenly sat bolt upright in his arms, hands on either side of her, and in a cool detached voice said "Let’s go to the club then," what the hell was going on with Jaqu? She and him had tried a bit of intimacy in the past which hadn’t worked, so there would be no way it would happen again... then why were they both acting like this? She had to stop herself and him before it got out of hand.
Jaqu was caught a bit off guard as Arianna moved so quickly. He almost whimpered at the loss of contact from her but was able to hold it back before it got the better of him. "sure." he said as he stood up. He turned and extended a hand to Arianna, he smiled at her with that almost innocent boyish smile he used to have
She took his offered hand and leaned against him as she made them appear at the club. The music was droning, but had a good deep beat that hit your core when you entered. The dance floor was packed, familiar faces such as Kamryn, Kaitryn, Nagi, Georgia and Lara were all over the place, and in their usual corner were Jasper and Zae. She intentionally turned away from the corner, focusing on leaning her weight against Jaqu as they wove their way through the mass of twisting bodies lost to the music
Jaqu paused on the dance floor and mentally to Arianna. 'Let’s dance, just you and me.' he looked down at her and smiled. It was weird having her still leaning her weight on him. He wasn’t used to it, but he was going to complain either
"Sure," she said with a suddenly carefree smile, she twisted out of his arm and swung her neck in an arch, sending her tussled long wheat blonde locks cascading in a wave around her, falling down her shoulders in messy waves, giving her a wild look. "Let’s go" she said, grabbing the collar of his shirt to drag him to the dance floor
He started to move his hips to the music and then his whole body dancing with Arianna, easily keeping up with her
Arianna swayed easily to the beat, not rushing, just keeping a steady pace, twisting her torso and her hips, every once in a while her hair or a hand gently brushed his back or his shoulders, and she smiled brightly, clearly truly enjoying herself.
He let the beat control his movements he let himself go completely, holding nothing back. In one fluid motion he slid between her legs wrapping up around behind her (snake move). He too was enjoying himself, perhaps more than he could remember. Music had changed but the beats had only gotten louder
Arianna laughed her voice clear above the deep beats. "You always liked that move..." she said with a grin, twirling into him and sliding down his front side as if he were a pole meant for her, keeping pressure against him as she slid back up before twirling away again, a mass of wheat hair, sparkling mesh and glowing energy. From the corner, Jasper spied the two and raised an eyebrow. "Well that is an unexpected couple," she muttered to herself, gazing at Jaqu from afar
Jaqu let himself be used as a pole, he enjoyed every moment of it. It was evident by the sudden tightness in his jeans as he found more and more opportunities to slide with Arianna and grind with her. Zae looked up from the goblet he had been staring in. "who?" he asked as he looked at Jasper and searched the floor with his eyes
Arianna felt the tightening in Jaqu's jeans and smiled wider. Maybe it was the music, but she suddenly felt almost high. She felt sexy, devious and like she wanted to play. She turned to face him this time, arms around his neck, and as she slid down him again kept complete eye contact, this time when she rose, she licked her lips. Jasper almost chocked on her wine when she saw Arianna. "Oh my God... what is with her?" she whispered to herself, glancing to see if Zae had noticed the suddenly new and improved Arianna on the dance floor.
Jaqu's breath caught in his throat as she came back up to him licking her lips. His smile grew wider and more devious; it felt almost like a battle, a game between them. Each trying to hold something back from the other yet at the same time roping them into their spun web. He licked his lips in turn and bit slightly on his bottom lip. He let a hand slide down her back to come to rest on her butt. With this he pulled her even closer to him, he locked his arms in place
Zae had finally caught a glimpse of them on the dance floor and he too almost spit out his wine. "That is not expected."
Arianna felt a low growl coming from within her, she let it slip and leaned forward, taking advantage of one of his collar bones that was exposed, and she nipped it gently, running her tongue along his skin to taste him before rolling her hips in his tightened grip.
Jasper couldn't look away, it was Jaqu in a way she had never seen him... almost... animalistic... "Well... time has passed, they both are different now so... it’s to be expected." she said lightly
Jaqu released a growl in response, he tilted his head slightly exposing more skin for her to access, and his eyes began to glow as the animal deep inside him started to wake up. He had never truly let it out and now it seemed like it might take total control. He leaned his head down and nibbled on a pressure point just below her ear
"I wouldn’t say expected. There is something different about both of them. They seem animalistic. Thoughts?" Zae asked unable to look away as well
Feeling him nibble on a pressure point sent shivers of delight down her spine; she shivered in his already tight grip and moaned softly, tangling her hands in his hair. "Wh…what are we doing Jaqu?" she asked breathlessly. Head still tilted to one side, eyes closed as she drifted away in the beat, the feel of his body against hers and the pleasure running down her back and neck.
