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Post  Kamryn on Sun Nov 13, 2011 5:05 am

averylynne1: Jasper was a little taken aback at his sudden embrace, but remained still.. as still as the dead in his arms. "They were simpler.. but they are not a time we can return to ever again.. even if we did.. we re much older and broken from the world and life." After a few minutes she slipped form his grasp and rested against one of the stable doors. "There is not much I can do to help you now, Jaqu.. but in the end.. you made your choice to leave Nightworld and come here.. you knew it was permanent.. that you could never go back. And now.. now that Lark is in your life.. you feel vulnerable and weak.. find it hard to protect her from herself. " She wrapped her arms around herself, almsot looking like the young fourteen year old he had known.

"I know what it is like to watch the person you love.. just.. change.. just vanish into another self. Wonder why they hurt me.. why they hurt themselves.. why they are haunted by a past so far gone.. all you can do is help them heal. This.. other Lark.. must have something she cannot let go of. The very ancient always do." She ran her hands through her hair and absently played with it as she used to as a young girl, twirling it aimlessly around a forefinger. "If you need to run away from your troubles.. do it here, Jaqu. But don;t run anymore. Running from Nightworld did you no good. You are not the young boy anymore.. you are a powerful being.. I can feel dark magics in you.. "

She stretched then, arching her back as she raised her hands above her head. She sometimes wished as he did to go back.. wondered what would have happened if she had decided to stay in bed like a good girl instead of sneak downstairs into the party.. would Zae have found her? Would she even be alive now? Would her and Jaqu have.. She shook her head, it was not the thing to think of anymore. "I am your friend always Jaqu. Never forget that." She said walking to stand next to him again.

averylynne1: Jaqu listened to her. he understood all that she said. he had ran away from his problems unknowingly that that is what he was doing at the time. He looked through a window in the stables back up to the house. Is that why he had bought this house? a way to escape? a way to bring the past to the current for him? he sighed when she slipped from his grip. he was used to it, she had lived her life with Zae and had never known that he had lived so he didnt expect her to slip back into the ways of things from when they were younger.

"i know you are, as i am for you."

me: Jasper looked up at him through her bangs and smiled. "Remember the day before the party?"she asked him. "When I was complaining about how Charlotte looked so pretty in her new dress.. and I was such a baby in mine? You snuck up to my room and took me out to play in the mud in that dress, so my mom would have to let me wear a different one." She smiled again

averylynne1: he chuckled. "yeah that was a lot of fun. the punishment was well worth it." he smiled. remember this?" he asked as he pulled out a purple rose and handed it to her. "id leave them for you. always before the old one wilted."

me: She looked at the rose and her eyes softened. "I remember " she said. For a moment her face looked so innocent and free, of times past. (( i have an idea.. what if we somehow had jasper get young again, turn back to being right before she was turned vamp? like jaqus dark magic reverted her for a temporary tiem or something)

me: WHen Jasper touched the rose a strange pullin sensatoin occured, a bright light flashed and thn she opened her eyes, laying in a bed in her home. She shot up, hands on her head.. she had seen the strangest dream where JAqu was older.. and she was holding a purple rose.. no time to worry about that, she thought. Getting out of bed, lighting a nearby candle. Today was the big family party.. and she was determined to attend in the best gown ever..
She undid her braids, letting her logn waves fall down her back, brushng them into silky organized loose curls. She sat by her window, glancing at the stables below, wondering if Jaqu had already begun his work..

averylynne1: Jaqu shook his head waking himself up. he had fallen asleep standing up leaning against a wall apparently. he couldn't remember ever falling asleep. he sighed and grabbed a pitch fork to start cleaning up the guest horse stalls, preparing for the party that night. he grabbed a wheel barrow and walked out of the stable and to the hay shed on the side. he looked up towards the main house. he really wished that he could attend the party. he looked up a little higher at Jasper's window and smiled. he swore he could see her in the window

me: Jasper wiped away the condensation on her window, the autumn was cool this year, with rain a plenty. She giggled to herself remembering the mud soaked evening she had spent with Jaqu, her mother had been firous. "You are not to play games in teh mud like an animal!" she had said, yelling at her. She propped the window open and stuck her head out, sending her hair cascading out with her. "Morning Jaqu!" she called in a loud whisper, waving her hand happily. SHe leaned out and fell into a tree near her windoww, slowly climbing down the branches. ZThe branches which usually held her weight, however were brittle with teh autumn and half way down a loud snap coudl be heard, and all Jasper could do was watch wide eyed as the ground suddenly rushed to meet her.

averylynne1: Jaqu waved back up to her smiling. he knew he saw her. he was excited to see that she was coing out of the house to see him. He had gotten a few snaps from a whip the night before from encouraging Jasper to play in the mud. the wounds had healed that night as well. he had never felt the pain. he had looked back down to set the wheelbarrow down. It was the loud snapping sound that drew his attention. He looked up to see Jasper falling from a broken tree limb. in an instance he was across the field and garden and skidded as he reached up and caught her in his arms before she touched the ground.

