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Jaqu looked at her slightly suspicious, 'did everyone know he had tangled with a vampire, the one thing he hated above all else?' he knew she could see through all deceptions but he wasn’t trying to hide this, just trying to forget it. But he had been stupid, to do such a thing with the Blue moon looming. The soft kiss on his cheek was unusual to him from her; it sent a chill through his body. "m'lady, may i ask? Your manner seems a bit more playful, has something happened?"
"Playful?" she asked, eyebrow raised. "I suppose it might be... but it is just me really. Did you think I was all ice and formalities, Jaqu?" She asked, raising her legs to throw them over his lap as she leaned back against the arm of the bench couch they shared. "Don't be worried about me; you should focus more on yourself at this moment...” She paused momentarily, as if she were thinking about saying more. ”I won't lecture you, Jaqu... you are a grown man now... and capable of making your own choices... just be careful with the vampires from here on out."
"Would you do me a favor M'lady?" he asked as he stared off obviously lost in thought
"A favor? I can't make any promises, but I can surely try." she removed her legs and sat closer to him, leaning her small head against his shoulder. "For family, I will try, I can guarantee that."
"If...." he trailed off slightly, he felt welcomed, felt he was part of the family, the clan, again. Something he had missed. It was nice to feel the touch and warmth of an untainted clan member. It settled his nerves slightly. “If...i ever become one of them......kill me please. I don’t want to be like Jasper. I want to be pure Axel, nothing more. If i cannot live as a pureblood axel then i don’t want to." his voice was soft, almost sad
Mirabella closed her eyes briefly, sitting still as she contemplated his request. "IF that day ever comes.... I won't kill you, Jaqu... I will purify you." She said, sitting up. "You can't tell this to ANYONE." She said in a hushed whisper. "But... I do have the ability to override a vampires nature... it is hard... and I can only do so once every few decades.... but I haven't had the need. Jasper had made her choice... but if it happens to you I can reverse it.... be it for a price... but I can."
He looked at her a bit of shock on his face before he composed himself. "Why would you do that for me Bella? I am not anything more than a clan member, i am not precious like the Sleeper, or grand like yourself, i am not even in line for anything. Technically I’m not even Pure Axel, i am a mix. I have ties to you and Elizabeth, it is evident in my eye color, but truly i am not special enough for you to risk repercussions of doing something like that."
In the middle of his babbling Mirabella reached out and bonked his head with a balled up fist. "Hm.... you MUST be getting stupider with age... to think so low of yourself and the opinion I have of you." She said, giving him a wink. "You are clan, Jaqu. And one who had life in one of the harshest ways outside of the sleeper. It is true... the sleeper will always have a special place in the clan, but each and every member of my clan is as important to me as my own life. Don't you forget that, boy." She said, leaning back against his shoulder.
He jerked slightly from the thump of her fist on his head. He sighed and looked at the floor. "Bella, why was I, an Axel, put into the position i was at that house?" he had questions, a lot of questions, there was much he didn’t understand. Was he truly linked to Elizabeth as well or something darker? He was talking more about himself with her then doing his job, but he didn’t care, to him finding out who he truly was more important
Mirabella went very still and stood up, turning to look at him. Her eyes which had been light and youthful had regained their distant iciness. "Jaqu, all you need to know is that you are a true member of this clan, you have the potential to be very strong... and I know how capable you are. I trust you, which is why I put you in that house... especially because of Jasper... I knew what was to come with her... and that you would be one of the only things to keep her grounded in a sense of who she was. Now go, I am sure you have more things to do then bother an old woman."
He stared at her blankly; the sudden change was completely unexpected. He was a bit taken aback from it. "I...." he trailed off. Had he done what she had wanted of him? Had he kept her grounded? Was all of this supposed to happen? That all the previous events that had happened and led him here was something that was planned? Now he had even more questions, but the tone of her voice and the look in her eyes told him not to push it any further, at least for tonight. "Yes m'lady of course i will bid you a good night." he had slipped hard into the southern lilt he once had
Her icy exterior melted slightly and she reached up and took his face in her hands, standing on her tip toes to kiss his forehead. "Now... go and do your work... but know you are always welcome." She swept past him then, returning to the room behind her, closing the door. She thought quietly to herself... about the secrets she kept form him... and from Chris. He did not know he had a son... she had kept that fact from him in the past to spite him for the pain he had caused her family... but maybe... maybe she could tell him one day...
