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Post  Kamryn on Fri Nov 16, 2012 11:00 pm

me: Nagi's father sighed a long deep breath, he hated taking in SHIFTERS of all people for diplomatic meetings. He summoned his two children to the throne room, and asked them to kneel before him.

averylynne1: Nagi and yuki both approched the dias in their royal garb and knealt before their father. nagi took her time in doing so as she hated submitting to anyone for anything, and that included her own family

me: Their father sat at ease, looking at his children with distaste. "A relegation of.. shifters are coming. Nagi, it is your job to welcome them and assist in their needs. Yuki, you will accompany the males, Nagi the females while I.. talk" he spat the word "To their diplomat. They are already here, so no complaints, get your asses in gear" he rose and vanished, leavign the two siblings and tanal standing behind them.

averylynne1: Nagi huffed at the whole thing. She hated the shifters. she had almost destroid thier planet the last time negotiations had failed with her father and the shifters. Yuki rose back to his feet and shook his head. he hated anything that had to do with politics, he would have rather of been out galavanting in the clubs with Tanal or taking out another race of people. He walked towards Tanal. "lets go man. bull shit work but someone has to do it. He and Tanal walked out of the throne room together grumbeling the whole time with each other. Nagi sat around for a few minutes until she could barely make out her father's voice getting louder with his temper rising as she had not yet attended the female arrivals. as much as she enjoid "entertaining" femals, shifters were a race she would rather destroy or enslave then entertain. grudgingly she too made her way out of the throne room and appeared behind the female brigade of shifter women as they mingled about.

me: There was a group of four, the one in gaudydress was the diplomats wife, she had her daughter with her who was about twenty, a gregarious and vibrant red head with gold eyes worse a very revealing dress, she seemed cocky, at ease wth everything. Next to her was a younger girl of about sixteen.. maybe seventeen. She was queiter in dress, but her long brown tresses waved down her back, her soft violet eyes looked around at everything with a cool appraisal
The red head smiled at Nagi and approached her. "You must be the royal daughter, I am Vixen.. leader of Red Moon house. this is the diplomats wife, her daughter, and my trainee Persia."

averylynne1: nagi simply raised an eyebrow. how she hated this part of being who she was. "lovely." her voice was flat and void of emotion. "what do you ladys wish to do? stroll the gardens, explore the palace? fall of a cliff?" he smile was fake and a little creepy. she leaned against a marble railing and observed the girls around her. But she paused the glance around when her eyes met violet ones. ones she was sure she had seen before.

me: When Persia met Nagi's eyes she locked gazes for a moment, before dropping her eyes. Vixen smiled widder. "Rooms would be fine. I am sure we are all tired from the journey and the sound of bull shit." The diplomats wife gave Vixen a grating look. Persia raised her eyes up again and looked at Nagi. Why Vixen had chose to bring her instead of someone else.. she knew why. "you were the only one to meet Nagi and live. I am betting on your as our wildcard." Fuck wildcards, she thought, lookign slightly annoyed, not realizing her annoyed look at herself was directed towards Nagi..

averylynne1: Nagi scowled at Persia. she knew she knew her from somewhere but couldnt place a name to her face or a where. but the look she was giving her annoyed her greatly. "yes, i'm sure you are all quite tired from your luxurious trip." she said with sarcasm. she pushed off the wall and walked through the group towards the palace doors, she had made sure not to touch any of them, who knew what kind of diseases diplomatic Shifters carried. she smiled to herself. "this way." she waved them towards the doors as she led the way. her tail was free from her waist and waved ever so bit, twitching now and again when she heard some nasty comment about her home from one of the snobby diplomats

me: The diplomats wife huffed at her, taking her daughter with her. "I will share a room so my daughter wont be VIOLATED by your people." she said with disgust, slamming the door. "I will take this one, Persia you dont have to share. You are a big girl." she said with a wink, shutting her door, leaving Persia alone with Nagi in the hall. The younger shifter sighed and looked at Nagi again, her violet eyes slightly darker than they had been. "SOrry you don't... like us much. I mena.. true all you have done is violate and rape and kill us, but I would have hoped royal members gave everything a chance before tossing it aside." Persia was not sure where the comment had stemmed from,maybe it was the slight anger she harbored about Azura being killed horribly before her. "You don't even remember me do you..? with all of us you have killed.."

averylynne1: Nagi looked at the young girl. she was familiar but she still couldnt place her. "shifters have no real strength, they tuck tail, as it were, and run away from everything, afriad to fight for anything, for their lives, thier homes, their belifs. your kind would rather run and hide and hope other races just go away. that is not how things work in this universe. you fight for your supper, your homes, your freedom. until your kind can prove that shifters deserve a place in the ranks of fighters you will always be as you are." her voice and tone were not mean, rude or even hostile, just matter of factly. she liked that this girl had the balls to even talk to her beyond the diplomacy shit.

me: Persia smiled, almost bitterly. "Tell that to a twelve year old girl while you torture and murder her entire family. Tell that to her face. Fight me, fight me to stop me." SHe stopped talking and covered the dark smile with a bright charming one. "Well, some people cant all live for blood like you. The universe is full of other things. " she suddenly grinned wider. "I think I would like a wlak around the gardens.. unless shifters are too.. distasteful for you?" she prodded, wondering how her pride and her duty would battle it out in front of her, would she stuff her pride and take her even though she hated shifters? her eyes danced with the glee of it

averylynne1: Nagi snarled at her as her eyes flashed a bright red color before returning to normal. this girl was irritating, and hiding a darker passion for the thrill of danger, something not commonly found in Shifters. she suddenly admired her for that but still distasted her and sure as hell didnt trust her. she was a Shifter after all. "so be it. this way." she turned and started down the hall towards the stairs that led to the ground floor and then out to the Palace gardens. How badly she wanted to shred the girl for her braisonnesss but was also peeked as to what this girl was made of. taking on a demon in a battle of words and surviving was something even some demons wouldnt try with their beloved and highly feared Princess

me: Persia walked beside Nagi, looking up at her. "Hmm.. even now you are still so tall.." she said in wonder. "Back then I thought you were a fearsoem giant.. even now you are quite imposing.." She suddenly swore at herself. Lesson one from Vixen.. never let a demon know there is something abotu them that can instill fear in you. "I must be one of the only shifters to have met you and survived.. " she mused, her arm brushign Nagi's side as she got lost in thought, accidently bumping in to her.

