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Post  Kamryn on Sat Sep 08, 2012 1:33 am

me: Sasako sat up suddenly in bed, startled out of a dream. It hung on the edges of her mind.. almost in reach... she could recall bones, beads and a deep voice whispering something to her.. and black eyes deep as pitch. She shivered and got out of bed, yawning. One look and Yuki was not in sight.. maybe he was in the library again. She wrapped a robe around herself and peeked in, seeing him in the middle of a book again. "You are up late."
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averylynne1: "mmm" Yuki barely gave notice to the intrusion. He was used to her energy moving about the ship as of late and so it didnt surprise or pull him from his book much. Sasako had been staying with him more and more the last week, something having to do wither her dad being out of town.
me: (( oh yeah! Forgot. Zavon the succubus has been messing with Sasako a bit. he is persia's friend from blue moon house. ))
averylynne1: (( yep ))
me: She moved over to him and took her automatic spot in his lap, half facing him. She glanced down over his book, her red hair ticking his hands. "hmmm.. can't read a thing." she murmured. "I bet its porn." she joked, eyes glemaing happily
"But seriously.. there must be a demon book of sexual posistions. You always avoid that topic with me though.. you think my body can't handle it?"
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averylynne1: "not porn." It was as though the last couple nights the conversation had been exactly the same. "if i hurt you i would loose you, that is not acceptable to me." he wrapped his tail around her waist. he leaned back slightly in his chair and tucked a peice of her hair behind her ear. "mmmm beautiful" he whispered
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me: She smiled wider and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I trust you, Yuki. I know you would never hurt me. I just want to be the best person I can be for you.. and I know the demon nature of your blood craves a bit of roughness in your sex is all. I thought if I studied up I could help or spice things up." She looked into his eyes and faltered for a brief moment. "You.. you were in my dream," she said. "I remember now.. before I came in here I dreamed about you with black eyes. You looked pretty cool acutally." she said, leanign forward to kiss the corner of his mouth teasingly
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averylynne1: he smiled a toothy smile and squeezed her waist with his tail teasingly. "I was in your dream huh? what was your dream about?" he tilted the chair back a little onto two legs, giving him just enough angle to to cross his bare feet on the desk. he had avoided the conversation about sex, once again.
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me: Sasako, relishing the feel of his tightening tail left the topic alone and traced his jawline with a finger. "I am not sure.. I saw.. or maybe heard clinking, like music kind of.. and long hair with bones in it.. a woman. She was whispering something to me and then I saw you, your eyes were black, you moved closer and then I woke up is all. Not super exciting."
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me: "But... it was weird.. I was a little scared when I woke up.. and wanted to see you right away. " She laughed. "Gods. you must think I am a little girl running for a comfort after hearing that. But I am ok.. and now I get to see you, " she smield wider runnign her nails over his tail.
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averylynne1: he looked thoughfull for a second. "bones in hair, you say....." he stared off for a second then turned back to her and smiled. "maybe i like the thought of you coming to me for comfort after a bad dream." he tickled her sides softly. the tip of his tail twitched under her finger nails
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me: Sasako looked intently at him and bit her lip. "You know.. its a little dangerous for me I think.. to be around you..."
averylynne1: his eyebrow rose in a confusion. "why do you say that?"
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me: "Don't laugh when I say why.." She looked him in his eyes and grinned. "I love you.. I mean.. love you so much I don't know what to do. I don;t think I can be rational around you." She shifted to straddle him and leaned in, kissing him deeply. "SO you are dangerous.. you make me feel things like this you evil plotting cradle robber." She laughed and kissed his nose. "But it still makes me happy."
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averylynne1: "laugh huh?" he smiled as she professed her love to him. "you going to tell me why you being around me is dangerous?" he let her lips lingure on his lips, relishing in the smell of her breath, he skin, the energy of passion that was released from her when she kissed him. "i am not a craddle robber."
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me: She sighed and leaned closer. "You so are. I am only just turning seventeen in one week you know. And you are an older male demon who is thousands of years old." she nipped his lower lip and roller her hips. "You just make me.. I don't know.. nothing matters when I am with you.. you make me want nothing but you. Without you I would go crazy.. that is dangerous ... I have never ever felt this way about anyone.. so it is scary is all."
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averylynne1: " ah i guess that makes sense." he ran his hand through her hair. he savoured her smell, the gentleness of her hands and her youth. "i guess i am an old nasty pedo. Ravaging the innocents of a young girl, bening her mind to want only my sexual advances." he smiled wickedly and slid his hands up under her night shirt caressing her stomach and soft skin, working his way up to very gently and slowly carress her breasts.
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me: She wriggled under his touch, grinning widely. "Yes, you are a very wicked man indeed." she teased, arching her back under his touch. "But I am a very bad girl.. so this works out for both of us in the end." She pulled her shirt off, letting the cool air brush her skin giving her goosebumps. "I want to live with you.." she whispered, nipping his earlobe and down his neck. "Can I run away from home and stay here?"
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averylynne1: "mmmm" he smiled as her shirt fell to the floor. "mmm Baby you can stay here all you want. ill never let you go." he very softly gasped as her teeth grazed his ear. "i love naughty girls." He bit down on her neck just below the ear on pressure points.
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me: sasako gasped and shivered, closing her eyes. "Harder, please.." she whispered, wrapping her legs around his waist. Her blood felt like it was about to boil. "I will then.. I will run away and stay here with you.." she murmured, running her hands along his tail up to the waistband of his pants, her nails dipping under the edge to brush lower and lower along his hip bones
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averylynne1: he bit harder letting his fangs extended deep into her skin on the pressure points. He grasped her hair in his hand pulling her head to the side exposing more of her neck for him to devour. this girl was like no other girl he had ever been with, she brought out the demon in him. he could feel his nails turning into claws with her hair clamped in his grip. As her nails dipped down his hip bones he felt the all too familar tightness of his pajama pants. he bucked his hips into her hands gently. his tail tightened around her waist even more. he could feel his blood starting to boil and his heart began to pound louder.
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me: Sasako moaned, her body shaking in his arms as he sank his teeth into her neck. She dipped her hands into his pants and sought him out, gripping his warmth and squeezing. "No waiting.. I need you" she breathed, pushing against him so he fell back against the chair they both sat upon. Blood still dripped down her neck and shoulder, pooling in the hollows of her collarbone as she yanked his pajama pants down.
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averylynne1: "mmm i think you need to have more bad dreams...." he teased. he withdrew his fangs from deep in her skin, he felt his eyes flicker a bright red as he saw the blood freely flowing from her neck. he wanted her, want all of her, the human side, the orb side, the magick side. all of her. he gasped sharply as the cool air hit his erection suddenly as she yanked down his pants. "sweet heart your bleeding." he teased as he started to paint with his hand and fingers on her chest and shoulders with her own blood. his eyes glowing more intense red by the second
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me: SHe smiled and ran her own fingers in her blood. "They do call me little red.. it has always been my color" she teased, catching his hand with her own. SHe leaned in and licked her own blood form his fingertips, her eyes gazing into his. She shifted her hips, and found him, she slowly slid down on him, her body tensing as she had him completely inside of her. "Dangerous.." she murmured, rolling her hips. "Please.. again.....bite me.." Her head had gone fuzzy, she was not sure why she was being this animalistic.. the blood was not scaring her.. far from it..
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averylynne1: His claws dug into her back as he pulled her closer to him. he could feel her blood sliding between their bare chests, more arrousing than he had thought it ever would. he moaned loudly as she slid down him to his hilt. she was always tight and hot. he sank his fangs into the exact same holes he had made early only deepening them ever so slightly till the pressure point surrounded his teeth perfectly. he could feel her pulse in his teeth and around his manhood. he used his tail to lift her up and down on his erection over and over again, each time slamming her harder down atop of him. his moaning soon was echoing through out his libarary
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me: Sasako's body felt like it was on fire.. she could barely decide if it was painful or pleasure... She screamed when his fangs sank even deeper, whimpering as he lifted her up and down on his shaft. Her hands tangled in in the remnants of his pajama pants and her robe as she gasped repeatedly. Black dots swam in her vision as her breathing increased. She tensed her muscles, tightening around him, the sensations gathering in the pit of her stomach.
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averylynne1: He growled loudly as she tightened around him. his eyes sliding into the darkest pools of black and threw his head back as he came closer and closer to his release. "you're.....mine" he growled as in a flash he had her on her back on the desk pounding faster into her
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me: The sudden shift startled her breifly, but her body responded, her legs wrappign around his waist, her arms pulling him against her. "Yuki..." she whispered, her body humming with the throes of sensation he was inflicting upon her. She jerked and cried out, arching against him as wave after wave of pleasure rolled through her limbs, her eyes rolled back into her head as she collapsed against the desk, gasping for air. "Holy.....fuck.." she gasped, blinking rapidly to stay conscious.
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averylynne1: Yuki growled louder again as though a second wave had hit. he took her rather limp self and flipped her onto her chesk not once pulling out of her. he leaned his chest against her back as he sank his teeth into her shoulder, both top and bottom sets of fangs. the tip of his tail unwrapped slightly the tip of his tail finding her clit. he worked both evenly growling with each thrust. his aura now matched his eyes and was encasing both of them. the animal of him for some reason felt as though it was being pulled to the surface.
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me: Sasako cried out as he flipped her, shuddering when he bit her again. She threw her hands out in front of her, gripping the edges of the desk until her knuckles went white. She moaned with each stroke he took, head lolling from side to side. Her pupils had dialated wide, her skin flushed. "God!" she screamed, twisting in his grip. Her body longed for more as it tried to run away from his unforgiving assault.She felt weak, her legs giving out under her as he continued to hold her. Another orgasm hit, making her toss her head back, she dug her nails into the wood of his desk, drawing blood from a few.
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averylynne1: he threw his head back releaseing her shoulder from his teeth and almost roared as his realease exploded into her. he had never orgasmed this hard before, even the first time he had gotten to sleep with her. he whispered her name in her ear as he fell limp on her back, still buried deep inside her. "sassy...i" his voice was raspy and his words slightly slurred as he talked around his large fangs. his breathing was heavy and rapid, enough so he wasnt sure if he was actually still breathing or not. he smelled the frash blood from her hands and subconciously liked his lips.
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me: She lay still under him, blood still on her neck and shoulders, her skin slick with her blood and their shared sweat. "That...was amazing.." she said softly, her voice hoarse from screaming. "But.. I.. hurt.." she said, wincing a little. She tried to lean up a bit, but his weight and her weakness made it impossible. "lets just sleep here.." she murmured.. turning over slightly so she could see his face. She looked a little surprised.. "You eyes... they are.. shifting.." she said, touching his cheek.
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averylynne1: he finally decided that he was still breathing and from the scent of her blood she was too. he was relieved. he had never had sex like that before."" he lifted a bit of his weight off of her so it was easier for her to move and breathe. He looked at her, locking eyes. he felt the beast in his stomach wanting release again, to tear her apart but he held it down and smiled at her. "youre.....a" he teased between breaths
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me: she giggled and looked down at herself. "Yeah.. I am... I didn't know you drank blood." she said, squeezing her legs together to tease him as he remained inside her. "It was.. different.. but.. I liked it when you bit me.." She leaned up and kissed him, running her hands through his hair. "I almost passed out though.. I need more practice so I can take more of that.."
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averylynne1: he gasped realizing he was still inside her. he pulled himself out. "only in some states i do" he ran his hands through the blood on her stomach again as he examine the mess they had made of the desk and eachother. he laughed "more practice? i dont know how often that is going to happen, that has never happened to me before." he leaned down and licked her wounds, closing them
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me: 'Really?" she asked, feeling better after each wound was closed. "It was weird.. I knew I should have felt scared.. but I wasn't. it felt right." She stood up and wobbled, grabbing onto his arms for support. "You may have fixed my neck and shoulder, but you plowed me half way to Sunday." she teased, pinching him. "Let's take a shower together, then go back to bed, hm?" ..
((huh.. that was pretty different between them, huh?))
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averylynne1: "sorry." was all he said and let her lead him into the shower. it was a different kind of passion in the shower, sensual passion. just the feeling of eachothers skin against their own bodies. it was odd for him to have such a sensual moment with out it turning sexual, he found he enjoied it. his senses were hightened with the black eyed power coming out to play. his eyes still were deep black pits as he caressed her body lathering it with soap and warm water.
((very much so. but i think it is good for them.))
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me: Sasako washed his back, lingering over his taut muscles. "I am a lucky girl.." she half said to herself. "Your eyes.. I like them this way." she said, returning to his front. "they seem gentle but powerful.. like I could get lost in their depths.. " I am going out to the club tomorrow night with Katie again, just to hang with her and Spyro. I will be back afterwards though." she added, rinsing the soap form her body. As the soap washed away, small purple bruises would become visible on her arms, waist and hips.
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averylynne1: he smiled at her. "lucky girl huh?? i dont think lucky girls get brusies like these from their boyfriends." his finger tips barely brushed her skin where there were bruises forming.he looked upset as he mentally counted each one. "im so sorry little red." he whispred as he took a small step away from her. he was used to killing, fighting, hurting people but she was the last person he ever wanted to hurt and he had failed at that. he growled under his breath and quickly turned slammin his fist into the shower wall
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me: She jumped in surprise and looked at him intently. "Yuki.." she reached out and ran her fingers lovingly on his arm. "It's ok.. I don't mind. I won't lie and say it doesn't hurt.. but these marks came from the height of us making love.. I don't regret a single one of these. I already told you that I trust you."
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averylynne1: in his sudden anger he growled at her baring fangs in her direction. but the touch of her fingers called him back to his senses. "Damn it." he gently ran a hand through her hair. "im sorry Sasako." he composed himself in the blink of an eye. "just becarefull around that vampire. i'd rather be the only one dinging your blood."
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me: She tilted her head slightly as she thought about what he said. "Spyro? Oh he won't bite me. He loves Katie very much. My blood is only for you always." she said softly, nibbling his fingertips. His eyes were still dark, and she noted his nails were longer.. almost curved. "I love you even with claws, or black eyes, or when you growl..especially when you growl. its hot." she wriggled in front of him, dancing naked in the bathroom. "lets get some rest, I have lots of dancing to do tomorrow!"
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averylynne1: he smiled and followed her through the ship towards his room. he tickled her and chased her around briefly before throwing himself on to his bed and pulled her down into his arms. "mmmm dontforget to have more nightmeres they led to some great....cuddleing." he teased as he spooned up to her from behind, his nails having returned to normal and eyes and teeth as well
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me: Honoka smiled from the shadows as the two fell asleep. "he is growing faster than his sister... " she thought, vanishing into the shadows.
((next day at club? we cna maybe have nagi there too and persia can be around, and kammy and kaeitryn cna run into eachoterh too))
((or do you need to go to bed? it msut be late over there.))
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averylynne1: its not too late but i do need to move to my computer downstairs, so give me a couple mins to get down there. i like working with these two, maybe we can keep to the demon throne story line a little longer?? ))
me: ((kk i will wait, i need to bil water for lunch. lets keep going then with this Smile ))
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averylynne1: (( ok back))
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me: ((kk))
averylynne1: so with sticking to that part of the story how do you want to continue?? ))
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me: ((well we can keep working with sasako and yuki, find new ways to pull the black eyed out of him until he is a bigger contender for the throne, it may also be good to have sasako and nagi become friends to make a bigger link between the throne battle. honoka can totally fuck with people too lol))
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averylynne1: ((sure i'm up for that Smile ))
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me: ((kk lets hit the club with sasako then))
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me: Sasako left to go back home before going to the club, grabbing a casual outfit of a tight black jean skirt and slim fitting white tank top with a red dragon on it. her hair was out and brushed smooth, though a slight dark aura still clung to her from her intense sexual encounter with Yuki. She walked up to Spyro's section and sat down, looking for Katie. "Is she here yet?" she asked Spyro
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averylynne1: Spyro watched Sasako out of the corner of his eyes as she came to the third floor section. " she is here, just in the room getting cleaned up." he motioned with his hand in the general direction of where his room would be.
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me: She nodded and remained seated, still feeling weak from the night before. She leaned against the railing though and glanced the club for any familiar faces. As much as Spyro was familiar, the two never spoke often and without Yuki she was feelign a little lonely
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averylynne1: "you seem a bit out of it Ms. Muyo." spyro commented from his chair over looking everything in the club. "you've lost a lot of blood recently too, yet no wounds. what have you been playing with." a sly knowing smile crept across his lips as he watched her
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me: Sasako looked at Spyro and smiled sweetly. "Takes a girl to lose her blood once before you talk to her much?" she joked easily. " Just a good friend is all." Katie who overheard this sat beside Spyro. "Someone drank your blood?" she asked in surprise. "Not.. drank... per say.." Sasako said evasively. "katie gave her a look and just smiled. "Its great isn't it? Right Spyro?" she asked, eyeing Sasako with teasing eyes
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averylynne1: his sly smile grew even larger in response to her question. "demon." he whispered just loud enough for both girls to hear him.
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me: Katie looked at Sasako in shock. "Did he say..demon?" Sasako glared at Spyro. "No. No He didn't say anything." Katie knew she had a boy, but she didn't need to know about the demon bit.. Yuki didn't seem to enjoy vamps, and knowing katie she would want a double date.. fan fucking tastic that would turn out.
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averylynne1: spyro actually chuckled. "sorry sasako." he turned to Katie. "she slept with a demon, more than once from the smell of things. Katie you should actually beable to smell that yourself with how much we've been exchanging." he whispered into katie's ear with a slightly suggestive tone
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me: Katie smiled wide, leaning into nip his earlobe. "I know.. I am getting better at it." Sasako sighed and stood up. "hmm you both obviously want to tease me, and need alone time. I think I shall go dance." she swept downstairs, leaving katie behind. "Hm.. she is so shy about guys sometimes." Katie said, laughing. Downstairs, Sasako swerved through the crowd, stopping at the bar. Her eyes scanned the crowd, head bobbing to the music. Her scent was definently stronger, mingling with Yuki's own. ((who should she run into you think?))
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averylynne1: Nagi and Persia? ))
me: ((sure))
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me: Persia herself was in the club, and her nostrils flared at the scent of a Demon.. strong. "Oh God.. why do I need to smell this shit..." she whispered, searching for the source. Her eyes traveled over Sasako and widened. "Well, well , well.. looks liek royalty has been dipping their fingers in to human little girls..."
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averylynne1: Nagi passed between Persia and Sasako making her way towards the bar. she paused as she got a scent of....her brother...all over her. she almost gagged at the strong smell of sex that hung on her. "sasako?" she raised an eyebrow at the young girl before her
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me: Sasako turned to the slightly familiar voice and raised an eyebrow. "Ah.. Nagi, right? what's up?" Persia raised an eyebrow herself. Thsi red head knew BOTH heirs to the demon throne? what the fuk was up with this backwater planet?
Sent at 3:35 PM on Saturday
averylynne1: "You're my brother's new toy eh?" she wasnt trying to be rude but wasnt really sure how to go about adressing a girl that was not on the market, let alone the chose taste of the planet for her brother
Sent at 3:37 PM on Saturday
me: Sasako stared at her for a moment. "New..toy?" she didn't want to press or ask.. but they way Nagi said it made her feel a little uncomfortable. "I would hope not.. do demons only keep toys? or do they actually get girlfriends..wait.. you are into chicks, right?" she clarified.
Sent at 3:39 PM on Saturday
averylynne1: "most of the time it is toys we collect, but every now and again things are deeper with some. if you ever here those 3 words everyone loves to here and they are directed at you, the its serious. but my brother never does that. sorry to break your heart kid. you seem like a good kid. i like your spunk." she smiled at the shorter girl
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me: Sasako turned in her bar stool, and looked at Nagi seriously. "well... he did to me."
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averylynne1: nagi's eyebrow raised in disbelife. "seriously??" Nagi sat in the ber stool next to her. "wow my brother setteling down? huh. wonder if it has to do with the whole throne thing." she whispered under her breath
Sent at 3:47 PM on Saturday
me: "Throne? He told me you were the King to be though.. you have black eyes and everything. " she shrugged. "He has black eyes too, but he said it didn't mean anything." Persia nearly spit out the beer she was drinking. Nobuyuki was a freaking black eyed demon too? Male black eyed demons didnt exist. Sasako continued to chat normally. "Well, nice to meet you again, Nagi," she said, extending a hand
Sent at 3:50 PM on Saturday
averylynne1: "wait wait, he has what?" she stared at sasako. "but that is......impossible" she chugged her drink and stared at the bar counter. "oh yeah you too." she shook her hand and kissed the top of it as was customary of her to do with all girls.
Sent at 3:53 PM on Saturday
me: Sasako smiled warmly. "Yeah.. black eyes. I thought all demons had them though." She was not sure why Nagi was surprised. Persia grabbed her phone and made a call, speaking rapidly. "Zavon? Zavon please answer if you are there"
Sent at 3:55 PM on Saturday
averylynne1: "yeah something like that i guess." nagi managed to get out as she chugged down another drink.
"Zavon..." he answered the phone.
Sent at 3:56 PM on Saturday
me: "We have... a problem." Persia began. "remember that little red head you played with last week?"
averylynne1: "yeah the cute little one, she smelled amazing. what she remembers me?"
me: "Um... nto sure about that.. but she is mated to a demon. "
averylynne1: "ok...well that can be a problem or it can be nothing."
me: "A male black eyed demon by the name of Nobuyuki Lanace Hino"
averylynne1: "a male what???"
me: "She just told Nagi Hino.. so now the sister knows... this throne issue is going to get even worse... lets meet up and tlak about this."
"I am at the club in front of the bar, little red and Nagi are right in front of me"
Sent at 4:00 PM on Saturday
averylynne1: He hung up the phone and appeared next to Persia. "i never would have thought that this could happen. Nagi was born first, first to show signs of the black power, and female, she should be the only Black Eyed Demon and therefore King."
Sent at 4:02 PM on Saturday
me: "I know.. but now her twin brother is showing signs, and he is mated to this human girl. Look at her aura.. and the bruises.. she thinks they arent visible but people like us can see them. He has more legitimate weight to the throne now.."
Sent at 4:03 PM on Saturday
averylynne1: "this is going to get messy around here. They arent just mated, he has actually claimed her for life. you can tell by the pattern of the bruises on her shoulders. ugh. i really did not want to get my hands dirty in this kind of thing." he sighed watched as Sasako and Nagi talked back and forth now about random things
Sent at 4:07 PM on Saturday
me: "Well you and I don't have a god damn choice now do we?" Persia said. "You and I are heads of our houses.. mated with a human of all people.. " Persia sighed. "You tasted her before.. is there something special about her? This girl?"
Sent at 4:10 PM on Saturday
averylynne1: he sighed "there is. she has a magic about her that sings through her soul. i couldnt place it but it pulled at my most inner beast, sand to it like a siren. it was hard to walk away."
Sent at 4:12 PM on Saturday
me: Persia knew the pull, she had felt it herself with Nagi..though she would never tell Zavon. "If you don't want to dirty your hands then walk away.. I will watch the situation. but my focus is the sister, we have no one on the brother, and with this.. we need someone. Maybe you should gleam the girl for info." If anyone could walk the line, Zavon could. Persia was already ass deep in trouble after sleeping with Nagi once as it was
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averylynne1: "i'll see what i can do, though i retired from this a long time ago. but its like riding a dragon, you never forget how. by the way why are you focusing on Minagi so much? i have never seen you take so quickly to a subject." he watched her closely like a spy should. watched her every move looked for twitches and signs of her lying or covering somethiing up, purely out of habit
Sent at 4:16 PM on Saturday
me: She merely smiled, refraining fro too much talking to reveal any catches in her voice. "You know this job is crucial to our people." Truths to cover lies, the best way to cover up. Her eyes flickered breifly to Nagi as she said this, "Do you job, and I will do mine."
She approached Nagi and Sasako, "Hey, Nagi. Long time no see."
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averylynne1: he smirked as she walked away, he knew she had something far more vested in the female demon. he sat down a couple stools from Sasako. "hey Red." he smiled.
"Hey Persia. you look amazing tonight." suddenly the charm was on, Nagi enjoied the sudden distraction. her tail twitched with a strange excitement at seeing Persia
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me: Persia acknowledged him with a nod and smiled at Nagi. "I could make a jab at your tail moving up when you see me, but that would just be a low blow." she joked. Sasako turned to Zavon and her eyes widened. She had almost forgotten about the surreal sexual experience she had had with him and a boy on the dance floor last week. "Zavon?" she asked, blushing slightly at recalling their encounter.
Sent at 4:24 PM on Saturday
averylynne1: "sometimes i like the low blow." she winked at her