me: Her eyes were tightly shut as she prepared for the impact and pain of the hard frozen ground.. but it never came. She opened her honey brown eyes and peered up at him, blinking a bit in confusion. "O.. oh.. thanks." She said, clinging to him slightly with the adrenaline rushing through her veins from the fall. She had not been told of her werewolf heritage yet, and had yet to go through the first change because she was too young at fourteen. her body needed to hit full puberty before it could happen. She slipped out of his grip and stood next to him, brushing leaves out of her now very tangled hair. "Looks like I owe you one again.But.. how did you get over here so fast?" SHe pondered to herself, tilting her chin up, one finger pressed in thought to her chin

averylynne1: Avery: He smiled. "i'm a very fast runner." he teased. he helped her pull some of the leaves out her hair and helped straighten out her dress. "you really should be more carefull Jasp. You dont want your mom to get mad, or worse get hrt." he winked.

me: She smiled her wide toothy grin at him,brushing more dirt of her night gown. It was pale white, and semi sheer, billowing in the breeze of the early morning, though still young, time had begun to work tis magic on her, and her body was slowly turning from sharp angles and straight lines to soft flesh and gentle curves, a young woman beginning to blossom, taking steps towards her eventual were change. She reached out and snatched his dirty jacket, and wrapped herself in it. "Thanks in advance." she said, "Not like I need to look clean for the party.. Mother will only allow me for an hour or two, when Charlotte gets to be there the whole time. She is only three years older.. its not fair!"

averylynne1: "a lot is not fair. but sadly we each have our place in the world and must fullfill what fate has set for us. we can make slight changes but most of it is laid for us. someday you will be able to be there all night." he tried to lighten the conversation. he knew it wasnt fair for her. charlotte had gotten to stay all night long at parties when she had been Jasper's age. he was the same age as Charlotte and had been in different positions at each party. he smiled and fiddled with it.

me: She sighed and looked up at her window, and saw her elder sisters face in it. SHe gasped and dropped his jacket to the ground. "Its Charlotte.. I am so in trouble! Grrr this means one week of allowance gone for her to be quiet abotu this!" She patted him on the shoulder and ran to her house, "See you tonight, Jaqu!" SHe called, rushign into ther home and up the stairs. He woudl be able to see her talking animatedly with her sister, eventually hanging her head and grabbing her money purse to fork over money. Charlotte smiled and glanced at him form the window, waving to him. SHe didnt dislike him.. but loved how Jasper always made stupid choices when it came to him

jaqu shook his head and walked back towards the wheelbarrow. he lifted it up again and went about laying out hay for the nights festivities

me: In the house a few hours later the decorations glittered, the lace was pressed and food was set out on steaming platters. Mirabella Axel sat with Zae Frost in a sitting room waiting for the festivities to begin. "It is not like you to come out to Axel parties, Lord Frost." She said in ehr light silvery voice. "You have been quite reclusive lately.. but I heard after visiting the Axel home you have become more societal. What is the big secret?" she asked, sipping some sherry from a silver wine goblet.

averylynne1: "big secret?" h asked sipping a glass of bloodwyne. "i simply find that this society fits me well." he looked around at all the preperations for the festivities

me: SHe smiled and nodded. "Well.. one does tend to tire of living in dark dank caves and houses for hundreds of years.. ah.. here come the family members." She rose and waited by the staircase as each Axel family member was announced and entered. The mother and father, Alexander and Elizabeth, named after the famous Axel woman descended the stairs. Charlotte was announced next, glimmering and vivid in her gold and green gown swathed with layers of frills and a tight corset. Jasper was announced, and she entered, following her sister in a modest deep blue dress, hair tied is knots along the side of her head, with a few waves flowing freely over her left shoulder, which had been left bare by the dress. They all bowed and the official festivities began. Jasper sighed, twitchign in her first ever corset. "Ouch this thing pinches..": she whispered to herself leaning near the staircase to observe the crowd, smiling at jaqu who moved bout to hand drinks to the guests.

averylynne1: Jaqu shared a smile and nod with Jasper he was happy to see that she was growing up, filled out enough to warrent a corset. Zae eyed Jasper as she was announced. he felt drawn to her. he saw the glance between her and a rather good looking servant boy. he scowled ever so slightly. he tried to hide his distaste. he wanted her, but he could wait. it was child's love, a love that would fade as she grew up a little more. he quietly mingled with a few others in a corner but still able to keep an eye on Jasper. Jaqu wished he could sit with her. enjoy a meal with her. but he knew it was forbidden. He stood off to the side with a tray hanging loosly in his grip awaiting for someone to demand something from him. he was only inside because a house boy had been extremely sick and was not allowed to leave his room in the servants quarters

me: Mirabella approached him and smiled "A glass of wine, if you please. she said, waiting next to him. She was so very small, almost seemed like a child of Jasper's age.. but something in her eyes separated her from a mere child. Jasper walked over towards where Zae stood, and reached out to grab a slice of an apple eating it delicately as she stood next to him, lookign about the party. She had heard of the mysterious ae Frost, but seeing him up close was a bit of a shock.. he almsot seemed frosty.. like he could freeze you with one look.

averylynne1: Jaqu nodded and quickly moved away to get Mirabella a glass of wine. he sighed. this is not what he really wanted to be doing.