Jaqu watched he leave the room. once the door was closed he walked over to the window in which had entered to begin with and slid it open and slipped back out onto the branch and then dropped to the ground. 'Is she keeping something from me?' he thought to himself looking back up at the window. He shook his head and took off into the night, into the forest
Arianna hadn't felt Jaqu's anger for an hour or so, which was fine for her. She needed to work... even if she was not in the best of shape. She slid through the trees to outside the club, leveling herself at a window level to watch Spyro. His actions lately... especially around that young human girl had been strange... and she needed to figure out what his agenda was. ((in club)) Katie sat leaning against Spyro, her eyes dropping closed as the lateness finally hit her. "mmm sorry..." she mumbled, snuggling closer to his steely frame.
"sleep my dear. You need it more than i. it is not fair me keeping you up so late, you are so young." he smiled as he ran a hand through her hair pulling her closer to him.

"You always say that... and make me feel bad... hmm but at least you look like a pedo then... so no hard feelings." she said with a smile, tucking herself into his arms. Arianna almost laughed, this little girl had guts to speak to the king of vampires so easily and on such equal footing... no wonder he seemed enamored with her. Maybe this job would go quicker than she expected.
"Hmm perhaps that is so." he lightly laid a kiss on the lips. "Would you like a little bit of a pick me up my sweet?" he whispered to her as he caressed her cheek
She smiled and nodded. "Mm as long as it's not too strong... I may be the adopted daughter of the IGM leader... but I do have limits you know." she replied, nipping his caressing fingertips. Arianna just continued to stare at their interaction. He was the daughter of the IGM leader!? This alliance could turn out bad... if it was true that the cold hearted merciless king could actually be capable of loving someone
He pulled his finger to his own lips and punctured his finger tip then ran the blood from his finger along her lips. "Here you go my sweet." he said as he actually smiled down at her. The coldness that everyone knew seemed to almost fade completely away when Katie was around him
Katie stared at his finger briefly "I won't...turn into a vampire will i?" she asked, looking up at him concerned. Arianna, who still watched outside narrowed her eyes. Even a little bit of blood form a vamp that old would sent that girl reeling, even though he was smiling and seemed content... she didn't like that situation. "I'll need to report this..." she whispered, shifting in the tree to jump down, hoping that the girl would be all right in the end.
"No Katie, you will not turn into a vampire, but it will give you much needed energy." his voice was soft and caressing
He had perked up his ears when he heard Arianna mumble outside the window
Katie sucked obediently, licking her lips clean afterwards. "Mmmm much better!" she said, standing up abruptly. "Can I go dance? Or do you want to join?" She asked, just as Arianna dropped down from the tree, landing on the ground below. She winced briefly, feeling a sharp pain go up her right ankle. "God dammit..." she murmured... it was beginning to get worse.
"You want me to dance?" he asked watching her suddenly bouncing up with new found energy.
"Well you never do... you always hide away in your cave up here... and I don't mind staying... but I am still young at heart. So... how about it Mr. Pedophile? Think you can take this little girl on for a dance?" she asked, suddenly dropping her vice lower, her usual blue eyes glinting a hint of red briefly from the aftereffect of his blood.
"Hmmm...." he closed his eyes a smile spread on his face. “If you can get me out of this chair then i will come dace with you." he said watching her. He noticed the pitch in her voice change and the red flash in her eyes. 'Perhaps she took too much' he thought to himself.
"Out of your chair? That's not fair!" She whined. "You are like a rock... it would be like an ant trying to fight God if I attempted such a feat." A few of the regular vamps who were used to her laughed at her joke. "She's got a point!" one of them called out. "Hm... but... I suppose there is... another way..." she mused, before jumping over the railing to land below on the dance floor. She approached the nearest guy, and began dancing hot and heavy with him, looking up with a smile at Spyro before being swept into the strange man’s arms and out into the dance floor.
