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Post  Kamryn on Sat Dec 08, 2012 5:03 am

me: Lark shrugged the heavy bag over her shoulder, yawning wide. "So...Japan.. you do realize I don't speak Japanese well?" she said to him. She smiled sweetly, and walked to doors. "Are we taking a Taxi Jaq? or we going to go to your Japanese home in magical style?" she asked, somehow making her words sound creamy and inviting. Ever since she had separated from the other woman who had been inside of her, freedom had made her very energetic

averylynne1: "how would you like to travel little bird?" he teased and walked tp stand next her and take her hand in his. having freed his heart of the conflict of the other two great women in his life he had felt more connected to her and wanted more contact with her

me: She took his hand in her own and looked up at him. "Hmm I think you know. I always like magic with you.. us doing it together." she let a bit of her wizard magic flow through her fingertips to tingle along his arm. "Let's go.."

averylynne1: He smiled and nodded and with that they were at the front door of his home in Japan. only a couple blocks from Nightworld and with an amazing view of the forest. "well....here we are. nothing special and not quite like the manor." he squeezed her hand gently and smiled down at her.

me: "Hey.. I think it is beautiful.. cozy and perfect. " she dropped her bag and jumped into his arms, pulling him close for a kiss. "So.. we get to experience the parties out here too? or are we goig to be shut ins? We dont have the manor to worry about, Tobias isn't chasing us down.. no more.. of my father's crap to mess with us.. hell even Roslyn isnt bothering us. "

averylynne1: "ah, the peace and quiet of no responsibilities. I can not remember the last time i had this kind of quiet. and the best part....i get to spend it with you." he smiled and kissed her back deeply. he could feel their magics mixing as he gently slipped his tongue between her lips to dance with hers. he pulled back teasingly. "the clubs back in the states have nothing on the ones here. we will most certainly be hitting them." he smiled before returning his lips to her soft ones relishing in the taste and smell of Lark


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Post  Kamryn on Sun Dec 09, 2012 2:42 am

me: Lark smiled as Jaqu had his arms around her still. "So.. what should I wear? I hear the supernatural here congregate more than they do in America.. " she reached behind her and turned, opening her suitcase. she pulled out a white tank with a low back, with golden chains dripping down the back in semi circles. "This with some skin tight black jeans?"
She knew the idea would be enough to make him more excited, and hell.. that was the plan if they were going out

averylynne1: Jaqu smiled as he watched lark move about. the description of what she planned to wear did excite him, perhaps more than she expected it to. They had not been out in so long and the clothes they wore on a daily baises was work clothes, easy to move about in and stealthy, nothing flashy. "mmm i think that would be perfect." he whispered in her ear. he had silently gotten up close behind her. he wrapped his arms around her waist, inhaling deeply her scent..

me: SHe smiled wide and leaned back against him. "I may be small and petite, but if I try hard enough.. I think i can look good." She fished around and found her skin tight jeans, pullign them out as well. "Should I.. be aware of anything specific herre that we dont have in America? Powerful beings I should avoid?" she asked him, stripping off her shirt and replacing it with her white tank. SHe turned to face him so he could get a small show from it

averylynne1: he smiled wide watching her. "well the typical, vampires, elves, shifters, wares and demons. nothing we cant handle, but we arent working for now so nothing to really worry about." he moved and opened his bag. He stripped down to his boxers, painfully slow in front of Lark to give her a show in return. he pulled on a very sheer white button up and only buttoned it half way, leaving his flawless chiseled chest visable.he pulled on a pair of dark blue jeans that for a guy hugged his form nicely, excentuating certain areas perfectly and his black boots.

me: SHe wriggled into her skinny jeans, then added a pair of golden shiny stiletto heals to finish the ensemble. She left her thin whispy ash brown hair to fall in soft waves to her shoulders. "We are already playing games together.. I think Japan brings out the fun in you." she said warmly, reaching up to kiss him. SHe waved her hands and her long nails became golden, her makeup complete. "...Demons..? She asked then suddenly. "Demons? but.. those aren't.." she looked like she didnt believe him.

averylynne1: "not real?" he asked. "oh they are real, very very real. however even though the ones here are the most powerful ever they dont seem to hostile. mind your ps and qs around them and you'll be fine. if memory serves me correctly they are more playfull and sexual than anything." he softly chuckled. he had noticed them playing games with each other. he kissed her back, deeply. he hadnt felt this relaxed in years, and he loved every second of it.

me: Lark nodded, automatically pressing herself against him. "Shall we then.. lets stay together so no demons, vampires or anything else can play with us hm?" she squeezed his hand and waited for them to appear somewhere, awaiting the inviting evening to come.//// back on the demon ship, Sasako was getting ready herself. She wore a black tank top and a pair of extra short cut light blue jean shorts that hung low on her hips. "It has been a while since we went out together.. as beautiful as the demon planet was.. there werent really any clubs we had time to go to.. so I am glad we can be together tonight." she said, pulling her wild red hair up into a messy ponytail, revealing her dragon tatoo.

averylynne1: "together always." he whispered in Lark's ear before they appeared outside of the Black rose. the deep beats from inside filtered out into the streets.

" the demon planet has plenty of clubs. i'll show them to you someday." yuki smiled as he watched Sasako prepare for a night out that was sure to lead to be interesting.

me: Lark looked around, her grey green eyes taking in the sights of the crowds, the bright lights of the club awaiting them. "Ok.. I am ready for this, lets go." // Sasako already had light in her eyes. "I wonder how Katie is doing? been exciting to see everyone after being gone! You realize I am over excited right?" the young feel was bubblign in her, the mate connection almsot vibrated with her pure joy ((yep just did. the prince dude looks cool. wonder what his personality will be like))

averylynne1: Jaqu smiled. "after you my love." the southern lilt touched his words. how he looked forward to seeing how she would react once inside.

"over excited? yes that i can tell." Yuki chuckled. "you know you got your self all prettied up before i was sure i was done with you." he teased coming up behind her and wrapping his tail around her waist tightly on pressure points.
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me: Lark and her approached the doors, and when they walked through she gasped. It was.. definently pretty crazy in here. All the magics that danced, the lust that floated through the air.. her whole being drank it in. //Sasako groaned, and rolled her hips against him. "hmm oh hell no.. I just got prettied up as you said.. so lets keep up this little route on the dance floor." She pulled him close and kissed him, makign them appear on the dance floor right as Jaqu and Lark walked in.

averylynne1: Jaqu smiled as he saw her eys light up with excitement at looking at what the clubs of japan in the Night District brought. he grabbed her hand and yanked her out onto the dance floor spinning her to him.

Yuki couldnt help but laugh as Sasako fought the pleasure racing through her body. as they appeared he kissed her deeply mixing in his magics with the kiss and squeezing her waist with his tail over and over again.

me: Lark moved easily with him to the dance floor, and wrapped her arms around his neck, moving to a slow and deep rhythm with him. she kepts her eyes open wide to drink in the sights. // Sasako sighed in pleasure, enjoying the mixing of their magics together. She rolled her hips against him, and tossed her arms in the air, bumpign in time to the music. She began to get lsot in the sounds turning wildly. She didnt notice the crowds pressing together, and she turned hard, hitting Jaqu in his kidney with her elbow


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