Zae smiled at Jasper's closeness. he watched Jaqu move away from the party and took that moment. he leaned in slightly. "Miss Jasper, how are you this fine evening?" his breath was cool on her bare skin. he knew that she was unsure of him.

me: SHe shivered at the coolness of his breath. "frosty.." she thought. She turned and smiled wide, trying to appease her mother by being proper. "I am fine this evening, Lord Frost. "She replied, though her eyes glanced past him where Jaqu had stood a moment ago. SHe looked disappointed briefly when she didn;t see him, but returned her eyes to him and looked him in his eyes with a gentle expression. "I believe this is the first time we have met?" she asked, extending her hand for the customary greeting.

averylynne1: "I believe that it is." he smiled a rather toothy smile weaving slight magicks around her, willing heer to feel enfactuated with him, in hoopes to lead her away from the yung servant boy. He took her hand and bowed and kissed the top of her hand. "It is lovely to meet you Miss Jasper." he said politely.

Jaqu returned to Mirabella with her glass of wine. He looked over to whre Jasper had been standing, finding her still there but this time engaged with Mr. Frost. He had heard rumours about the man, though he rarely believed in them he got a rather suspicious feeling. he sighed feeling slight defeated. It what was not acceptable for a Stable boy, or any servant, to mingle socially ith the members of the family theyserved. though he felt as though he didnt belong as a stable boy, but he would never voice it.

me: Jasper felt fuzzy momentarily and shook her head, the feeling of the mans cool lips lingered on her hands as if he still kissed it. "I- I apologize.. I do not drink very often at my age... the wine must be getting to me.." she said softly, smiling up at him, cheeks flushed. MIrabella watched the exchange, feeling the magic being woven.. she knew it was in Jasper's destiny to be with Zae... even if his methods were underhanded she would not interfere. As Jasper seemed to move closer to Zae, Jaqu caught her eye.. the magicks around her vanished, and her eyes lit up. "It was a pleasure to meet you sir.. we shall speak again." she said brightly, sliding past him to run to Jaqu, grabbing a glass of water from his tray. "Why thank you, kindly sir." she said teasing him. "Did you see me talking to THE Lord Frost? Isn't he handsome?" she asked, lookign back across the room at him.

averylynne1: Zae raised an eyebrow. this girl was going to have great magic, she was incredibly strong already. able to let her attention drift from him with magic. he half smiled to himself watching bound off, the smile faded when he saw that she did not move on once she had gotten her water.

"it is my pleasure miss." he bowed his head slightly. "i did. he is quite good looking. yet he seems rather old." he teased her

me: She waved a dismissive hand, seeming to not notice the sudden stares she was getting from talking to a servant boy. "Well. I heard he was in his mid twenties.. to me thats old.. but I'm only 14. I would be lucky if my parents married me off to someone like him instead of an old man in his fifties.." She shuddered, and sipped at her water, grabbing her head. "I didn't drink that much.. why do I still feel so.. off?" she asked herself, leaning against the stairs behind her for support. Alfredo approached his master and handed him a special glass of wine which was actually blood. "You seem displaesed, sir." he said in his light Italian accent

averylynne1: Jaqu was aware of the stares but choose that if he said very little then niether could get in trouble. "Do you feel hot? like your blood is boiling?" he whispered to her trying to look as though he wasnt talking to her at all.

" that boy seems to have a lot of pull of her. find out who he is." he said watching Jaqu slightly.

me: She nodded, her face even redder than it had been before. "I think I am goign to go rest in a sitting room if mother asks for e, tell her I will return soon." SHe walked away from him to a small doorway and entered, closing it behidn her. The room was quiet with a small desk, sitting area and a large closet. "perfect for hiding in" she thought, smiling at it.. she had hidden in there many times before when she was younger. She settled down in the small arm chair, closing her eyes to try and cool herself down. Alfredo nodded. "I will begin this very night.. " he replied. "Shall I keep him indisposed while you follow the girl?" he asked, glancing to the room where Jasper had walked off to

averylynne1: "yes that would work." he smiled slightly and followed Jasper into the study. he looked around and sighed enjoing the sudden quietness. he knew that Alexander was going to follow him to talk to him about his oldest daughter. he sat in a high winged back chair and awaited for the older man.