"hey Red. glad you remember me. how are you doing?" zavon asked as he sexually sipped on his drink
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me: Persia grinned. "Oh you would, and did if I recall." she teased, tossing back a beer. ............... Sasako still high from her experience with Yuki suddenly felt warmer.. this boy always send her to the edge with one look. "You are not easy to forget.." she admitted, "I am doing well. how about you?" she asked, eyes looking him over
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averylynne1: (( i gotta go, about to fall asleep lol. it was great to talk again. can you post? will you be free tomorrow?? ))
me: (( i will post. I will be free tomorrow morning, so earlier for you like afternoon.))
(( it was nice to tlak. slepe well! I will be online tomorrow on gchat, just poke me if you see me))
averylynne1: ok sounds great thank you!!!! love you miss you ))
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me: ((love you too! missing you always! night!))
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Game of Thrones Empty Re: Game of Thrones

Post  Kamryn on Sat Sep 08, 2012 5:34 pm

me: Sasako had left the club, Zavon had pushed her to stay but he always made her feel strange. She had to get out of there. As she opened the door she was assaulted by a swift breeze, making her shiver in her light clothing. When she looked around she was standing in a stone passageway, the sky was filled with stars and.. two moons... "What the hell..?" she said aloud, suddenly feeling a rising surge of panic
Sent at 7:51 AM on Sunday
averylynne1: Yuki couldnt contain the laughter that escaped him. a drinking horn in one hand still with some dragon's blood wine in it. " it was" he gave tanal's shoulder a little jostle
Sent at 7:53 AM on Sunday
me: Tanal glared at him and stabbed him softly with the hilt of his sword. "But you made the girls think I was gay.. unforgivable.. un.. just.. fuck in.. unforgivable." Tanal put and arm around Yuki as they both stumbled towards the palace. Sasako who was looking up ran straight into Tanal, toppling over with him onto the ground. Tanal looked in shock at the girl in his lap, then smelled and grinned. "Well.. this is interesting. Looks like one of your sister's slaves ran away again."
Sent at 7:55 AM on Sunday
averylynne1: "ah man...." Yuki sighed but then grinned. "well...well, looks not every girl lets...lets have... some fun with this one." his laughter was slurred as he reached down and picked the startled girl up by the back of her shirt. "mmmm smells tasty this one....does"
me: ((oh oops.. forgot she would totally still smelel like sex from sleepign with him already, lol way to give him a mind fuck from the get go lol))
averylynne1: (( lol no kidding))
me: (( or should we have had zavons magic clear it?))
Sent at 7:59 AM on Sunday
averylynne1: (( well either or, but i think if she smells like him from sex that might make things a bit more problematic
me: (( ok then lets go with that. since you know we love problems hehe heh he...he))
Sasako turned to look at the man who had picked her up, and her depe mahogany eyes widened. "" it was definitely him, but something seemed off about him. "Where are we..?" she asked, still unfazed about dangling with ease form one of his hands
Sent at 8:01 AM on Sunday
averylynne1: yuki scowled and scrunched up his eyes trying to get a clear view of her through the foggyness of the alcohol. " i i know you?" he slurred
Sent at 8:02 AM on Sunday
me: "It's me.. Sasako... are you...drunk?" She had recalled Yuki never being much of a drinker, and yet here he was drunk off his ass. The dragon tattoo was visible on her exposed shoulder, the dark tank top exposing her arms, shoulders and neck to the crisp autumn air.
averylynne1: "i dont know a sasako. do you Tanal?" he extended his other hand to pull his buddy up off of the ground
Sent at 8:05 AM on Sunday
me: Tanal took the proffered hand gratefully and stood up, examining the girl. "No, I don't recall a red head in your sister's collection either.. and.. she is... human.." Tanal raised an eyebrow, suddenly smelling Yuki's scent on her. "You bastard, you already got a tasteQ Go finish her off and leave an old man like me to my own devices." he said drunkenly, pushing him jokingly with his ellbow
Sent at 8:06 AM on Sunday
averylynne1: "a taste?" he sniffed her. "i have not slept with this one, yet i smell as though i have. hmmmmmm" he eyed her closely. "i know lets take her together T." he smiled devilishly and nudged tanal with his shoulder
Sent at 8:08 AM on Sunday
me: Sasako paled visibly. "Yuki..? What.. what are you talking about?" Tanal gave the young girl a once over and smiled. "You know I always am up for some fun but I feel burnt after your gay comment, so I will not share a omwan with you and become the new gay laughing stock. Take her yourself you greedy bastard." Tanal slapped him on the shoulder. "Training six am tomorrow! Dont be late, your sister is coming back in four days. need to be ready to beat her in combat."
Sent at 8:10 AM on Sunday
averylynne1: "pfft that bitch dont stand a chance." he laughed. he chucked the girl up on to his shoulder and waved good night to Tanal. He stumbled back towards the palace whistleing a rather dark and sinister toon.
Sent at 8:12 AM on Sunday
me: Sasako struggled in his grip, wriggling. "Yuki, put me down! This joke is not funny anymore." He felt so different.. it was like he didnt even know hwo she was. "Its me.. Sasako.. you told me you loved me yesterday.. why are you treating me like this?"
Tanal's eyes followed the two into the castle, he had research to do now on this girl.. there was something off abotu her...
Sent at 8:13 AM on Sunday
averylynne1: "love?" he pulled her off of his shoulder with one hand hanging her upside down. he tilted his head to look at her like a curious dog might. "i love nothing but my sword. i would never tell a filthy woman i loved her, especially not one of my sister's trash collection." he snarled bareing teeth. he continued walking letting her drag on the ground behind him as he walked like a whore
Sent at 8:15 AM on Sunday
me: Sasako was still in a state of shock.. Yuki had never spoken like this once.. a flash in her mind of him claiming her in a depe voice, almsot a growl came to the surface of her memory.. but this was.. "I am not Nagi's toy..." she said, trying to pull her foot loose. "Please stop.. you're hurting me, Yuki."This situation was goign from bad to worse, she had to find out where she was
Sent at 8:17 AM on Sunday
averylynne1: "he only a slave claims such a thing." he laughed a menacing meniacal laugh. "the more you struggle the worse it will be for you my new little toy." his eyes flashed a deep blood red as he looked her. licking his lips he smiled once more and the continued walking into the palace.
Sent at 8:19 AM on Sunday
me: Sasako went still, wincing as she was continually drug along the rough stone floor. "Your eyes... they are red instead of black today.." she murmured half to herself.She suddenly used her legs to pull herself closer to the hand that grabbed her, and leaned up, biting down on his wrist. "Let me go!" she said. "This is messed up, Yuki! Can't we talk?"
Sent at 8:21 AM on Sunday
averylynne1: he growled as her teeth hit his skin. in an instance he threw her across the room and his eyes flared red as the red aura incased his body. "so you want to play??" he started to move towards her with a devious smile. his tail slowly wagging behind him as he moved towards her
Sent at 8:23 AM on Sunday
me: She rolled into a sitting position, looking up at him from the floor, her lips tinged ever slightly with his blood. "Play..? No.. I think that is one of the farthest things form my mind now, Yuki." she said,slowly standing up. She was breathign faster, for the first time feeling a little afraid of Yuki
((if you need to go soon I will post this Smile ))
Sent at 8:25 AM on Sunday
averylynne1: "oh but i want to play." he smiled again bearing fangs this time. "better start running" his dark laugh echoed off of the marble walls as he continued his advancement towards her. suddenly his drunken state was gone, as though the red aura had burned off the drunkenness
(( just getting things ready
Sent at 8:27 AM on Sunday
me: Sasako hesitated, this was Yuki..right? But something told her if he caught her her body would not last the night very well. For now she needed to figure out what was happening. She turned and ran sprinting down the hall, her footsteps echoing off the stoen walls.
Sent at 8:28 AM on Sunday
averylynne1: he followed her with great ease letting her get ahead of him and then catching up to her. relishing in her scream every time she caught a glimpse of him being exceptionally close to her
me: ]((kitty))
Sasako's heart was pounding, how was she going to outrun him like this..? She made a quick decision and opened a nearby door, pullign it clsoed behind her and leaning her back against it, remaining hidden in the dark
Sent at 8:31 AM on Sunday
averylynne1: (( i gotta go. like i said i will have my laptop with me so i'll check in with you when i can.))
me: (( kk I will post what we have up. but I may be asleep for the next hour))
((have fun! we will be abel to talk again soon i hope Smile today woul dbe awesome. ASA!!))
averylynne1: (( okk you too. feel better, loves))


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Game of Thrones Empty Re: Game of Thrones

Post  Nagi on Sat Sep 08, 2012 6:45 pm

"come out come out little red" he taunted as he walked without the sound of footsteps. "I know you are here." he smiled to himself, he could smell her and was excited to soon have his prey in his clutches. he came upon the door that she was hiding behind. he could hear her breathing, could hear her heart racing a mile a minute. he could smell her fear and confusion. this was turning into a good little chase.

"mmmmm i can smell you." he phased through the door and turned to face her grinning in the dark. the red of his eyes and aura were bright enough that she could see them. he placed a hand on the door just above her head where she couldn't reach and enough force that she wouldnt be able to open the door even if she tried. "now now little one, you look like quite the tasty little treat." he got closer to her bending his neck down so that he could smell her skin where her neck met her shoulder.


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Game of Thrones Empty Re: Game of Thrones

Post  Kamryn on Sat Sep 08, 2012 10:18 pm

Her eyes widened as she felt a wave of heat wash over her, then Yuki appeared in front of her, hand above her head. She knew the door was barred, he was strong, stronger then he had let on. "Y..Yuki.. I don't understand.. what is wrong with you..?" She asked breathlessly, her heart continuing to pound furiously in her chest. As he moved closer to her neck she stiffened, then moaned softly as he inhaled her scent. It had escaped her lips without her even thinking abotu it. She quickly clamped a hand over her mouth, her eyes locked on his face. He was dangerous now.. not the same man who had proclaimed his love for her. "If.. if we play once, will you let me return to where I came from?" She asked softly, he assumed she belonged to Nagi, maybe she would have a better chance of figuring things out if she indulged him once, then used her time to investigate. Her palms began to sweat with nervousness, he was close.. she wanted to touch him but knew she shouldn't.


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Game of Thrones Empty Re: Game of Thrones

Post  Kamryn on Sat Sep 08, 2012 11:47 pm

averylynne1: He pulled back from her a grin still on his face. "hmmm that might be fun." he ran a claw along her jaw line. and licked his lips watching her shiver slightly to herself.
Sent at 1:46 PM on Sunday
me: His touch send shivers of delight down her sides, she dropped her hands from her mouth and sighed, arching her back. "You can't damage me too much.. I am one of her favorites." she said, hoping to God Nagi was not as changed as her brother in case she ended up there. "Have you.. been with a human girl before..?" she asked him, gazing into his eyes, breathing rapidly as her instinct to flee still clung to her
Sent at 1:48 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: "no so this will be a fun adventure." he licked the side of her face "mmm tasty. Favorite or not she wont miss one lonely runaway slave." he chuckled menacingly.
Sent at 1:52 PM on Sunday
me: She closed her eyes briefly as he licked her, he was like an animal, a dangerous one. Sasako, though afraid narrowed her eyes. When she spoke she sounded angry. "If you won't promise to return me in one piece, I won't cooperate with you." She shifted slightly, trying to slide out from under his raised hand, her back leaving the door which it had been pressed against
Sent at 1:54 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: he watched her closely. he didnt like not being in control of the situation. He growled and in a flash was behind her, pinning her to the wall teeth sank into her shoulder. his tail tightly holding her waist pinning her down.
Sent at 1:58 PM on Sunday
me: She gasped, then moaned long and low as his teeth sank into her skin. "Yuki.." she whispered, nails digging into the wall. So far he hadn't hurt her, maybe it would be like the last time they slept together.. no! she thought. 'i have to keep my mind clear or I will lose focus..' She trembled within his grip, her hands moving down to run along his tail against the growth of fur.
Sent at 2:01 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: he growled loudly as she moved against the grain of his tail. he had her wrists in his hand quickly and arms stretched over her head. He ripped her pants off of her down to around her knees. lifting her waist up with his tail it took him all of a couple seconds to shove his manhood deep into her.
Sent at 2:03 PM on Sunday
me: Sasako threw her head back, groaning, the sudden invasion felt good even if she was still slightly afraid. She leaned her body back against his rock solid one, amazed at how easily he held her up. She squeezed around him, rolligng her hips once. "this feels.. amazing.." she whispered, slightly panting. SHe owndered why Yuki could turn her into someone liek this, with hardly no inhibitions
Sent at 2:05 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: he liked hearing his toys moan but he had not given her the permission to do so. he slammed into her once hard before pulling out. he waited for the whimper and then slammed his manhood into her rear without any warning
Sent at 2:08 PM on Sunday
me: Sasako screamed in pain, and tried to yank her hands free from his grip. "Y-Yuki.. it.. it hurts.." she whimpered, wriggling to try and get away. Even with the earlier pleasure this pain was intense, she winced and forced herself to keep tears at bay, though one fell down her cheek,, landing on his tail. "I said stop!!"
Sent at 2:10 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: he smiled and pounded her harder and faster until he reached his release. when he had finished he pulled out and let her fall to the floor. "maybe you will remember that the next time you decide you are going to run away slave." he laughed and made his way out of the room chuckleing to himself
Sent at 2:13 PM on Sunday
me: Sasako sat on the ground, still in semi shock, her legs hurt, her wrists hurt, she stood up slowly, legs wobbling with effort. She made her way out of the room, and looked for him. As she walked along the wall her eyes flashed Orange, and she gasped. "This... is the past.." Yuki had never told her abotu his past.. now she knew why.. he was a completely different person here. She made her way to an exit, and looked to see if there were any guards or people who would try and stop her
Sent at 2:16 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: a few gaurds stood watch just inside the door to outside world. "where you going slave. who do you belong too?" the gaurds voice was actually rather gentle.
Sent at 2:20 PM on Sunday
me: .."Nagi..." she replied, keeping her head slightly down. "But I don't know where she has gone.. and I was injured by someone else.. I need help." she continued. She hoped the guards would tlet her out or take her somewhere else, for the moment she needed to be away from Yuki.. she couldnt face him again yet
Sent at 2:22 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: "come then." one of the gaurds turned and started heading down the hallway again but turned down a corridor before the room she had been assulted in. towards a door that stood alone in the hall. on it was just a simple red cross. He pushed the door open. "the nurse will get you back in serving state."
me: She bowed and thanked him, then entered the room. Looking around she did not see if there was anyone there. "Hello?"
averylynne1: (( brb ))
me: ((kk))
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averylynne1: ( hey hun...i severe cramps. i need to lay down. i'm so sorry )
me: (no worries. you go feel better! I will post stuff))
(( damn us and our stupid cramps, we shall suffer together))
averylynne1: ( ok thank you. will you be around tomorrow? )
me: ((monday for me, I work. Sad ))
((but i will post on the forums))
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Game of Thrones Empty Re: Game of Thrones

Post  Nagi on Mon Sep 17, 2012 12:22 am

Avery: "hello child." came an unexpected gentle voice from somewhere in the infermory. it was not your typical look. everything was in blacks, blues, and red instead of white and pea green

Kylee: She walked into the room, and winced, realizing how much Yuki had hurt her when he had taken her from behind. "I need to be healed and sent to Nagi." she said, settling on a bed

Sent at 7:24 PM on Sunday
Avery: "oh do you now? well let us see what we are working with." a woman came around a screen. she looked to be no older than sasako herself. her face gentle and eyes suspicious. her hair a dark brown and piercing white eyes. " come sit." she patted a bed as she wa;ked past it

Sent at 7:27 PM on Sunday
Kylee: "Thank you.. for being so kind to me. I .. thought everyone was a bit.. crazy here.." she twisted her hands in her sheets, suddenly feeling slightly scared and tired
((ah the endless fun we shall have with past yuki and sassy))

Sent at 7:30 PM on Sunday
Avery: (( hee hee))

Sent at 7:33 PM on Sunday
Avery: The woman moved around the room with ease. however it became apparent that she never really looked at anything. she grabbed a strange looking tool off of a table and moved back towards sasako. The tool looked almost like a tunning fork with a wheel on the opposite end and seemed to glow a rather creepy green. "so tell me young one, what happened?"

Sent at 7:38 PM on Sunday
Kylee: "Yuki..found me.. and..." she paused, trailing off. "I just need to leave the castle or.. find certain people.. is Yuki always like this?"

Sent at 7:40 PM on Sunday
Avery: "Oh... Lord Yuki is quite a rough boy. but then again being what he is makes sense but is no excuse." she shook her head and sadly smiled to herself. "yes, child, he is."

Sent at 7:43 PM on Sunday
Kylee: "Where will I go.. when you have healed me?" she asked, feeling much better already. ////// Tanal who finally sobered up ran into Yuki. "Where in the hell have you been man?" he asked

Sent at 7:51 PM on Sunday
Avery: "well i know all of the girls and i know you do not belong to either, but worry not, your secret is safe with me." the girl giggled. "we will find somewhere for you to be." she smiled wide like a little girl and put a finger to her lips imitating a shushing sound.

Yuki grinned looking up from a piece of parchment he was reading sitting in a window over looking a cliff edge and a white capped river. "around." he grinned slyly

Sent at 7:55 PM on Sunday
Kylee: Sasako smiled softly in response to the kindness, "ok. I appreciate it. "/////// "Around? And the girl..?"

Sent at 8:02 PM on Sunday
Avery: "oh i was all around and in and out with the girl." she smirked. he stood up and dropped the parchment onto a desk. "you know T, it is a shame that that girl belongs to my sister. i wouldnt mind her being part of my belongings." he stretched looking around casually, obviously thinking. The room was decorated in trophies from wars, battles, competitions. the trophies ranged from weapons to taxidermied heads.

Sent at 8:06 PM on Sunday
Kylee: Tanal smiled wide "I checked.. that girl is ont listed on any register.. she is a free woman or a runaway.." His eyes glittered "So perhaps.. you can make her your own."
"Besides, you could use wiht more decorations in here"

Sent at 8:11 PM on Sunday
Avery: there was a slight glint of madness that lingered in Yuki's eyes. "well then, i at least dont have to go through the fucking hassel of paying for her if she is a runaway." he looked up at the trophy head of the last girl that had been a runaway he had picked up. he had played with her for a couple weeks before growing bored of her and made a display of her in the center of the city by slowly skinning her in such away to leave her alive for hours before finally gutting her and severing her head.

Sent at 8:16 PM on Sunday
Kylee: "As far as I know, she is healed up in the medical ward. Would you like me to go get her?" He smiled, remembering Yuki on that fateful day. "This one seems different though.. fiestier than most.. a fighter."

Avery: "i like when they fight. yes please T, retrieve her for me. Take her to my bed room. ill play some more with her there." he grinned again and turned back to his desk starting to clean up some paperwork before he would make his way to his room.

Sent at 8:24 PM on Sunday
Avery: (( pre-occupied?? ))

Kylee: ((up and down to potty, stomach still icky.. back))

Sent at 8:27 PM on Sunday
Kylee: Tanal rose gracefully and entered the hospital ward, bowing to the nurses. "Thank you for your services,she shall be relinquished to my care." Sasako recognized his face and stood up, backing away. he took her by the arm and smiled, appearing in Yuki's chambers. "I brought her as requested , my lord." He said, releasing the hold on her, leaving her standing at the foot of his bed

Sent at 8:30 PM on Sunday
Avery: Yuki slipped out of the shadows. "out." was all that he said to Tanol. it was not uncommon for this scene to play out. He circled Sasako, walking around her, examineing every inch of visable skin. he fanned her hair in his hand as he walked around her and smelled her hair. and gripped her butt cheek and gave a slight sound of approval. "strip." he whispered into Sasako's ear before nipping her ear.

Sent at 8:35 PM on Sunday
Kylee: Sasko moved slightly away from his touch, and turned to face him. "Strip? I am not your slave, Yuki.. I don't even belong here... " she didnt like him like this, she was never afraid of him before.. but he was like a stranger to her now. Tanal dissolved into the shaodws, wondering hwo long it owuld take for her fighting spirit to amuse Yuki before it angered him

Sent at 8:38 PM on Sunday
Avery: " you belong where ever and however i tell you. you belong to me now." he smirked and reached out and ripped her shirt a tiny bit at the collar. "now strip." he growled a predatory growl.

Kylee: Sasako slapped his hand away. "Stop it.." she said in a low voice. "How many girls have you done this to?" she began walking around the edge of the bed, trying to avoid him, her eyes begining to glow a soft orange

Avery: he laughed and ran towards her before disappearing before her eyes.his voice echoed off of the walls as he messed with her senses. "that is no concern of yours. you will do as i say or you will be punished. do you understand?"

Kylee: Sasako covered her ears, swaying slightly on her feet. She hit the edge of the bed and fell forward, landing on her elbows. "DId you ever love anyone of those girls... ever..?" she asked, trying to stand up quickly before he appeared again

Avery: he appeared standing over her with a foot on her back pressing her into the floor. "you are not trained properly in being a concubine. that will have to change if you are to stay alive. it dosent matter if i have loved any of my girls then."

Kylee: ((brb toilet Sad ))

Avery: (( ok ))

Sent at 8:52 PM on Sunday
Kylee: ((back))

Avery: (( ok ))

Sent at 8:57 PM on Sunday
Kylee: Sasako wriggled under his foot, breathing heavily. "ANd how.. do you go about training me?" she asked, trying to keep calm. SHe had to find a way to appeal to him.. make herslef something he didnt want to inflict pain upon. "WIll you be gentler.. if I am willing?"
((poor girl, wrackign her brains lol)O)

Avery: (( sorry lol ))

Kylee: ((its ok good for her to see how he was0)

Sent at 9:01 PM on Sunday
Avery: "now you are getting the picture." he giggled darkly. he reached down and picked her up by her shirt. "easy, you do as i say when i say. if you disobey you will be beaten." He dusted her off and placed her standing in the same spot she had started in. 'now, strip"
(( brb ))

Kylee: ((kk))

Sent at 9:05 PM on Sunday
Avery: (( back ))

averylynne1: (( back ))

Kylee: ((kk Smile ))
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averylynne1: (( i see nothing Sad ))

Kylee: ((ah let me repost, my comp died while you were away had to restart. one sec))
me: Sasako clenched her fists and turned her back to him, slowly stipping off the torn shirt, tossing it aside. Her red and white streaked hair fell messily to her upper back, her dragon tatoo peeking out through her hair
SHe slowly reached down and pulled her pants, letting them fall to her feet before stepping out of them and kicking them to the side, she still remained facing away form him
Sent at 1:10 PM on Monday
me: Her shoulders shook slightly as she shivered, and she quickly wrapped her arms around herself, tightening them around her to hide that her body was responding nervously to him
Sent at 1:13 PM on Monday
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Sent at 9:24 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: he smiled eagerly as he watched her undress. "turn towards me."