averylynne1: Nagi snapped at Persia when she bumped into her. "I have met many shifters, and many have survived, however they were here on diplomatic missions and i could not harm them, but that didnt stop me when i found the peace talks had failed and their ships had lifted off from the launch pads. lets just say some shifters are run to watch running around like chickens with no heads." she chuckled softly to herself remembering the last peace talk council from the Shifter world. she chose to ignore the part of her being tall, she had heard that almost her entire life, but she did note that this Shifter had seen her when she was younger. as they walked she started to put two and two together. "You're that little child from that whore house."

me: Persia stopped dead in her tracks. SHe had almost wanted to have her face remembered but now.. she wasnt dsure how Nagi would react. "Red Moon.." she corrected, looking down, shit.. she hated feeling like that helpless twelve year old again.. after all this time.. "Yes, and if I am?" she asked, lookign up and forcing herself to lock eyes with Nagi. Though she had a calm exterior, there was a slight shaking in her legs that was barely visible beneath her sheer skirt fabic that draped down over her hips.

averylynne1: the smile that caressed Nagi's face was one even demon children would fear and runaway from. "you were lucky then...too young....but now..." she moved in a blink of an eye to have the shifter pined against one of the garden walls with their noses almost touching as nagi bent over Persia.

me: Persia's eyes widened at the sudden shift in posistion, her back ached where it had hti the cool stoen wall. Her violet eyes narrowed. "Too young.. huh? so now that I am sixteen I am magically in your sphere of tolerance? I thought you hated the thought of touching one of us..?" she glaned down and saw Nagi's tail twitching. "I remember that tail too.." she said, shuddering a little. "You enjoyed killing all of my friends.. never thougth you would see me again did you? Be honest with me.. so I am older, what does that mean? will you kill me now for getting away from you?" she tried to move off the wall but the demon was strong. "hm.. looks liek I cant escape anyway.."

averylynne1: "and if you could escape? what would you do then?" nagi started to laugh, she could smell the fear rolling off of the Shifter in huge waves and lavished the taste. she pushed herself back away from the wall and stepped back a few feet. she turned and looked up at the now night sky. the two moons shown brightly and she marvled and the magic of the stars. they were almost calming to her. the garden was quiet which was usuall this time of night. usually this was when she would come out here and be alone for a few hours before retiring for the night. "So then...." she looked back at the girl. "What is your name?"

me: Persia brushed herself off and knelt down, picking up a ring that had fallen from her finger to put it back on. "Persia. Persia Red Moon." The anme signified her as a worker girl at red moon, but one of higher rank than most. "ANd you.. Minagi Keiko Hino. I have followed your story ever since you left me there in that hell. But you know.. I am nto as angry as I thought I would be. You have an interesting personality.." she smiled wider and gave her a flirtatious smile "Well.. that is when you arent tryign to rip peoples heads off and burn people alive. SHoudl I be worried?" she teased, steppign closer to her, letting her scent brushs against the womans energy feild

averylynne1: Nagi watched her closely, every move of every muscel. a chill soared down her spine and to the tip of her tail wich twitched rapidly for a second, the only movement of nagi's body. "would you have rathered id taken you as a prisoner of war and raped you every night tilll i found no use for you anymore and handed you over to my brother to do the same before he too grew bored of you and disposed of you? that could still happen you know." she teased the last line and slightly turned from Persia. she didnt like the flirtascious vibe she was getting for the girl, it made her uncomfortable. she wasnt sure exactly why, but suddenly she didnt want her in touching distance. she was worried what she would do if the girl remained that close to her. her tail tiwitched again in a more snapping movement in almost an irritated feeling yet not

me: Persia's gaze softened. "I have more pride than that. If you would hve taken me.. after a tiem I would have killed myself instead of been used as a tool." She ran her hadns through her hair, letting the cool night breeze run through it, making it messy. "I did not come here to fight with you Nagi.. and to be fair I did not think you would remember a small insignificant child like me form all those years ago.. but here I am .. that child grown anew.. I am..not a woman yet, but I am workign on it. I hope we can learn to at least tolarate one another." she smiled brightly, ignoring the threat from earlier. "Besides, who syas I would mind being used by you all night?" she added, winking. Crap, she thought.. al her years of training to be seductive and flirtatious were coming out against her will.. at least demons were not into shifters, it woudl most likely go by unnoticed

averylynne1: Nagi continued to watch her. she didnt really care why she was there at all the councils always traveled in mass numbers, she thought it always a mater of feeling more protected with the more people they had with them. "i have never forgotten a face of those i have....dealt with." for some reason she had chosen to shield her words with less grusome and descriptive ones. she ran her hands down the front of her royal jacket flatening out the wrinkles. she unclasped her jacket and took it off and hung it over her arm as she slid her hands into her pockets. the shirt she wore was billowy and a light cream color. she turned and continued fown one of the paths in the garden ahead of Persia. every now and then the wind and the moon's light seemed to work together allowing Nagi's figure to be silloutted through the fabric of her shirt. she wasnt sure what to think of a shifter coming on to her like that. made her feel......weak

me: Persia wondered at the sudden shift of Nagi.. she seemedd quieter, almost distancing herself. Persia followed her, enjoying the way the moonlight played in her hair. "Nagi.. I.. I do forgive you for what you did. You were jsut doing your job, your duty, the things you wanted. Living your life." she noticed Nagi was not stopping so she moved in fornt of her, standing her ground. "I wanted to tell you that, ever since I was young.. seeing you now.. as my older self.. it is an odd feeling.. like one of fear, anger and.. "she trailed off "mixed together. If you prefer to spend your time away from a dirty shifter, I will leave you.. but" she smield wide again. " I will say, you look hot in that outfit. I know shifters arent your thing.. but.. I wouldnt mind a spin." she winked and walked forward ahead of her, her hands playing through her hair again

averylynne1: Nagi stopped before she got too close to Persia as she jumped in front of her. the girl was starting to get irritating. her age obvious in her presistant chatter. she had actually not heard what the girl had mumbled in the middle of her sentence and that alone sparked an interesting feeling. As Persia moved forward from her, Nagi dropped her Jacket and lunged towards the young girl in a playfull way. even the devious smile was playfull. she had cut her speed almost in half so as to not really be able to catch up to the girl but enough that if she ran she could keep up with her and not over power her.

me: Persia felt a burst of wind and turned, seeing Nagi moving up behind her quickly. "ho! giving chase this little girl now?" she said with a grin. SHe moved aside, only half dodging as Nagi apprached. "Or am I still a litlte girl to you even now?" she asked, gazing up at her intently. Her eyes had grown even darker, a smoldering grey violet.