Jaqu had a sudden sinking feeling as he watch Jasper walk off and then Mr. Frost follow her. but his status prevented him from saying anything

me: Hearing footsteps leading to the room Jasper sat up.. she was not supposed to be in here. She jumped into the closet, gasping at the sudden lack of air. The corset was tight, making her feel even more light headed than she was. "AH Lord Frost." Alexander said, closing the door behind him. "I am glad you agreed to meet me about a proposal. I take it you saw my two daughters.. I was hoping you found interest in our Charlotte.. she is at a ripe age for marriage, and an alliance with our two great families would be well received.. even in the nightworld court."
Jasper perked her ears.. and wondered what this nightworld was.. but didnt dare make a sound

averylynne1: Zae stood up and bowed his head. "As always Alexander. it Honors me that you would propose a great alliance between our two families. Though things might be a little more dicy trying to explain this bond to the Council of Night World. But eventually they would see the great benefit it would pose. however i must decline your off of Charlotte. I am sorry to disapoint you old friend, but i have my eyes on another. " he smiled polietly and sipped from his goblet of wine.

me: "Oh.. I see.. it is no matter. I only offered. You have no obligation to marry Charlotte." he replied, drinking from his wine glass. "Since it appears business is over, let me not keep you form the party.. I shall return to the festivities.. take your time and enjoy." he replied, shaking his hand as he rose, leaving the room. Jasper wondered who this mysterious woman was that Lord Frost had his eye on.. what kind of creature was she to draw the attention of a man of his stature.. and if Charlotte could not entice him.. she did not know who could. She peered through the gp and notice he still sat there.. not good. How much longer would she have to hide herself in here..?

averylynne1: Zae paused in front of the wardrobe and smiled. "you can come out now Miss Jasper." he said quietly

me: She covered her mouth in shock, wondering how he had known she was in the closet... after debating pretending to not hear him, she gathered her courage and opened the doors, slipping out. She had the face of a little girl with her hand caught in the cookie jar as it were. "I'm sorry sir.. I did not mean to listen on your conversation.. I was tired and came into the room.. and.. then I heard footsteps.." she was not going about this gracefully.. she looked down, hands clasped in front of her. "I hope I have not offendedyou.."

averylynne1: "no offense taken sweet angel." his voice was soft, like caressing waves of warmth. no magic, just gentleness. he reached and lifted her chin up to look at him. "we all find our selves in situations that are hard to explain. but we must not let them control who we are. we must be strong."

me: She gazed up at him, startled by the gentleness in his voice.. he almost seemed to be addressing her as a woman and not a child.She took a step back, feelign uneasy at his casual touch.. the only man who had touched her casually was Jaqu.. but ti felt different when he did it.. warm and open.. but Lord Frost was a stranger to her, and it made her heart leap with.. with what? She couldn't truly tell. "I should return to the party soon," she ventured, feeling the quiet around them too much. She was not used to being with men alone.. and hated how childish she was acting, if only she could be confident like her sister.. strong as Lord Frost had put it. "Please don"t tell my father.." she asked, looking back up at him. "Please? I will be in very deep trouble. Please? I will do whatever you ask, just don't tell him." The wraths of her father were well known.. she had seen her sister after one of them.. covered in bruises and scrapes.. and would do anythign to prevent that from happening to her. At the party, Mirabella noticed Jaqu looking for Jasper, glancing uneasily to the study. "His magic is waking up early.." she muttered to herself.. "he already can tell something is off with Zae.. I did not expect him to come this far so soon."

averylynne1: "I will not tell your father, if you do not tell your father." he winked at her playfully. "i will go out first and then you could to 50 and come out. no one will suspect a thing." he smiled at her. he bowed his head to her and left the study. he left the door slightly ajar. Zae made for the buffet table attempting to look as normal as possible. He ignored the feeling of Jaqu's eyes boring into his back.

Jaqu was almost relieved when he later say Jasper walking out of the study. He turned his gaze to Zae. something felt more off about that man than anything else did. ((has jaqu gone through his first shift already? i woud think he would know about it at least.))

me: Jasper closed the door behind her and reentered the party, walking over to stand near Jaqu again. "My mother will probably amke me go to bed soon.." she said, trying to make normal conversation, hoping the pounding of her heart wasn't loud enough for him to hear through the loud crowd. "Oh I never asked.. what do you think of the new dress, much better than that silly frilly thing I ruined in the mud last night dont you think?" she asked, twirling in front of him.

averylynne1: "I think it is lovely Miss Jasper. Prettier than any dress here tonight." he smiled and gave her a quick wink. he would mantain the formailities for others but in truth this is how he spoke to her all the time

me: She pouted and looked around then grabbed him by the arm and drug them both into a servants passageway under the staircase. "Much better.. now you can speak normally without worryign about the guests." she said in the dark and cramped space. "Now tell me again. What do you think?" She asked, leaning up closer to him to see his face in the darkness. Her eyes had not yet grown powerful to see in the dark, so she was quite near to him , the skin of her bare shoulders brushing against his arm.

averylynne1: "much better." he admitted. smiling. "i think you look great Jasp. Lovely, very adult." he whspered the last two words. her this close to him, felt strange, but felt, real, felt good, felt right. Her skin was cool compared to his. the werewolf blood running hot in his viens. he wanted nothing more than for them to stay like this forever. he laid his hand on the sides of her shoulders very gently. he didnt push her away but barely drew her closer to him as though he was having trouble seeing her as well and needed her closer to him.