Kylee: She kept her arms across her hest and turned to him, looking up towards him with her eyes still glowing slightly orange. "You made them cry doing this.. didn;t you..." she said, it wasnt a question,

Sent at 9:29 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: "far more entertaining." he walked up to her again circeling her, examining her fresh skin. his tail caressed her bare skin as he did. "now, you hands at your sides, stand up straight and look forward."

Kylee: SHe dropped her arms, exposing herself to him, remembering that he had..or at least would see it all later. She locked her eyes with him, blinking a bit as his tail brushed her skin. "I won't cry for you...Yuki, not ever.."

Sent at 9:33 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: "mmmm good... i like the fighters..." he whispered in her ear. his tail slipped down to caress her lower lips briefly before he smacked her ass hard with something that felt like a riding crop leaving a welt.

Kylee: She winced and bent forward, slowly straightening out. "DO you enjoy breaking human girls?" she asked him, biting her lower lip to keep from crying out as his tail brushed her.

Sent at 9:40 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: "never tamed a wild human before. but i must say you have more spunk and fire than most races. might have to do some work and hunt down your planet. total domination of a planet would be a nice addition to my trophies.: he chuckled menacingly.. " you liked that didnt you," he teased as he let his tail brush her again.

Sent at 9:43 PM on Sunday
Kylee: She tossed her head back and gasped, swearing in her head at herself. "We are fighters.. and deadly to demons.. we have a tendency to get under your skin.." she grabbed his tail which was teasing her and ran her nails gently along it, pulling the fur the wrong way before brushign a pressure point on his side. if he wanted fight, she would give it to him

Sent at 9:47 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: he growled his pleassure under his breath. he was enjoying this girl. why had he never taken a human as a toy before. "mmm fiesty." he leaned forward and bit down on her shoulder on pressure points before wrapping his tail around her waist and throwing her across the room. " you will not touch me until i allow you to. do you understand?"

Sent at 9:57 PM on Sunday
Kylee: As he bit her, Sasako gasped, before realizing she was suddenly flying across the room. She landed hard but shook her head, regaining her senses. When she rose she winced, feeling a bruise beginning to form on her side. "You can't deny you liked it." she said, reading thorugh his attempt to scare her, though she had not imagined he could throw her. SHe walked over to him again, g=hissing as her left side began to ache. "Fine.. I will do my best." she replied, eyes roaming over his body, he seemed stronger now then the Yuki she knew

Sent at 9:59 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: he eyed her closely as she winced. "purple looks good on you in contrast to your red hair." he eyed her bruise with a wicked smile. he started to unbutton the dress shirt he was wearing. he could see in her eyes that she liked him so he figured that he would tease her a little as well.

Sent at 10:06 PM on Sunday
Kylee: She laughed slightly."Your sense of humor is horrible as ever." she said, brushing her hair behind her shoulders. SHe eyed him removing his clothes, and watched him intently. "You are so much stronger now.. I wonder if meeting me now is what changed you into the man I know.." she whispered to herself, Her fear was evident in the air around her, but her body remained at ease

averylynne1: he raised an eyebrow. "we have met before?" he asked her as he paused in undoing his shirt.

Kylee: She merely smiled wide. "I already told you.. you said you loved me.. but that would be spoilers." she whispered, spinning around in a tantalizing dance, her hair flowing wildly about her."Now.. were you going to ravishme? or not?"

averylynne1: he growled in annoyance. he walked over to her grabbed her by her arm and appeared floating outside his window over the canyon holding her only by her arm. "too presumptious of you." he growled out between lengthing fangs.

Kylee: Her eyes widened and she grabbed his arm with her other hand "I am not lying to you.. why would a girl in my position gain anything form that.. especially when you can kill me with a thought.!?" she cried out, fear returning to her voice. She buried her face into his arm, not lookign down

Sent at 10:16 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: "you will die if you keep this up." he growled giving her a shake to give her a bit more fear. "i am threw with you for now." they appeared back in his room. he opened his room door and threw her into the hall onto marble floors naked.

Kylee: "Yuki!" she cried, rising and runnign to his door, pounding her fists on it. "Yuki!" Tanal appeared in the room and listened to her shouts, raising an eyebrow. "No one ever calls you that except me.. done with her for now? Ican put her into the slave room."

Sent at 10:23 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: "chain her somewhere." he growled. "i dont know where this girl came from or where she gets off talking to me the way she does. it is like she knows me." he paced in his room a million thoughts running through his head as he tried to place where they might have met before

Kylee: "Hmm.. ever consider the possibility that she may be what that Kamryn girl was to your sister?" He recalled the woman from the future.. he thought she was pretty hilarious in fact, future women seemed more interesting in bed to say the least. "But if you wish, I will go chain her.."

averylynne1: "what do you mean what that Kamryn girl was?" he looked at Tanal with fire dancing in his eyes

Kylee: "She came here and upset the balance.. Keiko was enamored of her.. this was before your birth of course.. then there was the time she came and your sister fell in love with her. She vanished however, returning to her time stream via the library."

averylynne1: "you think this girl is from the future??"

Kylee: Tanal looked intently at Yuki. "This girl.. did you see her tattoo? it was the dragon of the IGM clan, but seemed more stylized.. we should investigate her." he finished as Sasako finally stopped pounding on the door
"She knew how to direct your desire.. a meree human directing demon desire.. mneans she has experience.."

averylynne1: "perhaps....i will figure her out." his head snapped back to Tanol. "excuse me... direct my desire?"

Kylee: He cleared his throat. "Usually you jsut rip into these women.. but you.. no.. you waited to see how she would react..she knew how to touch you. You didnt just tear into her..when you saw her.. so yes.. I think this girl has more knowledge then we give her credit for.. I thin it bestt we dont let your sister get her hands on her.. and considering she is now wandering the royal halls naked.. well.."
he let his thoughts trail off, leaving it to Yuki's imagination

Sent at 10:33 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: his eyes narrowed at Tanol for not bringing it to his attention earlier that she was no longer by the door. he had been to occupied to pay attention to the energy change. he growled and bolted out of his room following her smell through the halls untill he finally located her energy and appeared before her growling and snarling almost like a rabid animal. "you have somethings to answer for."

Sent at 10:38 PM on Sunday
Kylee: She jumped at his appearance, and glared at him. "Fine! I will answer anything as long as you get me somewhere with a door or some clothes!" she shouted back at him. Even though her fear hung to her like a cloak, she looked him straight in his eyes,, daring him to challenge her. "Please.. just.. I will answwer.. just get me out of the hallway please"

Sent at 10:41 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: they appeared back in his room where he pushed her down on the end of the bed. "what is you affiliation to the Red Dragon? Are you a spy?"

Kylee: It was honestly the last question she had expected. "Red Dragon..? I am familiar with them.. but not at this point in time." she waited to see if he would call her a liar

averylynne1: he narrowed his eyes at her. "Is that so? explain the tattoo then."

Kylee: "My adoptive father.. forced me to get it..."

averylynne1: "hmmm." he started pacing in his room again. "what is the year you are from?"

Kylee: "2128 according to the Earth or Gaian calendar.."
She tensed, wondering how he would react

averylynne1: "21....." he stared in disbelief.

Kylee: She stood up abruptly, seeming to forget her nudity. " I know it is crazy.. but.. believe me.. I know you.. I know you from Earth.. when you and your sister come to.. come to.." she trailed off

averylynne1: he stared at her. "my sister and i doing something together?" he burst out laughing, doubling over in laughter

Kylee: "Not.. together per say... she more went out into the populace and you.. stayed in the ship.."
She sat slowly on the bed. "I know about you.. and the fact that you are hiding that you are a black eyed demon." she knew it was a risk,, but she had to give him proof that she knew him

Sent at 10:52 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: "how do you know that?" his voice dropped down to almost a wisper of a hiss. he eyed Tanol who he knew was in the shadows in the corner. he wasnt sure if Tanol even knew what he had been hiding from everyone. he had discovered who he was when he was child.

Kylee: Tanal could not help the gasp that escaped his lips. He appeared in front of Sasako and covered her mouth. "There are things I am willing to believe about time.. but I am not willing to accept these lies!" he hissed, his eyes normally a quiet blue hummed with a deep energy as anger rose in him

averylynne1: Yuki grabbed Tanal;s arm and yanked him away from the girl and in a flash had him pinned against the wall. "what is your issue T? we agreed to question her. not accuse her!" his eyes were glowing red and rather faintly his aura had changed to match his eyes.
he was feeding off of the energies in the room

Kylee: "I don't believe it.. you a black eyed demon? it would mean a war for the throne.. " he pushed Yuki away. "I will leave you with her.. I can't stay calm.. and you are feeding from me.. this will make her end up dead.." with that he vaished, leaving a shocked Sasako behind

Sent at 11:00 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: he sighed. and turned to look at Sasako."there are things you should be more cautious about what you say. especially if you truely are from the future." he still seemed as though he was on fire looking at her.

Kylee: She had reached down, and had now wrapped herself surreptitiously in a sheet from his bed. "I did not know he was here.. but I had to prove it to you.. no matter what.." She looked at him then. "You.. you are on fire again.."
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averylynne1: "soon you will be on fire as well." he smiled ereily. and started walking towards her.

Kylee: "Wh.. what do you mean..?" she asked, backing up on the bed, sliding until her back hit the headboard

averylynne1: ((ok. i'll be up for a bit more tonight. so i may still be up when you get back ))

Kylee: ((kk i will message you right when i get back))

averylynne1: he growled and started crawling on the bed towards her until he was close enough to whisper in her ear. "i have never fucked a girl from the future." he nibbled on her ear on pressure points.

Kylee: She almost melted against him but stayed upright, moaning softly. "I.. I hate it when you do that.." she said softly, tugging the sheets tighter around her. "You almost had me unconsious last time.." she teased, pausing as she leaned into kiss him. "Sorry.. I wont touch you unless you want it.."

Sent at 11:10 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: his tail ripped the sheet from her body as he growled deep in his chest.he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back until he had perfect access to her throat where he kissed gently until he sunk his teeth into her throat on pressure points. "i will claim you as mine, you dirty girl."

Sent at 11:13 PM on Sunday
Kylee: Sasako bit back a scream as he bit into her neck, her whole body shivered as she grabbed his arms, digging her nails into them. "More.. please.." she begged twisting her neck to face him arching her body so the tips of of her nipples brushed his chest. This was dangerous, she knew.. but Yuki could always make her crazy

Sent at 11:16 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: he started to pant heavily, there was something about this girl that was making him crazy. ((this should be when she gets thrown back to her time, just to fuck with her lol ))

Kylee: (((haha amazing))
Sasako reached out towards him and suddenly felt the cool kiss of metal on her back instead of a bed. She turned her head left and right, confused.. "where the fuck.. SHIT!"She was in the club in a back room.. God knows who else was on their way. She grabbed a sheet and covered herself, then peeked through the door, seeing if anyone she knew was in the hall
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Post  Kamryn on Tue Sep 18, 2012 4:13 am

averylynne1: The solid thudd of the base filtered through one of the dance clubs on the Dragon's spacestation. Yuki knew he was playing with fire just being here but he wasnt to worried he would get much attention as long as he stuck to playing table games and drinking. He raised an eyebrow as he saw the King of the Elves, dressed in his best red and gold royal suit and long fire red hair held back in a low pony tail at the base of his neck. Avery nodded towards the Demon heir but said nothing.

Avery was talking to a guard outside of the door to the back rooms when he heard a familiar voice cursing. raising an eyebrow he walked past the gaurd and peeked his head into each room until he found the daughter of his best friend wrapped up tight in a sheet with a nice curve of her ample breasts present. "well well, i'm sure you daddy and your new boy toy would love to know you are back here." he smirked at her
Sent at 9:52 AM on Tuesday
me: Sasako's eyes widened, and she walked over to Avery, gripping his shirt sleeve. "Um.. ou wouldn't happen to have any clothes on you would you?" her hair was tossed wildly, the sccent of sex still clung to her skin, cheeks flushed, but she looked at him expetanlty hoping for assistance. "Ho wlong was I even gone?" she asked, sitting up straighter, tightening the sheet around herself
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averylynne1: Avery grinned, he was always carring extra clothing. he reached into a small bag he had on his belt that had a pocket dimension sewen into it. he pulled out a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. the T-shirt was on of Yuki's that she had worn home once and the jeans were her own. "here ya go kiddo." he smirked and leaned against the wall of the room. well lets see you went missing about a week and a half ago. oddly Noboyuki came to Twister offering his assistance in finding you. He said he had felt your energy in a place you had never been before but he couldnt place where exactly. said something about a power you have was blocking your energy signature. Noboyuki and your father set up their base of opperations here on the Station. Sadly i'm worried you wont be too happy. Your father is going to kill your boy toy when he finds you. he believes it is his fault or his envolvment with something darker that caused you to go missing. tsk tsk." he shook his head, but it was apparent that he really didnt care what happened to the Demon so long as Sasako was safe.
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me: "My father.. kill Yuki?" she jsut laughed. SHe took the clothes from him and dropped the sheet, beginnnig to change right in the hall. "No bra? figures. Men." she said jokingly, pulling the t shirt over her head. "Well as broken up as you seem about it, I am sure it will eb fine. I am all right." she said, turning aorund. Though her body still had a few brusies form her last encounter with him. "Tske me to them"
Sent at 10:05 AM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "are you sure you want to do that??"
me: "well if i dont, then what do you propse?"
Sent at 10:08 AM on Tuesday
averylynne1: Avery sighed. no matter how diplomatic he could be or was trained there was no saving the argument that was to ensue with Sasako meeting back up with Twister and Yuki. Unfortunately they were currently with eachother at a game table. "come on." he turned and worked his way back down the hall past the gaurd and pointed to a card table that the only people sitting at the game were Noboyuki and Twister. "they are both there."
Sent at 10:11 AM on Tuesday
me: Sasako stepped up to the table, and smiled. "hey guys, I'm back" she thought of no better way or easier way to say it
averylynne1: Yuki jumped up from his chair knocking it over. "Sassy!!" he moved to reach for her.
Sent at 10:13 AM on Tuesday
me: Her body, still remembering what he had done to her moved away from him with a start. "H..hi" she said, smiling to cover up her brief monet of fear
Sent at 10:15 AM on Tuesday
averylynne1: it was too late he had smelled her fear before she could cover it up. he scowled and looked at the ground. He slmamed his fist into the game table. he turned to Twister. "this is your fucking fault!"
Sent at 10:16 AM on Tuesday
me: 'My fault!?' Twister rose. "She si obviously afraid of you! what the hell did you do!??"
Sent at 10:19 AM on Tuesday
me: Sasako slowly calmed her beating heart. "I am really ok you guys.. really." she looked between them, hoping there would not be a fight
Sent at 10:20 AM on Tuesday
averylynne1: Yuki's anger raised and he lunged at Twister Managing to get his hand around his throat. "i have never done anything to her. what did you plant in her head about me?!!!"
Sent at 10:21 AM on Tuesday
me: Twister growled through his teeth. "I did no such thing" Sasako grabbed Yuki's arm. "He didnt do anything.. I was.. I was in the past is all.."
Sent at 10:24 AM on Tuesday
me: "I am ok.. really.." Twister still glared at Yuki. "I will never elt you be with her.. you demon" he spat the word
Sent at 10:25 AM on Tuesday
averylynne1: Yuki wanted to snap his neck. he knew that he could, just a slight twitch of his wrist and Twister would be no more. But it was Sasako's touch that calmed that desire in him. "You will not get in my way Twister. If Little Red decides to be with me then she is welcome to be. you have no say Twister." as he released Twister's neck he shoved him back a few feet.
Sent at 10:29 AM on Tuesday
me: "No matter what, she is my duaghter.. and I still have say over her." Sasako sighed. "Dad, lets talk this over later.. I need to talk to Yuki now." She grBbed his arm and yanked him through the club, ignoring the calls of her father.
Sent at 10:34 AM on Tuesday
averylynne1: Yuki glarred at Twister as he was pulled away from the man. How badly he wanted the man dead, but he would loose Sasako as well if he killed her father. "if he wasnt your father...."

Sent at 10:38 AM on Tuesday
me: Sasako took Yuki to the back rooms she had come from earlier, and walked into one of the rooms. "Do you remember anything... from your past?"
Sent at 10:45 AM on Tuesday

averylynne1: Avery: Yuki glarred at Twister as he was pulled away from the man. How badly he wanted the man dead, but he would loose Sasako as well if he killed her father. "if he wasnt your father...."

Sasako took Yuki to the back rooms she had come from earlier, and walked into one of the rooms. "Do you remember anything... from your past?"
Sent at 11:08 AM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "most of it." he started to pace the room a little bit.
Sent at 11:11 AM on Tuesday
me: " do remember doing these things to me..?" she asked him, looking at him carefully. "I am sorry i reacted that way when I saw you.. its jsut.. ypou.. were so different then."
averylynne1: "I did what to you?" he paused and looked confused.
me: "you... did... but... its ok"
Sent at 11:14 AM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "mother fucker!!" his fist hit the wall so hard that the panel of the wall that he hit flew across the hall and slammed through the opposite wall.
Sent at 11:16 AM on Tuesday
me: Sasako jumped and backed away from him slightly, her back hitting the wall. "its ok yuki.. really."
Sent at 11:17 AM on Tuesday
me: she was so surprised at his anger that she wasnt sure how to react to him
Sent at 11:19 AM on Tuesday
averylynne1: he crouched down and sighed. he hadnt gotten this mad in a long time, hundreds of years. he had thought he had gotten a handle of his anger. "Little Red.....I am so sorry. Perhaps your father is right and you should not be around me." he stood up straightened his shirt and jeans. he re-wrapped his tail around his waist like a belt and started dusting himself off.
Sent at 11:22 AM on Tuesday
me: "!" she said, looking intently at him. "you.. you did scare me.. but you were I still wanted you.. " she walked closer to him, settlign her hands on his chest. "DO.. do you still want me?"
Sent at 11:27 AM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "yes i want you. i want you forever. but its not safe for you." he wrapped his fingers around her hands and held them close to his heart.
Sent at 11:29 AM on Tuesday
me: "I already told you, I will stay with you no matter what. I know you are dangerous.. but that is all a part of you. I dont care." she smiled and leaned up to kiss him. "So shut up and jsut fucking get over it, I am stuck with you now." she smiled wide. "besides, your growl back then was kind of hot"
Sent at 11:32 AM on Tuesday
averylynne1: he raised an eyebrow and smiled slightly. "oh is that why you smell ready?" he teased her as he started to move her towards the bedroom of the the backroom they were in.
Sent at 11:37 AM on Tuesday
me: "Hey now..." she said teasingly. "I am still a bit worn out from last time.." she tugged at his sleeve "what can i do to ever satisfy your needs, hm?" she laughed, pulling him closer
Sent at 11:45 AM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "just love me." he whispered in her ear before nibbeling down her jaw till their lips met for a deep passionate kiss.
Sent at 11:47 AM on Tuesday
me: She sighed into the kiss, wrapping her arms aorund him. "You make me absolutely crazy..." she whispered.

"mmm i'm glad." he teased wrapping his arms around her. "I think we should run away. Ill kidnap you and have my way with you forever and ever." he chuckled.

Sasako laughed. "Maybe.. but I need to do this right.. I have to get my dad to let me leave.. Avery will help me. I dont want to run from him and make it worse.. but I promise.. it will work."
(back with twister) "Sasako is leaving.. I know it.. she wants to run and be with him. I ont let her.. I cant let her.. not with how crucial we are at our orb stage.. I need her.. I need the orange orb.. Avery.. you have to ocnvince her to stay.. it is your job to protect her and the orange orb.. you know that."
Sent at 11:56 AM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "mmm i see. well i guess ill just have to have my way with you here or in my ship till he lets you go." He nuzzeled her neck as he fell onto the bed pulling her down on top of him as he fell.

" is my job to protect her, but at the same time, locking her in a tower and throwing away the key may let her be safe but she will be miserable and the power of the orb will never come to flourish. It's power is attached to her moods. Why is it do you think that it has become so active as of late?? She loves him, more than anything and that has been awakening the orb. Twister, you have to let her go. If you dont and she gets out, she will never come back, but if you let her go she is more likely to come back eventually."
Sent at 11:59 AM on Tuesday
me: Twister narrowed his eyes at him. "I don't want to hear about letting her go from the man who ran from his fucking throne.. Sasako is mine, she belongs to the IGM. I don't give a fuck about her moods right now. If you won't bring her back, then you are officially off of this team, get out, don't come back. I have zero patience for htis now.. especilaly with the shit going down in the Twilight Circle, cementing time.. we don't have time for petty things like feelings. If you want to go play daddy, then do so." he turned and walked off, grabbing his phone to communicate with the surface

Sent at 12:02 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: Avery shook his head. he spoke under his breath as Twister walked away. "you will never learn." He figured that he would let the man cool off but knew that he had just set himself into a jam that he wasnt going to be with the IGM for long. Twister would learn that his success was because of what and who Avery knew. It was only a matter of time. "You should never have taken on being a Father." he sighed and started his silent movement towards the room that the prince and sassy where in
Sent at 12:07 PM on Tuesday
me: "You understand my feelings, right Yuki? I want Twister to at least let me go with understanding.. " she sighed and flopped back on the bed, then grumbled. "That stupid elf didnt even have the decency to give me a bra.."
Sent at 12:08 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "you dont need a bra." he teased pulling her up to sit on his lap before laying back bracing his head with his hands under his head. "i like this view.
Sent at 12:10 PM on Tuesday
me: She laughed and wiggled on top of him. Mmm but jsut wait, in twenty years with no bra they will get saggy, then you can swings them around when you get bored." she rolled her hips again, enjoying the feel of his member reacting to her. "mmm i should not be this bad of a girl at sixteen.. makes me a little dangerous.." Even though she smiled, there was defininently worry behind her eyes. "Yuki... do .. do you ever think you will become like you did in the past again?"
Sent at 12:12 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: he smiled watching her, feeling his body react to her movements. "I swear i will never be like towards you. ever." his words were true and his voice rang with a strange clarity as though magic were entwining his words into cement.
Sent at 12:16 PM on Tuesday
me: "Good. But.." she leaned forward and bit on his collarbone. "I did like it a little bit rough.." she said tantilizingly, squeezing her thighs around his waist. "You bit me so hard.. I thought I would break.." She traced her tounge down his collar bone, nipping at pressure points. "Snd you said I made you crazy... " she giggled again.

averylynne1: "mmmm...i guess i just have to fuck you hard this time." he growled a low rumble of a growl in his chest. He lifted his hips up into her letting her feel what she was doing to him. He sat up slightly and bit down on her collar bone harder then he normally did when it came to her. he wrapped his tail around her waist, the tip of his tail playing with the waistband of her jeans.

Avery rounded the corner and saw the open the door to a room. he peeked his head around the door jam and smiled. these two were something else. he had a hard time holding back the laugh at the thought of Noboyuki possibly being considered a pedophile for what he was doing.

me: Sasako sighed in pleasure, moaning his name as he bit into her. "mmmm that feels nice.." she whsispered, trailing her nails along his sides, playing with his chest under his shirt. "As he head was tilted back, she causght sight of Avery and gasped, falling forward on Yuki before scrambling off of him, brushign herself off, ears red. "Uh.. um.. we.. we have.. a guest.." she said quietly, trying to cal the throbbing between her legs. Of all the people to catch her in the act...

averylynne1: Yuki looked up, he had sensed Avery coming but he wouldnt admit that to Sasako. He sat up and scooted to the edge of the bed and watched him closely as Avery Moved to lean in the door way.