averylynne1: "lets find out, little Shifter." she taunted. she spun mid air to face her and as her toes touched the ground she pushed off again towards Persia. "maybe i should just sink my teeth and claws into your flesh." she teased

me: Persia's eyes widened as Nagi moved almost too fast for her to see. "I guarantee I will be a flavor you will never forget.." she stood her ground and when Nagi got close enough she grabbed her shirt, pullin herself up to her height and kissed her softly on her lips, drawign out the kiss as long as she could, savoring the hto flavor and the smodler of the demonic energy.

averylynne1: Nagi was not expecting her to move like that. she had seen some the silky moves the shifters held dear, but this was something else completely. when their lips touched Nagi felt a zing travel through her body as though she had been struck by lightning. the shock of it threw her off her game slightly. but when their lips parted she felt her instincts kick in and she landed elegantly on her feet facing the young girl. "so was that what they trained you? all buisness eh? what, they bring you along to see if you could distract the monster?" her enjoyment of the kiss they had shared threw her into a devensive mode, afriad that she might have actually enjoid a shifter touching her

me: Persia stepped back from her, shakign her head"distracting the monster? Maybe that is what Vixen and the diplomat wanted, but.. you see.. I tend to not care abotu what people think. I do what I want to do. And I want to kiss you, is that a crime? If you are afraid of being caught in the game, then I guess you are turnign into one of those reaces who wont fight for victory." she taunted, knwoign she was riding on teh edge of flirtation and prodding. "So what demon, you game?" she said in a deep voice, walkin up to her and runnign a single nail down the side of Nagi's neck

averylynne1: Nagi snarled slightly at her taunting. but she enjoid the game they were playing, a very dangerous one, for both of them. her nail was sending shivers through her body, she felt a desire for this girl. something she was afraid of would turn into something more than just a game. Nagi lightly snapped at persia's hand. she grabbed the girl by the back of her neck and pulled her to her. without hesitation she let their lips touch and the kiss turn deeper then she had planned on it doing.

me: Persia gasped in the kiss, the growling sending vibrations through her mouth.. they almost felt like they drove to the core of her body. SHe moaned in teh kiss, wrappign her arms around Nagi tightly. SHe pressed herself against the demon, wrapping her legs aroudn her waist so she culd stay at a level for kissing her with ease. SHe pulled away slowly then, gasping for breath. "What.. are we doing..?" she asked herself and Nagi, her eyes hazy as desire began to descent over her body


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Kylee: Persia gasped in the kiss, the growling sending vibrations through her mouth.. they almost felt like they drove to the core of her body. SHe moaned in teh kiss, wrappign her arms around Nagi tightly. SHe pressed herself against the demon, wrapping her legs aroudn her waist so she culd stay at a level for kissing her with ease. SHe pulled away slowly then, gasping for breath. "What.. are we doing..?" she asked herself and Nagi, her eyes hazy as desire began to descent over her body

averylynne1: Nagi softly growled into the kiss as Persia held onto her. she leaned back against the trunk of tree for a bit of support. she wrapped her arms tightly around the smaller girls petite fram holding her closer to her. she could feel the curves a well tightened body and felt her blood start to burn in her veins at the touch. she felt her desire building in the pit of her stomach and try as she might she could not get the feeling to pass. she was appaled at herself for finding she had any desire at all for this girl. but she couldnt stop the partial moan that escaped her lips as Persia pulled away. "i dont know." her voice was husky with her sudden need for the girl. she pulled the girl to her again letting their lips touch. she deepened the kiss letting her tongue dance with Persia's. she could feel the demonic magicks slipping their way into the kiss as her desire grew

me: Persia gasped as Nagi pulled her body closer. She had been trained in the arts of Red Moon since she was thirteen, but nothing could prepare her body for this.. for the pure unadulterated pleasure that was singing from the roots of her hair to the tip of her toes. Her body shivered as demonic magic snaked it's way through her body, her lips felt on fire, burning with need. "Nagi..!" she moaned, rolling her hips against her. It was as if they were both possessed.. she had to be careful.. she had heard stories of Demonic sexual preferences.. her small frame would suffer from this if she didn't take it easy. She huffed against Nagi, her violet eyes staring into Nagi's golden ones. "This.. is too dangerous.." she whispered, leaning in to nibble down Nagi's exposed collar bone. "Besides.. I am sure someone as young and inexperienced as me wouldn't be worth your time.." She leaned in and replaced her teeth with her tongue, lavishing attention along a vien in her throat.

averylynne1: Nagi growled deep in her throat. she could feel the vibration from it in the tip of her tail. her tail wagged behind her with pleasure as she held the smaller girl. "very....dangerous." she agreed in between a moan as she tilted her head back a bit giving persia more access. Nagi gently reached up to persia's dress collar and started the pull it down around the girl's shoulders trying to expose more skin. she lightly raked her nails down the back of her neck to the front and down her shoulder, accross her collar bones and then back up the front of her neck. she lifted the girls chin up and looked her in the eyes. she slightly smiled a rather oddly gentle smile as her eyes flashed a deep blood red. "i dont think you will be too inexperienced." she teased

me: Persia shivered almost uncontrollably as Nagi racked her nails across her skin. She sighed and tilted her head back. "Hmm do you now?" she teased, runnign her hands under Nagi's shirt, finding her supple flesh there and teasing. "I guess we will have to test this out.." she said, her violet eyes flashign silver in response to Nagi's golden ones. "Should we move.. somewhere else/"

averylynne1: Nagi growled in response to persia's ministrations but smiled wide. she was enjoying this far more than she had anyother game. it was different and she liked it more than she thought she should. Nagi made them appear in her room in the palace, the stones and marble walls made for excellent sound proofing. as soon as they were in her room she grabbed the collar of her dress again and this time forceably ripped the dress from the girls frame. she marvled at the smoothness of her skin. she dropped persia onto her bed and in a flash was leaning over her slowly and torturously nipping, nibbeling and kissing Persia's exposed skin

me: As the dress was ripped from Persia's frame, she widened her eyes in surprise. Nagi's intense eyes were making her nervous, almost bringing up memories of the time they first met. A small spike in fear would appear in the scent around her. She quickly covered it up as Nagi startd kissing and nipping. alogn her skin. "WIll you eat me alive, Nagi?" she teased, droppign her hands under the waist band of her pants

averylynne1: "perhaps." she teased as she took a supple nipple into her mouth rolling it around with care and skill. Nagi's tail played at the waistband of persias underware. her hands slowly and carefully roamed her body taking in every curve, her fingers softly brushing pressure points as the moved.