The smile slid from his face faster than lightening strikes. She was his, even if had no official claim on her yet, he was not going to allow this to happen, though he didn’t control her this was too risky for him especially with his blood in her system. He stood up and watched her for a moment then effortlessly launched himself over the railing, and dropped on the dance floor below only a few feet away from Katie and the unknown man
The people around where he landed immediately gave him room. The mysterious man had appeared, came whispers, and even the most spiritually deaf of humans could feel his mood. Katie, on the other hand was continuing to dance, and had fallen into the buzz of her blood high, she reached upwards to the man and stole his lips in a kiss, which the man didn't mind, in fact he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer.
A snarl escaped Spyro's lips, as he moved towards them. He moved at a normal pace, not wanting to concern his patrons too much. He simply laid a hand on the man's shoulder to gain his attention
The man who was actually a young teen boy smiled at him. Uh... yeah?" he asked, keeping a grip on Katie. "Katie turned and smiled at Spyro, and leaned against the boy. “This is Michael... he and I were just having fun dancing... I thought you couldn't be bothered to leave your chair so I just... decided to go dancing on my own." she said, obviously enjoying this situation way too much. IN the club, Jasper sighed, wondering just when this girl would get herself killed for pushing a vampire to a jealous killing edge. "Did you want to finally dance now?" she asked innocently, gripping Michael's arm tighter then before
Spyro reached down and removed Katie’s hand from the teen's arm before releasing his shoulder and in inhuman speed slammed his fist into the side of the boy's face. "Yes my dear, i will dance with you." his voice was soft and gentle, no sign of the anger he had just had.
"What the fuck!" the boy cried, fighting in Spyro's inhuman grip. "Sshhh Michael... don’t be sad. I am sure I will see you again." Katie said, gently taking Spyro by the hand to tug him towards the dance floor. Arianna who had felt Spyro’s anger had reentered the club, and sat in a shadowed booth, her ankle freshly wrapped, gazing at the two. "Unbelievable... he is in love with that little girl..." she marveled, taking a mental note as she continued to spy on them
Spyro willingly followed Katie to the dance floor. As they reached it he pulled her to him as a slow song came on. "My dear Katie, i wish you wouldn’t do such things. I don’t want you to get hurt." his voice was soft but his words were almost commanding
Katie's smiled disappeared and she looked down. "I'm sorry, Spyro... I just... I wanted you to dance and I couldn't think of another way... I just... my body feels warm and... I just wasn’t thinking." She said apologetically, wrapping her arms around him to slow dance. Arianna watched the two silently, a small part of her heart squeezing at the sight of them. Stupid magic... apparently being more human than not at this time of her lifespan also caused more emotions to surface than were needed.
"I understand, just please, be more careful. I wouldn’t want to lose you." he smiled and leaned down stopping their dancing movement and passionately kissed her, holding her close to him
Katie melted against him, moaning softly into his cool lips. They had never really been established as a couple... but she didn’t mind. As long as she could be close to him. Arianna smiled to herself in the corner and rose, shutting a small black book in her hands. "Well... it seems this is all over for now." she said softly to herself, exiting the club with a crowd of people. "Maybe I should retire for the night...? She said to herself, hmph... I can't do much in this situation anyway... I should know just how hard it is to get between a vampire and their chosen one. She began to walk away from the club, leaving the happy Katie in the arms of her vampire lover.

Mirabella remained in her room, looking through a very worn out journal from her past, noting the various pages she had removed, burned or destroyed. "Dammit... what am I really doing with Chris?" she thought aloud, laying her head on a pillow. "Maybe I shouldn’t get back together with him.... he always manages to make me do things I don’t want to...“ she growled to herself, eyes flashing deadlier silver.
