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me: The stars which had blurred with the high speed had nwo settled into their relaxing twinkling pattern as the ship docked on the Red Dragon. Vixen sighed, wondering when she would ever make her way back home. It had been a long couple of months away from Cona, and now Avery insisted on going to Earth first as he had "business". Vixen gazed in wonder at the blue jewel like planet, she had never before been here and wondered what humans were like, "We are only here for a little while, yes?" she asked her companion, glancing at Avery.

averylynne1: Avery had been staring out the opposite window from Vixen. His ship was one of the fastest in space but it still took many hours to reach the Red Dragon. "Yes, maybe a day at most, couple hours at best." he stood up making his way aboard the Red Dragon and off of his ship. he smiled to himself. The station was always a buzz, never any down time, and depending on the time you could run into just about anyone or anything.

me: A small figure literally tackled him as he exited the ship, a splash of red hair splayed around them as they were tangled on the floor. IN the months he had been gone, Sasako had blossomed into the kind of beauty only a young girl in love can have, she smiled up at him, straddling him in the corridor. People gaped, but she ignored them "welcome back!" she cried, hugging him again. Vixen raised her eyebrow at the young girl with hair almost as red as her own. Sasako spied her and whispered conspiratorially, "hmmm..who is that?"

averylynne1: Avery's eyes went wide as he was tackled, he normally would have been able to know he was about to be glomped but he had been completely unconnected since he left earth months ago. he smiled as he looked up into the face of Sasako. there was a glow about her that could mean only one thing, mated. "well hello lil' Red. I've missed you too. Been busy i see." he winked at her then followed her gaze. "aw that is a very special person. She is from Gaia, the Shifter planet. she was a guest on my planet for a period of time. be nice." he smiled and winked