me: Persia's eyes closed in pleasure, moaning as Nagi teased her body. "I hope I taste good.." she murmured, pulling herself closer to her, dragging her hands through Nagi's hair, tugging git harshly as she yanked Nagi's lips up to catch them in a kiss. "Your tail... I saw you.. use it when I was 12... it was strong, can you actually pick people up with that?" she admired it, trialing her nails absently up and down it.

averylynne1: Nagi gasped as she was pulled up to meet the lush lips of her shifter bed mate. she liked the feirceness of the girl. it was almost as bold as another demon. this thought made her growl in appreciation and desire. "yes. it can do a lot more than that." she teased as she let her tail slip into persias underware to play softly on the girls nub and lightly play at her enterance

me: Persia's intense violet eyes glowed silver as Nagi's tail played at her entrance. "sh-sh-shit!" she gasped, arching up to grind against the tail. Her lips were parted with desire, her skin flushed, she was close to going over the edge. "please!" she gasped, wrappin her legs aroudn Nagi's waist. "Give it to me!"

averylynne1: she smiled at the reaction she got from the shifter. it was a different kind of destruction she had planned for the girl then her normal race destruction. "nah, you will have to beg and earn it." she slid her tail back out of Persia's underware and continued her assult on the girls nipples and her neck, every now and then nipping at the girls lower lip teasing her

me: Persia whined like a small cat, then growled. "Beg?" She smiled wide. "A trained Red Moon woman never begs." she said, stepping up to the challenge. She bit her lower lip and shifted, moving so she sat a top of her. "You...are.." she could hardly even talk, her body was covered with a sheen of sweat, her long hair sticking to her shoulders. She vanished suddenly, appearing with her head between Nagi's legs, attackign her hot core with her tongue. She tasted and fire, and smiled.

averylynne1: Nagi chuckled as Persia switched their positions. she liked the spunk in her. she was set on getting her to beg her for it, to earn it. but she was not expecting her to attack as she did. she moaned loudly as perias tongue found her nether regions with precision and skill. her moan bouned off the marble floors and celing making it sound louder and louder as each wave of her moan echoed. her back arched in pure abandonment. she had never found herself so deep intoa situation like this before, never had she been at the mercy of someone else whilst in bed with them. it was new to her, and she found she didnt mind. each flick of her tongue brought about a deeper throatyer, louder moan from her lips. her hips bucked almost violently when persia's tongue found her sweet spots.

me: Pesia grabbed Nagi's hips and pressed them down, keepign her still as she continued to attack her. SHe took Nagi to teh brink again and again, pulling away each time. "Now.. who was the eon that was going to beg?" she teased, gently pushing her fingers into her passage. "Do tell me, I am ever so curious.."
She enjoyed watching Nagi's reactions, the pure abandonment on her face.. It made her fele powerful and yet weak at the same time, she wondered what this stange pull between them was

averylynne1: Nagi gasped for breath as she came close and then so far from her release. the forcefullness of persias hands on her hips drove her mad. she wanted more of this from her. she was panting hard and as persia pushed into her her hands gripped her sheets so tightly that her nails tore into the fabric. "" she breathed hard. she rolled her hips trying to feel more of her. she smiled as she realized she was the one going to be begging for release before her new shifter friend was.

me: Persia laughed softly, continuing to work her fingers. "say my name, Nagi.." she breathed, yanking her fingers out of her. "My turn now.." she moved next to her, turning on her back arms above her head, her body exposed. "You know you want to.." "and I really, really want you to.." she growled, her eyes narrowing as small shift occured. "she grabbed Nagi's tail and tugged it closer to her, nippign the tip. "I promise to beg even.."

averylynne1: she whimpered as she felt the fingers leave her body. she wanted them back, she wanted the release. Nagi lay on her back for a minute, taking in what had just happened. she had been weak under this girls hands, and she had liked it. she breathed deeply and lifted herself up on a propped elbow. "you truely are evil Persia." she teased. she grittted her teeth slightly when she nipped the tip of her tail. this girl was obviously not aware of the sensitivity of a demons tail, and if she was, she knew how to get a rise out of them. "you had better." she smiled and pain stakingly slowly she slid her body down persias before letting her come to rest between the girls thighs. she gently blew on the girls lower regions. "beg." she commanded ans she continued to let her breath toy with the girl

me: Persia's eyes snapped open. Her breathing increased, and her hands tangled themselves in the sheets. "Already!?" she whined, wriggling her hips. "You are the evil one. " she whispered, licking her lips. All of her training at Red Moon had not prepared her for this. SHe grabbed Nagi around the waist by her legs, pullign her down on top of her. ""Please...please.." she begged, "please.." she said again, writhign under her, anticipating her touch eagerly.. she could almsot imagine what it would feel like. "Please, eat me.. take me now they way you couldnt when we first met.. show me what you wanted to do to me then.." she taunted

averylynne1: Nagi smiled deviously. how she loved hearing them beg. "say my name...and ill think about showing you." she teased. she knew she was driving the girl mad. her training seemed to have slid from the girls mind or she truely didnt know what to do. she nipped at her inner thigh close to her treasure but never touched it, only letting her breath caress the girl

me: Persia groaned and gasped, her waist twisting back and forth adn she struggled to move closer to Nagi. "P-please.." she begged again, her violet eyes turned pure silver, hazy with desire. SHe started to purr then, her whoel body vibrating beneath Nagi,

averylynne1: a grin spread accross her features lighting up her face. her eyes turned red and she growled deeply. she very lightly flicked her tongue out against persias nub, savoring the sweet taste of the girl. it was almost heavenly. she had never encountered a more devine taste, and she wanted more. but she was enjoing the torment of the girl below her. she reached her hands out racking her nails up the outside of the girls legs along pressure points untill her hands came to rest on her hips. "now now, none of that." she teased as she held the girls hips down forecfully. she let her tongue dance on her nub and dart in and out of the girls enterance. "call my name...." she growled. "and ill give you more."