Hunter had been about to knock on Mirabella’s door but paused as he felt the sudden spike in power. Instead he stood there listening waiting to see what would happen
He could hear a sigh through the door and a whoof of air as Mirabella collapsed into her bed like a young teenaged girl. "Hm.... I guess there is not much to be done about it now is there. I'm so sorry Jaqu... for not being better to you." she said to herself, suddenly pausing. How could she have missed Hunter’s energy? "Come in, don’t sit out there and eavesdrop" she said coolly
Hunter smiled to himself. He slowly opened the door and gently closed it behind himself. "I do believe your senses need some tending, took you awhile." he teased. A smile on his face
She smiled back softly, turning on her back to look up at him from her bed. "Mmmm we can't be on our best all the time you know... give a couple millennia old girl a break." she teased back, stretching her arms above her head. "Did you need something, Hunter?" she asked, sliding the worn book in her hand under a pillow behind her
"I simply came to give you a report. But something seems to be on your mind" he walked over and sat on the edge of her bed next to her. "Hmmm you smell like Jaqu. Did you visit him today?" he asked flipping the folder in his hands over a couple times
"Nope." she replied. "He visited...well came to spy on me, I suppose." she sat up and ran her hands through her long wavy raven tresses, pulling them back over her shoulders. "But nothing is wrong. It has just been a long day is all." she reached out to take the reports from him
He said no more on the matter. "So Georgia is coming along quite nicely in her training. She will make an excellent clan leader someday." he smiled at her
"Good... I have high hopes for that girl, train her well Hunter... she will need all the support she can get in times like this." She rose from the bed then, running a finger over the file while nodding. "Good, I have business to attend to, watch the clan base until I return." she said, swirling once before vanishing in a rush of wind
He raised an eyebrow but said nothing. He returned to the great hall watching the youngs run and play before dinner
Mirabella appeared outside of the small yet remote building in which Christopher Hawthorne called his home, and raised her hand, knocking on his door, steeling her will for the unknown to come
Chris set down the book he had been reading and opened the door. "Oh...Bella, come in." he smiled and laid a kiss on the top of her head as she walked past him
She smiled softly at his touch, turning to settle herself in her usual comfy chair. "Chris, good to see you. How have you been?" she asked, her voice soft and controlled
"The same i suppose, at this age not much changes but the wind." he smiled sitting back down his chair.
"Chris." she said abruptly, looking at him with serious silvery eyes. "I can't... I can't be back in a relationship with you after all." she said, thinking to herself how fucking lame it sounded, but hell at least it got her message across.
"Is that so? And why might i ask have you decided this? Thought things were going well between us this time." he watched her with cold eyes
She shook her head, and kept his gaze, even though it was cool. "I know things have been... well... but in the end I know we are not good for one another Christopher... a dark wizard and the leader of the Axel clan... it was not a good combination all those years ago... and it still isn’t now. I have made my choice... and that is what it will be." she said, trying to keep her voice from shaking at his intense stare.
He watched her a little more. He knew when she was uncomfortable. "Bella, are you pregnant? Are you afraid of what might happen if we had a child together? What the child would turn out to be like?" he asked, voice as cold as his eyes
She looked startled for a moment, and then laughed. "No... No Chris I am not pregnant... I am much too old for that at this point in my life. I have just decided it would be best for both of us is all, If you don’t like it I am sorry... but my mind is made up." she said, rising to stand in front of him. "So this will be goodbye..."
"Until i drop in next time i suppose so." he said as he pulled his book back out to read, ignoring her presence as she stood in front of him
"Next time? Chris... I don't... I don't want you to drop in anymore either... I... I want to cut ties with you..." she said, walking to stand closer to him, more within his visual field. "Don't pretend this isn’t happening... it is... and this is what I want..."
