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Georgia shifted in her bed, a brief thought of hwy the mattress was so damn itchy crossed her mind as she stretched leaning her head against a warm chest...chest!? She sat bolt upright and stared at the strange man beside her, not moving a muscle. "Wh-wha? WHat the hell are you doing in my room!?" she shouted, jumping from the bed
Jaqu sat bolt upright and lept to his feet on the bed pinning himself against the wall spooked out of his mind to a voice he was not used to yelling at him. briefly he scanned his memory to try and recall what might have gotten him into a bed of an unknown girl, nothing. "whoa hang on....." he said putting his hands up between them
"No you hold on!" she cried, looking frantically around her before grabbing a wooden chair. "This is.. is.. not my room.." she said slowly, dropping the chair slowly to the floor. "Where have you taken me?" she asks in a chilly tone, not as firey as she had once been, but golden eyes boring into him
Jaqu paused and looked around at his surroundings, he didnt recall these surroundings at all. the walls were loose wooden boards with a stone doundation and the celing was made of long...wheat grass? seriously?wheat grass? this is the building style of....the medieval times. he thought to himself. he ran his hands along the wall he had pinned himself too. "i didnt take you anywhere, hell i dont even know where the fuck we are!" he cried out back at her
"maybe it was you that brought us here."
"Me? I don't even know who you are.. or where we are.. I just.. how can you even think that I can do something like that? Are you.. not human?" SHe asked, looking intently at him, realizing that her sense of smell and perception were dulled.. like she was nothing more than a normal human.. but that wasn't possible! SHe tried to make an item appear in her hands only to find that nothing happened. "Ok.. we are obviously in a bind here.. I am sorry for yelling at you. but what do you expect a girl to think waking up in a strange room with a mysterious half naked guy in her bed?"
"Lets work together and try and figure out where we are."
Jaqu sighed softly, wondering how it was that he had gotten here. his senses were dull as well, he felt....vulnerable. helooked around as he slowly stepped off of the wooden raised cot style bed covered in furs. his bare feet touched the cool dirt floor. "My name is Jaqu. and you are Georgia Axel, correct?" he said recognizing her
Georgia looked at him, and thought back.. recalling her sister mentioning a Jaqu before. "I..think I heard your name sometime before.. how is it that you know me and I-" she was interrupted by a sudden crashing noise from next door along with an accompanying womanly scream. A sword was thrust through the wall, the tip covered in blood. "Oh you have GOT to be kidding me!" she said, racing over to Jaqu's side. "Well obviously we are not somewhere where 'lets talk it out' is in fashion." she said sarcastically, settling into a fighting stance as the sword was pulled back through the hole it had made
Jaqu looked at the blade as it sat in the wall and the blood dripping off of it. as the blade was removed the sound of the metal sparked something deam in his memory. "That is thrice folded steel." he said seeming almost amazed. he looked around and saw a tunic and belt laying on a pile of fur. he picked up the tunic and pulled it over his head and picked up the belt wrapping it around himself in the correct style. he moved to walk out the door. he saw a single handed claymore resting against the door. he lifted it up and unsheathed it as he threw oipen the front door
He found himself in an old inn, wooden floors creaking with the weight of customers rushing past him away from a brawl which had started next door. Georgia wasted no tiem behind him and grabbed articles of clothin from around her, glaring at the front tie up bodice as she slipped into a simple wool dress of soft yellows and browns. "You'll just have to wait" she told it, rushing out to the hall after Jaqu. In the next room the bellows of men echoed with the clashing of steel. Almost too fast to see, a figure rushed past Jaqu and into the room, and additional sounds of clashing steel and shouts were heard.
Jaqu went wide eyed as he heard the clamour and people fleeing. being who he was he was not one to back away from a fight. his bare feet pounded away at the wood flooring of the hall towards the brawl. he noticed that though he still was fast he found himself feeling as though he were running in waist deep mud. his bare feet skidded on the floor as he slid into the next room over
A man lay bleeding on the floor, clutching a shoulder wound as a hysterical young busty woman wept over his figure. To the other side of the room a man holding the bloodied sword had fallen to his knees, and was cursing. "You whore!"' he shouted "Witch! Devil woman! This is not possible." Haruka in a full dress with bodice get up held a dagger in one hand, smiling down at the man. "Now.. go to sleep sir richard. You know how your blood pressure gets." With a swift turn she hit the man with the hilt of the blade atop his head, sending him into unconsciousness. The woman remained over the fallen man as Haruka knelt beside her, whispering words to her. She nodded and rushed past Jaqu, hair flying, leaving Haruka and the two fallen men behind. "You sir!" she called to him, spying him in the door. :"Do you have a way with healing? I could use a bit of bandaging for this gentlemen."
Jaqu stared at Haruka, he knew her well, but she looked different and almost like she didnt recognize him at all. he soon picked up on that they were in a period known as the Medieval times. he looked down at the bleeding man, and nodded. he felt no healing magic in him but he did know a thing or two about feild medicine. he walked over and kneeled down next the man. he gently laid the claymore on the ground next to his knees and pulled the man's shirt down away from the cut. it was a through and through. the man was going to be lucky to have a fully functioning arm if one at all.