me: Black spots danced in Persia's vision as Nagi ran her nails up her legs on pressure points, the demon woman's strength was apparent as she held her down easily, not letting her buck a single centinmeter. Her mouth opened with a soundless cry as waves of pleasure rolled down her legs from between her thighs. Her head tossed fomr side to side, another whimper escaping her lips.. at sixteen she was still in the training program, and had not ever had to endure pleasure like this. "P..Nagi.. Please!" she cried, her back arching gracefully up from the bed, toes curled to ebb the tide of sensation. "I can't..any..any.." it was apparent now who was the more experienced of the two, her youthful abandon to the bliss of intense pleasure making her whole body glow with energy

averylynne1: "as you wish." Nagi took the girls nub skillfully into her mouth, rolling it around gracefully with her tongue. she took a moment between gasps from persia and slid her tail deep inside the girl, thrusting in and out of her with perfect rythum never slowing or speeding up. with each thrust in she let the tip of her tail brush her inner sweet spot.

me: Persia screamed, her voice echoing off of the stone walls. She gasped for air desperately, her legs clenched tight, her back arched completely off of the bed. "I..Ican't-!" she gasped, her back falling against the bed, her eyes starting to roll back into her head. Her body twisted and writhed under Nagi as she climaxed again and again, finally shuddering once before she fell limp, eyes half lidded. She opened her mouth to speak, but no words could come, she was beyond sated, and just smiled, brushign dome of her hair from her eyes. "Amazin..amzing..' she breathed, her chest rising and falling.

averylynne1: Nagi smiled and purred as Persia screamed, the echo was almost as envigorating as the scource. Nagi let the girls body twist as her orgasms ravaged her body. she enjoied watching them wither in pleasure more than pain, and this was no exception. Nagi slid her tail from inside the girl being sure to flick the girls inner sweet spot as well as her nub one last time for good measure before she climbed up to lay next the girl in her bed, a shifter, a trained call girl, neither of which she had expected to be in her bed, let alone the combination of both. "everything you dreamed of?" she teased in a husky voice

me: Persia's eyes, now a vibrant violet gazed intently at Nagi. "yes.." she whispered, a hand runngin down Nagi's cheek. "Everything and more.." she shifted so she pressed against her, enjoying the warmth of Nagi's skin against her chest. "I am sorry I could not give you the best yet.. but I am still training.. still a little girl to an old lady liek you." she added with a teasing nip to her neck. "so.. are shifters as bad as you thought? because I can say Demons taste like sweet spicy cinnamon"

averylynne1: Nagi chuckled, there was something in persias eyes that made her inner voice sing. "hmmm im not that old." she squeezed her hand that ran down her cheek. she wasnt used to the intimate touching after play time. "not so bad." she smiled but the blush was evident as her ears reflected her cheeks.

me: "Are you...blushing..?" she asked. It was amazing, the complete brutality she had witnessed at twelve was different to this gentle woman before her. Even different from teh woman who had been torturing her in pleasant ways mere minutes before. Her own blush tinted her cheeks. "I should return to my room, I promised Vixen to check in with her before I went to sleep.. and it is late.. " she leaned down and kissed Nagi deeply, pausing as she pulled away, her eyes somewhat sad. "This.. is the last assignment before I become a full member of my house.. when I do..." she looked away, sitting on the edge of the bed.

averylynne1: Nagi refused to admit she was blushing. she had never done so before so it was a new feeling. this girl had given her a whole slue of new things in just a couple hours. "you can not say anything about this to anyone." it was more of a command than a statement. she sat up next to Persia on the edge of the bed. "when you do....what?

me: "Graduate. I am the official trainee to take over Red Moon. I have turned sixteen last full moon, so now I am officially a member and out of training." she turned as she rose, smiling as she wrapped herself in the sheets. "SO don't worry.. I wont have to tell anyone.. we.. will probably never see one another again.." She said the words with a smile, and turned to kneel pickign up the tattered clothes form the ground. She kept the sheet on, walkin to the bedroom door.

averylynne1: "it will be hard to not, arent you stationed here for awhile? i am still incharge of the female detail the council brought with." she winked and watched persia. "i expect my sheet returned."

me: Persia turned and smiled back brightly at her. "I will return it.. and believe me.. I wish to see you again.. at least for the time I can." she blew her a kiss. "Now hurry up and let this girl you took from the cradle go to sleep."

me: Vixen sat next to Persia, looking intently at the girl. There had been some sort of change within her recently.. she couldnt quite place it though.. Persia watched Nagi and the other royal members intently, wondering what they were talking about. "Persia.. I hope you take htis job seriously.. I mena.. you dont need to sleep with Nagi or anything but-" Vixen saw a visible reaction. "You.. did you.. WHAT!!!!!!!??" Vixen shouted, echoing off the meeting walls as she stood up

averylynne1: Nagi glanced over at the shifters. Nagi had been avoiding them the best she could. she had enjoid herself days ago with persia but the next morning she had felt dirty and disgusted with herself. she couldnt think of what possibly had taken her over and possesed her to do such a thing. she had felt persia's eyes on her for days since and tried her best to ignore them. the thought of what had happened made her want to take a shower again. now the damned shifters were making a ruckus and she had to pay the attention. she sighed to hersself. "for fuck sake." she grumbled, she knew Tanal would feel simular about the commotion.

me: "For fuck sake is right, Vixen is louder than you." he bitched, glaring at the red head. "At least the young brunette knows how to keep her mouth shut." he added, grudgingly giving a slight bit of respect. "They are leaving in a weeks time, I can hardly wait.. the stench is driving me mad.. but.. " he narrowed his eyes at Persia. "Something about that one seems.. familiar.."
As he watched, a shadowy figure in the dark corners also watched, Honoka. She knew the connection was forming between Nagi and this hsifter.. and she wanted nothing to come from it. Her existance must be a secret, but the tiem would come she knew where she had to erase the memories of the events..