me: She smiled and stood up, looking at the girl. "Sasako, Nice to meet you." Vixen smiled back and took the girls hand. "Anyone with red hair is good in my book." Vixen said happily, offering a hand to Avery to help him off the floor. Twister appeared then in the doorway, smiling at his front man. "Good to have you back. Lets go and chill, catch up."
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averylynne1: Avery took Vixen's hand and left himself be helped back to his feet. "Good afternoon to you to Twist." Avery teased one of his longest friends outside of Hyde. He started to follow Twister then stopped for a moment and turned to Vixen. he nodded for her to follow.
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me: She shrugged and followed, waving once at the young girl behind her. "You came at a good time. Things have been crazy here. A lot of powerful people are gathering..and my network has told me that one of the most powerful black eyed demons in history has shown herself, though not much is known about her as even the demons lock her history down tightly."
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averylynne1: "Well then, it is a good time to have returned. is this the gathering befor the storm i wonder." Avery suddenly found himself running through his memory and trying to account for each great power on earth with his built in history library in his head
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me: "Who knows but we are working with what we have at least. Now that you are back, all ships are to be anchored here in case of emergency use." Vixen cleared her throat "I ned a ship to get-" Twister shook his head. "Sorry.. until this problem is solved no one uses the ships. You can try and find other transport, but as it is either me, Nightworld of the government that has any kind of space ships, I doubt you will find your way back to Gaia for a bit"
Vixen sighed and glared at AVery. ' A few days. Thats all" she mimicked in a tone dripping with sarcasm
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averylynne1: "I did not know that the base had been locked down Vixen." Avery shook his head. She was bound and determined to hold him accountable for everything even if he had no knowledge of it. "I must tell you Twister i have things to arrange on Earth. I can not be held up here on the ship. You know that as well as i." He turned and looked Twister in the eye. He knew that with his hair longer and pulled back in a high pony tail that he was not as intimidating as he usualy was, but he hoped that Twister would understand
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me: Twister laughed. "I didnt say you couldnt use a ship to get to Earth,, just no ships going outside of the Earth IGM territory. Get your pansy ass with yoru pretty hair down to the surface." He joked, slappign him on the back a he walked past him. Vixen crossed her arms, and glanced at Avery. "Well, might as well go down and enjoy Earth, huh? Never been. Hear the people are fun." she smiled wide, knwoing she was about to enjoy herself to the fullest.
Down on Earth, Persia sat in the black rose, sipping a cosmo, glancing aroudn the club. It had been ages since she had seen any other shifters than herself lately, it made her skin itch for hom
averylynne1: "earth is not always easy pickings. Keep in mind the Human populace knows nothing but old fairy tales about our kind Vixen. But i'm sure you will have fun none the less." he smiled at her. "i can arrange transport for you."
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averylynne1: A blaze of spikey red hair would catch her eye as Zavan found a human boy to use as a dance pole on the dance floor of the Black Rose. He enjoied the innocentness of the human gay population. they never had the stamina nor any idea of true sexual pleasure.
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me: Persia glanced at the firey haired boy playing with a young human. Oh poor thing. SHifters could be..SHIFTERS? SHe caught the scent in the air and jumped up, almsot squealing in delight. It was a scent she had not felt in ages. From behing him, gentle hands would embrace him and the softness of a female body would press against him, pullin him away from his prize. "Can I cut in?" she asked
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averylynne1: Having been a companion for his whole life he was used to treating both men and women to thier desires. he simply smiled as he felt the famine energy tangle with his. He was sad to see his prize be wirled off by another but he knew he would see the boy again, he was always here. he smelled the shifter scent and smiled. "sure thing my dear." he leaned back into the embrace and started to grind with her.
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me: Persia danced at ease with him and smiled brightly. "How long has it been since I have seen you?" she asked, "you were such a bean pole then!" SHe wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a soft kiss of greeting. "You have become a fine specimen, Zavon of Blue Moon."
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averylynne1: His eyes lit up as he looked into the eyes of Persia. "look at you missy." he teased and picked her up spinning her around in an embrace. "we all grow up ya know." he winked at her. "Persia of Red Moon"
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me: "What are you doing on the Blue planet? Shifters do not have a lot of easy access to this place. " she began to pull him to a quieter corner booth where they could talk in peace, sitting down. "How long have you been here?"
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averylynne1: "I found my way around. Been even to the demon planet and survived." he chuckled as he took a drink from the bar tender as she passed by. "When i finally left the Blue Moon i found my way some how pulled into the Assassin's Guild back home. Before i knew it i was infiltrating the demon planet and passing myself off as one of thier Generals. Eventually i found my way out of that and onto an elven cargo ship headed for none other than the Blue planet. been here ever since." he took a long drink on the glass. "been about 100 years or so i guess. lost track of time ya know. what about you?"
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me: She stared at him breifly and shook her head. "Only you could get into that much trouble and mischief in a hundred years." she joked. "Me? I trained..trained..and trained.. I am working now for the Shifters still..and researching this planet. There is an imminent Demon threat lingering on this planet, and other darker magics. This small planet has too much magic here..the balance has been tipped. " she ran her hands through her hair, and looked at the ceiling. "I am here on my own accord, though the Red and Blue Moon houses were angry at my selfish request to come here. They do not let go of their leader so easily."
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averylynne1: "You are in charge of both houses?? Wow. the last thing i heard was Vixen and taken over the Red Mon after killing the witch of a boss. Sadly i can not return home any longer. I would be pulled back into servitude at the Blue Moon. I'm telling you, i cant go back to that. I'm a trained assassin now. Who knows what would happen." he sighed and looked at the bottom of his glass. "I am so glad to find someone from home here though. The shifters here are....well...not us." he grinned looking up at her.
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me: "I won't say I begin to understand..but I am happy to have found you too." She lowered her head and looked at him. "You..haven't heard about Vixen have you?"
At that moment, Vixen herself had landed on Earth, and was makign her way towards the club, looking around in delight at the humans, vampires and supernatural alike all enjoying the night life
averylynne1: he shook his head. He had only heard about her and saw her once in passing. "What about her??"
me: "She is the Queen of the SHifters now. Nd the princess of the Elves."
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averylynne1: his eyes went wide. "wait what?!" he stared at her. a Companion becoming queen? it was un heard of. "what do you mean princess of the Elves?? dont you have to be oh i donno an elf for such a privalige?"
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me: "Well, duh that would be obvious. She is half." SHe watched his shock, truly seeing that he had not known anything happening back on the home planet. "You..are really out of the loop, arent you?" she asked him seriously. At that moment Vixen entered, eyes immediately drawn to the dance floor. SHe grinned and mingled, if she was goign to be stuck here for a while, she might as well enjoy it
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averylynne1: "once i broke away from the assasin's guild i lost all connection to back home. i hate how i was treated but i do miss it." he took a moment to gather himself. "who knew that the Elves and Shifters could breed. Thought it was prohibited." he sat on the edge of his seat, always ready for the next adventure
me: ((one sec brb))
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averylynne1: (( k ))
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me: ((back))
"It was a shock to everyone, especially the King Vixen was taken by the King of the Elves to the elven planet..but that was the.." she trailed off, staring suddenly at the dance floor. "You fuckign kidding me? What hell kind of a day is this anyway?"
averylynne1: "a sexy one perhaps?" Zavon winked at Persia.
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averylynne1: he drained the last of his drink and smiled at her before noticing that she wasnt looking at him anymore.
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me: "Um...just so you know..that is Vixen." she said in surprise pointing to a red haired beauty in the club. SHe danced with wild abandon, grinding and seducing anyone around her with a single glance. "You know..this day is turnign out pretty damn good"