"Mirabella Axel. What you seem to have forgotten..." he set his book down looking up at her, " that i created you, you are what you are because of me. You would be a wild animal caged or dead had i not helped you deal with the changes you went through. You cannot cut ties to your maker." he looked at her intently, the curls in his eyes twisting and turning as his anger rose slightly
Mirabella felt herself shiver at his anger. "Don't give me that!" she yelled at him. "It was because of you! because of your dark magics that my family was cursed in the first place... you pushed that man to the edge... so far he used dark magic you trained him in to become an animal... and then he... then he..." she closed her eyes, remembering the snapping of bone as the man had attacked her all those years ago, alone and screaming in the woods. "I am not a lost little girl any longer... and I know this is the right thing to do. If you appear before me, you will be ignored." she said, walking past him to the front door. "Goodbye, Christopher." she said, opening the door to leave
"You have been keeping a great secret from me Bella." he called to her
"We all have secrets, Chris... but just let me go. I don't wish to see you again." she finished, slamming the door behind her to block his voice
In her head he spoke. "What is the child's name?" he asked
She froze solid on his doorstep, her heart almost stopping. She mentally replied back to him "I don’t know who or what you are talking about, don’t use this as an excuse to keep talking to me... leave me be." she said, running physically form his doorstep instead of teleporting, just trying to put distance between them. He knew.... of course he knew...... he always knew... why am I so stupid? She thought, angry at herself
"BELLA" his voice echoed in her head. "Who are you protecting, who are you keeping from my sight?" he asked. No matter how far she ran he could always penetrate her mind
Mirabella ceased running, sitting on her knees in the grass. "You bastard..." she whispered. “You don't deserve to know..." she growled, balling her hands into fists. "Leave me be... and never speak to me of this again." she said coolly, trying to force him out of her head
"You can’t get rid of me..." he said in her head.”...that easily." he said out loud as he stood behind her
Her head snapped up and she turned to look at him. "God.... can't you just leave me alone?" she asked him quietly, the fight seeming to leave her as she sat slumped on the ground. "I don't wish to say anything else to you." she continued to bury her hands in the ground around her. "Are you seriously hurt that I want to leave you? Or are you just sad that your precious little girl is leaving your collection?" she asked him, turning around to stand and face him.
As she stood to face him he reached out and wrapped his arms around her pulling her to him in an embrace. He laid his head atop of hers and stood there holding her silently before kissing her on her head again. "Why do you want to leave Mirabella?" he asked voice soft and gentle
Her expression softened, and she relaxed against him. "Because...of what and who you are." she said. "Even if you love me... even if you are kind to me... at the heart of who you are is darkness. You are a dark wizard. And nothing will change that about you." she said, hiding her watery eyes from him. "If I tell you who I am hiding, will you let me go?" she asked him, waiting for his reply
"Bella, i will never let you go, there will always be a piece me holding on to you, deep in my heart, deep at the core of my being, you are what has brought light into my dark world, my dark heart. Yes i regret that i am the official reason as to how you came to be this way i am glad as well, because it gave me the opportunity to meet you. No matter if you tell me or not who you are hiding i would still find out eventually. You obviously are hiding them for a good reason, why would you use such a thing as a bargaining chip?"
She just sighed and shook her head. "I'll never get away from you will I? Even if hundreds of years pass between meetings." She pulled away and wiped her tears. "Christopher... I appreciate all that you are saying... but... I just can't... you make me too weak; I can't afford to be like this for the sake of my clan. Please try to understand."
"How do i make you weak?" he asked watching her
"Because... you are the only person who can make me feel like I am fifteen again, Chris... you should know this." she said to him, crossing her arms looking annoyed at him. "Don't pretend not to know... you are and will be the only man who can do that to me." she said
He smiled softly at her. "Then why leave?" he asked running a hand through her hair. He leaned down pressing a gentle yet passionate kiss on her lips
Shit. She thought, already feeling herself go weaker in his grip. As her mouth was busy she opted to mentally speak. "Chris... don’t do this... I-I can't say no... You know that..."She could feel her body moving closer to the wizard almost unconsciously, and her hands gently lay on his sides, feeling the strong muscles beneath his shirt. "Please? Today just let me go away from here without trying to keep me..."
As he felt her move closer to him he deepened the kiss, he ignored her pleading. He may be a man known to do only what works for him, but she had a different effect on him, he would never admit it completely to her, but the way he made her feel was the way she made him feel, he couldn't say no to her either. He wrapped his arms more around her pulling her closer
Mirabella gasped as his touch began to almost feel like fire to her, and she bit his lower lip gently, drawing a small amount of blood. "Chris..." she began, pulling away from his kiss. “I-I have to tell you something important... and no... It’s" she paused as he continued to kiss her, mind reeling. "It's about.... your son..."
He paused and pulled away from her. "My what?" he asked looking confused
"Your son." she said, clearer this time. " have a son Chris... he's OUR son"
"We......our...." he stared at her, unable to believe what was coming out of her mouth. “Are you sure?" he asked dumbfounded
"Well... considering you and I screwed, then I had a kid... and I was a virgin before then yes... he is ours."