averylynne1: Nagi growled in her throat. how she hated giving respect to other races, even when it was deserved. "familiar? that sounds like you might have done something with her you shouldnt have and now she has come back to haunt you...oooooooo" Nagi teased Tanol. but she watched the shifters, and found her eye continually brushing over the curves of Persia's body. she turned back to the meeting at hand and only half paid attention to it, she was more curious of the conversation the shifters were having

me: "Vixen! you are noisy!" "But you.. you slept with a Demon and the fuckign haughty princess of all people? Oh Shit Persia.. i knew you were good but.. damn" Persia rolled her eyes. "Shut up and follow me.." she grabbed Vixens arm and pulled her from the meeting. "Tanal motin ed to Nagi to tail them, to make sure they didnt wander into secure places." Vixen shoved Persia against a stone wall, lookign intently at her. "Persia.. this is a dangerous game.. if you are doing this to impress me.. stop. Even I dont fuck around with Demons.. and after what you saw.. " Persia covered her ears. "Please.. don't.. dont remind me.." she did not want to remember Nagi that way, smiling devilishly with red eyes tinged wiht black as she slowly ripped her best friend to bits. "Besides, Demons would never be interested in us.. so dont worry I wont screw a fowl thing like her." she said bitterly, shoving past Vixen to walk to the gardens

averylynne1: Nagi did as Tanol instructed. she hated this part of any political meeting. she sighed and leaned against the wall around the corner from the girls listening to them. <fowl thing"> she thought to herself. she knew they hated the demons and the demons hated them but to hear something like that made her blood boil, but not out of anger, out of power. she looked around the corner as she heard feet leaving down the hall. she spotted just the last bit of Persia as she headed out into the gardens and then spotted Vixen. she moved around the corner to the same side as Vixen and leaned her shoulder against it as she waited to see when the shifter would notice her. she didnt think chasing after Persia was a good idea.

me: Vixen stopped as she felt a presence near her. "Your highness," she said bowing with a sly grin on her face. "What can I do for you?" she asked, a smile plastered on her face that clearly said "get the fuck away from me" "Or.. did you need to see Persia? I thought us shifters were below you? I guess even the mighty fall."

averylynne1: "watch your tone Shifter, or you wont be on the convoy home." Nagi's eyes flashed bright red and her aura pulsed black long enough to her point accross to Vixen. "let me make on thing clear to you. Nothing happened between your little precious girl and myself. i would never stoop to such a low level." Nagi pushed herself off of the wall and glared staring down at Vixen.

me: "Prescious girl? Whose words are those? yours? I never called her such a thing." Vixen smiled wide. "Besides, your walls may be soundproof.. but I know those screams.. Persia ..screaming.. that takes a lot.. you must have done a REAL number on her.." she said with a smirk, staring intently at Nagi. "If you want.. I wont tell a soul.. as long as.. you halp things go smoothly with our diplomati.."
diplomatic relations

averylynne1: Nagi half snarled at her. one fucking slip up and now she was practically being blackmailed, by a shifter at that. "never touched her." she stated again. she was not going to give in easily to her. she could deal with her if she really had to. but in times like these that was reserved for desperate situations, if Vixen pushed it too much or said anything, the situation would require desperate measures be taken.

me: "Now Now.. lets not be hasty. Besides.. as head of Red Moon.. it is my job to know scents and magical eneries of my students. Persia was practically swimming in your magic.. you can't deny it. What should we do about this? WIll you help me out? or do i need to go to your father..? Threaten me if you wish.. but these talks are crucial.. if anythign happens to me, Persia will replace me.. and all the backlash will fall on HER."

averylynne1: "do i look as though i care what happens to a shifter girl? as for my magick all over her, well i'm assigned your detail, she insisted on a walk in the gardens and i had to accompany her. she is very irritating and pushed my anger a bit. besides who do you think my father will believe? a low life shifter as yourself? or the dutiful daughter?" she narrowed her eyes at vixen

me: "Well, Highness, enjoy your little game with Persia. When we leave it is over anyway. A shifter and a Demon.. impossible to imagine.. your father woudl be so disappointed in you." Vixen merely smield wide. "He may not believe my words.. but what.. what if I say I got video of you two together..?"

averylynne1: "if you have video i sure would love to see that. there are sensors set for those kinds of intrusions and they would have been delat with before anything could be recorded. so you might as well give it up Vixen." she truely was starting to get angry. "there is no game between myself and your replacement."

me: Vixen smiled wide, then started laughing heartily. "Game you say? Well. I suppose it is time to go back to the meeting room and see what the game REALLY is now.." She waved her off and headed back to the room, walking in behind Persia who was in front of her. Persia and her sat back down facing the group of diplomats the king, tanal and Yuki and the grand table

averylynne1: Nagi growled. how she hated shifters. she grumbled and grudgingly followed her back into the meeting room. she hadnt noticed that Persia had come back in from the garden. once she entered the meeting hall she leaned against the wall behind Tanol and her father. her arms crossed over her chest glaring at the shifters intently

me: A member of the demon courth rose. "We would like to continue the talks now with hearing our first statement from the Red Moon House." Vixen and Persia both bowed slightly. "WOuld the leader of Red Moon please rise and make a statement?" Vixen smiled and relaxed as Persia rose, standing tall before the demon court. "Yes, Persia Red Moon, inducted leader of Red Moon opening statement. I woudl like to say that I hope these talk proceeed smoothly, as we have similar interests in our outlying moons for their resources. We may not get along as people, but we can work together to harvest needed energy for both of our planets." The king listened intently, nodding to himself. Tana. glanced at Nagi, eyebrows raised.

averylynne1: Nagi huffed to herself, <share resources? please.> she thought to herself. However she couldnt help but feel her heart flutter at hearing Persia's voice and the confidence behind it. or stop her eyes from wondering the girls body again and again. seh looked down briefly and caught Tanal;s gaze. mentally she spoke to him so at not to disrupt the meeting. ^what Tanal?^

me: ^this girl.. I thought Vixen was the leader of Red Moon... so why is this child standing as the leader in our diplomatic meeting?^ Persia continued to speak, her shy self that had appeared a few nights before as Nagi had played with her not even showing in her face one bit. She ended her speech and sat down, Vixen smiled wide and ruffled her hair. "let us break for the day, the rest of the dy is yours, we will commence meetings tomorrow morning." the demons and shifters began to scatter, leaving Persia and vixen sitting at the high table, and Tanal and Nagi standing next to one another

averylynne1: ^she is Vixen's replacement. I dont know why or really care. the point is for them to have a representative." Nagi stilled leaned against the wall. she spoke mentally t Tanal but her eyes watched the shifters closely, especially Persia. she felt drawn to her, and even though she hated shifters, the girl did something to her she couldnt place and sure as hell didnt want anyone else to know about

me: Persia took Vixens hand and handed somethign over to her. "Thank you for the opportunity, I hope ai lived up to it." Vixen smiled and nodded, kissing the younger shifter gently on the lips. "You did fine sweetie.. go rest. You deserve it. We leave in four days time.. enjoy your freedom while you have it." Persia smiled and rose, walking off down a cooridor. SHe stopped in front of the library and entered, making sure to avoid the restricted section. She grabbed the book about the shifter planet invasion, and began to read.