"Well Sasako i see you wasted no time in getting back .........onto things." he teased her merciously.
Sent at 12:26 PM on Tuesday
me: Sasako sighed and ran to him, punching him, well, attempting to anyway in the side. "You are such a perverted elf! You were so going to watch!!" she glared at him, hands on her hips. "I admit I have gotten cuter lately, but that gives you no excuse." this fun almost flirty side of Sasako was a rarity to see, in ation, as usually Yuki was on the recieving end. "So.. what is it.. I was.. you know.. trying to be on top of things."
Sent at 12:27 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: Avery dodged the punch attempt but laughed at her comment. "i wasn't going to watch.....too long." he watched her and smiled. he could see Yuki's face as he watched smiling. "just wanted to let you know your father has officially lost it."
Sent at 12:30 PM on Tuesday
me: "Avery, we knew this from a long time ago." she said with a smile, though she had gotten good at smiling, the hurt beneath it could be easily seen by Avery. "Just.. give him time to cool off, I should probably go home for a while too." she turned and smiled at Yuki "sorry.. rain check.. I will blow your friggin mind when I see you next, promise." she said with a sly wink before grabbbing Avery's arm. "ok then.. lets go"
Sent at 12:32 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: Yuki stood up and watched them go. he wasnt going to say anything, but he wondered if she had remembered that she was moving in with him. How badly he wanted to go with her but knew that pushing things right now would not be such a good thing. Especially with Twister's current mood. He sighed and returned to his ship on Earth.
Sent at 12:34 PM on Tuesday
me: Back on the ship reminders of Sasako lay scattered around, clothes, books, things she had brought. From the shadows, Honoka appeared. "You truly do love this little human, dont you?" she asked, there was no malice or mocking in her voice, just a plain and simple truth that was undeniable
Sent at 12:36 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: He looked up and looked right in the eyes of the older demon. He said nothing to her question, it was apparent that he did. He looked away and started to pick somethings up off the ground. and trying to put things where they belonged in his room. the stuff that Sasako's he put it on an empty book shelf.
Sent at 12:40 PM on Tuesday
me: "She does love you.. even someone such as myself can see it. But.. she is not mated to you firmly. Her magics are strong, hich will make it more difficult to take her as your own. But, once you have that resolve. her own resolve should be set." Honoka smiled and vanished, leaving him to his thoughts. it was true, a pure magical being would be hard to mate with, but if anyone could.. it was Nobuyuki
Sent at 12:41 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: He paused and thought about what she had said. How in the hell was he supposed to do that? he knew nothing of how her magics worked. he growled as more confussion filled his head. so much had happened in his life, he had never found the love he had now, a love that was apparent to be forever. And yet it seemed as though it was just out of his reach, always. "Damn it." he flopped down on his bed staring at the celing clutching a shirt of hers tightly to his face inhaling her scent.
Sent at 12:45 PM on Tuesday
me: As he was resting on the bed, the alarms on the ship went off. "Unidentified space ship landing in premisis, unidentified spaceship landing in premisis." A strong energy had just reached the planet, strong and feminine.
Sent at 12:46 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: Yuki launched from his bed and over to the computer console in his room. he started scanning the area. he scanned the arriving ship and hacked into it's computer systems. "Identify Yourself."
Sent at 12:48 PM on Tuesday
me: A slight pause followed before a light female voice spoke "This is Jurian royal family member Sasami. We have an authorized landing permit and are here to aquire goods and personel from Earth, over."
Sent at 12:50 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "this Planet is under Demon rule. Who authorized your permit?" He was a bit put off by the fact that a Jurian was landing on earth. they hadn't been back to the planet in over a hundred years
Sent at 12:52 PM on Tuesday
me: 'Demon rule? there is no such thing. This planet is under jurisdiction of the IGM and galactic forces, there is no overt ruler present. Demon presence has been acknowledged. We have permits from both IGM and NightWorld over."
Sent at 12:53 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: He pulled up a few programs on the console, one of them a record of the Jurian history with Earth and the other a voice Recognition software to match a face to her name and voice. "you are attempting to land in Demon occupied land."
Sent at 12:55 PM on Tuesday
me: "Sasami! just land the ship!" a more piercing voice said sharply. The ground shook as the ship landed in the area nearby the demon ship. The communications were turned off and the ship went silent. Yuki could hear a door open and footsteps from outside the ship. "Now go and find what we are looking for!" came the piercing voice. The quiter voice responded positively and footfalls began to pass near the demon ship
Sent at 12:57 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: Yuki now being pissed off slipped through a wall from his ship and appeared out of no where as he passed through the cloak on this ship and looked at the two women. he looked at the device on his arm to see if the systems had recognized both voices
Sent at 12:59 PM on Tuesday
me: "Identified, royal queen of Juriai Ayeka Muyo. Royal Princess of Jurai Sasami Muyo." Sasami grabbed onto her sister and looked slightly from around her, not meeting Yuki's eyes, while Ayeka stood with ease before him. "Royal Prince Nobuyuki Hino, I presume. " Ayeka said with her slightly shrill voice.
Sent at 1:02 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: He looked back up at Ayeka. He knew a lot about her, about the Jurian's. Both of thier races had such a huge history with eachother, it almost out matched any other Historic rival. He stood tall and phased from his human clothing into his royal Suit. a suit of Black with Silver trim and ghost red flames that moved over the fabric. "what are you here for Ayeka?"
Sent at 1:06 PM on Tuesday
me: "We are here on an important mission that does nto concern the Demon race. WHile you are here, we shall not interfere in your affairs. We request that you do the same. Go Sasami, continue the mission, I will talk to the Prince." Ayeka gave the smaller girl a push, and she walked slowly past the two of them, bowing briefly to Yuki before hurrying on her way. "Now, if you excuse me, I have buisness to attend to.." Honoka watched this exchange with a stern look. "well, this is unexpected" she whispered to herlsef
Sent at 1:08 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: Yuki would not allow himself to be pushed aside so easily. "I think not Princess. You are here and we have a huge stake in this planet. so affairs or not you will tell me what it is you are here looking for."
Sent at 1:10 PM on Tuesday
me: "If you are so determined to continue speaking, then you may join me on the ship.. and it is your majesty to you.. the princess is my sister, not me." she turned and approached her ship, not looking back once to see if he would follow or if her sister had left the clearing. "your choice, prince Hino." she repeated, waiting at the door to her ship once more
Sent at 1:12 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: He grumbled under his breath but he was also a diplomat so he would do as his duty required. It was something his sister had not been forced to learn but he had taken to it easily so he was pushed into it. "My apologies your Majesty." his voice was stern and kurt but he would try his best to be respectable. He followed the queen into her ship, being sure to quickly take in his surroundings undetected. he searched for guards and other wardings, he searched for traps and feeds off the planet.
Sent at 1:15 PM on Tuesday
me: "Find anything useful?" Ayeka asked him as she closed the door behind them. "It is all an illusion anyway, you think we would allow Demons any foresight into our technology?" she sat in a chair and offered on to him. "I am not sure what answers you seek, but I have none to give you." Her communicator rang and she picked it up. "Sasami? Good. Remain at ease, I will joing you shortly." SHe hung up the communicator and took the sight of him in. "Now. What can I do for you?"
Sent at 1:19 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "I need to know why you are here. Especially since you have been gone for so long. these people have moved past what you left them." He did not take the seat offered to him. He knew it could appear as rude but he didnt trust her.

me: "Like I said, our affairs do not concern Demons. Trade between our nations has been ceased since RYoko's time." she bit the name off with a slight disgust in her voice. "With no other legal bindings between our peoples, I see no reason to offer any informaiton. We have landed with two permits and are leaving very soon." she rose then. "if you dont mind, I need to prepare for my sisters return." she waved a ahnd and he was once more outside of the ship, locked from entering
Sent at 1:24 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: He growled loudly in frustration. something was up and he didnt like it. he cloaked his energy and presence and decided he would do stake out the area to wait and see what it was the Princess was bringing back.
Sent at 1:25 PM on Tuesday
me: He could hear two femaa=le voices returning one very familiar. "She really wants to see me?" Sasako asked sasami. "She does.. it is very important. It will only be a breif visit is all." Sasami replied, walking beside Sasako. "Well.. if you say so." she said, approaching the ship with sasami
Sent at 1:28 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: yuki reached out and placed a hand on Sasako's shoulder from the shadows. "Well looks like the princess has returned. Tell me, what are you planning to do with Sasako Muyo?" he was still in his royal garb, giving him an elegance that seemed to be hidden most of the time, a regalness that shone almost as bright as the sun it self.
Sent at 1:30 PM on Tuesday
me: Sasako and Sasami both seemed surprised at his sudden appearance. "Yuki, you startled us." Sasako joked, elbowing him. Sasami remained quet, not looking Yuki in the eye. "I ap-apologize. This is a Juraian state matter and.. I-I am not allowed to divulge any details." Sasami said quietly.
Sent at 1:31 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: Yuki narrowed his eyes slightly. "I apologize but you can not take this girl anywhere. She is under Demon protection." He was trying to political and not divulge that he and she were involved.
Sent at 1:33 PM on Tuesday
me: "Please, don't make this harder than it has to be." Sasami said quietly, she looked up at him then her blue eyes clear and direct. "I am not taking her anywhere, please refrain from getting involved in our Jurian business, sir." Sasako looked bewteen the two. " " her eyes widened. "Wait.. wait a second.. you are Jurian!?"
"Yes, Lady Sasako. We have important matters to speak with you about if you will follow me.."
Sent at 1:34 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: Yuki's hand did not move from Sasako's shoulder. he was set on keeping her where he could keep an eye on her. He didnt trust the Jurians. not because he was raised too but the dealings he had had with them when he was a child was enough to put a bad taste in his mouth.

Sent at 1:36 PM on Tuesday
me: "Please... my Lord this is not under your jurisdiction. Demon protection or not, there is no intent to harm this girl. You need proof of demon protection in order to follow her into negotiations." Sasami got quiet again, she was not liek her sister, unable to bear the weight of Yuki's strong gaze on her. "Will you proof?"
Sent at 1:38 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: Yuki grumbled and slid back into the shadows. he didnt have anything legit to prove his protection over her and knew it was futile to fake it with them. it would end up benefitting no one. He decided he would wait in the shadows outside for her to return from the meeting.
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me: Sasako smiled at him. " I will be right back." she said, turning to enter the ship. It felt like hours before she returned, and when she did she was breahting heavily, her eyes glowing orange. She gasped and fell to her knees, grabbing her chest tightly. The Jurian ship rmained still adn silent, no one else exiting
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averylynne1: Yuki ran over to Sasako and knealed down next to her. "Are you ok?" he whispered to her.
me: "Yeah... just.. a little.. tired is all." she fell forward in his arms. "mmm kinda sleepy. Xan you take me home?" she asked, wrapping her arms aroudn his neck.
Sent at 2:04 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "yeah i'll take you home." he picked her up in a cradle position. He looked at the ship one last time of the Jurians and they appeared back at Sasako's house in her room. He gently aid her down her bed. Gently he stripped her of her clothing and dressed her in her pj's before pulling the blankets up to her chin.
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me: "Oh my God.. you are almost acting like a dad now.. mmm I am screwing an old man.. an old hot sexy man.. but still." she smiled, her humor still apparent even though she seemed tired. "Yuki, if I run away with you.. will I ahve to be a demon Queen?" she asked, sitting up slowly. "will I have to leave everything here behind?"
Sent at 2:13 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: He was caught off gaurd by her sudden questions. he looked at her blankly for a moment before sitting down on the edge of her bed. " You would only be a queen if i became king. you would still have freedoms to go and come as you please to anywhere you wanted. But yes you would have to leave Earth for some time." His voice was quiet and soft, almost distant
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me: She gazed at him with her glowing orange eyes, and reached out to run a hand down his cheek. "I know you do not want to lead your people.. but.. maybe it is time for you to do so. I think you sister has many things on Earth she does not want to leave." She scooted closer to him and kissed him softly. "But, we can talk about it later.. I need to decide what I am going to do about my Dad.. I may need to leave him against his will"
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averylynne1: He nodded his understanding. "What did you and the Jurian's talk about?" he asked in the same voice.
Sent at 2:18 PM on Tuesday
me: "Just me.. my magics as the orb.. and my descendent as a direct line to a branch family of the royal throne. I knew abotu it already.. " she sighed. "You are the only one who really wants me for jsut me though.. all I have are you and Avery.. everone sees me as the orb.. or a commodity to be bought and sold. " she sighed. "But, I love you.. I cannot help it. when I am eighteen, hell.. even sooner ask me to marry you. I promise to say yes." she said with a wide grin
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averylynne1: he chuckled at her. "I love you too Little Red. i always will. i dont know why though you are a child afterall and i am a pedo." he winked at her and ran a hand through her hair. "you should sleep. you look drained. "
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me: "mm fine. but you have already screwed me silly pedo." she said with a grin, laying against him. SHe fell asleep at ease,((they are too damned cute. what should we do next? should we work on nagi and kammy and maybe have kammy cheat on Nagi? it is so possible with the chemistry between kaitryn and kamryn))

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averylynne1: Noboyuki gently laid Sasako down pulling the blankets back up. He lightly kissed her on her forehead as not to wake her up before returning to his ship to work on some paperwork about the happenings of the day.

me: Back on the Jurian ship, Ayeka sighed. "Sasami.. you need to get yourself together.. you are housing Tsunami.. and you are floundering before a demon prince. what is wrong with you? " Sasami sighed, slammign her hadns on the table. "I know.. but I don't deal with other races like you.. besides.. now we need to know what the demon and the human lin is.. Sasako was very reluctant. " Ayeka smiled. "Then, before we leave we need to figure it out. this will be your job." "WHAT? My job? " "Yes, yours. I have to deal with the sister as well."
Ayeka rose and began scanning for informaiton on Nagi Hino as well, it had been a long time since demons and Jurians had dealt with one another.. Ryoko had seen to that.
Back on Yuki's ship, Ryoko walked out form the back, yawning. "Gods.. I try to sleep for a few weeks and the Jurians show up.. what have you and y our sister been doing here anyway?"


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averylynne1: "Surveying mom. Like you told us too." he said with ease, it was always the same. every planet they went to Ryoko would try to sleep for a few weeks, some other race would show up and wake her up. he was typing away on the main console on the bridge of the ship.
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me: "But the Quene and the little Princess here at the same time.. we need to know why. Jurai has been hadns free of thisplace ever since Tenchi left.." she looked thoughtful. "Investigate their intentions, I will follow up with Jurai off planet. Think you can handle a Juraian Queen and Princess without killing yourself?" she asked with a teasing smile
Sent at 2:34 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "it would take a lot more than those two to me out. i alread did the examinations of their top power limit, combined they could give me a good fight, but not alone." he seemed almost dismissive of Ryoko. She was his mom but he had raised himself and didnt have much attachment to her as he would of liked to have had. "I can handle them. But i think i already know why they are here." he continued to type stoping every now and then to run some processes on things and read up on previous data.
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me: "AH so?" she said off handedly. "If you know it all then do what you will. I have things to do on my own time. Be a good boy" she added, vanishing from the hold. Honoka remained ever watchful. "If you know why the women are here, then they pose or should pose no threat to you. Jurians are not the most powerful of beings.. at least... not as they used to be. "

averylynne1: He sighed and sat back in the chair and hung his head over the back of the chair. so much had happened recently regaurding something to do with him directly lately that it was hard to keep up with everything. "Why here? Why now? Why ME?!" he asked of the shadows of the ship.
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me: "Crying like a baby?" Honoka prodded. "You are a black eyed demon, your fate is always entangled. Your sister has her own to deal with.. at least you only have one woman on your hands instead of two. You are warring for the throne my grandson, so you better begin your battle."
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averylynne1: "what if i decide i dont want to be king?: he spun the chair around to look right at her. He was not one to give up on anything, but the battle for the throne had been present hs entire life. after thousdans of years it seems almost not worth it anymore.
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me: "Because of who you are.. you and your sister both have equal right.. but with two black eyed demons.. there will be the instinct to fight for leadership. I t must be decided now while there is still time. If you relinquish then you do.. but you must say it to your sisters face.. and the black eyed demon blood inside of you wont be satisfied.. you know that.. " Honoka continued to gaze at him with leisure, always at ease before him. "If you do nothing to quell your nature, or to feed it.. it will consume you.. and you will end up hurting your human.. is that your wish?"
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averylynne1: "i would never hurt her!!" he was on his feet now inches from her face. he had once been on a path of death and destruction when he first discovered what he was but he had tamed that beast long ago. "things are not as they once were. your time was long ago, much has changed."
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me: Honoka merely laughed. "You think you have tamed the beast..? mmm I see. With that memory from your past fresh in your mind.. touching her.. hurting her.. don't for a minute think that the beast will be silent forever. She brings out the fire in you, boy.. just as mates do. But being human.. her body is much more fragile.. the danger.. riding the edge.. will I break her? that excitement is not easily forgotten."
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averylynne1: he growled at her. "you presume to know me. you know nothing of me. i control the fire, i know my limits with her. some of us discovered what we were long before we should of and have dealt with the rabidness. that thousands of years old. I was different then, a boy, hyped up on the crazy power that the Black beast gives, hiding it from everyone. i can not, and will ot hurt her." he growled at her still, every word had been pushed out between clenched teeth.
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me: "You are still very young, oh so very young." she said. "And what of her? SHe will die.. and age.. just like any humna.. a ball of magical energy or not." Honoka turned again to face him. "The battle for this throne is larger than you can imagine. You sister is another player.. but Kaeitryn DeaMonte.. she has claim of her own as well.. a demon powerful enough in her own right. The battle has begun.. the only one who has been close to mating is your sister.. the throne cannot remain empty for long.. Keiko was the last great leader.. and it has been generatons since a King or Queen has sat upon that throne." SHe stepped back into the shadows. "Do us a favor.. and open your eyes to the truth.. no you are not drunk on the power.. but that power is always there.. and it is primal.. deep and primal.. and can take you over easily in the heat of a moment."
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averylynne1: he threw a chair at the shadows where Honoka had been. "Fucking witch." he grumbled and paced the room a few times before flopping back down in his chair. he pulled up the video image of Sasako's room. back before their relationship had taken off as rapidly as it had he had placed a very tiny almost micro-scopic camera in her room. He felt as though he truely could protect her if he could verify she was ok at night when he wasnt with her. But it weighed on his mind that she was human, jurian blood, orb or not she would age and die long before he would grow old.
Sent at 3:11 PM on Tuesday
me: Back in her room, Sasako sighed and flopped on her bed again. SHe was alone in the house.. her father gone, not even the stupid elf to keep her company. "What am I even doing..?" she asked herself aloud. She pulled her large t shirt off and winced, gently touchign her bruised side. "mmm.. I guess htat is to be expected after being thrown in to a wall.." she muttered, she slid her pants off as well and knelt before her drawers, pulling out undies, a simple black bra and putting them on. She winced again. "maybe I should get Avery to heal these before I see Yuki again.." she muttered, continuing to look for clothes. of course, she was unaware of the camera
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averylynne1: he scowled. how was it he had not noticed those before or the pain they had caused. he was selfish. he knew he would need to talk to her, but he wasnt sure what to say or how to say it. she needed to know exactly what it entailed for her to be with him. the power surges that would happen, the transformation on the full moons, and on the demon planet they had 2 moons. the short temper and fuse. she needed to know all of it, especially before Honoka got her hands in Sasako;s head and life or his for that matter. He wasnt sure how often the old witch had visited his sister but he knew that once would be too many for either of them and she had already visited him a good handfull of times.
Sent at 3:18 PM on Tuesday
me: Sasako sat back on the edge of her bed, her hands running lightly over her arms. "I can't ever tell him how scared I was of him then.. it would only make him sad.." she shook her head suddenly and grabbed her phone calling AVery. "Meet me at the hosue, I need a favor." she said, hanging up before he could protest. "mmm at least to heal these wounds.." She remained on the bed, waiting for Avery. Sasako knew she had to talk things out with Yuki.. adn she would, after readying herslef
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averylynne1: Avery stared at his phone. he had had quick calls like that before, but never from Sasako. whatever it was she needed it was important. He showed up and knocked on her bedroom door. and waited for her to let him in.
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averylynne1: Yuki watched as sasako sat on her bed waiting for the elf. he was upset again that not only had he hurt her, he had scared her. yet she had said she had liked it when he was rough. he was confused and concerned.
me: "Ah? Avery? Come in" she said, sitting up. "she waited for him to come in, then threw her shirt and pants off, pointing at the dark marks on her sides, back , shoulders and legs. "Please do your healy stuff.. I need to see Yuki soon.. better he doesnt see this stuff."
Sent at 3:24 PM on Tuesday

averylynne1: Avery was shocked at the marks. "Sasako i Cant keep doing this for you. eventually even my healing wont fix it. your body will become immune to my healing magic. this really should be used only in extreme cercumstances. i'll do it this one last time, and this time i wont ask what they are from. but next time will be a different story. and if he keeps hurting you, i will have him put down like a rabid animal. No one hurts my Sasako." he smiled as he placed his hands on her bruised skin and healed eachone from the inside out

me: She seemed surprised at his reaction. avery..? Are you.. worried about me?" she smiled wide. "thanks. but it is ok. It was an accident is all.. he didn't mean to hurt me. You know he isn't like that.. I trust him with my life." she stretched her limbs and tested them, swirling her arms. "mm! good as new! thank you!" she grabbed a black tank top and shrugged into it, then slid into some dark denim skinny jeans before placing some converse sneakers on. "I am a big girl now, you know. I will come home with a few bruises.. its not like Twister never hit me a few times." she commented off offhandedly. "But thanks for caring, you are the only one besides him to do so for me."
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averylynne1: "Sasako, your father cares about you. he just has a strange way of showing it." He patted her on the shoulder. "big girl or not he is bigger than you. even on accident you should not allow yourself to be hurt by him. one day it could lead into something a lot more dangerous."