me: She realized then how warm he felt.. being around Lord Frost had been cool.. wheras Jaqu was warm and vivid with life. She smiled and leaned against him comfortably, not feeling awkward or strange. There was still the part of her that was the little girl.. who was unaware of romance.. but soon.. very soon it would be shifting. "Oh.. I have been kepeign you too long! Mother will be wondering if you are skippin work.. we should go back."

averylynne1: "Let her wait a little bit longer." he whispered in her ear holding her close to him. he wrapped his arms around her. she felt good against his body. like every devloping curve of her body formed perfectly to his.

me: She went very still and looked up at him, tilting her chin up. "Jaqu..?" he asked slightly confused. He had never done this.. acted like this before. Where was the fun loving guy that teased her and pushed her into the mud.. somehow it felt like he was far away form her.. She felt her heart quicken again and blushed.. wondering if he could feel her pulse as he held her.. what the hell was this situation.

averylynne1: he ignored her inquiry with his name. he didnt want it all to end. he let her back a couple inches back from him. he tilted her chin up looking her deep in the eyes. "Has anyone ever told you how beautiful your eyes are?" he whispered. he could feel her blush, he could see it, even in this dim light.

me: Jasper stared at him, cheeks bright red. "J-Jaqu.. what are you saying?" She said, flustered, stepping back further, grabbing his wrists to lower his hands from her face. She was breathing heavily, the nervousness making her corset feel even tighter on her slender frame. "I don't know what's up with you.. you don't talk liek this to me usually.. what's the matter..?" she asked, trying to avoid the real situation at hand.. which she was slowly becoming aware of.

averylynne1: "i...i'm sorry jasp." he let his hands fall to his sides. he felt deflated. but he was slightly determined not to let this end badly. he leaned in quickly and let his lips touch hers gently, softly.

me: Her eyes went wide, and for the briefest moments flashed gold. She made a small muffled sound of surprise as his lips touched hers, but her body relaxed and she closed her eyes, savoring this new feeling. "Jaqu.. you just... kissed me.." she said, eyes plate size with surprise

averylynne1: " dont tell anyone. i..i dont want to get in trouble. i over stepped my place. i'm so sorry Jasp. i didnt..mean for feel uncomfortable...i.." he trailed off trying to not look her in the eyes

me: She crossed her arms over her chest and stomped down gracefully, but hard on his left foot. "Who would I tell? " she asked with a smile. "But.. just.. don't get weird with me again.. I don't know what to do with you if you are kissing me.. " she blushed and grabbed him by the arm. "Come on lets go back, I need to retire soon anyways." She pulled him out into the party again, fixing her hair before returning to the buffet tabel to eat soemthign for dinner.
Alfredo stood near Zae, speakign in a low voice to him. "The boy.. I have info"

averylynne1: He stood at his post. near the stairs watching her run off. he sighed. perhaps she was still too young to be able to understand the feelings he had. but then again they were not technically allowed to even be social. they had already broken every rule, why not get into a relationship. oh that was a great idea. he knew he would find himself at the end of a whip if not the end of a gun. he was a dog, litterally. most nights he changed to escape the stress and restrictions of the day. he always feared that someone would see that a servant boy shared more of the Axel line then a servant should. or that he would killed, mistaken for a real wolf. he sighed letting his gaze shift from Jasper to the floor as he waited for another command from a guest

me: Jasper smiled cordially at all of the guests, and glanced at a nearby grandfather clock. She sighed, realizign the party was over. SHe excused herself and went to her mother. "I am goign to retire now, mother." she said, cutrseying once politely before turngin to teh stairs

averylynne1: "Jasper!" her mothers voice was low yet harsh. "What have i told you about hanging around that boy?" she almost spit out the last word. she grabbed Jasper by the arm and puller her a little aways from the party. "you know better than to mingle with their kind. they are dirty and worthless. there is a reason they are slaves. I do not want to see you with him again. i dont know how to make it more clear to you! you need to mingle with others like yuo and catch the eye of a nice gentleman who will marry you and take care of you. if i catch you spending time with that boy again, i will have him dealt with. do you understand me?" she scowled at her daughter. she was too rebelious for her own good

me: "Mother!! You can't! He is the only one who listens to me.. I don't have to be a lady around him. I am 14.. there is no man or gentleman who will even think of having me as a wife at this age.. you have your darling Charlotte.. let me be free until I need to grow up.." SHe hated when her mother called Jaqu a slave.. she never felt him to be one.. She glanced sadly in the direction of Jaqu and sighed, heading upstairs away from the party. "This may be your moment my Lord." Alfredo said. "The mother wishes to tear her away form the boy.. if you express an interest now.. she will make sure they are not seen together again.. or you may.. lose interest in her.. and break off the alliance." he said in a sinister tone. "Besides.. that boy is older than he looks.. I am not sure.. but there are records of him being alive two hundred years ago.. but all the information has vanished.. as if it was covered up.

averylynne1: "Yes but he does not act as though he older than 17. But yes this is my chance." he moved over to speak with the lady of the house. He whispered to her that he had found that he had an interest in her youngest daughter. that he wished for her to be of proper age before taking her from her home but that he felt that the boy was a problem. Her mother listened intently, still realing from the brief argument with Jasper.