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averylynne1: "Holy shit!!!" he jumped up to his feet standing in front of Persia. "Do i look ok? presentable?? no hair our place?" he had pulled a mirror out of somewhere and was making sure his hair was ok. "wait....what if she tries to send me back? technically i'm a traitor. oh my god oh my god." he started pacing in a 3 foot area infront of his table. A grown man with muscels anyone would be jealous of suddenly looking like a girl on her prom night panicing
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me: Persia took in this sight and cracked up. "My friend, you don't know your Queen very well.." Persia metnally called out to Vixen who immediately turned and saw Persia and a red haired shifter pacing. SHe ran over and hugged her friend, giving her the kiss of greeting. "Persia!? What are you doing here!? My god.." the two chattered incessantly for a moment before Vixen turned to the red haired boy. He was attractive, obviously House trained (lol) though his grace had a steely and dangerous edge to it. "Hey, nice to mett you. Vixen." she said, extending a hand
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averylynne1: "Hey sweetie. Name is Zavon." He smiled and shook her hand steadily. He felt like climbing out of his skin suddenly. This was Vixen, the once most highly sought After Campanion and then the head of Red Moon and now apparently the Queen. But he had composed himself in a blink of an eye. taking on an all too hibitual stance of a Companion waiting for selectiong
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me: "Nice to meet you. I always appreciate red heads." she joked bringing him close for the kiss of greetings, keepign her arms wrapped around him she smiled at persia. "He is pretty. I have decided he is my ew best friend." Persia made a dramatic gasping sound and laughed. "Well I can vouch for him.. he is awesome in every way.. except I have never slept with him. So cant help you there.. " Vixen smiled wider. "Its all good, you have a good energy Zavon. I am goin to be here for a long time it looks like.. I am glad to have a few friends." Persia smiled back things had been looking good lately. Her memory flashed to Nagi breifly. ..very good
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averylynne1: Zavon giggled in Vixen's embrace. the banter between the two girls was deffinately intrigueing. "us red heads have to stick together." he smiled. "Oh honey, it is a shame you never got a chance with hunk of flesh..." he winked at Persia. He loved playing the games, he loved having fun and suddenly so many things seemed perfect
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me: Vixen moved them all to sit back down, and settled herself in Zavons lap. SHe was light as a feather, she had slimmed down on her time away from hom, though her beauty still shone. "SO been keeping out of trouble?" She smiled back. "If you call sleeping around with Demons out of trouble, then sure. " she joked. Vixen just stared. "Um...what?"
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averylynne1: Zavon's mouth dropped. Though he perfered boys to girls Vixen was a sight for sure, he liked the way her body moved. "Persia!!! You didnt tell me about that! spill spill spill."
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me: "Well sorry if reunited with one of my good friends then havgin Vixen drop in makes me forget. Nothing much happened.. she tried to kill me and then we met again and had sex. end of story." Vixen raised an eyebrow "Ah, so Demon women get you off now?" she teased, running her hands through Zavons spiky hair. "I have to say, Zavon. if you are Persia's friend I trust you also have a thirst for adventure."
(these three are aweseom)
averylynne1: (hee hee sooooo much fun)
"Adventure is a great deal of fun. but i do have to say it is always way more fun when there are more to share it with, though Demons do have a way in bed." he winked at them
me: "Oh?" Persia looked at him. "Busy when you were on the demon planet then?" Vixen also raised an eyebrow "You two and your Demons. More dangerous than elves though.."
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averylynne1: "Hey just because i was on a foreign planet didnt mean i was going to taste the meat market." he teased. "I must say i have not had the oppertunity to play in the fields with an Elf, though i'm sure i'd loose them in the tall grass and all. Oh wait or was that leprahcans?" he burst into giggles
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me: Vixen smiled at his laughter, it was refreshing after being on the bedamned elven planet with all their propriety and rules and cool demeanor. "Dont waste your time, elves are a piece of work. It is no wonder they have a low population." she recalled all the tiem spent with Avery and even when he had shown her Shamrock once in a fit of anger over his plight in politics, the man had not once slept with anyone while he had been on the planet. "Lets just say us Shifters are...happy about life."
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averylynne1: "we should be. I mean look at all that meat." he turned his gaze to the dance floor watching the mix of of human and non mingeling on the dance floor. "OOO you know what would be fun?? a little friendly game between the three of us."
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me: Persia glanced at him with a knowing look. "I have a feeling I know what you are planning" she said, Vixen looked to Persia. "Well lets hear him out then."
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averylynne1: "a competition. To see how many folks we can lure away from their dancing partners, no one is off limits, that includes eachother if you are so bold. The winner gets to choose any person from the club to pull into a back room for some fun." he smiled a devilish grin that some how looked right at home on his face.
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me: Vixen stood up and stretched."I'm game. " Persia also rose and undid her hair, letting it tumble down her shoulders. "Sure. " The two girls didnt even wait for a signal, and burst out onto the dance floor to begin prying men and women alike away from their partners. It was going to be a long evening. Vixen tried a particular woman and seemed to have no luck, however. The woman passed right by her and stood hear Zavon, smilign out on teh dance floor with an indulgent smile. "Too old for you," she whispered to herself under her breath. Vixen nto giving up, returned to her task in full force, nto letting the one that got away take away her momentum
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averylynne1: Zavon watched as the two dashed out onto the floor. he pulled his shirt off and slowly followed them onto the floor to dance. when a girl came up to him he smiled and started using her as a pole
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me: The bass drummed like a steady heartbeat, linking all three together as they moved through the club, conquesting one after another. The count was pretty even, though Zavon was quickly overtaking the two girls. After an hour Vixen grabbed Zavon and tugged him close, dancing with himm. "Persia got fourty two, I got thirty eight, what is your count?"
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averylynne1: Zavon had never had this much fun in one night. He couldnt believe the amount of people he had concured without even having to take them to bed. he had forgotten how great his skill really was. "Fifty nine." he smiled and continued to dance with Vixen. it was strange, though niether knew it but both had been the most sought after Companions of thier respective Houses. and it was starting to show as they played
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me: "Your victory then!" Vixen shouted, hugging him tightly and kissing him on the cheek. She stayed locked in his embrace, pressed against him, lounging in comfort against him. "So your pick who do you want to take to the back..lots of excellent choices." she wved a hand around the room, filled with..jsut as she said great choices. Persia sighed. "Life gets hard when you are away from Red Moon..I lost" he pouted, though only half serious as a glitter of a smile was in her eyes
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averylynne1: "oooo i love winning!!! i donno though. too many to choose from. Why dont you girls pick someone and i'll choose between them?" he smiled as he qiped his face and chest clean of sweat with his t-shirt
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me: Vixen glanced around the room and pointed at a young human, who unknown o her had been the one he had been dancing with earlier when Persia had come to talk to him. "That one, young and fresh.. " Persia saw another young one, a girl this time and pointed to her. "No how abotu her, that red head, she looks fun." Vixen thought the girl looked vagely familiar.. "Young and fresh also gets my vote. When they are yougn with ltos of passion, it is amazing. It is hard to find those who are so willign to please and receive.."
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averylynne1: "oooo both look like fun. Geeze this is a hard choice. you both suck." he chuckled. he satred at both trying to decide. it wasnt easy for him. though he prefered the men how could he pass up a red head.
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me: Sasako felt eyes on her and turned, her eyes catching sight of a red haired boy looking at her. Definitely hot. She smiled slightly to herself and continued to drink, turning back from him her dragon tattoo became visible, glinting in the blinking light of the club. "The suspense!" persia joked. "Come on who will itbe? Boy or girl? though I know you go for either"
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averylynne1: Zavon tensed as he saw the tattoo on her back. "'ll take the young lad." he said staring still at the tattoo on the girl's back. It was obvious that he was put off suddenly from the girl for some reason
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me: Persia followed his gaze and looked at him. "Knew you liked the boys better." Vixen looked at him. "AH sorry..didnt know.." SHe said easily not noticing his reaction. Persia however,did. She mentally poked him. "Something wrong?"
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averylynne1: "that is the daughter of the IGM." he said mentally back. suddenly his carefree spirit was drained from him, it was replaced with a steely and dangerous edge to his movements and aura.