Sasako looked down breifly. "I know he is dangerous.. but I love him.. I can't help it." she moved closer to Avery leaning against him "Please understand.. even if I get hurt.. I wont regret it.. I need at least your support in this."

me: Sasako looked down briefly. "I know he is dangerous.. but I love him.. I can't help it." she moved closer to Avery leaning against him "Please understand.. even if I get hurt.. I wont regret it.. I need at least your support in this." She stood up then. "I am going out to see him, just make somethign up for my dad k?" she said with a smile, heading for her door

averylynne1: "anything for a princess like you." he teased. ever since she was a child he had called her a princess. he waved her out the door.
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me: "ooo I like that name, have something ready for me to eat later then butler." she teased back, grabbing a leather jacket as she headed out of the house and to the spaceship. She entered easily as she was always able to do, phasing through the door to enter Yuki's main computer room. "mmm working this late?" she asked casually, taking off her jacket, happy that the bruiseson her arms were now all gone, Yuki would never have to know about them
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averylynne1: when she had left her room he had closed out of the camera program. "always working sweetheart." he spun his chair around and smiled at her.
me: "well maybe you need a break? sorry to jsut drop by. things have been crazy since I was gone, but I thought we could talk now since i am back and out of my crazy dads club" she dropped herpurse as well and sat in a chair across from him drawing her slender legs up under her chin as she looked at him
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averylynne1: "you do something to me when you do that. you look so young and innocent." he smiled and traced her but with his eyes.
Sent at 3:52 PM on Tuesday
me: "Me? young and innocent?" she laughed and sat upright, though she keot her knees drawn up. "I am a sixteen year old girl.. as awesome as I am in bed I can only change so much. sorry old man.. did I shatter your dreams?" she teased, gazing at him intently
Sent at 3:53 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "mmm if this is a dream i never want to wake up." he eyed her like a piece of meat for a second teasingly and licked his lips like a predator.
Sent at 3:54 PM on Tuesday
me: She just raised an amused eyebrow at her "you and you hunting.. you did say you liked to make them cry-" she paused in mid sentence, looking down at her knees. "sorry.. that.. that wasn't really you.. that was.." she sighed. "Sorry.. it happned yesterday for me.. so I am still sorting it out a bit.."
Sent at 3:55 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: he sighed and scooted the chair closer to her. "I scare you dont i?" he whispered while rubbing her knee and watching his hand move, not making eye contact with her. he knew he was a monster but every girl he had ever been with had been from an immortal race and could easily heal themselves, none had ever been as fragile as a human was until she came along
Sent at 3:58 PM on Tuesday
me: She was silent for a moment before answering. "You scared me. As in the past you. I.. I didn't know if you would kill me or not.. especially when you.. when you took me from behind.. it hurt a lot. But that.. that was you in the past. I am not afraid of you now." she said, looking at him intently. Though she was honest, there was definently a slight uncecertaintly in her voice. "I know it will be dangerous.. but it is a risk I am willing to take with you. If you will let me"
Sent at 3:59 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "i dont want to loose you or hurt you, but sassy, i'm a monster, an alien to you...... immortal." the last word was spoken barely above a whisper. he hung his head. he didnt want to let her go but he feared what he could do to her, and feared the day that she passed of old age and he lived on still in his youth.
Sent at 4:02 PM on Tuesday
me: "I could.. find a way to be immortal you know. I mean.. my best friend is the mate of the King of the vampires.. there si always a way.." She took his hands in hers. "Monster or not, you are mine..all of you, your past included."
Sent at 4:04 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: Sasako we already found that you cant be made immortal because of the orb you carry. everything would be barrowed time for you." he looked at her. he loved her, and strangely she loved him. he squeezed her hands slightly. "Sasako, i have a serious question for you."
Sent at 4:07 PM on Tuesday
me: "srious?" she looked up at him and dropped her knees, sitting upright and intent. "what is it...?"she was unsure of what to expect
Sent at 4:10 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "what im about to ask you you have to want with everything you are, and i mean everything, there can be no doubt in your mind about it. do you understand?"
me: "Ok.. stop scaring me and jsut spit it out." she said, though she had grown up faster than normal children, she was still a young girl, and she could feel the weight of his words resting on her shoulders
Sent at 4:12 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: " i.....i want to.....i want....i want to mate you. will you be my mate for life?" he looked her striaght in the eyes. he knew that this would be huge for sasako, she was neither immortal or from a race that mated. "if you accept...your body, soul, and everything about you would belong to me for as long as you live. you would bare my children. and that fire that drives you crazy when you are with me will be more intense stronger than anything you have ever felt in your life. the ritual will put a huge strain on your body anf your mind and could be extremely painfull for you," he wanted her to know what it completely entailed. "some have died during the mating ritual because they could not handle the strain."
Sent at 4:16 PM on Tuesday
me: She gripped his hands tighter and looked away. "I.. " she bti her lower lip, trying to decide, it was not something to decide lightly "If.. if you will have me.. I will." she said, her voice was quiet at first, but then she looked into his eyes. " I will do it."
Sent at 4:18 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "i want everything that you are. I would give you my immortality if it were possible." he pulled her tightly to him and gentle yet passionate hug. he could hear her heart racing and could feel his body reacting with excitement. for him this was greater than marrige, people got married all the time in both of thier worlds but that was different then choosing your life mate, that was a ritual that boundd souls together for eternity.
Sent at 4:21 PM on Tuesday
me: SHe smiled wide and wrapped her arms around him. "I am happy.. as long as I can be with you.. even if this mating ritual is painful.. I will bear it for us." she pulled back from him and then leaned close, catching his lips with her own, probing his mouth with her tongue "You will have to distract me from any pain I think." she said teasingly, running a nail down his jawline. "so.. how do we go about doing this ceremony/".
Sent at 4:23 PM on Tuesday
me: ?*
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averylynne1: "it can be a long process, many many hours, and that is if it goes quick. there are something that must be in place for this tow work. It must be a full moon. We must have the first sex in a pool of lavendar and blood vine infused water under the full moon until we both reach climax. from there we must have sex in a field of tall grass. at this second location under the full moon we must mix our blood through series of many cuts to our bodies which must be inflicted by the other. from there we will need to make love again in salt water without healing any wounds. the final session you must be taken in both lower areas of your body at the same time, and you must allow me to release inside of you each time. you can only climax while i am inside you and the middle two locations you can only climax after i have. like i said very complex and potentionally very painfull for you. when our blood mixes you will feel everything i feel on top of what you feel and the same for me until we have both climaxed." he looked down. he was surprised at how easily the ritual had rolled off of his tongue. they had been taught from a young age what the ritual was and how to preform it, and each year they were reminded of it. he never thought that he would have to repeat it to someone else or even use it. but it was obvious that he was leaving something out, something he wasnt telling her.
Sent at 4:37 PM on Tuesday
me: Sasako rememberd the last time he had touched her before traveling to the past, that time.. the one time he had taken her to climax twice she had barely made it out conscious.. "I.. I am up to the challenge.. but.. I do not know how long my body can hold.. it.. it was very intense for me.." she said softly. Her confidence wavered in her ability to pull through btu she wanted to do it for them btoh. "I will try.. is there anything else I need to know.. besides.. wel.. the many many times of sex.. you already took me once from behind.. so it wont be as painful this time.. I jsut need to know as much as I can to be prepared.. so please.. trust me and tell me everything."
Sent at 4:40 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: he sighed. "during the full moon demons tend to transform into a humanoid animal. whatever base their demon is is the shape they take. However with black eyed demons, well we take on the humanoid car shape but he grow larger than our humanoid normal shapes. not only do we grow but we also take on slightly more rabid animal features. this could severly hurt you sasako. your resolve is what will carry you through this, but you can have no doubt, no doubt at all, and no fear." he locked eyes with her again. he could tell she wanted to do this for the both of them. it was just going to be hard for him to keep in mind during the ritual that she was human and fragile.
Sent at 4:44 PM on Tuesday
me: "A cat..? like.. with claws...? You won't.. she blushed slightly. get anny bigger down south will you? It is already hard to keep you inside." she teased, elbowing his side. "Even with this I will do it.. I can't say I won't be afraid.. I am only human.. but I can say that I will and am willing to try my best, to do whatever I can to make this work."
Sent at 4:46 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: he nodded. "yes will claws and large teeth. and no i should not grow any more down south." he winked and smiled at her. "your resolve can not faulter Sasako. it must remain strong and true through out. and if you are ready to do this, tonight is the full moon. we would need to start getting things ready, or more so i would need to start getting things ready."
Sent at 4:49 PM on Tuesday
me: "Tonight?" she was surprised at the suddenness of it. Was she truly ready? Sasako stood up and stretched. "Well Yuki.. I guess this is it then. Diving in. I am the daughter of the most feared man who has lead the IGM, I am the holder of all knowledge and power of any and all races that ever were and will ever be. And.. I am a sixteen year old girl that hates to pussy out of anything. elts do this." she said cheerfully.
Sent at 4:50 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: he laughed and pulled her into his lap. how badly he wanted to take her then and there, even his body responded in like, but he knew he couldnt, they could have sex the day of the ritual. but that didnt stop him from wanting her. "you are too cute."
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me: "I try my best for you, baby." she said softly, kissing his cheek. "now be good. i need all the rest I can get before you literally fuck me half way to dunday in the next few hours."
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averylynne1: he smiled. "you know where my room is. go get some sleep." he stood up and watched her make her way down the hall to his room. he opened the door the apothacary that was custom on all ships. digging through the many many jars he found the right dosage of Lavendar and blood vine. he closed up the apaocary and made his way to the armory where he found the cermonial knife. it was 10 inches long and inlaid with thousands of fire gems and a single life pearl on one side of the blade near the hilt and a death opal opposite the life pearl. the blade was made of metal only found on a small planet that the demons had claimed thanks to his sister. the metal countered magic. but thanx to the gems that were laid in the metal it was only for a couple hours that the person would not be able to heal the wounds inflicted by the metal instead of it just outright killing them or stripping them of their maagic.
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me: Honoka appeared from the shadows, watching him. "You made a hard choice.. I am glad you are sticking to it. I cannot guarantee the safety of this human.. over half the demons who go through the trial die.. but I admire both of you resolves." She glanced at the blade, admiring the craftsmanship. "If nyone could do it.. it is that human.."
Sent at 5:03 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: he looked at her. this was a process even his parents had not completed. the last time it had been done with success was when Keiko had done it. "i know you can promise nothing. you cant interfere with the ritual." he looked at the blade again. "why do you say she can do it?"
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me: Honoka smiled. "She may be human.. but she is magic in and of itself.. if she can.. I believe she can find the strength.. the strength to overcome the mating trial." Honoka pulled a bone out of her hair and tossed it to him. "Go, if she survives, grind this and offer it to her. It will give her the immortality of a demon, without taking aaway her human nature. This is a gift I offer as a grandmother.. one given, and only once."
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averylynne1: he caught the bone and stared at it. He had heard that there was away to give her the immortality needed but it was normally a long and dangerous process. "I thought it wasnt possible due to her being the orb." he looked up at Honoka. she could see the gratefullness the was bright in his eyes.
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me: "The orb.. hm... I am older than she is by millenia, grandson. There are always ways around that man's magics." she laughed to herself and vanished, just as the moon began to rise in the sky. though sasako woudl not get much slepe, the tiem at last had arrived for the ritual
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averylynne1: he watched Honoka go. he wasnt sure if he would see her again as this had seemed to be what she had been pushing him towards. "thank you." he whispered to the shadows. " he slid the herbs into his pocket and the knife to his belt. he walked into his room and looked at the sleeping form of the woman he was about to make his completely. he took his boots and socks off and his shirt. he took a deep breath. "sasako....wake up sweetheart. it's time." he saw the moon getting highter in the ske, he wasnt sure how long he was going to be able to hold the transformation at bay. once sexually engaged on the full moon there is no controling it.
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me: Sasako rose slowly from the bed, rasing her arms over her head in a long stretch. She smiled sweetly at him, the full force of her youth illuminated by the moon light. "lets go.. the longer we wait, the more the nerves will sneak up on me." shew said. She took him by the hand and waited for him to guide her. even though she smiled, the slight trremble in her grip was evident. "I will do my best Yuki I promise.. so.. if I get scared.. just slap me back in my place ok?"
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averylynne1: "oh course" he smiled at her. he gave her shaking hand a gentle squeeze before they disappeared from his room and the ship. they reappeared next to a small isolated fresh water pond. he released her hand and walked to the edge of the water. he pulled the herbs out of his pocket. he whispered a few words in a language Sasako would never have heard before. he dropped the lavendar into the water. the purple of the lavendar seemed to swirl in the water a few times before fading back to the blackness of the night. He whispered a few more words in the same language and dropped the blood vine into the pnd. the red of the vine swirled just as the purple did before fading. he whispered a few more words the purple and red twisted around each other and rose out of the water in a collum before crashing back into the water where they continued to twiste and swirl around eachother. the surface of the water was completely un touched.
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me: Sasako watched in awe at the beautiful yet combative nature of the elements. "It is so beautiful... I hope our mating can give it jsutice.." she whispered, almost unsure of where the words were coming from. "is it ready, Yuki?"
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averylynne1: "yes it is." he slowly walked over to her and gently pulled her with in a few feet of the waters edge. he smiled down at her and leaned in to kiss her gently and quickly. his kiss he had intended to be just a quick peck turned deeper and full of a passion he was unsure of where it came from. when he pulled away he was panting, something that had never happened to him. he trailed kisses down her jaw line, nibbled on her ear before nipping roughly at her shoulder.
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me: His touch was hto like fire, and her body responded immediately, trembling under his touch. "Yuki.." she whispered, tilting her neck to expose her throat to him, eyes closed in pleasure at his gentle nips and porbing kisses. SHe felt as if a tide was rising in her, and the water called to them both. "Take me into the water.." she said breathlessly, ppulling her tank top over her head. "and get these clothes offof me.. I feelhot.."
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averylynne1: he growled deep in his chest as the animalistic desire started to rise and boil his blood. he ripped her jeans off of her as quickly as he could. as he worked her bra off his tail pulled her underware off. it took him only seconds the strip her. he pulled her to him and hissed at the heat of their bare chests touching. slowly almost painfully slow he inched them towards the water. they had to create a very little ripple in the water when they first entered it as to not disturb the herbs magic.he bit her shoulder again and again, each nip getting more needy and rough. "you'll be mine." he whispered
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me: Sasako clung to him, her nails digging into his back. "not.. so.. ah! fast" she moaned, trying to keep from trembling in his arms. He was biting deep, it felt as if each bite went deeper than the one before it. "Please tell me I don't have to wait until you cum before I can.. " she breathed against his neck, wrapping her legs around his hips. "I don't know if I can be patient enough," her words were almost a growl. The magics had already worked their way into her system, burrowing deep into the pit of her soul to bring out the animal that even she carried inside
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averylynne1: "not this time." he growled back to her. he used his tail to slip out his pants and boxers before very slowly sliding the two of them into the water. as soon as the water hit his skin he felt the moon's light hit his body. he felt the chage slowly starting to take place. the desire building higher and higher inside of him. he so badly wanted to be inside her. he gasped slightly as he felt the magic of the herbs surround his manhood coaxing him harder and hared, harder than he had ever been in his life. the magic worked it's way deep inside his manhood causing his blood to boil. he could only imagine what was happening to Sasako. he knew he had to let the magic work before he could enter her but the paitence was painfull.
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me: Sasako's body shook in his arms, it was as if she was awash in the moment of climax already. The water was doing strange things to her, it was all she could do but hold herself together. "Yuki. if you dont touch me soon.. I will burst." she whispered in a half begging voice. SHe leaned up and trailed her tounge along his left earlobe, nipping it as she felt his body slightly shift under her. "mmmm you are chaning.." she whispered, "show me.. let me see what your body can do to me." a danerous phrase to say, but the words just came from her almost unbidden.
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averylynne1: he growled baring huge fangs and black glowing eyes. his nails had already changed into long dangerously sharp claws. he could smell that the magic had finished and he didnt wait another second. with no warning he burried himself deep inside of her. all the way to his hilt. he could feel her sex spasming around him and it felt almost too good to be true. he gripped her shoulders with his hands his claws creating pin pricks in her skin drawing blood.
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me: A scream tore out of Sasako as he entered her, she already had begun to climax. SHe squeezed herself around him, willing herself to wait.. her body still contracted, and sensation washed over her.. but she managed to get herself under control.. She looked at his face with half lidded eyes, and reached out, tracing the line of his jaw, admiring his sharp teeth, she could feel the pain from his claws where he gripped her. "Yuki.. you.. you look magnificent.." she whispered, gasping again as he moved his hips. "Shit!" SHe leaned against him, panting. "I can't hold it.. just.. just move.. please.. just move!" she rolled her hips, moaning as he stretched and filled her, back arching, magics churning beneath them and in their bodies
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averylynne1: he panted heavily. the pull was something he had not expected. he could feel his body reaching his climax, it felt as though his body was going to burst as he released. "Sasako....." he growled between teeth. his hair grew slightly longer and more wild. the muselces in his arms, and chest and back bulged with new strength. he slid almost out of her before slamming back into her over and over again harder and harder. he was not going to last much longer at this rate. he picked up the speed.
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me: ]Black dots filled her vision.. she shook her head to clear them. She had to be strong for Yuki. "she closed her eyes tight and squeezed him with all of her might, crying out as an intense orgasm ran through her body. She shook and shook, almost unable to stop herself. She gripped onto him, biting down hard on the soft tissue betweeh his shoulder and neck to keep from crying out.
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averylynne1: he raored loudly as she bit down on the soft spot. as she squeezed around him his release came quickly and completely without warning. his body jerked and shook with violence. he threw his head back and looked at the moon before almost howling as he came a second time inside her. he could feel his release fill her deeper that she had ever been. it was almost as though he had come in her sould rather than her body. he fell back against the soft dirt wall of the pond and held her tightly with his tail to keep her from sinking into the water.
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me: She was glad for his tail, since her body felt weak and tired.. though almost strangely she felt a sense of energy building within her. "Yuki.." she breathed between panting breaths. "We have to do a field next.. ..with..cutting? " she slowly sat up against him, running her hands through his longer hair. "I trust you.. I do.. so lets do this.. I want to be mated with you as soon as possible"
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averylynne1: he nodded. it was hard for him to speak at the moment the double orgasm had made him feel weak. he lifted her out of the pond onto the bank. he climbed out and sighed as the cool air hit his boiling skin. it felt good. and surprised him was that he was ready to again already. something he had never expierenced. he picked up the knife and walked back to Sasako. "come my little red." he extended a hand to her.
me: She walked slowly to him, wobbling slightly on her feet. "How deep do we have to cut each other?" she asked, drawing herself closer to him. She still felt warm, but the cool air felt wonderful against her skin, as if the heat of the pond was beign washed away
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averylynne1: "not very. only enough to draw blood but not leave scars." he led her down a small path from the pond into a clearing where there was a small feild with grass that came up to his waist. he pulled her to the center of the field and drew the knife. he set the knife on the ground and motioned for Sasako to lay on her back in the grass next to the knife.
me: She did as she was told, lookign up in wonder as the tall grass almost encased her, leaving only a view of the stars and the full moon. "DO it Yuki.. cut as much as you like.. I promise not to cry"

averylynne1: "each cut must be done after the other. we must trade off." He slid inside her again. as he did so he lightly cut her stomach, just enough to bleed. he handed the knife to her. " we must cut until we climax. then we must mix our blood."
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me: SHe nodded slowly, biting her lip as she drew the knife across his skin. SHe watched his l=blood slowly spill out of the cut and then handed him the knife. "keep moving.. I want to feel you.. nto the pain of the knife.."she said, pressing her body closer to his, careful to avoid mixing blood
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averylynne1: he started pumping into her faster and harder. "if the blood mixes before climax, it is no big deal. just at the end we rub ourselves against the other." he cut her chest this time. he made sure to hit pressure points with each cut to help elimate her pain during this ritual.
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me: Sasako shivered and grit her teeth. The pleasure washed through the b=pain but the slight stinging sensaton still remained. "I.. I won't hold on much longer.. let me try to cut you.. at" she said.. gasping as he moved inside of her. She cut along his forearm, gasping as a wave of pleasure poured through her, cutting almost too deep. "sorry..better..hurry" she said breathlnessly, her eyes turning hazy
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averylynne1: her body tightening around him as she fought to hold back her climax made him unable to contol his release. he came hard inside her. his body jerked with the release and he cut her once more during his climax on her thigh.
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me: Sasako cried otu his name, and wrapped her arms around him, pinning herself against him, rubbign the blood they both spilt together. Her body shuddered once and she went limp against him, gasping, tryign to stay awake. "Yuki.. so.. weak..." She clung to him, her pure willpower keepign her afloat through sensation. "One more.. in salt water.. lets do it quickly before the blood dries.."
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averylynne1: "yes my love my love." he stood up and picked her up he knew she would not be able to walk on her own. "stay with my Sassy. you must be strong." he whispered to her as they returned to the pond they had been in before. he whispered a few words and the water was pure again. a few more words and the water had a bit more salt in than the standard earth oceans. "this is going to be the worst part, baby."
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me: SHe let out something between a gasp and a squeak as her cuts hit the water. She felt the tears forming in her eyes but willed them to stop. She leaned forward, biting his hard on his shoudler again. "inside.. now" she whispered. Climbing onto him, the water makgin it easy to float where she needed. "Take the pain away.. please" she begged, rolling her hips, gripping him tightly to fight the pain running through her limbs
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averylynne1: he growled again as she bit him, he could feel that she had drawn fresh blood, and that excited him. the sting of the salt water on the cust made it almost impossible to think clearly. He nodded. he slid inside her again with more ease then before. he thrusted into her a few times before very slowly and very gently he pushed his tail into her other whole. "so..rry" he grunted out as he thrusted both tail and manhood at even paces deep into her body
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me: Her body tensed around him and for a moment fear flashed in her eyes. SHe went dead still and breathed very slowly, the fear ebbing. "its.. ok.. keep going.." she said softly, her eyes suddenly a very burning orange. "At least its your tail this time." she teased, wincing as he filled her. "It.. hurts.." she whimpered, head falling onto his shoulder. "but dont stop.. sont stop"
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averylynne1: he felt bad that he had to do this to her. she was too young for her body to really accept this type of pain and the much stretching. one so young should not have to endure a double penetration like this. "so sorry sassy." he breathed as he picked up the pace trying to drown the pain with pleasure. he was sure to roll his hips while inside of her. he reached down with his thumb and massaged her clit as he thrusted into her. he was going to come soon. and needed her with him.
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me: His fingers touching her send a shcok through her body, "woah..!" she breathed, shivering."there.. don't stop.." she moaned, tossing her head back, her hair as blood red as the mingling liquids of their skin glimmered in the moonlight like a black fan abotu her, her body was slick with blood and sweat. SHe began to pant, her hips moving eagerly towards him, the pain almsot forgotten. "Yuki.. I. I feel you!" she said in amazement, beginning to feel what his body felt, she growlwed, her eyes flashing orange as she attacked his mouth with her own, her body tightening aorund him easgrly as she approached the edge
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averylynne1: he released inside her again and again and again as she tightened around him. he could feel everything she felt atop of his own pleasure. he devoured her mouth as her lips and tongue met his. he broke the kiss to howl her name to the moon. "Sasa.....ko!!!!!"
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me: SHe felt her body go taut, it was as if a thousand fireworks had gone off in the pti of her stomach, her orgasm sang thoguh her cells, and she thought she heard a scream, but couldnt be sure if it was from her own lips, she blacked out breifly before coming to, leanign against his shoudlers. "" she breathed, "I.. I can't.. feel.." her head lolled to one side as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. "b-bite me.."she whispered. "I'm gonna.. pass out.."
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averylynne1: he leaned foward and with extended sharper than normal teeth he bit deep into her shoulder.
me: SHe cried out in pain adn pleasure, her eyes snapping open. "th-thank you.. is it.. finished.. are we.. done?"
Sent at 6:52 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "we are done. but i am not sure yet if we are mated or not. it doesnt happen much in my race anymore. 85% who try die in the process. so i am not sure." he pulled out of her and lifted them both up onto the bank of the pond. he kissed her forhead gently and every cut and bruise from the night healed up instantly through her body.
me: As she began to speak with him again, he would notice it was in the demon tounge. "Well. I lived.. so maybe I think.. we are.. I mena.. I feel you liek you are inside of me still.. like you are callign out to me.. its amazing.."

averylynne1: his jaw dropped in amazement. he had never heard of someone outside of the demon race being able to speak the demon language. and very few still could. those raised in the old way were fluent, and it was required of the royal families to be so that the language never died.
me: "What?" she asked, she reached over and shut his mouth "I know I am the hottest thing like ever to be seen but seriously.."
"Are.. are you ok?"

averylynne1: " are speaking my language..." he stared at her still surprised. he had answered her in the demon language. suddenly he felt as though his soul was being pulled into hers. it was such a strange feeling. the animal features had faded but his eyes remained as black as night.
me: Sasako reached out again, touchign his face. "AM I? I didnt even notice." she kissed him softly, feeling it deeply "mmm I could get used to this.. it is like you and me are one person.. I love it!"

averylynne1: "so could i." he tackled her gently in the sand kissing her deeply and passionately. he could feel it doubled making him moan into the kiss.
me: "I love you, Yuki... always and forever" she spoke in her own native tounge this time, but the words didnt hold any less meaning. She had done it, survived the mating ritual.. and she could be with Yuki until the end of her days.