Jaqu watched Jasper take off from the party and up the stairs to her room. he heard her door shut and heard her sit on her bed. he sighed. he had over heared what her mother had said and now even over heard Mr. Frost. he knew that for her to live a good life, he could not be part of it. he was a servant, a slave, as her mother had called him. he turned his attention back tot he floor again. he badly wished he could go to her room, console her be with her. but if he left the party he would be flogged for sure.

me: Alexander approached his wife and Lord Frost. "Is your proposal true my Lord? you wish Jasper's hand in marriage?" He beamed with joy at the news. "She is fourteen.. a bit young still.. but what age do you wish her to be when she weds you?" He asked. Beside him, Jaqu felt someone step up, and a young dark skinned boy grabbed his tray. "Go to her, Jaqu." He said softly. His name was Thomas. A young African boy who was more of a slave then even Jaqu was. He had shifter blood in him, but was a half ling.. doomed to be looked down upon. "I will cover you and say you had to tend the stables."

averylynne1: "Yes Lord Axel. my offer is true. 16 or 17 would be a good age. she needs to have gone through the first change and have gotten used to her powers as they awaken." he smiled at them

Jaqu was shocked. He and Thomas had been at the axel manor as long as either could remember. they had built a small but true and honest friendship between them. He reluctantly let him take the tray from him. "You are a good friend Thomas, i will repay you." he whispered as he disappeared into the servant hall ways and snuck upstairs to the back north side of the house where Jasper's room was. He softly knocked on the door

me: Alexander nodded. "I understand.. she is.. progressing late.. sometimes if the one herself does not wish to grow up.. the change will be slow. I appreciate the offer.. we will announce it to her tomorrow." Jasper looked up at the door, and wondered who it could be. SHe had removed her dress and corset and was in her night shift, one of dark crimson red. Her hair had been taken out and fell in wild wind blown looking waves down her back. She wondered if it was her mother again, and cautiously opened the door. "Jaqu!" She said happily, throwing open the door and jumping into his arms for a hug. " I saw the purple rose on my bed.. thank you for leaving it for me to find after the party."

averylynne1: "as always." he smiled. and hugged her back. "perhaps we should take this out of the hall way?" he whispered to her in the hug. he didnt want to get caught....again.

me: "ah.. you are right." SHe tugged him into her room and closed the door behind her, settling the purple rose next to a pile of others which she had carefully dried and decorated a book with. She sat on her bed and motioned for him to join. "You know.. I had a strange dream last night.. you and I were older.. and you were here in the stables.. only.. they were old... worn down.. hundred upon hundred of years old. And.. you seemed sad... I reached out and took a purple rose from you.. and I woke up. It was felt so real.. being grown up.. you were much taller.. and strong.. very handsome." She said with a grin, poking his side. "Now to see if you will look that way in the future.. that would mean I am a psychic. "

averylynne1: "that is a strange a dream. i had a dream simular to that. i too found myself in the stables, but everything was very very old. i handed you a rose. you were so beautiful...."he had not expected for that word to have slipped. he tried to move on as though nothing unsuall had happened. " it was very strange. as your hand touched the rose i woke up. perhaps we are both pyschic." he teased. he sat with her. it felt strange. he felt younger yet older all at the same time when he was with her. his heart felt as though it would jump out of his chest when he was with her.

me: She smiled and looked down, and after a brief silence said in an almost sad voice "Are things... going to change between us, Jaqu?" She looked up at him, her eyes flecked with more gold then there had been in her honey brown eyes before. "I mean.. you.. you kissed me.. that is not something friends do.. that is what I have seen my sister do with boys she likes.. does that mean you like me..?" she asked, moving closer to him, placing a hand on his leg. "Does that mean we can't be friends anymore..?" She wanted to understand her feelings and his.. but it was hard to figure out what she wanted form him.. the kiss had been.. pleasant.. and made her heart flutter.. had made her stomach tighten with something.."I don't... understand what it means to like or love.. all I know is what I have seen my sister do.. and" she blushed. "it is hard to imagine doing .. things like that.." her voice trailed off, her cheeks beet red.


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averylynne1: "no matter what comes of us, we will always be friend Jasp. that is what we are. if anything ever happened beyond that you would always be my friend first. Your sister is not the most pure of women, sorry to say. she will do....things...with any man whether she likes them or not. you are not like that. you a pure, and true, you dont hide how you feel, or who you are. that is why...." he trailed off. afraid to admit to her that some how he had fallen for her. he wanted to let thier lips touch again. feel her in his arms. he smiled as he saw her cheeks so red

me: "Thats good to hear... " she said, patting her cheeks. "It is so warm in here!" she said, standing up to crack a window open. She knew her sister was.. one of the more eager women in the town. She had seen her in her room with men.. with no clothes moving strangely.. she did not know what it was she did exactly.. but it reminded her of the feelings she felt when jaqu kissed her. "Jaqu.." she began, standing in front of him. "When.. when you kissed me.. did.. you feel strange?" she asked him. "Like.. there was something trying to fly out of your body.. a tingling sensation? You said you are my friend, so tell me honestly.." she bent over to look him dead in teh eyes, her eyes flashign gold breifly again as she gazed at him