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me: Persia looked over at him again and raised an eyebrow and metnally to Zavon said "Even need to get in a tizzy about it. why you getting all steely..not like shes doen anything to you"
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averylynne1: "how much do you know about the IGM Persia?" he asked still watching the girl. she was cute and he deffinately wouldnt mind showing her a true good amount of pleasure.
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me: "Enough but I am still new to this planet and exploring the various factions of power. " Vixen had taken her leave breifly to go to the bar leavign Persia and Zavon to chat until her return. "She is adorable though.. well..more than.. still doesnt explain your bad reaction. They do somehtign to you, this IGM?" Sasako laughed across the room, jumping into the arms of an unsuspecting dancer as Persia looked at Zavon, gauging his now unreadable expression.
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averylynne1: "she is dating Noboyuki Hino. i really am not in the mood to play in that game. the last thing i need it to have him coming after me."
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me: "The Demons really have their fingers dipped everywhere dont they.." she said thoughtfully as Vixen retunred with a pitcher of beer and glasses. "Bought some for everyone, thought you could take a few drinks before nabbing the boy..who..seems to be entangled with the red head" Persia laughed. "Oh Zavon, looks like if you want your prize you'll have to dip your fingers into the pot before nabbing it." she sadi jokingly filling a glass for him. It felt good, almost like being home
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averylynne1: He smiled and took the glass. that boy had almost been his earlier, now he was going to have to get himself tangled into more work to win the boy back. "oh well i enjoy the challenge." he smiled his normal smile and downed the glass of beer. "perhaps i should let you girls catch up. Persia you and i , later." he winked at her. he set the glass down and went and entangled himself with Sasako and the boy
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me: The young boy was fully human, and obviously enamored of being here. Sasako sat in his lap, playing with the boys thick dark wavy hair. She saw Zavon approach and smiled up at him. "Care to join us?" she asked sweetly. The boy also grinned, his eyes glittering with glee. "Please do." he added in a husky voive, young, sweet..and definently after some fun
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averylynne1: a deviant smile spread from one ear to the other. Oh he was going to have a good time. "Don't mind if do." he turned on every bit of charm he had in his chest of skills. "so sweeties how are we doing this evening?" he ran a finger nail down the center of the boy's chest and a hand down the side of Sasako's cheek
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me: The boy gazed in wonder at Zavon,already caught in his spell. "I'" he finally managed. Sasko smiled in return. "Me? I am just planning on having a good time. If thats what you are about then sounds good to me." she slid slightly off of the young boys lap so Zavon could move closer. The boy looked up, his deep brown eyes intently on Zavon "My name is Tai. nice to meet you. This is Sasako."
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averylynne1: "free is it Tai. Well nice to meet you. I am Zavon. and as well as you Sasako of the Red Dragon." he smiled. he rans his nails through the boys thick locks of hair as he turned more attention to Sasako. "up for some fun eh? i bet i could give you some fun." he smiled. he ran his hand down her cheek again and as he did so her skin would feel hot from his touch, electricity running down her body from his touch to rest between her legs.
Sent at 2:45 PM on Saturday
me: She blinked rapidly, tilting her head slightly to the side as she gazed at him. The boy almost mewed in pleasure, closing his eyes at Zavons touch. Sasako smiled and rose slowly. legs slightly shaky from his earlier touch. "Well, Zavon..I won't get in the way of your desire, perhpas we can tlak when you are finished" she said with a wink, she raised the hand he had touched her with and kissed it softly. "Until later beautiful red haired boy" She moved to sit at the bar, leavign Zavon and the boy, hiding her deep reaction to his touch before he could notice it. "Persia..that boy knows how to work" Vixen commented, seeing the starry expressoin in Tais face and the deep breaths Sasako took at the bar
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averylynne1: Zavan turned his attention fully to the boy. "Well Tai... are yyou some fun?" he leaned down and beofre the boy could speak he passionately kissed him deeper than he had ever been kissed.
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averylynne1: ((where do you want to go from here?? ))
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me: ((uh whereever. I always enjoy using Sasako. we can do more with vixen and persia too. I want honoka to visit nobuyuki too, it can keep yuki and sasako in things. not sure though. i just kinda feel like using her more lol))
averylynne1: (( sure thing Smile ))
me: ((lets go to honoka meeting yuki, then we can hop back to the club))
averylynne1: (( okkies..Noboyuki would be laying out on top of the ship watching the stars))
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me: The stars around him suddenly brightened, and a shadowy figure smellin of blood appeared beside him, her logn hair braided with gems, bones and feathers. "Well, well.." came her deep and resonating voice "we finally meet"
Sent at 3:02 PM on Saturday
averylynne1: Noboyuki sat up and looked around until he found the origion of the smell and voice. "And who do i owe this meeting too." he asked casually. he slid his hands in his pockets. he smiled at her. no fear
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me: Honoka gazed at her grandson, smilign wide as he faced her. "I prefer to go on a first name basis, but I suppose I could let you call me Grandmother one time. Honokoa." she replied, her eyes darkening and swirling with red, whispering to the black eyed demon within him.
Sent at 3:08 PM on Saturday
averylynne1: he raised an eyebrow. "grandmother??" He felt the beast in him stirring and embraced the feeling. unlike his sister he had more control of the black eyed demon and knew what he was. he was just extremely good at hiding it. "It is good to meet you Honoka. i would introduce myself but you already know exactly who i am."
Sent at 3:12 PM on Saturday
me: "Old age tends to make you smarter" she said with a grin. "I am not here to be a bother to you boy. But you might as well know of my existence. Now that I am here..things will be difficult for you and your sister. You have more connection with your power than she.. have a greater weakness than she does."
Sent at 3:13 PM on Saturday
averylynne1: "a greater weakness?" he raised an eyebrow but still smiled. he could feel the power ementaing from her. He actually found that he liked her. she may still be unknown mostly to him but there wasnt much about her that was turning him away
Sent at 3:17 PM on Saturday
me: "Yes.. but you will need to be the one to figure that out for yourself. For now, live your life, and gain power. Your sister is following the same path. " she turned her face up to the stars and smield again. "Until we see one another again, Nobuyuki" she vanished in a hint of flame and smoke, leaving the quet behind her
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averylynne1: his face scrunched up slightly. the one thing he hated about demons was that they were so criptic. "damn it." he mumbled under his breath. "one day when i rule, the crypticness will end." he told the stars
me: (honoka likes him to be sure Smile ))
averylynne1: (( oh?? ))
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me: Back in the club, Sasako continued to glance at the two young boys who were..quite engaged in a booth. She smiled to herself and sipped at a glass of wine, though she kept an eye on the boys. Tai was completely gone, moaning in full abandon at Zavon's kisses and touches, not caring if anyone watched
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averylynne1: It didnt take Zavon long to get the human boy under his control of passion. "sweet little boy." he whispered before his hand slid down into the boy;s pants taking the treasure he found there in his gentle hands. he vaguely felt Sasako's eyes on them. it was not uncommon for him to put on a display for others. he pushed some of the alluring energy towards her while never once giving away what he was doing.
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me: Tai gasped and rolled his hips, a few of the club goers smiled, some clapped but mostly they were all involved in their own games. Sasako felt a brush of..something..but it made her breath quicken and she stated at the two boys with curiouus eyes. Persia shook her head. " goes the orgy." she whispered, feelign the tell tale signs of magic working its way through the crowd, a few couples were already pulling off, going to dark corners.
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averylynne1: Zavon never let up on the poor boy the entire time he let the magic flow through the bodies of the closest to him. especially towards Sasako, and deciding to make things a bit more fun he pushed a huge wave of it at Persia and Vixen
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me: Both women turned to him and smiled. They were House trained and could deal with it though it had been a while for Vixen and she felt her blood quicken at the magic. Persia shook her head and cuddled against Vixen, their skin contact helping them ride the wave. Sasako swayed slightly in her barstool, and gulped the rest of her wine, grippin the counter for support. Tai lay eyes half lidden, enjoying the touches he was recieving. "You..arent human.. are you?" he asked, lickign his lips
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averylynne1: "now why on earth would you think i was anything but human." he cooed in Tai's ear. his grip tightened on Tai's manhood slightly. He had melted away Tai's pants already, leaving the boy exposed to the world but the pleasure the boy was feeling would block out any stage fright the boy had
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me: "Its..too much.." he whimpered, wriggling in Zavon's lap. There was a crowd now but they all watched at a distnace, or danced while they watched. Tai did not care, just as Zavon had predicted. Sasako swallowed as she gaze dintently at the two, her eyes slightly hazy with the effect of the magic, the heat and the wine. "If you are human..then God help me.. " Tai whispered, purring as he leaned against Zavon.
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averylynne1: "no god can help you when you are in my grasp." he nibbled on his ear lobe. not wanting to play anymore he spun the boy over onto his knees. "but i can aleviate your pain." he whispered.
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me: A tantilizing energy was weaving through the crowd, a few couples had dropped to the floor where they were and had begun o undress, dancers were going wild on teh floor, Tai groaned and nodded. "Take me, please he whispered, begging for the pleasure to peak. Sasako felt a shiver go up her spine remembering Zavon's touch, the whole club felt the edge. "Only Zavon" Persia whispered, snugglign against Vixen to watch the final play in motion
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averylynne1: Zavon took Tai without a second thought and rode the waves of the magic and lust that flooded the club. it was the passion that drove him forward, he was using the pleasure throught out as his source of energy. he fed on it like a ravonous dog.
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me: (oh ho a succubus, never thought of THAT before))
(( that could be dangerous lol))
averylynne1: (( hee hee ))
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me: Tai began gasping and shouting, riding the pleasure that took him, whispering Zavon's name like a prayer. Sexual eneergy washed through the room, as everyone felt a pull towards the two boys. Tai spent, shuddering underneath Zavon's touch. Sasako gasped and gripped the bar even tighter, feelign a slight sense of loss as the energies slowly began to move away and wrap aroudn the two boys, one who was smiling contentedly like a cat with cream
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averylynne1: Zavan grinned as he let Tai lay on the bench. he stood up and zipped his pants back up. he felt the sexual energy rush into him as most of the patrons were spent from sudden intercourse. He turned to see Sasako still reeling from the energy. he walked over to her. "Sasako, are you ok?" he smiled sweetly at her and ran a hand down her cheek. the energy still pulsing through her was met with even more.
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me: She nodded, swallowing once before finding her voice. "Yeah..that was just..unexpected. " she finished, breathless. "You must come from a place where fun is REALLY fun.: she added with a joke, covering her racing heart with a smile. " are into boys. " she asked lightly, gazing up at him. Tai continued to lay where he was, a smile on his face.
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averylynne1: "oh i like everything, boy, girl, human, not. i'm not too picky." he smiled and leaned on the bar next to her facing her. he grabbed a drink and sipped on it
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me: After a breif moment she seemed to collect herself. "Interesting one you are." she commented, "you seem to know a lot about me Zavon of Blue Moon and teh Assasins Guild." she hadnt even realized she had spoken the words. She sipped another glass of wine, and smiled at him,
(( yes! i forgot she is the orange orb knowledge bwaha. love it. I liek him, i see them easily being friends if we work it right without yuki killign him lol))
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averylynne1: (( lol ))
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me: (( I gotta go in ten minutes or so, someon calling me on skype and I promised to be there))
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averylynne1: he stopped and stared at her for a seond. he had not expected her to know about him. "um I.... i just pay attention to those around me." he smiled and collected himself.
((okk not a problem. )
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me: "You have a lto to learn you know..about you..there is more than you are expecting." she added, running a hand thorough her hair. She grabbed her head fro a second and sighed. "Sorry..what were we talking about, I spaced out right after you came over here?" Persia looked voer at Zavon and wondered what he was up to "way to not play the game" she muttered, though with a smile. He was a big boy, and SAsako seemed capanble of handling herself