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averylynne1: averylynne1: " are speaking my language..." he stared at her still surprised. he had answered her in the demon language. suddenly he felt as though his soul was being pulled into hers. it was such a strange feeling. the animal features had faded but his eyes remained as black as night.
me: Sasako reached out again, touchign his face. "AM I? I didnt even notice." she kissed him softly, feeling it deeply "mmm I could get used to this.. it is like you and me are one person.. I love it!"

averylynne1: "so could i." he tackled her gently in the sand kissing her deeply and passionately. he could feel it doubled making him moan into the kiss.
me: "I love you, Yuki... always and forever" she spoke in her own native tounge this time, but the words didnt hold any less meaning. She had done it, survived the mating ritual.. and she could be with Yuki until the end of her days.

me: Sasako felt so alive, even though her body was still strung and tired, she felt invigorated. "So.. its us finally.. mated.. together.. I like it.. makes me feel happy." she held his hands in her own, raising them up to kiss the top of them "Does this mean.. I am technically a princess bride of the demons?"

averylynne1: Yuki smiled. "yes kind of. it has to be made official by an elder. we will have to find one but untill then i still consider it official." the appeared back in his ship in his room and a top of the bed. "more comfy than the hard ground." he chuckled as he held his new mate closer to him. he could feel everything she was

me: Sasako smiled brightly, feeling content. "I am happy that I made the choice to do this.. it was hard.. but I feel grateful that I can finally be your mate." she suddenly thought that it was like marriage and blushed. "I will go back home tomorrow when dad and Avery are out to get my things and move in here.. better they dont know about it"

averylynne1: "Avery will know. well he will figure it out anyways." He sat up. his body ached. he had not had that much strain on his body in years. he swung his feet over the edge letting his bare skin feel the coolness of the floor. "i'll make the needed arrangements here for you to move in. i'm not sure how well this will all go over with mom and others. but fuck them. this is about us not them." he sighed. Looking around the room he noticed that the bone that Honoka had given him sat on the corner of his desk. he stood up and walked over stopping to pick up the bone and inspect it closely. he grabbed a glass of water and with ease crushed the bone into the water. he stired the bone dusk and water together until it disolved. He turned to face Sasako.

me: "Even if he knows I dont care.. he cares more abotu me then my own father, so I dont htink he will mind." She found her extra clothes in the closet in his room, grabbing a plain black tee and black leggings. "Hm.. oh water! Thank you! I feel sooo thirsty right now." SHe remembered Yuki had family.. even though he said he didnt care what they thought, she hoped she would be ablwe to get along with them

averylynne1: "uh...." he pondered for a second of telling her or not. "sassy before you drink that i need to tell you something."
me: "Hm? what is it." she asked, setting the glass down after he handed it to her.

averylynne1: " that is not just water. there is magic mixed in." he didnt feel like telling her it was crushed bone, if she chose to drink it then he didnt want her to be turned away from it because it was bone. "the magic is powerfull. it will make you.....immortal. but it is up to you."
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me: "It will what!" She was so surprised she did not know how to react. She almost felt like something had hit her in the pit of her stomach. "Yuki..I.. I am so happy that you are offering this to me.. " she looked at the glass and examined it, her eyes glowing orange. "Bone of the fallen.. " where in the hell did you get something like this?"
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averylynne1: "it was a gift." he handed her back the glass and leaned against the wall next to his door of his room. watching her. he knew she would figure things out due to the power of the orb he possessed. he had been noticing the orb activating more and more often and more powerful.
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me: Sasako looked at the glass intently, and slowly brought it to her lips. "Yuki...I" she paused, looking thoughtful. "I want to drink this.. and some day I will.. btu it can't be today." she looked almost pained to say it, "It is not because I dont want to spend forever with you.. but..something inside of me says it is too early yet.."
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averylynne1: he raised an eyebrow. oddly he had felt that something like this was going to happen. the orb made somethings more complicated then they needed to be. "ok." was all that he said. he took the glass from her and poured it into a bottle. He caped the bottle and dipped it in a pool of hot wax from a candle that was burning on his desk. he set the bottle on a shelf where he knew it would sit collecting dust for however long it took for the voice inside her to decide she could drink it.
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me: SHe stood up and came up behind him, resting her hands on his broad back. "are you angry?" "angry that I didnt drink it?" she asked, her voice unsure
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averylynne1: "no. like i said it was up to you on if you did or didnt." he felt the tattoos on his back shifting under her finger tips. he smiled softly and turned to face her.
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me: She smiled lightly and stood up on her toes to kiss his chest. "Good.. I am happy you will wait for me.." She reached up to tie her hair in a high ponytail, looking suddenly younger. "hm.. now dont this make you feel like an old perverted man?" she asked teasingly, hopping back into bed and slipping under the covers
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averylynne1: "hmmm." a sly smile crossed his face. he lept into the air sailing towards Sasako and the bed. he landed delicately on the bed bairly adding any weight to the bed it self. he immediately started tickeling her as he slipped under the sheets as well.
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me: She giggled furiously, writhing next to him as he teased her. "mmm gives a whole new meaning to whos your daddy?" she wrapped her arms around him and leaned close, closing her eyes and falling asleep soon. Though he had healed her.. the ritual had taken a lot out of her.. her human frame had barely lived through it
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averylynne1: as he felt her drift off into a deep sleep he kissed her lightly on the forehead and slipped off to sleep himself.
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Sasako rose and stretched, yawning widely. She glanced at the clock and saw it was nine am, early enough to get packing done and late enough for her father and Avery to be out at the Red Dragon. "mm I am going home to pack." she whispered to Yuki, stroking the side of his face. " i will be back soon I promise."
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averylynne1: he nodded to her acknowledging her even though his eyes were closed. he had a slight head ache from the strain on his body and his soul from the night before. After she left he sat up and said a few words. His room magically doubled in size, his bed growing to a king size and a second closet was installed. he smiled and sat at the computer panel in his room and started writing his reports about the last 24 hours and what had occured.

me: Sasako made her way back to her house, and snuck in through her bedroom window in case Avery had decided to stick around. "hmm wearing all black I feel like a theif in my own house." she said to herself, grabbing a suitcase and throwing clothes into it. She didnt have too many things, buit she wanted to get as much as she could
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averylynne1: "running away?" Avery was leaning against the door frame of her room peeling and snacking on an orange.
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me: Sasako jumped slightly. "You always do that" she said, hand on a hip. "And yes, I am running away. You gonna be daddy's friend and stop me?" she challenged him, chin high in the air
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averylynne1: "hmmm." he chuckled around a peice of orange. "i do what i want miss thang." he winked and threw a bit of the peal of his snack at her. "you have been busy." he smiled a knowing smile and bit into his orange piece.
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me: "hmmm still doesnt answer my question.." she said, narrowing her eyes at him. SHe kept packing, throwing the last of her clothes into her suitcase. "Twister wont even care that I am gone," she said off ahndedly, glancing at the orange peel he threw. "hmm and you are being mysterious, and violent. I should call child services on you." she teased
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averylynne1: he laughed. "oh please i am no more mysterious than the events you participated in. quite the risk that was wasnt it? I sure hope it was worth it. Wouldnt want you to run away and then come running back to daddy when things dont work out." he winked. "had to say the dad stuff, ya never know who is listening. but seriously it was a risk and you really should be more careful. Sassy, he is a demon and not just a demon or the prince of demons but a black eyed demon. just dont want to loose you. that would be heartbreaking. Are you running away with him? where you guys going to go? you stay with in reach of Twister he will find you and you will never be free of him."
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me: Sasako was surprised to hear how concerned Avery was. He was always in the backround at her dads side, and sometimes yelled at her for being stupid, but never this. "I will be fine.. he is a black eyed demon.. but I have handled him when he was at his worst and survived.. I will be ok." she slung her back over her shoulder. "I am stayign with him in his ship.. I would like to see Twister come and try and get me and live to tell the tale." she walked to Avery and stood higher, kissing his cheek. "be a good elf, and find yourself a girlfriend before you go stir crazy, you cant tease me anymore." she bumped hips with him and left the house, a big smile on her face
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averylynne1: Avery shook his head. He knew this was not going to be the end of things. Twister would always find away of making things worse. He smiled though. he was happy to see that she was doing something for herself and that made her happy. It was about time she took control of her life.

Yuki wasnt sure of how his mom was going to take a Human living on the ship let alone eventually living on the Demon planet. he looked out a window in one of the halls. the Jurian ship was still parked right next to his. he scowled. he had been monitoring them since Sasako came out but hadnt noticed anything. the royal girls had not once come out of the ship since Sasako.
Sent at 12:54 PM on Sunday
me: Sasako approached the ship and entered, dropping a bag into the new bedroom. "wow.. you decorated fast." she said, openign the bag to put clothes away. She hung up her school uniform on a hanger and put it on a chair. "I have to go to school from tomorrow.. I absolutely hate it but.. gotta graduate." "when do I get to meet them fam?"
Sent at 12:56 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: "when ever they decide to show themselves." he smiled and wrapped his arms around her from behind. "mmm i remember school, though i am sure that your school is very different than what was mine." he released her as he looked out the window at the Jurian ship again. "are you sure you want to live with me?? dealing with one demon is one thing but more than one or even eventually an entire planet and race"
Sent at 1:02 PM on Sunday
me: She shrugged. One demon or fourty or one thousand. I love you and that is what matters to me. Nothing else." she sighed and grabbed her backpack, packing for the next day. "We have to work at internships again for school as a Junior.. I dont know where I want to go.. I dont want to work for my dad again.." she trailed off and looked at him. "You keep lookin at the ship over there.. is it important..? did something happen between you and the girls?"
Sent at 1:04 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: "you could always go into diplomacy." he teased lightly. "The Jurian's and Demons have a very dark history with eachother. I told you about some of it before. But they havent been here in over a hundred years. they show up and their intrest is you. i dont like it. and technically we are here illigally. we have no permits to be here. but i dont like their presence, something is wrong about it."
Sent at 1:07 PM on Sunday
me: Sasako sighed. "They wanted me to go back with them to Jurai but I said no is all. I told them I had no interest in doing so." she sat down on a chair and lounged. "They were nice people though, I liked the younger one. She is going to go to schoolw ith me tomorrow. "
Sent at 1:09 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: "go to school with you?" he raised an eyebrow and spun around. this possibly meant they were planning on staying.
Sent at 1:11 PM on Sunday
me: "Yeah.. she and I got along. We became friends. Her sister is going to man the ship whil e she explores Earth and goes to school." sasako seeemd to be missin gthe big picture, but she did not know much about these alien women. "SO I will meet her in the mornings and go to school together with her."
Sent at 1:13 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: the playfullness left his being. he knew that this was not a good thing, but he didnt want to tell her who she could be friends with and who she couldnt and become like her father. but there was just so many possible things that could go wrong with this situation. "Listen to me Sassy. These women are not who you think they are. They always have an alteria motives. Just be carefull, ok?" he figured the best he could do was warn her and just keep an eye on her.
Sent at 1:17 PM on Sunday
me: Sasako raised an eyebrow at him. "If I hear one more person tell me to be careful.." she sighed, rubbing her eyes. "Yuki alterior motives or not, I like Sasami.. she is cute and nice. My other best friend is the mate of the King of the Vampires, I am mated to you.. my adopted farther is the leader of the IGM with the previous King of the Elves at his side.. I think a girl liek me can handle herself..but thanks for worrying. " she leaned up and kissed him softly. "I will be sure to make sure little sasami doenst stab me in the back"
Sent at 1:19 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: "i'm just saying to keep your eyes open." he smiled softly and kissed her gently back on her lips. they were soft and supple. "mmm i could get used to this." he teased running a hand through her hair, down her neck, along the edge of her breasts, down her side before his hand came to rest on her thigh. he nuzzeled her neck. he felt more attached and closer to her than he had ever felt with her.
Sent at 1:25 PM on Sunday
me: Sasako sighed in pleasure and then leaned forward, biting him gently on his neck. "mmmm awe may be mates but my human body has a limit to how often you and your tail can take me." she teased, pressing herself against him. "I would like to pass Junior year without passing out from exaustion form amazing sex.. as .. exciting as that sounds.." she leaned closer, enjoying feeling like she was one with him.. god.. how would she ever explain her boyfriend to her friends...
Sent at 1:27 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: He discovered a part of the bond he had not been aware of as it had never been written down and no one living had ever made it through the ritual. he could hear her thoughts. "explain me to your friends?? what ever do you mean?" he teased still nuzzeling. how badly he wanted her but he didnt think either of their bodies could handle any more then just this for awhile. he bit her behind her ear light enough to not break skin but hard enough to trigger the pressure point that lay there.
Sent at 1:32 PM on Sunday
me: She gasped and moaned, melting into his arms. "mm you are a bad boy.. you going to drop me off at school on a hot motorcycle and get everyone wondering abotu you?" she asked, oushing him down so he was sitting and she was straddling him. "just girls at school is all.. I cant say that you are a demon you know."
Sent at 1:37 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: "mmm that is very true you cant. How about just som hot College Senior?" he teased. he had read enough human books and see enough of human tv to know that girls always liked the older bad boy boyfriends. "i wouldnt mind dropping you off at school tomorrow if you would let me. do you prefer a motorcycle or nice sleek car?" he teased yet he was willing to do which ever.
Sent at 1:40 PM on Sunday
me: hmmm.. " well I need good hair, so lets go with sleak car." she said. "mm you are spoiling me." she said softly, leaning down to kiss him deeply. "But i love you more for it.. oh! wait.." she sat back up. "you cant drop me off! I promised Sasami to go to schoolw ith her!"
Sent at 1:43 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: "ill drop both of you off." he smiled and pulled her down for a deep kiss again and teasingly rolled his hips against her.
"ill spoil you all i want to." he smiled
Sent at 1:44 PM on Sunday
me: "good.. since I am very selfish." she snuggled into him and sighed. "hmm... so.. now that we are mated, does that mean I have to wear a ring or something?"
Sent at 1:47 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: "only if you want one." he wouldnt mind giving her something to signify that they were together to show off to her friends but it wasnt something that was normal. In demons when they mated you could tell, there was a slight shift in thier energy. but since they were of two seperate races and that her race would not understand the whole mated thing he figured it was something that he could do for her.

me: Sasako sat up and slid off of him, feelign pained at the space but knowing if she kept it up it woudl end up with him adn her on the floor entangled. "You don't need to Yuki.. I. I am sorry.. I am jsut beign a yougn girl is all. you dont need to go out of the blox for me."
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averylynne1: he smiled even though he didnt want to loose the heat of her body but knew that they would have to be a lot more carefull in the coming days to give their bodies time to heal completely. "you cant tell me what i can and can not do when it comes to spoiling the love of my life."
me: "hmm well I will try and not push you." she said, walking to the ship door. " I am going to drop by and see Sasami for a minute, tell her you are giving us a ride to school. I jsut hope she doesnt freak out when she sees you."
Sent at 2:13 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: "she has already seen me." he smiled slightly slyly but hid the smirk that threatened to give him away. Oh he had met the young princess but he also knew that he scared her a little bit. and honestly he was glad he could bestill fear in at least one of the Jurians on Earth. "ill get the car ready for the morning." he sat up and watched her go.
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me: Sasako wondered at his smile, but thought nothing of it. She approached the ship and knocked on the door. "Sasami, its me!" she called. The door slid open, and Sasami amiled softly at her. "good to see you, sasako." "we are going to school tomorrow with Yuki!" she said happily. Sasami's face fell. "With.. the..the demon prince?" she seemed to go pale and swallowed. Her sister had wanted her to infiltrate Sasako's life.. but getting close to the demon was now apparently a aprt of that. "ok see you tomorrow at seven thirty." Sasako returned to the ship and hopped into the bed. "mmmm tomorrow will be so much fun!"
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averylynne1: he had listened to the short conversation between the two girls. he smiled when Sasako came back in. "Get some sleep little miss high school girl." he teased. he slipped out of the room and wandered the halls of the ship as Sasako slept. he just wanted time to think to himself. he really hadnt had much time to just be with himself and think. He had spent most of his life alone aside from his few friends he had growing up and his family. having Sasako in his life now was sudden but yet welcome all the same.
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me: WHen he entered a deeper part of the ship, Tanal would be lounging in a chair, booted foot up lazily, intense eyes glowing in the shoadows. "Yuki.. been quite a while. " he sniffed the air and smiled. "Mated recently have we? she must be made out of stone to survive you and that ritual.. humans can sure surprise you."
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averylynne1: "Tanal....had you planned to let me know you were in the area?" he smiled at his oldest friend. "been a few hundred years, have you been busy?" he teased him he didnt comment on the process of being mated. even though Tanal was his friend he wasnt sure how he would take it or feel that it was with a human.
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me: Tanal shrugged. "Living life.. while you and your sister are out partying on this backwater planet, I am the regeant King in your stead. I was never a King, jsut a general But I don't mind. You two need to find yourselves out here.. and it seems as if you already have." he closed his eyes and inhaled. "mmm she smells liek strawberries. I am happy for you, brother. truly happy."
Sent at 2:29 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: he raised an eyebrow. "find myself?" he had noticed that Sasako did smell like strawberries. and he loved it. suddenly he wanted nothing but to hold her. "Strawberries or not old friend she is my mate. hands off Old Man." he smiled and leaned against the wall next to Tanal. "so why are you here?"
Sent at 2:32 PM on Sunday
me: He smiled wide and raised his hands in the air "Hands off, I swear. I am too old to dive into youth that hardy." he rose then, seemign serious. "I have had reports of Juraian activity in this sector. Now they are here on Earth I have been deployed for immediate surveilance. You and your sister are some of our strongest warriors as well. we are here to see what they are up to."
Sent at 2:35 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: "strong warriors or not, we are doing what we always do, survey, intigrate, conquor. odly i was aware of the Jurian's as they landed, some how they decided to land next to this ship. silly girls. who is king in your stead while you are now here?" he ran a hand through his hair down his neck and massaged his neck a little. the recent adventures had made his whole body stiff.
Sent at 2:39 PM on Sunday
me: "I am still King for the moment, but the library is helping by offering spiritual projections of King Keiko the first.. though her soul is still residing in Nagi, the magic allows her impression to remain strong enough to become physical form for a short while, but no more than a few months at most. She is leading in my stead."

me: "I am still King for the moment, but the library is helping by offering spiritual projections of King Keiko the first.. though her soul is still residing in Nagi, the magic allows her impression to remain strong enough to become physical form for a short while, but no more than a few months at most. She is leading in my stead."

averylynne1: "hmm i see." there had been a sharade for years of Keiko still being in charge until there was someone new to take the throne. "i've been keeping my eye on the girls that showed up. might get a chance to get a little inside on them. Sasako is friends with Sasami and i will be giving them rides to school. so hopefully that will play out for more information. anything else you think you will need or want of me? Minagi is caught up in girl issues so she may not be much help in this."
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me: "Girl issues? your sister?" Tanal just laughed. "Well you are well ahead of her in this game of thrones as it were, as a mated male heir you have first access to the throne now." Tanal sighed and stretched. "I will be keepign my base near the club for now, goo dluck workign with the Jurians.. those women never fuckin talk no matter what you do.. hopefully access through Sasako wil give us an edge."
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averylynne1: "that is what i am hoping for." he knew his sister was preoccupied and wouldnt even blink an eye at the jurians being there or Tanal for that much either. "So.....nothing negative to say about a demon mating with a Human?" he taunted Tanal. he knew the man well enough that he would always have something to say, especially if it came to humans. they were not his favorite race.
Sent at 3:12 PM on Sunday
me: Tanal continued to smile. "Yuki. You are my prince , and as such I will restrain myself. But do not think it smart to taunt me with this choice you have made. Prince or not.. if this human becomes a liability you know what will be done to preserve our people. I give her more respect because she survived the mating ritual.. the girl ahs power and a spirit. But is a human still.. a weak creature who will die without magic to keep her alive long enough to live life along side you." he rose gracefully and ran his fingers over his sword. "I will keep my eye on older sister, you are in charge of the younger. do not disappoint your people for any longer than is needed by not returning home"
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averylynne1: He simply nodded and pushed himself off of the wall. he needed sleep and knew that if he was going to try to gather any information he would have to be alert to do so. He wanted to smck the smirk off of Tanal's face but thought better of it. the two had been through a lot more than either would ever admit to someone either than themselves. "I will only stay away as long as needed. They have been leaderless for thousands of years. they can wait a few more." he waved over his head as he walked away from the firey man. when he entered his room he smiled at the sleeping form of Sasako in his...well their, bed. he stripped down to his boxers and slipped into the bed with her. he wrapped his arms around her and held her close.

me: The shrill alarm startled sasako out of sleep. She sat up in bed and got out, half wavering to the bathroom where she jumped in the shower. She had prepped her uniform the night before, so easily slippe dinto it after, putting her hair in a high ponytail for school. She rolled her skirt up so it would be shorter, showcasing her fabulous legs. "mmm Yuki.. you have to wake up adn be sexy while you drive me and Sasami to school.." she teased, trailing a finger along his very happy morning partner.
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averylynne1: he smiled and looked up at her. "dont start the engine if you arent going to ride." he teased as he sat up. he stood and stretched before hopping into the shower. he got dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans that showed off his package when at the right angle. he pulled on a slim fitted white t-shirt with a dragon on it in a slightly darker shade. He grabbed a leather jacket and slipped it on, his black boots and a pair of dark Oakley sunglasses. he ran a hand through his short hair giving it a slight spikey look. "ready when you are babe."
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me: Sasako just stareda t him a moment. "You must forgive me, I have to just take in the sexiness that is you before we leave.." she said, her eyes glowing a soft orange asss she gazed at him. "mmm you make me crazy!" she said, blinknig once so her eyes returned to normal, taking his hand to walk out of the ship with him. "mmm now play nice with Sasami, she is my friend." she warned him, remembering his sly smile. SHe knocked on the Juraian ship door, and it openeed imediately. Sasami came out, dressed in the same uniform with the skirt jsut slightly longer than Sasako's, her hair tied in their normal pigtails. "Good morning." she said quietly
Sent at 3:35 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: Yuki smiled as Sasako took him in. the smile said more than the words she spoke as to how he looked. he stood outside the Jurian's ship with his hands in his pockets. "Morning Little Blue one." he was as polite as possible. he smiled at her. "you girls ready?" he asked the two of them. letting them be late on their first day would not be a good thing. he led the girls to a car sitting on the street near the ships. a red and black Bugatti Veyron.