averylynne1: he smiled. her power was awakening in side her. she had been progressing slower than she should be, somehow he knew this and didnt know why. "yes." he said looking her back in the eye. "yes i did." he couldnt help the urge deep inside of him to kiss her again. He leaned forward slightly until their lips touched again. he put a little more presure and urgency into the kiss then he had done early. "an amazing sensation.." he broke this kiss momentarily before letting his lips connect with hers yet again

me: She stood before him, not as surprised at this kiss as the ones before.. and she felt that strange feeling again, a warmth spreading from her stomach downwards. She closed her eyes and moved to stand in between his legs, wrapping her arms around his neck as she kissed him back. It was strange.. different.. but not something horrible as she had feared it would be. When she pulled away her eyes were glowing gold, before returning to a normal honey brown. She smiled and blushed, poking at his cheek. "Hm.. you seem to be good at htis kissing.. have there been other lucky ladies?" she teased him, turning her back to him so she could sit in his lap like she always did from when she was a child. She still felt strange stirrings in her body, but was trying to ignore them, wanting to figure out the balance between these new feelings and her desire to remain the same.

averylynne1: he chcuckled. "no, no others." he wrapped his arms around her as she sit on his lap. he pulled her back against himself. quickly he rotated her around. this left her with a leg on either side of his waist in his lap. "Jasp, just tell me if i over step any bounds." he smiled almost shyly. he reached his hand up and tangled it in her hair on the back of her head. "there is something about you that pulls me closer and closer everyday." he whispered in her ear before take the lobe in his mouch gently rolling it around, letting his tongue graze against a pressure pppoint on the underside of the ear lobe ever so lightly, not wanting to make her uncomfortable.

me: Jasper could hardly believe how easily he picked her up and spun her to face him.. his speed.. his strength.. it was a mystery to her. She watched him move closer, and felt the warmth of his mouth on her earlobe.. then a sudden pull of pleasure.. almost as if a hook had been buried in her and yanked. She gasped softly, legs tightening around his waist. "Jaqu.." she breathed unsure of herself, she recalled him saying to tell him is he passed a line.. what line was he speaking of.. she.. she couldn't think straight with him suckling her earlobe. She felt her entire body tighten again, and a rush of pleasure rushed between her legs. She bit her lower lip and buried her face in his chest, hiding from him. "This.. is embarrassing.." she said, hands gripping his tunic as she nuzzled her head under his chin. He could begin to smell her desire.. the scent of sweat and sexual need rising off of her skin, but diluted.

averylynne1: JAqu felt her desire, her need, he knew that she would tell him if he had over stepped anything that would make her to uncomfortable. he leaned back slightly to llok at her and smile softly before he took her lips with his again. this time he lightly spread her lips to let his tongue dance with hers. he wrapped his free hand around her back holding her to him. he wouldnt be physically forcefull with her. he didnt want her too but if she asked him to stop he would. he reached out with his magic and locked the door, and sealed it. made the walls and door sound proof, he set up a ward, others would feel it and walk the other way happily. he leaned back pulling Jasper down on top of him as he kissed her. the smell of her desire hit his nose in a wave as they landed back on the bed. it made his desire higher, and stronger.

me: Something was rising in Jasper.. something different from the pools of pleasure.. making her blood run hot. She lay atop him and devoured his lips, hands on each shoulder pressing him onto her bed. She pulled back, breathing deeply, her eyes glowing brightly gold but remaining so. Her new eyes took him in, and she inhaled.. almsot feeling every inch of his body by smell. "You don't listen very well, she said softly, leaning down to capture his lips again. Her red crimson dress had ridden up to around her thighs, one strap falling aimlessly off of a shoulder, barely allowing Jaqu to see the curve of a small breast through the sheer top portion of the gown. "Jaqu. I want to feel that.. tingling again.. please." she asked, running a finger over his lips.. her eyes boring into his.

averylynne1: Jaqu felt the sudden shift in Jasper, he felt her magic before he saw it in her eyes. he smiled. he was happy to see it finally awakening in her. his own eyes glowed goldnblue, swirls started to faintly show up in his eyes. "of chorse my love." the words just rolled off of his tongue. he ran a hand up the outside of her thigh that was now exposed. marvaling in the smoothness he found there. he pulled her head down towards him again and this time took to nibbeling on her neck gently on a pressure point as his fingers explored her thigh.

me: Her heart fluttered when he said my love to her.. and she shivered at his touch against her skin. They had always shared touch.. but this was different.. She moaned softly as he nibbled her neck, her legs quivering on either side of him, head leaning against him as he explored her neck. She gripped the sheets on either side of him, and gently rolled her hips trying to somehow abate the pressure growing between her thighs. She pulled back from him and traced his lips with a finger, marveling in how soft they were. His body felt hard beneath her, no longer the body of the young boy she had grown up with. She pushed his tunic upwards, and marveled at his stomach, the rippling muscles she found there. "When did you get so strong..?" she asked a loud, leaning down to nibble along his side.