"Are you....ok?" she asked, feeling concerned at his sudden shock
He had always figured that somewhere out in the world he had a kid, but he had never imagined it would have been with Mirabella. "I am fine yes." he sat down on a boulder. "I never would have thought i would have had a son, let alone a child with you. The magic i used when i created the werewolf was set to never allow for pregnancy between the creator and the affected. I shouldn’t have been able to get you pregnant. Did the boy live?" he asked watching her
"Yes... he lives. But he doesn't know who his parents are. He thinks he was an abandoned child of the clan is all." she said. "He is a hunter now... hunting the very members of the society he is from... but I do not begrudge him that... in a sense he was tossed aside like trash when he was young... all because I was too young to understand how to raise him."
He shook his head. "I can see now why you wouldn’t want me around anymore. The boy must be of age and of great power. The only direct descendant of Mirabella Axel still alive, and the only one from when you were at your peak of power. He must be a great man." he said smiling widely as he looked off into the horizon
Mirabella laughed. "Peak of my power? Well peak of the darkness in my power maybe... but yes... he is a great man... though he has dark tendencies... like his father." she added, brushing off her skirt. "Please Chris, don't seek him out. Let us let our son live as peaceful a life on his own as he can... with no regrets or fear of what he will become."
Back at the Nightworld office, Arianna approached her room, pausing when she felt Jaqu's energy in his own room. "Hmmm hopefully he isn’t as mad at least." she thought to herself, entering her bedroom and closing the door behind her, pile of old books in hand.
Chris looked at Mirabella. "Ok Bella, simply because i love you. I promise i will not seek him out. But i will not turn him away if he finds me." he stood up pulling her into his arms again
Jaqu felt Arianna pass his room. Sitting on the edge of his bed he sighed and stood up and paused outside of her door. He was hesitant about seeing her but felt a strong pull to
"Thank you, Chris," Mirabella said, leaning in his arms. "Let me sleep... I am very tired from today..." she said, eyes closing as she continued to lie against him
IN her room, Arianna entered her shower and threw her hunter garb off, stepping into the shower to wash. As she finished up and took a step from the tub, her ankle twinged and she fell, hitting her head on the edge of the shower. "Ouch! God dammit!" she cried in annoyance, tossing her shampoo across the room as she lay in a heap of hair and towels on her floor. "This is bad... it’s like it is getting even worse than before... I am even losing basic strength..." she whispered to herself
Jaqu heard the bumping and the cursing. He opened the door and walked over to Arianna silently and kneelt down next to her. "Ari, are you ok? Let me help you." he spoke softly, and the southern lilt lingered from his earlier conversation with Mirabella
Chris picked up Mirabella and carried her back to his house. He laid her down in his bed and crawled in with her, holding her and stroking her hair
Arianna nodded and slowly stood up, the left side of her head bleeding from a small cut. "I'm ok... I just need to lie down is all." she said, holding her head slightly as she felt dizzy.
Jaqu wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up to her feet. "Come on." he said as he felt her struggle with the simple movement
"Ug... you smell more like dog than usual. I take it you got caught spying?" she asked, pulling away from him to walk wobbly on her own to her bed, settling down on its edge. "Hand me a bandage will ya? My bleeding isn’t stopping like it normally does."
"I spoke with Bella, i can never hide from her for some reason." he said as he reached for a bandage and walked over to her. He grabbed a damp towel and wiped the blood away. Not thinking he ran his fingers over the wound and jumped back. The bandage and towel still in his hands
A look of shock smeared over his face
Arianna looked up at him in surprise, wincing as her head stung. "What are you doing? Are you ok? If it’s too much for you I can clean it myself." she said, reaching to the floor to grab another towel. "It’s ok... you can go if you want... I won’t die or anything, it’s just a scratch."
"It’s...." he moved back close to her peering down at her head. “It’s......its gone." he said seeing that the wound had healed up and no sign of it lingered
"Hm?" She reached up and stroked the top of her head and sighed in relief. "Good... it’s slower... but at least I can still regenerate." She stood up; throwing her towel away as she suddenly appeared in a short silk black robe, the darkness offsetting her blue eyes. "You look tired... maybe you should rest," she said, flopping face down on her bed, chin in her hands as she watched him
"Eh, I’m okay." he said flopping back on her bed his head near her feet. He reached out to her bad ankle to rub it for her only for him to find once again that his touch seemed to heal it. This time he jumped off of the bed and backed away slightly. He was spooked; he had never had the ability to do anything like this before. He then felt a weird stir in his stomach of magic
Arianna went very still and sat up, staring at him. "Y-you..." she began, moving slowly away from him. “Get out of my room..." she said. "Get the fuck out." she had felt that type of magic before... and only a few times... it had been from a dark wizard... but why did Jaqu have that type of magic? "Go Jaqu... just... just go!"