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averylynne1: Zavan smiled and let the brief moment of her daze go as though nothing had happened. "just that i am not too picky on my horizontal adventures." he smiled at her and gently trailed a hand down her bare arm. sudden pleasure ran through her arm.

me: Persia watched the scene amused, Zavon working was always a pleasure to witness. Sasako shivered at his touch, surprised that her body was reacting so strongly to anyone besides Nobuyuki. "Hmm.. well that means you are just a healthy guy is all." she said matter of factly, "I am not one to discriminate either, human, male, female.. it all works for me." she was having fun flirting, it had been so long since she had. She didn't know how far she could push things with Nobuyuki but a little friendly flirting never hurt anyone. She put her fingers through his belt loops and pulled him in close for a tight hug. "mmm you just smell so nice, sorry. You are just going to have to deal with me touching you for a moment."

me: Vixen raised an eyebrow and ordered another drink, glancing at Persia. "He just finished sleeping with a guy in public and now he is wooing a girl? The IGM girl at that? Ballsy"She said with respect

averylynne1: he smiled to himself and let her touch him. he took the opportunity to play a little with her. her grabbing his belt loops pulled him between her legs. he let a bit of his sexual magic leach from his legs and into her legs. he pushed the magic a little to quickly travel to her treasure before exploding into an intense orgasmic feeling. "I don't mind the touching."

me: Sasako shuddered in his arms. her grip loosening slightly. She looked up at him with a big smile. "You..are a dangerous one. But I am used to that type." She felt slightly sleepy but not enough to be worn out. "She released him briefly and wrote down her phone number. "Call me sometimes yeah? You are definenty hot. have..quite a way with your hands, but I wouldn't mind just talking to you either you know. I lack a lot of guy friends." She closed her eyes briefly as she felt a zing of pleasure in the pit of her stomach, echoing from when he touched her before. "A lot of guys run away when they know who I am..thanks for not."

me: "What is he saying?" Vixen asked, leaning towards Persia. "Does it matter? He is having fun, which we should be doing.. What did they do do you on that planet? You are as fun as dirt." Vixen glared. "Lets just say Avery sucks the life out of a party." she said with a sigh

averylynne1: "i would love a good time with you. most girls don't stick around very long in my life." he winked and took her number. he slipped his phone out of his pocket and inputted her number and sent her text to share his number with her. "The name Zavan Phenes Diman Evangeline of the Blue Moon. but you can just call me Zavan." he smiled brightly and leaned in for a deep passionate kiss filled with the succubus magic

me: Sasako was inputting his info when he kissed her, she gasped within his kiss and moaned, her entire body on fire. She pulled away breathing heavily.. "I hope..we..can be..good friends..:" she managed cheeks flushed, she very badly wanted to kiss him again but held herself back. "Looks like we have an audience of our own, those two girls can burn a hole with their eyes" she teased, pressing herself closer to him, enjoying the feel of his skin against her own. "Don't keep them waiting on my account, you can call me anytime now."

averylynne1: "he smiled devilishly as he watched her reaction, he was pulling her into his web every second they spent together. he knew that he needed to be careful to not make her his thrall or that would cause a whole lot of a mess he wanted nothing to do with. "oh them?? Well thats just Persia and Vixen. some friends of mine. they can wait." he teased slightly.

me: She laughed and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him in close to run her tongue along his jawline. "Why are you so..fucking delicious? She asked aloud kissing the trial she had left softly. "I met the red head before, I know Avery really well..and they traveled recently together. But tell me more about you. You are still one big mystery to me."she continued, shifting so she half sat in his lap. Persia just smiled from across the way with a "good job" look

averylynne1: he smiled back at persia. ' i know i said i wouldn't dip my hands in the cookie jar, but she is a red head, my sole weakness.' he said mentally to her. "i'm delicious because you want me." he said as the magic rolled off his tongue with each word. "because i know without you saying what makes you feel good." he whispered seductively in her ear. he nibble on her ear on hidden pressure points known only to those "House" trained.

me: Persia smiled even wider " always did have a weakness for them..well dont let me get between you two..just know how deep the rabbit hole goes with this one." She replied mentally, stealing Vixens drink to down it, much to Vixens unappreciative. Sasako shivered again and wriggled, " do you do that..!?" she gasped, her toes curling in her boots. "Definently dangerous," she said with a smile, grabbing him by the front of his shirt and pulling him in for a deep kiss

averylynne1: Zavan accepted the kiss as though he had anticipated it long before she thought of it. he wrapped his around her neck and pulled her closer to him as he deepend the kiss adding his alluring magic to it. he knew she wouldn't be able to handle too much more of it and he knew that they were dangerously treading on the water of her becoming a thrall.

me: Sasako's mind felt at ease, at peace with her surroundings. Deep down, she knew it wasnt a good idea..but her body felt light, and so good. She pulled away from the kiss and rested her head against his chest. "Zavon of Blue Moon.." she murmured, hands tracing shapes on his toned stomach. You have magic dont you? Different from anyone in the shifters.." there it was again, that spark of something different from within her that his magic couldn't seem to completely reach, though she was fuzzy from his magic, part of her seemed to shine through it like a beacon. "One more kiss, and then I will go..I think." she added with a smile. "Just one more."

averylynne1: "I am merely a shifter my sweet beautiful lady. you may have as many kisses as you desire." he smiled and let their lips lock again. only this time to keep from enthralling her sucked in some of her sexual chi, he needed a refill anyways and to help keep is distance from thralling her he would tempt fate by pulling on the sexual chi of an unknown, knowing far well that if it was to much a delicacy he might not be able to stop. Her essence exploded into his body and he felt as though he was high. his mind fuzzing out slightly. there was something deep inside her that pulsed so strong he wasnt sure if he could stop. she was like a dream to him, his own personal ecstasy

me: Sasako moaned in the kiss, the noises of the club melting away. Her body rolled with sensation, she almsot felt like a never ending singular orgasm, shivering in his arms, her magic that a human should not have mixed with her chi and filled him, sending deep flashes of pleasure to the very tips of his toes. It was a reservoir so full that the more he took the more seemed to replace it. She broke the kiss and swore aloud, gasping. " can't its too.." she broke in mid sentence, tossing her head back and closing her eyes, rolling with the feelings in her body, nails digging slightly into his shoulders. Persia narrowed her eyes, this was not just a trained Blue Moon worker, Zavon was completely enthralling this girl, it was beauty in motion and she would not miss a single moment

averylynne1: Zavan gasped softly as the power hit every part of his body, sending his head floating. he had enthralled before, had them do his bidding when ever he felt like it, but this girl was different, he liked her, he knew they could be friends, enthralling her had not been in his plan, but he noticed what was happening. if either kept this up she would be his thrall, willing to do anything for him if he asked without a second thought. he felt the slight trickle of blood from her nails dripping down his back, but he didnt care at the moment. he grabbed her hair and held her head back as he leaned in and bit hard on a pressure point right at her collar junction, where the bone dipped into a half circle. the movement was fast but not nearly as fast as him unzipping his pants and hers and positioning her over him. he drew on her blood that dripped from the bite he gave her, using that as another vessel to draw on her chi.