me: Sasami smiled at his polite greeting. "He calle dme little blue one?" she said to Sasako. "Well.. I am little red.. since he is so tall I think everyone is 'little' to him." The two girls walked to the car and Sasako flipped. "OMG My Dad wants one of these so bad!" she stroked the car, hugging it. "mmm this can be you later, Yuki.."she said teasingly, hoping into the front. Sasami got into the back, keeping quiet as Sasako chatted away
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averylynne1: He smiled at her reaction. if he was going to pull off the Hot rich college senior he figured he'd do it in complete and utter Human style. He looked at Sasaki in the rear view mirror a few times as they drove. trying to gage her. she was a bit hard to read. "So Sasami, have you ever wanted to be queen instead of a Princess?"
Sent at 3:44 PM on Sunday
me: She looke dup from the backseat and smiled, shakign her head. "No.. my sister makes a better QUeen then I ever could." she said diplomatically.. a perfect answer that revealed nothing. Definently reeking of training. Sasako took ran her hand absently on Yuki's shoulder as he drove. Lately she seemed unable to not touch him. "I think you make a good princess. I am a gangster princess, so we are even more similar now. ALl you need is a boyfriend like me."
Sent at 3:48 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: "well there are plenty of boys that go to this school i am sure you can find a decent boy." he smiled at the little blue haired girl in his back seat. "what makes you think your sister is better at it than you/ have you ever tried?"
Sent at 3:50 PM on Sunday
me: "I am not... eloquent enough to be the Queen. She has more power then I could ever hope for.. she is stronger than I .Sasako glanced at Yuki, he was truly being caring abotu her friend, and seemed genuinly interested in her. "I will take care of her Yuki.. after a few weeks with me.. she will be ready to dance in the clubs." Sasami looked puzzled. "Clubs?" Sasako shot her a look. "Oh no.. I will pretend you did not say that. Yuki. this girl has to go out with us today after school."
Sent at 3:53 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: "today?" he raised an eyebrow as he pulled into the school's parking lot. he parked at the curb infront of the front door. he got out of the car and casually walked to the passenger side and opened the door for the girls.
Sent at 3:56 PM on Sunday
me: the students already began to stare at them, including Katie and Georgia. Sasami and Sasako both got out and waited at the side of the car. "If you are up for it." Sasako continued. "But we can always go later.. dont want to scare the little blue one." she teased, elbowing him in the side. "you and your soft spot for underaged girls"
Sent at 4:00 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: he smiled. "what can i say, the innocence....tastes so good." he winked behind his sunglasses and leaned down and kissed Sasako lightly on her cheek. "we will see how she feels after school."
Sent at 4:01 PM on Sunday
me: Sasako smiled and kissed him gently back, walking off after to the school. "Thank you for the ride..your ..yourmajesty." Sasami was unsure of how to address him, and decided to keep it formal. She headed to the school after SAsako, who was already talkign a mile a minute with Georgia and Katie (go with Yuki back to ship or after school?))

averylynne1: Yuki sat in a chair in the lounge of the ship. he had had a long day of research while the girls were at school, and he longed for the touch of Sasako, his skin burned for it. he looked at the clock. he would have to leave soon to pick the girls up from school. but he had time. he poured himself a glass of Dragon's Blood and lounged back in the chair.
Sent at 4:08 PM on Sunday
me: "The little blue one and little red? hmm maybe next you will get your little orange pixie." Tanal joked,pouring himself a glass as well. "Ayeka is a tough woman to crack, that ship is impenetrable, everytime I manage to get inside it looks different."
Sent at 4:11 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: "hmmm." he looked at tanal but wasnt too surprised to see him now. "they have a system setup to manipulate the appearnce of the ship to protect their knowledge and tech. it really is a pain honestly."
Sent at 4:13 PM on Sunday
me: "Juraians have always been a pain.. but their weakness, the vampires also hate us jsut as we hate them.. so we have never found a way to truly break through their defenses.. thus leavign Jurai safe from thousands of invason attempts." He downed his wine and set teh glass down. "I will try and maek contact with the vampires.. but I dont have a link.. if you know anyone with one you shoudl try and use it to our advantage.. vamps hate Jurains jsut as much as us due to the slavery from generatoins past"
Sent at 4:14 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: Yuki sighed. He really hated the politics of everything. just one of the reasons he really didnt care if he was king or not. "sadly i do know someone. I'll see what i can do, but i make no promises." He finished the last of his glass. Things were about to get very interesting and potentially very dangerous for his mate. especially with her having not taken the immortality drink he had offered earlier.
Sent at 4:17 PM on Sunday
me: "I appreciate your help old friend. If the Jurians are here for the reason I think they are.. then we need this dealt with as soon as possible."
Sent at 4:19 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: "what reason is it that you think they are here? i have my own suspicions but i'd like to hear yours."
Sent at 4:20 PM on Sunday
me: "They are after the Orb.. apparently the orb is in the form of a human.. and the human is the next in line for the royal chair to the head of the branch family of Jurai. they are tryign to bring her back to Jurai."
Sent at 4:22 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: "i see. i figured they were after the orb. How much this makes things more and more difficult by the minute." he sighed again and stood up with hands in his pockets looking at the ground.
Sent at 4:23 PM on Sunday
me: "It is our job to bring the orb to the demon planet before they fall into the hands of others. With that orb we can destroy the Juraians and any others who stand in our way." the demons had not figured out the orb was sasako yet.. only Twister, Avery, Sasako herself and Yki knewof it
Sent at 4:26 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: "i will stay until i have located the orb. When i have i will return home with the orb. Leave that to me. You should head back home and govern the planet until my return. i will keep in constant contact with you as to my findings." now that he knew what Tanal was truely after and the Jurians he wanted nothing more than to protect the love of his life. and right now that meant stalling and getting his old friend off of the planet.
Sent at 4:28 PM on Sunday
me: Tanal looked at him intently. "You will take care of things? Everything? You will take care of your sister, you will take care of this mate, you will find the orb, you will deal with the Jruains alone? I dont think so." He shook his head. "I will not and cannot leave. Expect to hear form me often." he said, vanishing
Sent at 4:30 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: Yuki growled under his breath. if only he had slightly more pull over Tanal he could have commanded him to leave. shaking his head he made his way to his car. suddenly all he could think about was Sasako and feeling her touch. the car purred to life and he sped off towards the school. he pulled into the parkinglot 4 minutes before the last bell had rang. He got out of the car and leaned against it waiting for Sasako and Sasami to come out.
Sent at 4:33 PM on Sunday
me: As student poured out a small group of girls gathered and waved at him, making eyes, some of them visibly made their skirts shorter. Sasako came out with Sasami, it was like fire and ice. Rfire red hair and icy blue, a spitfire and a quiet one, holdign hands approaching him. "Yuki!" she creid, hugging him tight and kissing him deeply."Missed you all day." Sasami bowed her head to him in a polite Jurain manner, hands clasped in fornt of her.
Sent at 4:35 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: "hey little blue. hope school was good." he smiled at her genuinely. "sassy....." he trailed off as his lips met hers again. he took advantage of the moment and deepened the kiss, mixing just a minutamount of demon magic into the kiss. he was going to hold onto this moment for as long as possible. his body had needed her touch all day.
Sent at 4:38 PM on Sunday
me: She tightened her grip on him and then ni demon spoke softly. "you are going to make me cum in public jsut by you touching me.. lets go back to the ship hm?" she reached down and squeezed him through his jeans, jumpign into the car with a sly grin. Sasami sat in the back again and was looking intently at Sasako, almsot in surprise
Sent at 4:40 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: Yuki smiled to himself. he loved getting her all riled up. he slid across the hood of his car and into the drivers seat and sped away from the school. he looked in the mirror and say sasami's face and he busted up laughing. it was definately a sight. "something the matter Sasami?" he asked between bouts of laughter and concentrating on driving
Sent at 4:42 PM on Sunday
me: She smiled and shook her head, responding in slightly accented demon, but with perfect grammar. "Not at all.. just surprised someone besides me can speak this language." Sasako tunred to her and gaped. "Yuki, you didnt tell me Jurains knew how to speak demon"
Sent at 4:43 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: "they are not supposed to be able to." he narrowed his eyes slightly as he continued to drive. " where did you learn the language?" he asked the suspicion gone from his voice.
Sent at 4:45 PM on Sunday
me: Sasami looked startled and dropped her eyes. "No where.." she whispered, not makign eye contact. "hmm gives me someone to practice with." sasako commented, missing the sudden rise in tension in the car. "Sasami, Yuki adn I are goign to hang out a bit before going out tonight, so come over in abotu an hour or two ok?"
She nodded and jumped out of the car the moment it arrived back at the spaceship, walkign to her own
Sent at 4:49 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: he watched her walk away. his curiosity was spiked now about the little jurian girl. as they walked into the ship he turned to Sasako. "so what are we doing?" he asked curiously
Sent at 4:50 PM on Sunday
me: "Um.. I am jumping your bones and then after we finish having sex we are going to the club?" she asked with a sly smile
averylynne1: "oh is that so?" he teased her and took off running through the ship laughing and trying to hide from her. "you'll have to catch me first."
Sent at 4:53 PM on Sunday
me: "I dont have magic liek that!" she said, running to catch up with him. She searched for him, alsmot catchign him as he doged away form her. "hmmm I guess you dont want any of this.." she said, strippign her school uniform off. She walked slowly naked thorugh the ship, layign back on his bed, legs opened. "I guess this will all go to waste then.."
Sent at 4:56 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: "hmm i think not. try this on for size my love." through their mate connection he sent the feeling of him touching her into her mind, reminding her what she was missing by not catching him.
Sent at 4:58 PM on Sunday
me: Sasako writhed on the bed, moanign his name. It was a very intense feeling. "Yuki... not.. fair.." she gasped, sitting up. She struggled out of bed and followed his scent her eyes glowing orange
Sent at 5:02 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: "come get me my little angel/" his whisper echoed through the empty halls. "ill do dirty things to you." he teased as he tried to stay just out of reach of her, let her almost catch up to him and then slip away again. he smiled wide he was enjoying this little game, normally he was the predator, it was a nice change for once
Sent at 5:04 PM on Sunday
me: Sasako was breathing heavily, therobbign betwen her legs as she imagined what he woudl do to her. "This is ..criminal.." she sadi softly, runngin her hands through her hair and licking her lips. As hard as it was for her she was enjoyign it. She growled softly, somethign she had never done, it almsot sounded liek a female demon love call.
Sent at 5:06 PM on Sunday
averylynne1: her growled reached his ears and made him growl in return, a mating call. his body was reacting to her call. how badly he wanted her in his arms, but the game of cat and mouse was a normal demon foreplay game. he was enjoing it far more than he had thought he would. "come get me...."
Sent at 5:08 PM on Sunday
me: Sasako smiled wide. "Ok." her eyes began to glow a deep orange, and she walked towards his scent, waving a hand, making the air around him thicker, harder to walk in. "I'm coming, you better run."
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averylynne1: "oh i will too." he smiled and though it was hard to walk he pushed on his inner powers to move through the air normally. she is taping into more of her magic. he thought to himself. but suddenly he felt another mating call growl trying to escape his throat. this had never happened before. the growl forced it's way past his efforts to contain it. he could hear it bouce of the walls, and he could feel it as his call hit Sasako full force.
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me: Sasako puased,her legs shaking as the wave of his desire hit her. She wanted him badly.. and she would get him. "Hete, kitty kitty." she cooed, her voice lowering, going huskier. SHe walked more purposefully towards him, waving a hand again to freeze his legs, she didnt know how logn it would last, so she began half running towards his location
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averylynne1: he was shocked when he found he couldnt move. this girl seriously was taping into the magic of the orb, he wasnt sure how her body could handle much more of that and what he was going to do to her when she caught him. he smiled at the thought. He turned around and saw her running towards him. he braced himself preparing for the impact of her body to his.
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me: SHe slammed into him, toppling him over, tearing his shirt from him as she kissed him desperately, her hips rolling against him. The fire was in her jsut like any demon mate, she owuld go until her body could take no more.. but she wanted him, and nothign would stop her
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averylynne1: he growled deeply as she attacked his mouth with hers and felt his sirt become shreds. the demon fire that boiled in his blood seemed to some how boil in hers as well. he wasted no time in using his tail to free his manhood. he stood them up and pushed her against her back on the wall. he pulled her down onto his member with ease. he gasped and moaned as he slid into her.
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me: She screamed and threw her head back, wrapping her legs tightly around his waist. "harder.." she breathed in to his ear, nipping the proffered lobe. She squeezed him tightly as he thrust into her, moving her hips in a rhythym to his own, eyes closed as the heat took over her senses.. it was far more intense then almost anytime they had been together
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averylynne1: he gripped onto a shelf above her head, his hands leaving imprints in the metal as each thrust became harder and faster. between clenched teeth and accompanied by a growl he said in her ear, "you are mine." he gasped and bit on her shoulder. he used his tail to massage her clit in rythm to his thrusts. there was a much stronger pull to her then even the ritual. his mating growl escaped his throat again. his energy appeared creating a dark blood red aura around his body and his eyes going completely black. the animal that he was wanted to play. he worried what would happen to her body if the animal was realesed too much or what would happen if he came insdie her, obviously something was going on if they were both growling.
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me: Sasako shuddered as an orgasm hit her, but it just kept going and going.. she cried out his name and growled, leanign forward to bite the soft spot between neck and shoulder, his dark aura was encompasing them both, making her shiver. As her orgasm subsided she felt all the pleasure building again. SHe gasped, and began to hyperventalate, the sensation almost too much to bear. "more.." she begged, digging her nails into his back
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averylynne1: he moaned as her body spasmed around him as she climaxed. he had no issue with continuing to go. he pulled off of the wall and pushed her down on her hands and knees before entering her again. this time with much more force. his claws extended slightly and he raked them down her back before he reached around and too hold of her breasts. "i'm going to cum." he panted after a few minutes. he released her breasts and placed his hands on her hips as he started to pull out of her to allow his climax.
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me: Sasako hung her head as he shifted her, groaning as he continued to penetrate her. "No.. do't stop.." she cried as she felt him pull out of her. She wanted to feel him inside of her when he came, but the moment had been lost. she shuddered as her second climax hit her, her knees buckling under her, making her fall to the floor on her stomach. SHe was gasping for air, black spots dancing her vision.. she felt the stinging of red sctratches on her torso and arms, and bruises on her body from where he had held her. "....amzing.." she whispered, turnign on herback so she coudl see his face
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averylynne1: he was panting hard trying to hold back his climax. he wasnt sure if she wanted him inside her again or not. sas...sssy...i.... cant ny...more..." he had fallen towards her catching himself with one hand planted firmly on the floor the other holding firmly on his manhood. "wh...ere?" he asked her a growl vibrating his chest,
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me: She smiled and reached out, grabbing him tightly. "Right here on my chest." she said, pulling him closer, fondling him tightly. She could feel his muscles tensing
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averylynne1: he tilted his head back as his body reacted without much coaxing. he came hard and covered her chest where she had indicated for him. his body jerked with the muscel spasms of his climax. once spent he fell to the floor next to her panting heavily. "my.....god...yes..." was all he could manage.
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me: Sasako laughed and pulle dhim close for a kiss. "mmm that was fabulous.. so, so good." she snuggled against him, their sweat and juices mingling. as she moved closer she hissed, cluthcing her side where he had held her, a dark purple hand print bruise was already forming. "mmm guess you got excited.." she whispered

averylynne1: yuki looked at the hand print on her side. "shit.....i'm sorry." he wjispered looking at it. he hadnt realized how excited he had gotten. he saw the other bruises starting to form as well. he had known that she was fragile and if he wasnt carefull he could wind up killing her. the thoughts were evident on his face as he searched her body with his eyes.

Sasako's eyes softened and she reached out to touch his face. "Yuki, I knew going intothis relationship was laced with an element of danger for me.. but I am ok with that. And when I am ready, I will drink the immortality potion.. but I don't want you to hold back.. be yourself with me.. it is ok if I get hurt every now and then.. they are jsut brusies and scrapes, they will heal."
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averylynne1: "i should be more carefull with you." he grumbled. he knew that she had accepted the dangers that came with being with him. but she hadnt really taken in the fact that he could kill her he thought. one wrong move and she would be dead, especially until she drank the potion.
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me: "mmm maybe I should cancel with Sasami.. I feel a little burnt out.. I wanted to see Katie tonight oo.." she looked thoughtful. "I can go and just not dance, that would be ok I think.. if you are still up for it."
She avoided the topic of him hurting her again, thinking it would only worry him even more
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averylynne1: "i was thinking of something else. something for you to see before you decide to truely commit to a life with me. you up for it?" he asked looking at her as he got to his feet. instantly he was clean and dressed. but his manner of dress was very different than normal. he wore a suit. His jacket was red with with white and silver accents and his pants were pitch black.

me: "Um.. I suppose thats ok.. btu can you help me stand up?" she asked, sturggling to get to her feet. "Are you going to take me somewhere special? or.. maybe I am getting a present?" she was getting excited, wondering jsut what it was that he was going to show her

averylynne1: He extended his hand to her and pulled her gently to her feet. "a little of both." as theirs hands touched a surge of energy flared through sasako's body. her bruises and scratches and scrapes healed and she was suddenly clean and in a mandarin style dtress that was made of blood red silk and elegantly decorated with black diamonds and a pair of black stilettos. "like the dress?"
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me: She did a little twirl, feeling refreshed from his energy. "it is very beautifull." she said, appreciating the silky feel of it against her skin. "But.. you didnt have to.. it is too much.. the earings too.." she smiled wide, loving her whole look. "hmm you even put my hair up you little devil." she added
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averylynne1: "had too." he smiled and extended a hand to her again. "when you are ready let me know. we arnt traveling in the conventional style."
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me: SHe took his hand and nodded. " I am ready." she said, trusting him completely
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averylynne1: he pulled her to him tightly. "close your eyes. it will help with the dizzyness." he waited till her eyes were closed. she would feel a sudden pull on her body, weightlessness and then suddenly normal again. "you can open your eyes now. "when she opened her eyes she would see a beautifull garden that seemed to extend for eternity with pathways and a stream running through it and off in the distance the sound of a waterfall.
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me: She leaned against him briefly for support, but found her balance quickly. Her eyes widened at the incredible expanse of garden "Yuki.. this is.. absolutely amazing.." she kept a hold of his hand and looked around in wonder "where is this place?"
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averylynne1: "my home." he whispered as he took in the smells and sightsa snd sounds of the castle garden. he had been away from home far too long. he had once taken this very garden for granted, now he marveled in the welcoming of it.
me: "This.. is the demon planet?" she looked around in pure awe. "I always heard there were many deserts, red dirt, that it was a place of horrible things.. but this.. this is absolutely spectacular. I am azed." she hugged him close.
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averylynne1: "this is the royal garden." he pointed off to her left and you could just barely see the castle through the trees of the garden. "the rest of what you have heard is pretty much true."
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me: SHe smiled brightly. "Even if that is true.. this is your home, and will soon become mine. SO I can learn how to love all that is here.." she kissed him softly, squeezing his hand. "I am glad you were willing to show it to me
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averylynne1: he smiled and held her hand as he led her to a flight of elegant red marble stairs that led from the garden to a balcony of the castle. he opened the doors to the throne room and bowed ever so slightly motioning for her to enter.
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me: She curtseyed back and entered, the click of her stilettos echoing off the massive stone walls. "it is.. very imposing in here.. this is the throne room?" she knew it was, but wanted to maek sure. "Where is the current King?"
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averylynne1: "yes this is the throne room. currently there is no one here so it seems a lot more intimidating than if it were full. there currently is no king. technicallly my sister and i rule together but only as prince and princess. Our family friend and long time royal family advisor, Tanol, is currently the stead in place of a king or queen, but he is currently off world handeling some political buisness." he smiled and pulled her to him spinning her around like a princess as he pulled her into a dance to music that wasnt there.
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me: She blushed and began dancing with him. "I am the luckiest girl in the world you know.. I dont think anyoen is as loved as I am and as I feel." she said, she took his hands and began dancing back in earnest, she didnt even notice that she had shifted to the demon language as she spoke to him, their mating link made her feel more at ease here..
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averylynne1: he spun her around bringing her back against his front. he wrapped his arms around her and leaned his head on her shoulder as they dance. "i am the luckiest man ever. never has the love of a beautifull woman been this grand." he ran a hand up her side and down her arm entwining their fingers as he held her to him. he brought her hand up to where his head was on her shoulder and kissed the top of her head. he was suddenly glad that the throne room was empty, he wasnt sure how he would of reacted had someone beent here.
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me: "But why show me now? are you... missing it..? missing going home?" she looked at him seriously, enjoying the feel of his skin against hers. It was as if they were the only two people in the whole world at this very moment
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averylynne1: "this planet and castle are the creators of monsters. i wanted to make sure that some day you could call this home with no regrets. see it for what it is."
me: "I dont see any monsters here." she said with a smile. SHe was sobeuatiufl in the moonlight, but so innocent to the truth of what Demons represented.. she knew in a place of her mind what demons did, who they were.. had seen Yuki in the past.. but was she ready? even she did not know for sure
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averylynne1: he led her across the room to the opposite side where another balcony over looked the city and the villlages beyond. he opened the doors and led her onto the balcony. in the streets you could see the blood staind ground. the lights and technology though was what earth would have 500 years from it's current level.
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me: Sasako looked at the world below, marveling at the masterufl technology.. and yet.. she smelled the blood, saw the acages in the streets with prisoners.. it was veyr at odds. "Why.. do you keep slaces in the open liek that?" she asked him
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averylynne1: "easier to control." was all he said. he knew it probably didnt make sense to her. the demon ways were so vastly different than that of the humans.