"But.... Ari...that’s not fair!" he cried to her
He stepped towards her his hands held out to her. "Please Arianna, i didn’t mean to....wait did i hurt you?" he asked cautiously
She immediately tensed and jumped from the bed, moving to a corner of the room. "No... You didn’t hurt me just- just... you need to stay back form me and go to your room." she said, biting her lower lip as she stared at him.
He stopped moving. Now he was pissed, he only wanted to be near her now. He was mad and scared. If he hadn’t hurt her then why was she moving away from him like he was something evil? Saddened and feeling very broken he dropped his hands to his sides, looked at the floor and walked out of her room. He didn’t make it very far. Only a foot or so before he leaned against the wall and slid down it resting his arms on his knees and his head on his arms staring at the small bit of the floor that he could see
"Jaqu?" Arianna asked. Stepping very cautiously to him, arms wrapped around herself. "Jaqu?" she asked again. Reaching out to gently prod his shoulder. "Jaqu?"
He lifted his head from his arms and looked up at her briefly before looking back down at the floor. He didn’t say anything. He simply sat there staring off. Afraid of what he might say or do, but unsure if he should move away from her to protect her from him or not make any movements as to not scare her
She knelt beside him, though not too close, a definite feeling of a wall of space lingered between them. "Jaqu... you just... I don't like to be healed by dark magic is all... it... it taints my body."
"I didn’t even know i could do it let alone that i possess dark magic." his voice was low. "Perhaps......perhaps i should leave." he said as he slowly stood up, not want to make any quick movements around her. He turned and walked a few feet before stopping. "Arianna......since this may be the last time; i just wanted you to know. I love you, and always have." with that he continued to walk down the hall and around a corner
"Wha?" Was all she managed before he walked out of her room... as he continued down the hall, a loud echoed " YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!!" came around the corner, followed by pounding footsteps, before he knew it he was on his back, pinned under Arianna, her hands keeping his arms in check. "You....fucking......ass!" she said again. Blue eyes glaring at him. “You don’t say shit like that and go "this is the last time" how much of a pussy chicken shit are you!??" she cried, smacking him in the face. "Now calm down and come to my office and sit with me... or you going to run away?"
He stared up at her, not expecting to have been tackled by her let alone finding himself pinned by her. "It does you no good having me around Ari. Apparently i will detrimental to you if i can’t keep whatever this is in check. I touched you and did it and didn’t even know i had. Why would i stay?! I would only end up hurting you!!" he yelled right back at her.
Arianna sighed and stood up, shaking her head, forgetting she was naked under her robe and he had a perfect shot. "Jaqu... I was surprised is all... there is only one person I know that has that kind of dark magic... and there is no way you can be linked to him... so I freaked ok? I can get your magic in check, but you can’t blame me for freaking out! "
He propped himself up on his elbows before standing up. "Still though." he said under his breath. He looked at her naked form briefly before reaching out and pulling her robe closed. He started to walk back to her room
"Ah... shit...." she muttered, blushing a bit as she realized her robe had fallen open. “Jaqu...who was your father? Do you know?' she asked, walking beside him
"No, i don’t know who my parents were at all. I was orphaned in the clan." he said as he opened the door to her room. "By the way, what i said earlier was true"
As Arianna closed the door she paused slightly, and finally turned to him. "Jaqu.... I- why...why would you say that to me?"
"Because it’s the truth. I do." he said as he sat down on the edge of her bed looking at the floor before looking up and watching her
"Jaqu... I thought you and Jasper..." she began, before stopping in mid-sentence. "Anyways... I... I appreciate your feelings but... I -I can't answer to them." she said gently, sitting next to him on the bed, her long blond hair flowing wildly over her shoulders and down her back from all the running she had just. "We have to figure out who your father is Jaqu.... and... I have a feeling I might know..."