me: Sasako felt a sudden shift from Zavon and then a bite to a pressure point. She moaned and arched against him, magic passing between the both of them freely. She barely took notice of him unzipping her pants, and her body moved above him with ease, her hair falling in messy waves to her shoulders her neck slightly dripping with blood from where he had bit her. When her eyes locked to his they flashed orange briefly,before returning to normal. It was at this point that red flags went off for Persia, if he crossed the line here..who knew what would happen. She mentally shouted out to him "Dont dip this deep! She is more than the IGM girl, unless you want to fuck with demons make your choice now"

averylynne1: "what do you mean more than the IGM girl?? I know she is dating the prince of demons." his eyes flashed amathyst to her orange, it was a brilliant difference from his normal red hued eyes. he felt the magic rolling between them. he badly wanted to enter her to take her to heights she had never experienced. but the sound of Persia's voice had paused that part of his desires. he kept pulling on her Chi. he knew then as it just kept replenishing that if he ever needed a healing this girl was a good choice for him. her chi was amazing and was already healing the wounds on his back from her nails

me: "You knew?" Persia mentally asked in surprise. "Well if you know that then you are ok..but..there is something else. I have been tracing her history..and she..I dont know what she is but she has a powerful magic" Sasako rolled her hips atop of him and ran a fingertip across his lips. "Why do you bring out this..part of me..?" she wondered aloud, trailing a nail down his side and dipping her hands into his pants, "I want to know you.. " Her hands found their prize and she squeezed gently, tightening her thighs so she held him in place below her. "Your eyes are hungry..I like it." she said breathlessly,

averylynne1: Zavan almost didnt hear Persia. his hips rolled under Sasako's fingers, they were gentle yet strong. "i bring out the best part in everyone." it was that point he pulled her hand off of his man hood and pulled her almost forcefully down on top of it. He gasped at how tight and how wet she was. one hand slid down to toy with her clit at the same time.

me: Persia knew he had made his choice, and let it go, he was a big boy. He could handle himself. Sasako gasped aloud, and tossed her head. "You do.." she whispered, jerking at his touch. "You beautiful.." she leaned down and kissed him deeply her tongue exploring as she found a rhythm to move with wanting to take herself higher. Her chi was brilliant, almsot hot, and small tendrils of it were visible around them. "Take me higher, Zavon, make me feel like nothing matters except you and the now." she said with a smile, licking her lips as she began to be lost to all the pleasure in her limbs

averylynne1: Zavan released the seals on his succubus magic and let it hit Sasako full force, he knew that neither of them would last more than a couple minutes at this rate but he was content with that. he groaned with each thrust he gave to Sasako. he knew he was playing with more than fire.

me: Sasako screamed as the wave hit her she contracted around him, milking him as she convulsed. She moved faster, wanting to make everything last. Even with her deeper magics against the wave of his magic she was no match, She gasped and rolled her hips, face soft with the pure abandon of a woman in ecstasy as she rode him. Even as her body weakened to the exertion, her magic continued to fill him, a never ending tide. She eventually fell atop him shivering and breathing heavily eyes hooded as she lay spent. " God." she whispered, leaning against him. "Sorry I..I was too fast.." she said with a giggle, ignoring the audience that was watching

averylynne1: "fear not my little sweet. all in good time." he gasped slightly as he found that he had climaxed with her. it had been awhile since he had done that but he also knew that his magic had played the role it was supposed to. he lifted her off of him and set her down her chair with her glass in her hand. he zipped up her pants. he slid off of the bar stool and zipped himself up. he stretched and just as quickly as she had cum he was full of energy again. "lets keep this between us shall me my beautiful?" he smiled and winked at sasako

me: Sasako smiled wide and nodded. "well might be difficult." she said, glancing at the now dispersing crowd. "But do call me, I will most definitely be calling you." she tied her hair up, and downed her drink, a sheen of sweat on her bare shoulders. "You heading home? I should probably go soon myself, " she realized she had to see Nobuyuki later and needed to take a shower.

averylynne1: "soon i will be i am sure." he smiled and made his way towards Persia and Vixen. he knew what he had just done was pushing things a bit far. He sat down next to persia and laid his head on her shoulder like they used to do when they were kids. "what a ride." he teased softly to himself

me: ""What a ride is right. But you look, healthier for some reason. Maybe that was good for you." she smiled and ran a hand soothingly through his hair, he may be grown up, but to her he was still the fun loving little brother and best friend outside of Vixen. Sasako exited the club, shaking on her legs and made her way back home, hopping in the shower to get ready to visit Nobuyuki. Back at the club Persia looked again at Zavon. "I know you made your choice, but if you need help with this one just ask.. I will do what I can to help you. The girl is great, but she has a lot of baggage with her"

averylynne1: "i can handle baggage sweetie. been there done that." he giggled like a school girl. "you know it is a shame we never played with eachother. wonder who could out do the other." he sat up and winked at her. he sipped on his cosmo he had neglected.


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me: Persia just laughed and hugged him closer, kissing him softly on the neck. "You know me..I never mind playing. But there are a few people I don't touch. You are too precious to me." She reached out and took Vixen's hand with one of her own. "That goes for you too." Vixen glanced at her with a smile then turned to Zavon "So where are you staying around here? I have no where to go right now so could use a few pointers as to where to find some housing." Back at Sasakos she had finished washing and drying her hair, and put it up in a high ponytail that barely came down to the top of her neck when she saw the mark on her neck and sighed, hair down it was..and maybe a turtleneck..
averylynne1: no worries

averylynne1: Zavon smiled. he had missed his friend dearly. "oh there is a row of houses not far from here that are nice and cheap yet in really good shape. i live in one of them. love it. but nothing like home or what you are used to in the palace i'm sure." he grinned almost a childish grin at vixen.
Avery looked up at sasako as she came down the stairs into the great room. "looks like you had some fun. but you dont smell of Noboyuki. does he know?" he teased at her as he popped the cap off of a beer

me: Vixen smiled right back. his smile was bright and easy to follow. "Thanks, I will look into that right away. Honestly, palace or not.. as logn as I have a roo over my head I am good. That means I am off to do jsut that, you two have a good night," she said, standing and waving and she headed out of the club, leavign Persia behind with Zavon. She turned to him and gave him a big smile. " heads..daughters of the head of igm and girlfriends of demon kign to be red heads... nice." ///// Sasako glanced at Avery and sighed. SHe threw her purse down and took her turtleneck off, leavign her in a plain black tank top. "Fuck it, no use hiding it anyway.. I refuse to be ashamed." she walked over and poked him in his side, a bit of magic still clung to her from eariler, and Avery would be abel to feel how interwoven it was around her. "I am not a baby anymore you know. I can deal with my own mistakes. See ya later, if dad asks abotu me..tell him I'm out."

averylynne1: Zavan giggled. "i cant help it. its the fire in them red heads that calls to me. though i have to admit i have never had someone take to me quite that fast as she did. very strange." he shrugged. he had enjoied his night, he had claimed his to prizes for the night and was satisfied with just that. his large form, that of a trained fighter cuddled up to Persia like a child. "demon women huh?? tell me about it."