averylynne1: she watched and merely obsorbed what was happening. she wasnt sure what the two had exchanged, but was sure it had something to do with persia's speech. "looks like i get follow the damned child around. when did i become babysitter?" Nagi said to Tanal as she pushed herslef off of the wall moving to follow Persia
but it was the kiss the two shared, though brief and suttle, it sparked a flury of rage and jealousy inside her.

me: Persia sat in the library reading the book and remembered Vixen's kis, she smiled almsot liek a yougn girl with a crush, blushing. "I never htought she would congratulate me liek that.. I must be winnign points." she said to herself, setting the book down, her hands runnign over it absently. It was all in the book, the stories, the memories of that fateful day. She shook her head, not wanting to get sucked back in, sitting curled up on the chair, she looke dmuch yougner, a girl, fresh into the world instead of the strong young woman who had spoken before the council.

averylynne1: Nagi had been watching Persia for a bit, admiring the girl from the shadows. she stepped out of the shadows. "remanising?" she watched the girl, sure she had startled her, even though she really hadnt meant to.

me: Persia jumped slightly, quickly taking the book and sitting on it. "N-n-not at all." she said, her voice betryaing her startled feeligns at being caught with her ahdn in the cookie ajr as it were. "Just reading.. I enjoy doing that besides playing with Demons all night." she added, with a teasing wink.

averylynne1: Nagi's resolve to stay away from Persia was faultering. she moved closer to the girl and slowly and purposfully slid her hand under Persia and pulled the book out from under her. "i'm sure my account for what happened is not how you recall it." she put the book bak on the shelf above Persia's head. "Vixen knows. thought i said not to tell anyone?" she smiled as she leaned against the end of a shelf.



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Visons of the Past Empty Re: Visons of the Past

Post  Kamryn on Sun Dec 02, 2012 12:28 am

me: Persia looked up at Nagi and smiled softly. "I didnt tell her anything.. she has a... way of knowing things. She has trained me since I was twelve.. she knows me and my body better than most.. so I am sure she can tell if anyone else has touched me,or shifts in my scents." she absently reached out and ran a finger along the spine of a nearby book. "So secretive arent we? Can't stand the fact that a young shifter enticed you?" she teased, moving her hand to run under the waistband of her pants.

averylynne1: Nagi grinned deviously as she watched Persia. her delicate long fingers trailing the spines of the books. she imagined those fingers caressing her own spine. she felt a tingle run down her back just imagining the feeling. she surprised even herself at not pulling away from Persia's hands on her pants. "mmm no. it would not be safe for either of us to be found out as having such intamicy with eachother, as we have." she ran her hand up Persia's arm of the hand that was at her waistband, delicatly tickeling the hairs on her arm.

me: Persia shivered and leaned back against Nagi. "What are we doing... I suppose this is the question that really needs to be answered. In the shadows, Honoka watched the two touch one another with distaste.. it was not the time for these two to meet.. too soon. She continued to watch.. and decided to wait a little longer. Persia sighed. "We leave in two days time.. and.. we most likely wont see eachother again you know..:"

averylynne1: "that is the ultimate question i supose. however does it really matter?" she ran her hands through Persia's hair as she leaned against her. "we will find away. demons are resourcesfull." she whispered into Persia's ear

me: Persia smiled wide and snuggled against Nagi, pressing herself against her. Honoka narrowed her eyes, sending a wave of energy through the room, it was deep and low, resonating in the very core of both girls. It would not be immediate, but little by little the memories of their tiem together would fade, until it was vanished completely. "hm.. I feel a little tired.. I wonder why?" she said aloud, leanignup tokiss Nagi softly

averylynne1: "been a rather long day." nagi was feeling tired as well. She leaned into the kiss deepening it. "we should get back to our jobs before someone starts to question us." she smiled down at her and relished in the feeling of this girl's body against her own.

me: "OK.. but before we do.." She slid out from around Nagi's legs and straddled her rolling her hips against pressure points on her waist while she devoured her mouth, french kissing her deep and long, before pulling away and kissing her forehead. "See you tomorrow then.. for the last time.." she pulled away and walked to the door, turning breifly to look at her once more. "I cant ever forgive you for what you did to my friends.. but I can look past it to the woman you are today.."

averylynne1: Nagi enjoied feeling Persia's body against her own. she smiled and very softly moaned into the kiss. she almost whimpered as she pulled away but knew it was for the best. she raised an eyebrow. "you are a very interesting little girl, Persia Redmoon." she smiled

me: "Not so little apparently." she said with a knowing a teasing smile, blowing her a kiss before she left the room. She returned to her room and began packing, dreading the morning when she would have to leave Nagi.. Tanal entered thelibrary, eyebrows raised. "You seem.. comfortable here?" he inquiredtoNagi

averylynne1: Nagi looked up at Tanal. "its quiet in here." she commented Nagi stood and leaned against the end of a book case with arms crossed over her chest watching Tanal. it was then that she noticed that there was another smell in the library, one that wasnt one she had ever smelled before. but she choose to ignore it. What are you doing in here?

me: "Nothing much.. just wondered why the shifter princess of Redmoon left in such a hurry is all. You must have prodded her or scared her. You can be such a bitch, but I love that about you." He offered a hand. "Come, let me take you to your quarters.. you look quite pale, actually.." He seemed worried, and he did smell another scent just like Nagi did.. but he could not place it

averylynne1: Nagi raised an eyebrow. "pale?" she pushed herself off of the book case waving away Tanal's arm. she didnt feel as though she needed any help. and the last thing that she wanted was to be seen needing assistance to walk through the halls of the palace.

me: Tanal smirked "you and your fucking pride, be as you will then." He left her to return to his own quarters, glancing at the shifters room. He saw the little Redmoon princess sitting outside her door, passed out. He decided toleave it. not his job to keep track of the shifters and their crazy ways. He mentally reported it to Yuki and Nagi as they were the caretakers of the group until tomorrow

averylynne1: Nagi sighed and watched Tanal leave. he was always butthurt if he couldnt help. she shook her head and sighed. making it down the halls every now and then pausing to lean against the wall. she was tired, more tired then she thought she should be. she looked up from one of her rests against the wall and saw Persia sitting on the floor in the hall. she vaguely remembered Tanal had reported the situation to her earlier. she sighed and bent down and shook Persia's shoulders. "Hey, Persia, wake up."