"Is it that big of a deal?" he asked looking at her. He knew that even if she did have feelings for him she would never tell him. She would reason it to herself that he was her partner, her friend and that it wouldn’t be appropriate, he knew better
"God you are all the same you men... it doesn't matter how old you get." She elbowed him playfully in the side. "It does... you don't drop that kind of bomb and write it off. But, sorry I have no intention of taking things further with you than friendship." she said, a flash of memory of the club before crossed her mind, but she chose to ignore it
"I think you should give it some thought before you write it off like that. I know you felt it the other night, the connection, the electricity, that doesn’t just happen between friends. Here let me show you." he placed a hand on her knee and laid a passionate kiss on her lips
Pure surprise flooded through Arianna as he kissed her... was this really...Jaqu? Her Jaqu that she bantered with... hunted with... that she had found in a seemingly hellish place in his life and brought up for all these years? She felt her eyes begin to close in response to his kiss which sent shivers down her spine, but she quickly pulled away and shoved him away from her hard. "Stop that!" she cried, a little more nervously than she intended it to sound. "Don't do that Jaqu.”
"Why?" he asked the southern lilt heavy in his voice. He slowly reached out to her again and ran his fingertips lightly over the bare skin of her arm. "Why do you always push me away Arianna? Why don’t you just see where it goes before you push me away?"
She shivered at his touch again, feeling more dark magic seeping out through his skin. "Because... I- I don’t want to see where it goes...Jaqu. I don’t want a relationship, ok?" she took his hand, which was tickling her flesh and held it. "Try to understand me, ok?"
He wasn’t sure how to take this. "No, you don’t want a relationship with ME." he said standing up from her bed and walking around her room. He needed to get out of there, but obviously Arianna didn’t understand that he needed to leave. The Blue moon was that night; perhaps his Change would alleviate some of all of this
She shook her head and rose herself, tightening the robe closed even more. "Jaqu... that's not what I am saying. I am saying I don’t want ANY relationship, not with you, not with any other guy, and not with Zarron, either." She looked at him with curiosity, wondering why the hell he was getting so agitated. "If... if you don't want to talk about it then don't... I can just go to bed... it looks like you need some rest too." she said with concern, reaching out to grab his upper arm lightly. "Why don't you go try and get some rest?"
"Yeah, ok." he said. He turned towards the door and opened it. He looked at her one last time and then closed the door behind himself as he walked out into the hall. He slid his hands into his pockets as he walked the halls towards the exit. He hadn’t changed in too many years, but he felt that he needed to now.
Jasper seemed restless as she sat in her coffin at the house she shared with Zae. She couldn’t put her finger on it... but her blood almost seemed to be boiling... if her heart could beat, she was sure it would be almost thundering. Her eyes glowed Golden and she sat up suddenly, looking out the window at the passerby. "I'm going out..." she said in an almost throaty growl.
Zae looked at her raising an eyebrow. "Um....ok you don’t need my permission Jas." he said watching her for a moment
"Of course not... I never need it..." she said absently... almost seeming to not really hear him. She shifted through the walls of the house, and the second she hit the street grabbed a passerby, drinking his blood greedily in front of the house, in plain sight of everyone
Zae jumped out of his coffin and through the wall grabbing jasper and the poor victim out of sight and behind a bush in lightning fast speed, "WHAT are you doing?" he practically hissed at her
She merely turned and smiled at him, licking her lips. "I was hungry is all," she purred, running a hand down his chest, “if I don’t hunt will you feed me instead?" she inquired, leaning in to sniff his neck.
He placed a hand on her chest pushing her away slightly. He looked at the now lifeless body and made it disappear. "Jasper knock it off, what has gotten into you?" he smacked slightly trying to get her to get her wits about her
She growled at him and nearly bit the hand he used to slap her. "Don't.... do that." she ordered, rising to her feet while licking her hands. "You took him away too... I was going to eat him," she threw her hair over her shoulder and magically made the blood disappear from her outfit. "I won't eat people... I just... I'm going to go hunt in the woods. See ya around"
He was very confused, but figured her hunting in the woods was better than out in the public eye and would let her be


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