"It’s a blue moon this month... I am not as affected by it as pure werewolves because of my vampire nature... but Jaqu... he must be feeling it... and it is cascading over to Arianna who is weaker than normal this month." she said, not realizing she let the big secret that the messenger had told Spyro when she was upstairs slip.
He nibbled down her neck stopping here and there to pay more attention to pressure points as he went. His breath had caught again but he managed to whisper "does it matter?" he nuzzled her neck blowing softly across the now damp parts of her skin from his nibbling. He twisted his free hand up into her hair
Zae's eyes flashed briefly. He was all too aware of this deep secret he would have shared with Arianna had he never become a vampire. And the fact that Jasper knew it meant that others knew it as well. But he forced his composure. "The price they pay for immortality."
Feeling the urgent nibbles made Arianna melt beneath Jaqu's ministrations. She groaned louder this time, pressing her neck closer to his wandering lips. "That feels good..." she murmured, running her hands from his hair down his sides and strong chest, brushing pressure points lightly as she went, ignoring the people around them to focus on the feeling of his body entwined with hers.
"Mmmm probably better for you to not watch, Zae." Jasper commented, rising to walk out of the booth, heading for the stairs to go to the third floor, when she arrived she plopped unceremoniously beside Spyro.
Jaqu gasped as her fingers traveled his body. He fought the sudden urge to jump her right then and there. "Don’t stop Arianna..." he whispered in her ear, his breath touching her skin, hot. The other dancers had long left his attention, she was all that mattered
Zae watched as Jasper left the room. He could understand why. It was hard to watch Arianna be intimate like that with someone else and it must have been hard for Jasper to watch of Jaqu. Spyro looked at Jasper. "What is eating you?" he asked taking in her movements
Arianna reached down to grab his hips and dug her long nails in, bringing a bit of blood to the surface of his gleaming skin. "Still trying to play boss I see..." she whispered tenderly into his ear, nipping the lobe before catching his mouth with hers, kissing him like she was quenching her thirst.
"Nothin," Jasper lied easily. As much as Spyro was more powerful than she, she never liked the man to have inside info on her... well at least more than he had. "Just enjoying the scenery." she said, eyes twinkling in the dim light.
Jaqu started to chuckle when he felt Arianna's lips upon his own. The softness of them the way her mouth tasted made him hungry for her, for more of her. He pulled her hips against his and deepened the kiss letting a bit of the wolf magic slip into the kiss
"The scenery? I think more than that jasper." Spyro said as he stood and walked over to the ledge looking down at the dance floor. Instantly his attention was pulled to the 'new' couple to grace his club. A smirk spread across his face. He turned to look at Jasper. “I think I know what has gotten under your skin. You have deeper feelings for Jaqu Axel then you let on."
Feeling the wolf magic from within Jaqu brush her lips, Arianna knew she was treading on dangerous ground... his touch felt so good... but, the danger was there. She pressed her lips harder against his own briefly, and then nipped at his lower lip before pulling away. "No....Jaqu..." she barely got out, thrusting her head under his chin to avoid him kissing her again. “I won’t do this...again..." she whispered, voice husky from the need flowing through her body.
"You asshole," Jasper said, rising to stand next to him, smacking him playfully on his shoulder. “Jaqu may be... a sore spot for me but one I chose to leave behind after years of being dead. SO no more from you, you little creep." she said with an obvious amused smile at his impertinence at her situation.

Jaqu let a soft whimper escape his throat as Arianna pulled away. She would be able to hear the increased speed of his heartbeat, the short breathing from his lungs; she would be able to feel the desire running through his own body, a desire that wasn’t going to be easily tamed. "Sorry if I scared you." he whispered. "This is different than last time, we are older, different then we used to be. It wouldn’t hurt to." he whispered barely able to fight the urge. He pulled the wolf back in and let it be just him
Spyro chuckled at Jasper's immediate response. "If you let him go then why is he still a sore spot and why is he affecting you so much?" he pointed down to them. "Take a look."
Arianna shook her head and took his hands in hers. "Sorry for leading you on like that Jaqu... I should head back to the office" she said, looking back up at him with a soft smile, her cheeks still rosy from the intense dancing, her blue eyes clear and piercing. “I kind of want a little time to think on my own anyway, that ok...? I wasn’t scared. I really wasn’t, you can't scare me." she finished, squeezing his hands briefly before escaping through a break in the crowd to a back door exit, letting the door close behind her and the cool air to blast her back to reality as she leaned against the brick wall.