Jaqu gently lifted the man into a sitting position. "this may hurt sir, but you must let me tend to your wounds." he whispered softly in the man's ear. jaqu picked up a dagger he saw in the man's hand and ran the blade through the flame of a near by candle. then grntly lanced the wound a little more. once lanced jaqu slid his fingers into the man's soulder checking to see what the blade had touched. he sighed with relief as nothing vital had been touched and no bone broken. he might just keep the arm he tought. he heated the blade again and pressed it against the out side of the wound after cleaning it. once he had he made a make shift needle and sewed the man up. he stepped back from the man, his tunic and hands were covered in the man's blood
"Impressive," Haruka said intently, running a cloth with water from a basin over the now unconscious mans forehead. Georgia had also been watching the scene with interest, and knelt beside Jaqu and Haruka. "The man will live, thanks to your efforts. AH! Here they are." SHe said happily, rising as two burly men entered the room wiht a makeshift carrying cot. They easily lifted the man and took him form the room, hearing instructions from Haruka to take him to the local doctor. As she spoke to the two men Georgia looked out of the window, making a face. "Yeah... you have REALLY got to be kidding me " she said sadly, sliding into a sitting position to finally put her bodice on.. well.. to attempt to do so.
Jaqu picked up the claymore and sheathed on his belt before looking out the window as well. he sighed. "medieval." was all he said and barely above a whisper. still covered in blood, now dried on his hands he knelt in front of georgia and helped her into the bodice and tied up the lacing
"Medieval, huh? Well.. I suppose I have always wanted to visit this place once in my lifetime.. " she looked down absently at his hands which were deft at gracefully lacing. so graceful and yet covered in blood.. she thought to herself, not realizing that it was being broadcast as a mental thought in his direction. She looked up again to the doorway, not seeing Haruka's exiting image as she was ordered to grab a pail and cloth to begin cleaning the room from the innkeeper.
Jaqu smiled softly to himself as he heard her thoughts loudly. though he made no indication that he had heard her. once done he stood up and looked around the room again. "what a mess" he said offering a hand to Georgia
"Thanks" she said, taking it and rising, almost tripping on her skirts. "well.. I suppose this is one thing I wont enjoy." she whispered to herself, brushing dust off of her skirts. "Well.. Jaqu.. I am not sure why we ended up here together, but after seeing a few things I need to go and start investigating.. so.. I guess I will see you around." she said briskly, grabbing her suddenly longer hair and twisting it up expertly into a coif as she began to leave the hotel room, in hot pursuit of Haruka.
he sighed perhaps we should try and stick together. we still dont know how we got here or why. he said mentally to her, glad that he still had that ability
She paused in the doorway and turned to him, regarding him with her golden eyes. "So.. not human then." she began, turning to face him, languidly leaning against the door frame. "Well Jaqu.. I guess we are a team for now." she finished, extending a hand to him."
Hunter sat up from the table he had apparently fallen asleep on. he looked over at the books and scrolls he had resting on a make shift book case. bottles lined a table each of funny colours and smells. "well i guess i am both lucky and unlucky that i have no customers today." he said aloud looking around his infirmerary
from teh back of his office came a noise of stifled surprise as Lark opened her eyes and realized she was in a dark unfamiliar corner. She tried to rise and became tangled in a long skirt with petticoats, and ended up sitting right back down, knocking over a box filled with glass bottles which then shattered. "What in the world..?" she said aloud, finally rising completely. She bit her lower lip as she looked down at the spilled tinctures, and raised her skirts slightly to avoid the odd smelling mixtures to soak into the fabric.
HUnter stood up and made his way towards the back room. his voice was smooth as it gently lifted to Lark's ears. "Can i help you miss?"
She did not get flustered but maintained her usual cool composure. "Yes.. I seemed to have gotten a bit lost, I was wondering if you could tell me where the train station is." she asked, thinking she could easily get home once she found the nearest one. She stepped into the light, her soft charcoal black hair which used to be short now fell in soft waves to her shoulder blades, and her small frame fit perfectly into the deep sapphire blue dress she wore. wait.. this dress.. something feels off to me.. she thought to herself, glancing at and then staring at Hunter. He looked absolutely incredible in his garb, his presence and magic oozing at her.

"tr.aaain?" he said stuttering slightly as he tried to form the word he had never hear before. Hunter raised an eyebrow disappeard bedhing a leather curtain returning moments later with a small tin cup of hot liquid. the delicate flecks of silver in his dublet caught in the sun as he set the cup down on a table. "come have something to rink, you look as though your mind needs a rest." he said, a slight old world accent lingering on some words
Lark reached hesitantly towards the drink and then took a small sip, smiling softly as the warm liquid spread through her limbs. "Oh nevermind, I am sure I can find a.." she paused, realizing that she was not anywhere in her current time era. "carriage to take back home." She finished, setting down the now empty cup. Even though her senses were dulled, Hunter would still be able to feel magics surrounding her. "Would you.. mind telling me the date by chance? I seem to be a bit ill and not able to recall things clearly."
"yeah of the King 1532" he smiled noticing that she was just like him, just like the king, the quessn and others around, older then their appearance, with magic in the blood. "My Name is Hunter Axel. and you are?" he asked helping himself to a cup of the warm mead


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