Avery grabbed sasako's hand. " you might want to wait a minute little girl. cant have you walking around out there encased in sucubus magic. would not be good."
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me: Persia laughed. "Yes, Demon women indeed.: she said with a smile, remembering her limbs tangled with Nagi as the woman flipped them her tail descending. She stopped that trail of thought and continued to lounge. "Just be careful is all, I know you can take care of yourself, but I still sometiems see that little kid with the snot running down his face ya know. "/// Sasako glared at him and grabbed her arm back. "Hey.. let me be, ok? I don't appreciate someone who jsut got back walkin all over me about magic this and magic that. So what if I have magic? Let me deal with it, I don't need two fathers." her words were a bit sharp, sharper than usual and she sighed and shook her head. "Sorry.. I .. I didnt mean to snap..jsut kinda..happened."

averylynne1: "hey i have come a long way from being that snot covered little boy of? i remember the fist time i met you, you were covered in mudd." he chuckled at the memory. he had felt Persia's body heat rise for a split second when she was quiet. he knew she was remembering something hot and heavy. "do you like her?"

"its fine sasako. but you need to listen to me. Sucubi are dangerous. if you are not carefull they can drain your life chi and ultimately kill you. what did you do with this sucubus anyways?? please tell me you didnt have sex with him." his voice had gone from informative friend to very stern and worried, almost fearful of something.

me: "Like her? Yeah. She is pretty great in bed, funny as hell. I don't have sex with people I don't like anymore unless I have to. For now its jsut a kinda lay back and go with the flow kinda deal." she smiled to herself, and switched their positions so she was resting in his lap. "What can I say? I have a weakness for tall women."
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averylynne1: "us and our weaknesses." he laughed as he ran his hand through her hair. "i think you arent thinking clearly though. your body heat rises drastically when you tallk about her. i think you might like her more than you are letting on." he teased her but he knew she could handle it. it was like they had never missed a beat in their friendship, picking up from where they had left off.

me: Persia glanced at him and raised an eyebrow. "Zavon honey, you may have your special sexy magic thing going on, but weather I like her more than I think or not, makes no difference to me. Sex is sex. You of all people should knwo how hard it is for us to find anyone we with in a deep way." She remembered back on all the times all the nights when both of them cried after being touched, before the learned how to shut down their hearts and become the predators in bed instead of helpless prey. SHe stood up and pulled him up with her. "I need to go soon myself, besides." she continued, pokign him. "You seem content as all hell right now. Lets both promise to be careful hm?" it felt damn good to have him back in her life again, for the first time in a long time she felt happy to be where she wa

averylynne1: zavan simply smiled, she was deflecting and he knew it but he would let it go. when she finally admitted it he would be there for her. "bed does sound like a good thing right now. you have some place you're staying?? if not you can crash at my place, 3 bedrooms." he grinned at her. he was slightly taller than her, always had been, but now it was slightly less apparent. he turned and grabbed his shirt from the booth and pulled the tight fitting white tshirt back on. it clung to him like a second skin.

me: "I gotta place, but wouldn't mind spending the night with you like old times." she said, stretching, arms above her head. She took another good look at him and misled. He had filled out considerably from the skinny lean young boy she had known, he was a man in all the right ways, from his lean muscle to the taut stomache down to his tight pants that fit in all the right places. "Good job." she said, smacking him on the ass. "shall we go?"

averylynne1: he playfully swatted at her hand. "i would love to have over for the night." he grinned. as they walked down the street headed for hiss place he was oddly silent for a moment. "i assume you noticed my power over others sexually tonight was stronger than ever?" his eyes never left the pavement as they walked

me: She walked next to him with ease, and took his hand in her own. "Yeah.. that was new. I mean.. I knew you had the ability to kinda pulse sexual energy and mold it more than others but..that was succubus level.. that kind of aberration in shifters hasnt been around for generations."

averylynne1: he gave her hand a slight squeeze. " i was on our home planet, when i discovered what i could do. i went from make a few small bags of gold a night to making hundreds in a couple hours. i was scared and not sure what to do. low and behold i hit puberty. it was shortly after that that i left and joined the Guild. i'm a full fledged succubus. from head to two, inside and out.. i fought what i was for a long time but eventually accepted it and trained myself. it still scares me a bit because sometimes i cant control the affects it has on others. that happened tonight with Sasako, the red head." he still watched the sidewalk and grew quiet again

me: Persia was thoughtful for a moment and then squeezed his hand gently. "Hey," she said, coming to a stop and tugging him to stop. "You don't need to act liek its a bad thing around me..I know Succubi are...sought after in our world and others..its terrifying, what you can do is wanted by so many that you could have neded up a slave. I cant imagine the burden or the hard work it was to live. I respect you for that, and I wont look at you any different. I am sorry if I was hard on you about the red head..I jsut worry is all."

averylynne1: he let himself be pulled to a stop and looked at her. " i know you do and i appreciate that. more than you know. it's just so uncommon amoungst our kind, especially for house trained shifters. but i'll tell ya knoe thing, it can be fun." he grinned and winked at her. he truely had missed her. she had always respected him and when he wasnt taking care of her she was taking care of him. "could you imagine if they knew that the first succubi in generations was gay and house trained??" he couldnt help but laugh

me: She laughed heartily and continued to walk with him, leaning against him, for the first time enjoying being shorter than him, feeling at home next to him. "You would be a top seller.. you could make more gold than the King!" she joked, but only partially was true. "I am glad you are wandering free to do things you want..I can imagine the fun it would be..hell being this close to you already makes me want to touch you, but as a Red Moon Trained woman, I can hold myself back unlike little red headed human girls." she joked, elbowing him in the side playfully

averylynne1: he laughed as hard and playfully tickled her. "good girl, hold yourself back." he teased. as they approached his house there was a single light on inside that he always left on. "ah here we are." he led the way up the front steps and opened the house. the door opened revealing bule and black and white decorations, tapestries hung here and there, most from their home planet. pictures from his childhood lined shelves, many of the two of them. he had book shelves packed with books, scrolls and movies. he may no longer live on Gaia but his taste in decorations had not changed much from his Blue Moon days.

me: ((awww, no worries. do what ya need. I will jsut keep typing lol))
averylynne1: (( ill prob head off here at the 30 mark hit the bathroom one last time and then head to bed ))
me: SHe looked aorund his home and smiled, "nice place. I know you said they werent the best but decorated it up nice." she spied a picture and her jaw dropped. " GOD! We were twelve..look at how fuckign tiny I was! my hair!" she laughed and kissed his cheek. "Oh Zavon, it is so good to see you!"

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averylynne1: he smiled as she looked around. "look out how gangly i was. a bloody stick. and too think people wanted to sleep with me." he laughed. "it is good to have you back. i truely have missed you something fierce. Promise if we ever split ways again that you will keep in touch this time?" he had closed the door and was leaning against it watching her
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me: "Of course!" she replied, smiling back at him. She stood tall and proud, stronger than when he had last seen her, she fit more into her toned body, her hair was fuller and healthier. As much as life was good in the Houses compared to the streets, they both were better off with their current lives. "I will have to go back to the planet at some point..but not until this demon situation is dealt with." she sighed and flopped on the couch. "There has been a sighting of..HER. The demoness from our history that came and almost destroyed us all those thousands of years ago.. the witch."
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averylynne1: "what do you mean?? i thought she was dead." he was a bit taken aback by this bit of info. he grabbed a shair and swung it around and stradled it backwards faceing her.