Jasper growled at Spyro. "I don't come to the club to be teased by you Spyro, that is Zae's job." she said, pinching his right butt cheek before heading to sit at the bar downstairs, glancing briefly at Arianna as she passed by her to leave the club through the back way
Jaqu was smart but not always. He knew Arianna was skittish about something and for her sake he wasn’t about to let it go. It was distracting her and from the last time she was alone and distracted she fell victim to a rogue. And that he was not going to let happen again. He quietly and slowly followed her through the crowd and club and paused just inside the back door listening.
Spyro smirked wider as he got a rise out of Jasper, yet again before taking his seat next to Katie again.
Sliding against the brick wall, Arianna sat down on the rough cement outside of the club, and pulled out a cigarette, lighting it up before taking a slow drag off of it, letting the exhaled smoke make rings and swirls in the cool night air. "Hmph, what a night indeed, girl," she said to herself, picking herself up from the ground to slowly stroll back to the front side of the club.
Jaqu reached out with his magic a bit to sense for where Arianna was. He turned to walk back through the club towards the front door and paused next to Jasper. He had promised he would not intentionally seek her out but she was here right in the area he needed to walk through. He kept a track on Arianna in his mind as he pulled up a chair next to Jasper.
Jasper who had settled at the bar was nursing a black opal, and glanced at Jaqu. "Hey, I guess us vamps aren’t the only ones that get thirsty." she said lightly, eyes traveling up him as he sat down next to her. "SO what’s up? Just taking a break from work?" she asked, turning to face him in her revolving bar stool
"I suppose. You know how work can be." he said in a smooth velvety voice that damn near matched the smoothness of a vampire. "Sam, I’ll take a blood wine, 80 proof pure o-." he didn’t know why but blood was what his body wanted. A feeling he had never had before. He smelled of sweat, blood and desire.
"You must be having one hell of a night to ask for 80 proof O-, that’s some strong shit." she said, watching him intently. "Well... I suppose when you try to seduce your hunter boss in the middle of a club that would make you needy and thirsty," she commented, sipping her drink nonchalantly
"I was not trying to seduce my boss. It was the other way around Jasp." he said downing the first glass. "Sam another, but make it 90%, apparently I’m craving It." he looked at Jasper a weird twinkle in his eye as he half smiled at her
Jasper laughed. "Arianna seducing, that is funny to hear but... I suppose you aren’t lying, didn’t put up much of a fight though." she said, downing the rest of her drink as Sam slid the whole bottle of 90 proof O- down to Jaqu. "Craving blood are we? It is good, just saying," she said, tilting her head as she spoke to him. "Hm... you must be going into heat soon," she muttered, snatching a sip form his O- bottle.
He laughed. "I’m not going into heat. Since I smelled blood earlier I can’t seem to get away from it or enough of It." he sighed chugging the bottle. "It is tasty."
"That’s not normal you know.... for a werewolf. It’s not blood we crave but meat..." she said, staring at him intently. "You seemed to be going for Arianna's neck a lot too... you should be careful, with being bitten twice by me it’s bound to make you feel a slight need for blood even though you haven’t changed."
"Well what do ya know it’s like a day walker situation. fantastic.” he said as he slammed back yet another bottle of blood. There was a slight glow to his skin now; his eyes were brighter and more intense. "You look good, much better than last I saw you." he commented to Jasper. He mentally checked in on Arianna's location and well being
"I look good? Why wouldn't I?” she said jokingly, smiling at him. "Thanks for the compliment, but now the blood is talking. You may not get drunk easily but after two bottles of O-? I'm officially cutting you off." she said, waving Sam down. "He's cut off." she said, and Sam nodded, taking the last of Jaqu's bottle and placing it behind the counter. "Maybe you should go back to your office before you get too crazy, k?" she said, looking at the back wall, stirring the ice in her empty glass with a straw.
"What’s on your mind Jasp?" he asked watching her
She stopped stirring and glanced over at him. "Nothing, Jaqu, does sitting here at a bar alone drinking and cutting you off mean that something is automatically up?" she asked, eyebrow raised
"You are staring off at a blank wall, mindlessly stirring a drink that has become nothing but melted ice. Does that sound like nothing?" he asked eyeing her out of the corner of his eyes as he sipped on a glass of water
"Mmm observant as always, and as always butting in where you are not wanted or allowed. Buh-bye now." she said in a quick sentence, putting some cash down for Sam before walking past him to sit at an empty booth. Arianna at this point had moved away from the club and was walking back towards the Night World headquarters, enjoying the quiet of the night around her
Jaqu glared after Jasper. "Pfft whatever." he said sliding Sam some cash $200 over bill price and walked out the door. He followed Arianna’s steps back towards headquarters, keeping close tabs on her and thinking to himself
As Arianna neared the headquarters she closed her eyes and stopped briefly, whispering a few words to herself before her life force faded from anyone's radar, she took off into the night in her hunter garb of a black bodysuit, weapons in hand. "Sorry Jaqu" she whispered to herself. But even if she was weakened, she would not stop working, and she did not want to be followed by him either... he would forgive her in the morning, she hoped.