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Post  Kamryn on Tue Oct 09, 2012 1:47 am

me: ) "But.. why do you keep slaves at all?" Sasako was no stranger to slave trade, but her father never really spoke of it to her, so this was an interesting chance to find out just why it was done

averylynne1: Yuki looked at Sasako and then down at the Slave pens. "well....sometimes there are jobs that need to be done and no one is willing to do them no matter the pay, so unfortunately we employ slaves to do so, same with need for science. most are POW's."

me: She looked thoughtful and sighed. "I can't and won't judge this as it is now.. but if you become King and I Queen.. there will be more chance to talk about such a thing." She took his hand and continued to look down on the world. "It hasn't changed since Reiya's time.." she said offhandedly. "But where are the dragon riders?"

averylynne1: "no, not much has changed in thousands of years, at least in the outward implementation, but the technology has grown every year, just as it does on Earth." he looked down and turned around leaning his back against the railing. "they died in the battle for the throne when Keiko passed away. and those that didnt die fled into hiding."

me: Sasako nodded. "I heard stories form my dad abotu one warrior who loved the Queen like a brother, and much more.. I had thought he had survived to protect Reiya in the future.. but I guess not." She turned away from the town below and gazed at the palace. "Thank you for showing me this place.. it truly is beautiful"

averylynne1: "A Warrior?" He raised an eyebrow looking down at his mate....HIS mate. he couldnt help the smile that errupted from the thought.

me: Sasako tilted her head at him "Why are you smiling? Something I said?"
She leaned against him, enjoying his warmth. "mm i must have done it again.. soryr.. I have been saying things lately and forgetting about them.."

averylynne1: "no worries." he held her close to his side enjoying the tingle of her touching him. "i'm smiling because i have you."

averylynne1: Looking at the Palace he suddenly could see himself sitting in the throne next to his Queen holding her hand and ruleing justly and earning the love of his people. with that though he felt a strange pull to sit in the throne now.

me: "Thank you for showing me this... it was..wonderful. I can graduate High School and feel comfortable knowing that this will be my new home." she squeezed his hand, then leaned up and kissed him. "Mmm but I still have school tomorrow.. and we are taking Sasami.. so we shoudl go soon."

averylynne1: He smiled into the kiss. how badly he didnt want it too end. "I wont be taking you to School tomorrow. There are some things i need to take care of here. But i will take you home so you can get some sleep tonight and get your homework finished." he winked at the last couple words

me: SHe gave a fake pout then leaned up closer again and french kissed him, trailing her hands under the waistband of his pants "mmm well there is a little somehtign to remember me by" she said slysly, pulling away from him. "I will eb a good girl if you will eb a good boy. My homework will get done, promise"
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averylynne1: he playfully growled at her as she teased him. How he loved her games. "i expect myself to be good, so i expect nothing less of you." he winked. "let me know when you are ready to go home." he whispered as he tickled her and took off running into the palace chuckeling
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me: "Yuki!" she cried after him, knowing it was part of the game. The man could be frustrating at times, but she lvoed him so deeply. She laughed and ran after him, runngin through the palace like the halls were already becoming her own. As she followed she suddenly felt a pull and stopped, turning to the doors of the library. She ran her hands along the door frame, her eyees gowing orange. "What is in here?" she whispered
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averylynne1: "something i cant show you yet." he whispered into her ear. he had easily tracked her every movement, he had grown up here. every time her eyes gave off the orange hue he knew the orb was working its magic. it scared him that it was like a different entity fighting for control over her body and brain, he didnt want to loose her to the damn orb.
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me: As she ran her hands along the door, her eyes flahed extremely bright for a moment, and she slumped, sliding down towards the floor, breathing heavily. "My head hurts....can we.. can we go away from this door..?" she pleaded
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averylynne1: Yuki caught her with no effort, he lifted her up into a cradle position and carried her down the hall and a up a flight of stairs to his own room. it was eleborate with dark ebony colored woods and silver and red accents, red tinted marble floors and pillars and the soft trickle of the built in fountain in the bath tube in the bath area echoed through the room. He set her down gently on the edge of his bed.
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me: "mmm it is so lovely in here..." she snuggled into the bed, thoughts of school suddenly forgotten. "Why are we in here? I thought you were taking me home?" she seemed confused, and weak, but sat up slowly in bed. "Yuki.. you are giving me the look.. what is it..?"
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averylynne1: "dont worry about it my love. Let's get you home so you can get that homework done. you want to graduate school after all dont you?" he teased, as he sat down on the edge of the bed next to her
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me: "ick.. school/" she smiled nonetheless, leanign against him to stand up. "mm mus tbe more tired than I thought. Let's go." She waited for the teleport, more prepared for the trip this time
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averylynne1: he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and in the blink of an eye they were pulled through time and space before arriving in his room in the space ship. "you are more than welcome to stay here as long as you want." he stood up from the bed and french kissed her deeply weaving in some of his demonic magic into the kiss
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me: She moaned and wrapped her arms around him, pulling him closer to deepen the kiss. "I love you.." she whispered, fallin back onto the bed, falling into a deep sleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. SHe looked young in her sleep, red hair fanned around her like a wild child, but she had a serene expression that todl of great happiness while she dreamed
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averylynne1: he smiled to himself as he watched her sleep. "computer, set the wake alarm to 2 hours before her school starts, she has much homework to complete." and with that he teleported back to his home planet standing just inside the grand doors of the throne room
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me: In the throne room, Tanal sat at ease on the Dias, lookign through paperwork. "Back so soon are we?"
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averylynne1: "i am sure there is something that needs to be done." his voice was flat as he moved towards the Dias and picked up a file off the top of a pile of paperwork that Tanal had not yet touched, that was evident by the collection of dust on the top file. he dusted it off.
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me: Tanal gave him a look. "Hey.. with only a fricking magical hologram and me to cover this and you and your sisters asses, as well as the tracking of Kaitryn DeaMonte I am a busy man. I can't be in five placces at once... so don't fuckign blame me while you are off fucking your new to be Queen silly instead of working. I know you are mated to her now, so the important step is over.. but choices have to be made soon.. the demon planet can't move forward with just a reagent like me.."
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averylynne1: "and the throne wont take a King who is not married to his Queen if they are mated. You klnow this as well as i. and my sister, well, honestly i dont see her leaving earth in the next few hundred years. so for now, the throne must wait." he flipped open the folder and sifted through it. It was a file from Keiko's time, before she had passed documenting the race that came to be known as Humans.
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me: "Our history has been.. interesting to say the least.. Kamryn Axel has appeared a few times... she was responsible for the movement from Keiko to find humanity you know.. one taste and Keiko was fucking toast. What is it bout these human females..?"
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averylynne1: "pick one up and try it, you never know the grand advisor may find his love or mate in the human race, if not the sex is good. the knowledge of their fragilness makes the act even more exciting." he smiled to himself as he kept flipping through the folder. "keiko was...well sexually drivien. though i feel for Reihya."
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me: Tanal just smiled. "No thank you.. at least not for now. I am tempered well enough to be without a woman for a long period of time." He said, signing off on the last page of a folder. "Reiya.. well no need. her soul is split into two for now.. a result of fucking with time... I know you are not in a rush to get to the throne.. but you are the only true candidate now as a mated royal blood member who is a black eyed demon. Your sister is in a relationship, but not mated, and Kaitryn is.. too impure to take the role.. "
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averylynne1: "thank god. the last thing we need is a diacotomy running the demon planet." he chuckled. "by the way, thought you might want to know, there are Jurian's on Earth. they are very interested in my mate and seem to be trying to integrate into the human society as my sister and i did."
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me: "Is that surprising? Sasako is a known power, and she has Jurian blood, they have a claim in their own way. Sasako is .. connected.. she is the princess of the IGM, the charge of the previous King of the Elves, the best friend to the current mate of the Vampire King, and a blood relation to royalty on Jurai.. the Orange Orb of Christopher H and the Queen consort to be of the Demon planet.. this girl... it is like she is beign placved in a posisiton to unify things.. the only link I have not seen yet is with Twilight Circle and the shifters."
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averylynne1: "well i guess we will have to keep an eye on her. and no i am not surprised. since i am the closest to the throne i will try be as diplomatic as possible with them." he flipped the folder closed. "anything you need help with while i am here?"
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me: "No.. to be honest I can't rely much on your help since you have been off planet.. the internal workings of the here and now.. just leave it.. when you are turly ready to face the challenge of leadership.. then you can help.. fo rnow.. focus on protecting your mate and deciding your future." he smiled and patte dhim on the shoulde,r diving back into his work
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averylynne1: he raised an eyebrow at the man he had called friend his entire life. he nodded at the man and disappeared back to earth and into an office on his ship. he dived into the historical connections between the demons and jurai

me: Sasami stood in the cold alley, arms wrapped aorund herself. She hated doing these thigns.. Ayeka would never go out into the field.. Sasami hated loud places, rough people.. and had never set foot off of her own planet, Sasako was her only friend, and she had told Sasami she would be at this club tonight.. She glanced down at her simple black off the shoulder dress, her hair remained in their usual pigtails. Hopefully dressed as she was she would just be ignored. SHe entered the din and winced, oh the music.. so noisy. Up on the third floor, Katie watched below, and smiled at the blue haired girl. "WOw.. she is so pretty!" she said to herself, "I wonder if she is human.." She tugged on Spyro's arm and pointed. "Is that girl human? She seems nice.. I want to talk to her."
katie had to be careful with her firends lately... her feet were deep into the vamp world, so who knew what kind of enemies she could make

averylynne1: Spyro let homself be pulled to attention by the human girl he had fallen in love with. He looked down at the blue haired girl and raised an eyebrow. "No katie, she is not human. she is Jurian." he srunched his face up in dislike as he watched the girl move around in his club
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me: "jur..ian.. never heard of them. "Katie shrugged and then smiled when she saw Sasako approach the girl, talking warmly. "Oh! That is my cue to go and have girl time.." she stopped when she saw his face. "What? Have somethign agianst girls with blue hair?" she joked, kissing his neck softly.
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averylynne1: "no just that specific blue haird girl." he didnt like her going down and talking to the girl but he wasnt going to keep her from being herself and being human. "Be careful Katie. do not get too close. her kind is not normally found on this planet so it is strange for them to be here and if there is one there is more."
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me: She looked at him seriously and nodded. "I will be.. but she looks nice enough. And if Sasako is ok with her.. and she has the protection she has.. I am sure I will be fine." she kissed him quickly and made her way downstairs, smilign at the two girls. "Sasako! WHo is your friend..?" Sasako smiled brightly back. "Sasami is her name.. and this.. " she leaned in slyly "is her first time at a club." The two girls smield wickedly and looked at sasami. Sasami paled.. wondering what was in store for her. "Hm... I will take her to dance.." Katie said, dragging her out to the dance floor. Sasako laughed and moved to the bar to watch them, plopping down. She spotted familiar faces in the crowd, and thoguht about who to approach. Downing her water, she walked to Nagi and extended her hand. "Hey Nagi.. looks like I can officially call you my sister in law." she said
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averylynne1: Nagi was caught off gard as Sasako approached her. She could smell her brother all over her, and the magic of something that was deep and dark, a link between the two that was stronger than anything she had ever felt or seen between two people. he had heard of stories of thos on the demon planet that had succesfully mated and the golden link that became visable in them. she narrowed her eyes. how was it possible that her brother had mated with a damned human, how was it that the human had survived. "well well i see you have danced a dangerous edge with my brother. But i would not call you a sister in loaw, at least not until you are married and with demon child." she had nothing against Sasako, she kind of liked the human girl but to her there were certain things that had to be in place for her to accept the girl as anything more than her brother's girlfriend.
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me: Sasako ran her hands through her hair and smiled. "That's ok with me.. though.. don't expect a child for a while. I am a child myself.. no WAAAY I am having a kid yet." she was at complete ease around Nagi, and when she looked at her saw her almost in a new light. "I can see... darkness around you.. and red.. and a bit of a silvery edge too.. kinda weird." she took Nagi's hand and kissed the top of it, not sure what made her do so. "Well then, if I can't call you sister in lawy I can call you a friend, right?" She glanced at Katie and Sasami, almost bursting out laughing as the poor blue haired girl desperately tried to kepe up. "Hey.. " she said, getting a thought. "What can you tell me about Jurians?"

averylynne1: Nagi was not to surprised that some of her brother's abilities were leeching into Sasako, the fact that it hadnt started earlier was amazing but it was strange that it had happened at all with a Human. she could sense the orb with in the girl and smiled slightly slyly with the thought of having the orb in demon possession with her brother being so attached to the girl. "Jurians? HA a rather pathetic race honestly, snobby, stuck up, possesive and bull headed. they set their eyes on something they want and they will stop at nothing to get it, including killing. their queen is missing some screws in her head. Over all just a sharp annoying pain in the ass of a race."

me: Sasako raised her eyebrows. "But...I know one.. and she is very nice.. besides." she leaned in close and stood on her tiptoes to reach her ear. "I am half Jurian you know." she smield wide at Nagi's face, wondering what kind of reaction she would get. Demons were so easily moved to be emotive, at times hard edged and cool, but one of the most feelgin races she had ever met

averylynne1: "humph, part or not you do not stink like they do and unfortunately since you are mated with my brother there is not much i can do about what you are. i can just make things a pain in your ass." she winked. and laughed at the little girl next to her. "but i warn you little girl, half human or not, the mate of my brother or not, you show one sign of being anything like your ancestors of Juria and you will wish you had never told me that." the last was said in a dark deep voice laced with black demon magic.
Sent at 11:20 AM on Tuesday
me: Sasako raised an eyebrow, watching the tendrils of dark magic emerge from her words like a chain, binding them to her and to Sasako. "As if I could.." she said softly. "I don't even know who or what they are.. no one will tell me.. " She glanced at Sasami and moved away from Nagi. "Well, guess I better go ask Sasami abotu it then." she bowed briefly to Nagi and retunred to the dance floor, lightly touching Sasami's arm and whispering. Sasami glanced at Nagi and stared.. she had yet to see the sister.. but the dark magics around her were strong too.. Ayeka would not be pleased to hear of this

averylynne1: Nagi looked up and locked eyes with the little jurian. "well well looks like they have found something to try to keep." she whispered under her breath. she looked at Sasako and then back to the jurian girl. she smiled devilishly at the small blue haired girl.

me: Sasami gazed at the tall Demoness and saw the similarity with RYoko.. she didn't smile back, but dropped her eyes instead. Sasako glared at Nagi, elbowing her. "Hey.. take it easy. She is new to this planet.. she doesnt need to think people are going to eat her." she said, turnign to katie for agreement. Katie jsut nodded, not overly familiar with Nagi, the demon woman left her feelign a bit nervous too, she had a dangerous edge to her
"Just ignore her, Sasami. Nagi has a bit of a mean streak in her." Sasami looked back up to her and smiled then. "It is all right.. she is jsut being herself I assume. "
averylynne1: Nagi took advantage of the situation and appeared behind Sasami. "boo" was all she whispered into the blue haired girl's ear and watched the girl closely.
Sent at 11:56 AM on Tuesday
me: Sasami jumped, turning to face her, eyed wide in surprise. She quickly calmed her expression and stared at her. Katie laughed. "Sasako.. this girl scares too easily.. why did you invite her here?" sasako sighed, Demons and their prey tactics.. they never could resist a chase of anything. Sasami shook her head at Sasako. "I don't mind.. I would rather ..Nagi? was it? Nagi be herself around me then not." That way. she could gather more information about both Sasako and the demons. Sasko glared daggers. "hmm you scare her too much I will sick your brtoher on you." she teased to Nagi
Sent at 11:58 AM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "mmmm my brother cant do anything to me little girl, and fsicking family on family isnt very nice. Poor little human girl, so much to learn about this world you have gotten yourself into." she teased looking at both of the human girls. "Princess Sasami Muyo, i will give you one warning and only one warning. You do anything to this planet that will effect the demons and the night creatures of this planet, i will make sure you and your horrid sister are removed from the gene pool. do you understand?" she growled at the blue haired girl her eyes flashing red to black then back to normal.
Sent at 12:03 PM on Tuesday
me: Sasami narrowed her eyes. "You demons always assumign things abotu us.. I do not want to hear your threats when you and your brother traveled this universe raping and killing innocents.. girls as young as Sasako and taking them as slaves. What I do here is my buisness." Sasako was shocked at the cooler tone of Sasami.. "I will not directly interfere with you if there is no need.. so will you let us enjoy this club in peace, highness?" she asked
Sent at 12:07 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: Nagi growled at her and snapped her teeth in her face before turning on her heels and disappearing into the crowd of the club. there was things that would need to be dealt with regarding the Jurians being on Earth again. She had thought that they would be more weary of coming to earth with the Vampires and now demons on a planet.
Sent at 12:11 PM on Tuesday
me: Katie sighed. "Sasako what is it with you and demons?" She shrugged and took Sasami's hand. "I would introduce you to my boyfriend, but.. he.. doesn't like blue haired girls." Sasami tilted her head. "Blue haired girls..? " Katie shrugged. "I could sneak you up there.. but he is.. tempermental." Sasako nodded. "Spyro is liek that-" Before she could get another word out Sasami gasped and flashedblue briefly, then made for the exit door towards the back rooms, "What did I say?" Sasako looked surprised. "Don't ask me.. and.. hell she just exploded blue.. let me try and find her.. I am not sure hiding in the back rooms is the best bet.." Sasako followed the girl, leavign Katie dumbstruck on the dancefloor "but what did I say!?"
Sent at 12:19 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "You said my name." Spyro was standing next to Katie now in all his vampireic glory. his shoulders were back and his head held high
Sent at 12:30 PM on Tuesday
me: Katie turned and took his hand. "I did.. I was telling Sasako's friend about you and she heard your name and just... went off. I dont think I have seen someone look like that in a long time.. she ran to the back room area.. Sasako followed her..I hope I didn't make her angry.."
Sent at 12:31 PM on Tuesday
me: Sasami sat in the back corner of the back halls, knees drawn up to her chest. How could spyro be here.. there was no knowledge or info of vampire presence on Earth..

averylynne1: Spyro squeezed her hand gently for a secound before releasing her hand. "I dont believe the Juraian's were expecting there to be Vampires on Earth, they have been gone for very long time." He started to walk towards the back rooms. "stay here Katie."
Sent at 12:52 PM on Tuesday
me: She nodded and remained, worried about all the sudden surprises of the evening. Sasako in the back could not find Sasami in the back, and continued to look, wondering if she had actually left. Sasami rose quickly and moved to an empty room, shutting the door behind her. She tried to calm her breathing. "I should report this to Ayeka..."
Sent at 12:54 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "young princess; i know you are back here, i can smell you, i can hear your heart pound away with fear." his voice was barely above a whisper but it would be as loud as though he stood next to her to sasami's senses.
Sent at 12:59 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "come out little princess, come out." his voice dark and evil echoed off the walls searching to find Sasami's ears
Sent at 1:03 PM on Tuesday
me: Sasami covered her ears, shivering in the dark. she rose and left the room again, trying to find the exit. She did not want to deal with meeting the vampire King.. she had only seen two vamps in her time.. and she was not ready. She refused to speak, not wanting to draw attention to herself
Sent at 1:05 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "hmmmm trying to get away?" he laughed and felt it hit her body and send shivers through her. Deciding the game of cat and mouse was boreing he appeared in front of her. "well the princess of Jurai at my feet. what a sight this is indeed."
Sent at 1:07 PM on Tuesday
me: Sasami stood still, looking down at Spyro's feet. she curtsied and said softly. "well met King Spyro." she knew she had to be formal, as relations were still on edge with her peoples. "I apologize for not introducing myself, but it appeared were uninclined.." she hoped he would let her leave, most of the time vampires or others passed her over as the younger sister, not worht there heir time anyway
Sent at 1:10 PM on Tuesday
me: there* their*
Sent at 1:11 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "hmm i see, well i apologize for not being more of a host in my establishment. Come, sit and drink with me. I believe you already know my Queen." he motioned for her to walk with him out of the back rooms and back upstairs.
Sent at 1:12 PM on Tuesday
me: Sasako watched Spyro pass, and offered Sasami an arm. "Are you ok..? you look like you are about to pass out..?" she nodded, and followed. KAtie was already waiting up above with drinks, setting things down. "Is it ok for me to be here? Or do you have to talk buisiness with er?" she glanced as Sasako and Sasami entered, sitting in confy chairs around the ornate glass table which held wine, beverages and frutis
Sent at 1:14 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "you are my queen, you can stay." he smiled at Katie and ran a gentle hand down the side of her cheek and lightly kissed her. His smile glittered in the candle light and for the first time in his life he didnt care what anyone saw or thought. He sat in his chair and crossed a leg over his other knee and swirled the wine in his glass a little taking in the auromas.
Sent at 1:16 PM on Tuesday
me: Sasami noted the term he used, a human Queen.. what was this small planet in the back edges of the Universe doing to the great races? She kept composure and sat across from them, sitting primly. "I a-a-appreciate your invitation.." she said softly. "I assure you us Jurians have no-n-no desire to interfere with Vampiric affairs."
Katie watched the scene with a curious expression.. she had hardly ever gotten to see this regal side of Spyro before, is was jsut as sexy as every other bit of him was
Sent at 1:25 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "Why are you here then?" He watched his guest carefully, watched every detail of every inch of her skin, of every twitch in her face. "it has been many of thousands of years since Juraians have set foot on this planet."
Sent at 1:29 PM on Tuesday
me: "I am here for confidential reasons, and for searching and seeking out potential members of the J-J-Jurian family." she was sitting to poised, her arms folded so tightly that it almost hid the slight shiver. Spyro was less imposing than she thought he would be.. but she coudl already feel the weakness in her limbs the aura of vampires could induce.. and she was trained to never show weakness if at all possible. "I apologize.. but I should take my leave.. I do not want to disturb your evening.." she rose, legs shaking breifly before she stood tall. "It was a pleasure" she said, looking towards his face but not his eyes.
Sent at 1:31 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "let me escourt you out if you must leave so soon." he elegantly rose from his seat his glass of wine floated down to the table as he slid his hands into his pant pockets. he stepped towards Sasami and extended and arm to her and tried to smile reassuringly.

me: Sasami nodded and reached hesitantly for him, breifly and lightly touching her fingers to his arm. She felt weak in the knees but stood straight. She was unsure about why he was being so gentle, but she preferred this to the other possibility. Katie smiled after them, waiting for him to return. "You are.. being quite polite, King.."
Sent at 1:47 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "i am sure we will have many things to talk about later. and i would assume that you need to be healthy. i hope we see each other again soon. untill then." She wouldnt have even noticed that they had already made it to the back exit of the club. "Sasako, be sure to make sure your friend gets home ok." he smiled slyly. He could feel her weakness and lavished in it. he loved the power the vampires held over the Juraians.

me: Sasako nodded, sure. Sasami wavered slightly on her feet, refusing to look him in the eyes still. "Thank you, King I will take my leave now." she tried to pull away from him, and began to head towards the exit, wondering briefly how she had arrived there.
Sent at 2:14 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: Spyro smiled slyly as he watched her leave and exit. he knew her strength would return to her as soon as she was out of the club. he wanted to follow her to see where she was sstaying while on earth but figured he would rather terrorize her later to get it.
Sent at 2:17 PM on Tuesday
me: Sasami immediately felt like a rush of cool air awakened her senses. She turned to face back to the club, glancing at Spyro smiling at her.. she bowed and turned, leaving the club parking lot. Sasako followed behind, putting a hand on Spyro's shoulder. "nice to see you again," she said with a smile, dark magics working around her stronger than usual, she followed Sasami back to her ship, glancing at Yuki's to see if he had come back yet
Sent at 2:23 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: Spyro turned and scooped Katie up in a cradle position and took her into his bed chamber.

Yuki felt Sasako get close to the ship and felt a wave of calm pass over him. he let a few of the lights on the ship light up alerting her that he was back.
Sent at 2:26 PM on Tuesday
me: Sasako smiled as the ships lights lit up. SHe ran to the ship and entered, jumping onto Yuki's back. "Hey.. missed you at teh club. Your sister can be a real bitch sometimes.. I dont think she super likes me.." she sighed and slid down to the floor, and kisses his upper arm. "how was your day?>"
Sent at 2:36 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "it was long." he smiled and pulled her into his lap wrapping his tail around her waist for stabalization. "What did my sister do?"
Sent at 2:39 PM on Tuesday
me: "nothing much, she just didnt like the fact that I said I was part Jurian." She pulled himto her and sat down in a comfy chair "Sasami and I had fun.. but I think Spyro scared her.." she looked thoughtful. "I saw a weird dark magic around the two of them when they were talking
Sent at 2:54 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "between who?" he asked holding her to him. "as for my sister well, she is more like our mouther in her dislike for the juraians.
Sent at 2:55 PM on Tuesday
me: "Ah well that explains a lot." she shifted and leaned against him. "Spyro and Sasami.. they were talking." She leaned over to look at his desk. "and you.. what work? have I been keepign you from your dutites back home?"
Sent at 3:06 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "ah yes the magic you witnessed was spyro's vampiric nature feeding on the urian energy. They are weak to vampires. no no you have not kept me from anything. i will have to make a huge decision soon though and you will have to be part of it and may not be ready just yet. I hate to ask so much of you. you are so young." he nuzzeled into her neck
Sent at 3:09 PM on Tuesday
me: "Big.. decision..?" she half murmured, sighing in pleasure as he nuzzled her. "what choice..? you knwo I will tyr my best for you."
averylynne1: "dont worry about it now, when the time comes we will talk about it again, my love." he kept nuzzeling her and held her close

Sent at 3:41 PM on Tuesday
me: Sasako took his hands in hers, and kissed the top of them. "mmm that feels good," she whispered, she sighed, tossing her head back. "Yuki.. please tell me, what can I do for you? anything.. I will do what I can.. but you made me worried.. why cantr you tell me about it yet?" she roleld over, straddling him. "should I force it out of you.. hm..? she said with a sly grin, running her hands under his shirt
Sent at 3:46 PM on Tuesday
averylynne1: "mmm because it is something for another time, i dont think you could get a confession out of a goldfish." he teased enjoying the warmth of her hands on his bare skin
Sent at 3:47 PM on Tuesday
me: SHe smiled wide "oh.. so NOTHING is goign to convince you?" she asked him, trailing her nails down his inner thoigh
averylynne1: "nope nothing." he nipped at her collar bone and tickled her without mercy
Sent at 3:52 PM on Tuesday
me: She began to laugh and wiggle in his lap. "You are trying to keep my mind off of things." she grabbed his wrists, and smiled wide. "fine, I trust you.. and love you .. so I will wait" she kissed him deeply, eager for his touch



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"you are something else my love." Yuki laughed as he raised his hips a little as she wiggled in his lap.


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