me: Persia jerked awake, her eyes glowing intense violet. "N..nagi?" she asked her, seeming to try hard and recallher name. "Sorry.. I must have... fallen asleep." She tried to stand up and failed, fallign against the taller woman. "SHit.." she mumbled, she, as much as Nagi hated showign her weak side in front of others.. especially


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Post  Kamryn on Sat Dec 08, 2012 4:41 am

averylynne1: "Lets get you into bed shall we?" Nagi asked. it was more of a statement then a question. she easily took the girls weight against herself and let the smaller girl lean on her. she pushed open Persia's rooms' door with her foot and helped persia into her room. she didnt care if anyone saw them at the moment.

me: Persia leaned easily against Nagi, and sighed. "I almost feel.. like everything is a big.. long.. dream." she leaned up closer and kissed Nagi deeply. "Good night." She closed her eyes and was deep asleep. Honoka watched this from the shadows.. the magic would hit Shifter faster, by the end of the morning.. all would be forgot.

averylynne1: Nagi enjoid what would be her last kiss with shifter even though she didnt know it. she half smiled to herself, and for some reason started to tuck the smaller girl in. she paused when she felt eyes on her and let go of the blankets and looked around the dark room

me: Honoka phased back in the shadows, whispering again. "Not yet.. too early..." She vanished completely. Leaving the two alone. Tanal waited outside of Persia's room and down the hall. Closing a scroll. He had made his reports and was off for bed, just waiting for Nagi to give the final report of the evening

averylynne1: nagi narrowed her eyes. she was cerrtain someone or something was watching her. she didnt like the fact that she couldnt sense them. she sighed and slipped back out of the room and closed the door behind her. she didnt notice Tanal, her mind was else where. she started down the hall towards her room away from were Tanal was waiting

me: Persia had jumped out of the shower, and had pulled on her undies, she swung her bra around her finger, glancing back at Nagi. "Gotta say.. never expected to end up in a penthouse suite with you of all people, us talking about love and shit. Gotta say its not too bad of an evening if I do say so myself."

averylynne1: Nagi smirked as she watched Persia. the girl was something else. her eyes roamed the curves of her body. every little angle she took in. the girl was a sight to be sure. subconciously she licked her lips as she leaned against the bedroom door frame. "mmm not too bad at all." she smiled letting her eyes roam again before meeting Persia's eyes. a devious gleam glittered in her eyes.

me: "Shit Nagi for real? We already had sex like eight times in the last five hours. Can't stay any longer as much as you would want me to." she smiled nontheless and leaned in kissing her deeply as she remained on her knees, arms around her neck. "Believe me.. it would be much more preferable then my usual.. but alas." she tunred around and leaned back against her. "But.. I'll be back.. that is a for sure."

averylynne1: "mmm perhaps i enejoy the way you move under me." she wrapped her arms around Persia and held her to her. she leaned her chin on the girls shoulder. "why do you have to leave? just stay here. i promise ill make it worth it." she teased nipping the pressure point behind her ear.

me: She moaned softly and sighed. "Nagi... come on.." she turned to face her and took her face in her hands. "You may be walking sex on a stick.. but I still have a job.. thins to do.. which actually don't involve sex." she rose and put her bra on, running her hands through her hair. "Meet me tomorrow night at Black Rose, we can hang, talk.. have that wonderful sex you love just as much as I do." she smiled and wriggled her ass. "I got a few things I need to check out., will you meet me tomorrow?"

averylynne1: "i dont think it will be a problem. how are you planning on breaking it to your boss that youre sleeping with a demon?" she taunted. she loved the games they played. she also knew a little bit more pushing and shed be able to get her to stay for at least another round. she smiled to herself. she walked up behind Persia and very delicately ran her nail up Persia's spine on pressure points. being sure to hit the major on on her lower back and at the base of her neck

me: Persia arched her back then growled, her violet eyes flashing red. "Seriously Nagi.. when I say.. enough for a night...." she sighed, angry at her bodys reaction to the demons touch, it was more powerful then any client she had been with. "And how I tell my boss, is how I tell them. aka no concern of yours." she grabbed her shirt and pulled it on, making a pair of shorts appear on herself at the same time. "Seriously.. don't fucking push me.. there are days I don't mind being pushed, and days I do." She leaned towards her and nipped her nose.

averylynne1: Nagi growled in response, playfully. she knew she could get a rise out of her. she nipped back at her. she knew she was pushing and walking on thin glass. but she had never actually seen the girl angry, and something inside her, the demon inside her, called to see it. her own eyes flashed black in response to her red. she did the one thing she thought might get a rise out of her and something she didnt do with anyone. she leaned in and purred in Persia's ear and let the vibrations push deep into the girls body.

me: Persia stood very still, feeling the vibrations running down her neck and into her core. "You really think you can get what you want by purring, and strutting your pretty little ass around." she smiled wide. SHe ran her hands along Nagi's chest, "now, please don't make me say fuck you, and a whole bunch of other things. Why are you making this so difficult? You really want a fight from me right now? I am no demon, dont act like I am one, sweetie." she said with a hint of fire, pulling away. "Now, if you don't mind, I am heading out. See you tomorrow as agreed."

averylynne1: Nagi rolled her eyes and leaned asaint the dresser and watched Persia. there was a fire in her and how badly she wanted to see it. she reached out with her tail and wrapped it around Persia's waist and pulled hte girl back to her. "alright ill let you go and meet you tomorrow night. but first...." she trailed off and pulle dhte girl into a deep passionate kiss. she wove in the dark magics of the black demon into the kiss and pulled away painfully slow and teasingly before letting the girl go.

me: Persia swooned slightly in Nagi's arms, then pulled away, breathing heavily. "good." she breathed out, smiling wide, enjoying the feel of the dark magics rushing through her body and tingling her to the ends of her hairs. "Ok, see you tomorrow." she waved, and turned, walking out the door, entering the elevator. SHe smiled like a young girl again, leaning against the cool metallic doors with a love struck grin. She left the building, knowing tomorrow night would bring entertainment.

averylynne1: Nagi smiled as Persia swooned. she knew that she could win the heart of that girl with just a kiss, but mixing in her magic had sealed the deal. she wasnt sure why she found herself in love with this girl, but she liked it, the danger it brought, then sensualness it brought and a stange pull in her stomach to the girl that was almost painfull when she left. she wasnt sure if she could bring herself to admit that she had mated with a shifter just yet, she wasnt even sure if they had.


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