Jaqu stopped dead in his tracks as he felt Arianna's life force vanish. Something inside him told him that nothing had happened to her, that she had cut him off. Pissed that she would drop from him like that he growled in annoyance. What did he expect, she was the original hunter. "ARIANNA!!! I'LL KILL YOUUUUU!!" he screamed to the heavens pissed beyond belief. The power behind his voice rocked the air and ground for a hundred miles in either direction before drifting off
Arianna winced as she heard his voice carry... "Yep... he's pissed...well... I'll... make it up somehow." she murmured before diving into the tree canopy to observe Spyro through the third story club windows overlooking the third story balcony. Jasper had gone back upstairs and sat alone, while Katie smiled and was at ease sitting in Spyro's lap, offering him a glass of Bloodwyne. "You seem tired tonight... you ok?" she asked him, Arianna took all of this in, not missing a single detail of the human girl and vampire King's interaction
"Yes my sweet I’m ok. A little tired perhaps, haven’t been on a hunt recently and the blue moon is quickly approaching. He smiled taking a sip of the Bloodwyne and wrapping his arm tighter around Katie
Jaqu pissed as he was, phased into his own Hunter outfit and sought out the trees surrounding the Axel compound
A roaring fire in the front pit brought warmth into the cozy Axel clan caves, Mirabella sat in an armchair, her short stature fitting perfectly inside it as she sat sideways, legs dangling over the armrest on one side as she munched on a small piece of lamb, turning pages in the recent reports form her officers. She had returned to her flowing white dress once more, something she hadn’t worn in a little while, dark raven curls tumbling over her shoulders
Jaqu watched her from a tree branch. It had been awhile since he had seen her. She was still the beautiful Lady she had been so long ago. He missed those days sometimes; this was one of those moments
He hoped that his axel blood would keep the camp unaware of his presence
The room was empty save for Bella, and she yawned, stretching her arms above her head, letting the files of reports slide to the floor beneath her feet. She rose in a single efficient motion, and walked to a nearby window, after gazing at the moon her clear silver eyes locked right onto him, and she smiled wide, letting him know she knew he was there. "Visiting, boy?" she said softly, in the way she used to address him.
He was not surprised that Bella would have noticed him; she had always had a knack for spotting him anywhere. Light as a feather he made his way to the end of the branch closer to her. "Lady Bella." he nodded, his voice dipped back to the southern lilt
"Am I interrupting your night?" he asked softly as he sat to straddle the branch to face her
She opened the window and leaned out, letting the wind whip her strands of hair. "Of course not, Jaqu... it is always good to see family even if they come in for a surprise covert mission to spy on you," she added with a wink, reaching out to poke his leg nearest her. "What do you want to know? I suppose it is the least I can do to try and make your job easier, right? Considering your blood is boiling right now." she leaned her head on her hands, watching him with an almost youthful expression, seemingly a young woman even though she was so very old

"My blood does not boil m'lady." he responded watching her in the light breeze and moon light. "I simply came to see what brought you to this." he said sliding her a small envelop that held a few copies of the pictures of her in her more modern attire. He knew she would see through any lie to attempt to cover up his spy mission. "I apologize for my long stint away from home." he said the southern lilt hitting harder on the emphasis of the word 'home'
She shook her head, and reached out to gently brush his cheek with a cool finger, her touch reached deep to the animal inside of him which was stirring because of the moon and the vampire’s blood. "I have nothing to say on that matter. It is a woman’s prerogative to dress and do as she pleases when it suits her... If your hunters are interested in my new idea of fashion, then they must be running out of things for you boys to do over there." she said with a sly grin, an almost flirtatious edge to her voice
He shivered visibly from her touch, a sensation he had not experienced since he truly was a boy the first time meeting her. "It is more than you attire m'lady. You have been seen being drastically out of character. I came to be sure that you are well and to find the reason for such behavior." he slid down the branch a little more resting his arms on the window sill
She giggled a sound which he would have never heard even when he had first met her. "I am fine, Jaqu... there is no need for you to worry about me... I am merely living my life as I wish," she said, leaning out to kiss him on his cheek. "You becareful now, boy with that blood of yours..." she added, smiling again at him


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