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averylynne1: "mmm i cant be that bad, youre the teenaged girl that agreed." he teased back. he tilted his head back a little to grant her a little bit more of his skin for her. He wrapped his tail around her waist pulling her closer. "mmm yo will be mine forever little red." he leaned down and bit her hard on the opposite side that Zavan had. He marked her as his mate and almost instantly she would feel the most intense pull on her soul as their souls started to mingle.

me: She gasped as he bit into her skin, and shivered as she felt as if her entire being danced with him. Her body would glow intensely orange for a brief moment before her magic settled, She gently put her hands on his chest and pushed him away slightly, letting him keep his tail around her. "Nobuyuki..? Who is the woman with the long hair and bones? " she asked confused. "Why is she in your thoughts?"

averylynne1: he gasped slightly having never felt anything like that before. he was put off slightly when she pushed him away. "she said she was my grandmother. i have neever met her but i've heard of her. thats what i was looking up. is something wrong?"

me: Sasako shook her head. "No its just.." she wrapped herself around his arm, gasping at the sensation it brought on. "When you bit me.. I felt all of you at once.. as if you were me you know.. and this overwhelming sense of this woman lingered.. don't tell me I have a rival?" she whispered, nipping his earlobe. "Your eyes!" she said in surprise, she had never seen them as they were now. "Are you ok..?" She ran a comforting hand over his cheek, the other hand trailing absently over the tail around her waist

averylynne1: "you do not have competition. like i said she called herself my grandmother." he couldn't believe the intensity of the feeling of her touching him. it was so intense and so sensory overwhelming. "oh...everything is fine, sorry." he smiled as his eyes returned to normal. her petting his tail made him tighten his grip with his tail around her slightly

me: "Don't worry. I have seen eyes like that before on Nagi briefly.." She wanted to keep touching him, to keep the connection, it felt absolutely wonderful.. as if she were soaring. "This must be what soul mates feels like..: she whispered, leaning against his chest.

She gazed up at him again and smiled, realizing he was all hers.

averylynne1: Noboyuki wrapped his arms around her and held her close. "ah yes my sister is not as controlled. but enough about her." he teased. he ran his fingers up her back and smiled. he was happy to keep her as his and if that meant doing anything to keep it that way he would.

me: She laughed and ran her hands over his chest. "mm being a bit pushy are we? You have no need to try and get me to focus on you.. especially now." she captured his mouth with her own and kissed him deeply, her mind briefly touching his through their connection. "Besides, I thought it was sexy, I hardly get to see your wild side.. you are always so contained." she nipped hard on his neck, gnawing on a pressure point.

averylynne1: he growled as her teeth met his skin. the connection between the two was making him feel everything more intensely. the growl caused his eyes to flash once before staying the black and red.. " ill give you wild." he growled playfully. his tail tightened around her pressing in on every pressure point around her waist in a perfect line. "wild enough?" he teased

me: She nodded vigorously and groaned, tossing her head back. "Oh yeah.." she replied, tugging at his pants. "And if you don't get even wilder and take me right now I might eat you alive." she said in a husky voice, digging her nails into his shoulders as she held onto him.

averylynne1: "oh is that so?" he pulled at her shirt successfully removing her shirt. "how wild do you want me?" he teased as he growled in her ear. "ill take you when and how i please little red." he teased her again. his tail squeezed again followed by his finger up her spine on pressure points

me: Sasako shivered under his touch, her voice ringing free announcing how every touch was making her lose control. "I love it when you growl.." she murmured, dipping her hands into his pants. "Maybe I should reward you every time you do it?" She said, squeezing gently as she rolled her hips against him. "Such a pretty kitty you are.." she said with a big smile, kissing him deeply again as she slowly massaged him.

averylynne1: his head tilted back as she grabbed. he moaned as she moved against him squeezing him. his manhood started instantly getting hard growing in her hand. ""sounds good." he let his fingers find her nipples easily rolling them around. his tail pulled at heer waist band teasingly. he leaned in real close to her ear and growled a deep rumbleing growl right in her ear

me: The sound of his growl made her smile and she pulled away form him and yanked his pants down. "Now that deserves a reward" with no hesitation she went down on him, completely engrossed in making him feel as good as she did.

averylynne1: he threw his head back and growled loud enough for it to reverberate off the library walls. his hand found the back of her head and tangled in her hair. he time she took him into her mouth fully he moaned and thrust his hips.growls escaped him each time she almost released his manhood with her mouth. "oh gods sasako." he practically growled her name.

me: Her eyes lit up with happiness at the sounds he made, she took him deeper and began to hum, right before he went over the edge she released him and then flipped her hair, twirling it with a flourish around his hardened member, before slowly leaning back, letting each strand brush against his straining shaft. When she had pulled away completely she stood above him, then settled down, slowly sliding him into herself. "I am too selfish to let you go first, lets do this together.." she breathed, beginning to raise and drop her hips, eyes closed as her breath began to quicken

averylynne1: he was breathing hard when she finally pulled away from him. his hpis raised as each hair fell from his member. "sasako you can be such a tease." he commented before moaning loudly followed by a loud growl as she slid down onto him. she was far more ready for this then he had thought. she felt tightened around him then the last time they had had sex.each rise and fall of her hips was sending him closer and closer to his peak. he reached down with his thumb to rub her as the moved together

me: She let out a sound half way between a moan and a whimper when he touched her, pausing slightly in her motions before continuing. Each thrust send sparks up her spine and she began to lose sense of herself, feeling wave after wave of pleasure crash over her body. "My God... so good.." she moaned quickening her pace, desperate to find release but not wanting it to end. Her body began to protest, her chest tightening with effort to breathe. She felt a sudden pull toward Yuki and then crashed over the edge. She screamed, shuddering atop him as she fell into a pool of pure abandonment, before falling limp against his chest, breathing deeply and evenly, feeling as if her very soul was tied to his own

averylynne1: he cried out as she tightened around his manhood causing him to reach his climax just as hard. his black power flashed brightly in the room incaseing bothof them as he felt a sudden tightening on his soul with hers. it was the most intense orgasm he had ever had. it just kept coming and coming as though as soon as one climax ended another began. as she collapsed on top of him his breathing was soo heavy he wasn't sure it would ever return to normal. but he didn't care. his eyes were dark and slight demonic features had started to form on his head.

me: Shivers of gentle orgasms continued to flow through her limbs, making her feel languid. She sat up and gazed at him. her eyes widening in surprise. She had never seen this side of him before. Her fingertips gently traced his slightly shifted features and her mouth was open in surprise. "You look..powerful and deadly.. gorgeous.." she said quietly, "It makes me love you all the more, the demon part of you.. the one that I don't always see.. it is just as precious to me as you are." Her eyes flashed orange and she gazed at him intently. "You still don't know what your weakness is do you..? " she whispered quietly, not realizing she had spoken the words aloud

averylynne1: "sorry that more intense....than...usual."he said breathlessly. he wasn't even sure why he was apologizing. he chuckled to himself. "no i dont, why do you ask?" he had his eyes closed just enjoying her laying on him, touching him, being close to him. that was comforting at the moment

me: "Hm.. why did I ask what?" she said, snuggling against him. "Mm if that is sex every time from now on, I am already addicted." She had not felt so satisfied in such a long time. "mmm sleepy.. you worse me out." she murmured, flinging an arm over his sweaty chest.

averylynne1: he thought nothing of the question as he wasn't really completely cohesive yet. "i agree....but addiction....can be dangerous." he teased. he smiled wide as her arm, now cool, felt on his hot skin as she stretched out.


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