averylynne1: he moaned against her neck as she started to move on his lap. his own needs and desires pushing against tight fabric as he found he wanted more of her. "a year and a half ago." he whispered against her neck. he bit down on the pressure point on her neck as his finger tips pushed on a few rather weaker pressure points on her exposed thigh. his back arched ever so slightly as he felt her nibble on his side. "mmm Jasper...dont...stop." he whispered.

me: Jasper gasped with pleasure as he bit down on her neck, and wriggled on top of him. "Jaqu..I.. i don't know what this is.. with us... anymore.." She looked up at him from his stomach, seeing him arc his body towards her mouth. A soft growl escapsed her throat and she ran her tounge along his side, up higher, removign his tunic as she did until she came to his neck, there she bti down as well, although unknowingly.. her instincts kicking in, she did a love bite, the beginning of marking and choosing a mate, her eyes glowed from beneath her dark hair, her scent grew stronger. She pressed him down against her bed and kissed him deeply, rolling her hip over his own, feeling his hardness beneath her. It was frightening.. and yet exhilarating..

averylynne1: Jaqu gasped loudly as she gave him a love bite. he had never seen this part of any female werewolf before. he liked it, the danger of it, the fierceness of it. "nor do i." he gasped afain as her lips met his again. he pulled her down mor on top of him. he deepened the kiss, finding the pressure points inside her mouth. he paused the kiss to shift her hips slightly so she wasnt sitting directly atop his organ. he took the brief moment to give her a love bite as well but on her shoulder where it would be hidden under her clothing. his bite was a bit harder and more urgent then hers had been. he matched her movements of her hips as he once again kissed her deeply and passionately

me: Jasper gasped, almost screamed when he bit her on the shoulder, becoming languid in his grip, laying a top of him. She reached up towards him once more to continue kissing when her body went rigid.. and the pleasure was replaced by a sudden burning pain. At first it wasn't noticeable, but her cries of pleasure soon turned to gasps of pain, and she rolled off of him, gasping for air, her skin red and drenched with sweat. "Jaqu..!" She cried reaching out desperately for his hand. "It...hurts..." The telltale signs of a shift were beginning to show, her joints were twisting, her muscles hardening, but it was stuck..making her feel the constant pressure and burn of muscles and bone breaking and changing. Her new found desire had awoken a deeper part of herself.. the female wolf wanted to come out.. but it was still too early.. she had not fully developed yet.. and her body fought.

averylynne1: JAqu was shocked out of his sudden desire as he heard her pleasure turn to ppain. he sat up quickly as she rolled off of him, as she cried out his name. "not good." he said looking down at her. he knew what was happening. she was still too under developed for her to make the change. he had done this too her. awoken the beast in side her. their florplay that had been quicklymoving beyond that had awoken ths part of her. the love bite mark on her shoulder was starting to darken, starting to show as a true sign of mateship solidifing it self between the two of them. "do you trust me?" he asked her as he scooped her up in his arms and had his foot perched on the window sill of her room, ready to make the jump to the ground below with her

me: She nodded.. shivering in his grip as her body burned. A voice called to her deep in her mind.. whispering to her. She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I trust...I trust you.." she whispered,

averylynne1: "good" he jumped out the window with held close to his body. "the chage is painful the first time. but ou are still too young." he spoke softly too hr as he moved towards th woods at unhuman speeds. moving deeper and deeper intot the woods. th th most remote near impossible to access parts of the woods. the parts that the axel family used for hunting grounds. he set her on the ground on an extremely soft patch of grass. he placed his hands on either side of her face. he closed his eyes focusing. he had to decide wether to help her change or try and supress it. he felt as though if her body was ready for her to take steps for them to be exchanging love bites then she neede to make the change.

me: Jasper lay on the ground, and looked to him "The..change..? What are you-?" She was cut off by a scream, her own scream as her legs began to bend at a horrid angle, she was frightened, not sure what was happening to her. As Jaqu watched her struggle, a cool hand reached out and touched his heated shoulder. "Move aside Jaqu." Came the gentle yet steady voice of Mirabella Axel. "You do not want to do what you were about to try.." She knelt beside Jasper and touched her forehead, the girl went dead still, screams silenced, and she lay limp in the grass. Mirabella turned her glittering silver gaze to him, it was not frightening, but there was anger resting in those deep eyes. "You knew she was too young.. and you still continued... you should know better as a pure bred werewolf." How could she have known about him? It would be one question that would pile on many to come. "I stopped the change.. but it is up to you to tell her what happened.. " The woman said, rising. "You and I .. will speak later." She vanished, disappearing as fast as she had arrived. Jasper opened her eyes and sat up, gasping for air."Wha..where are we?" she asked, voice steady feeling no pain.

averylynne1: Jaqu almost jumped at the hand on his shoulder, his eyes went wide as he saw who it was. he moved aside, habit setting in. "as a...pure..." he wasnt sure what she was talking about. he didnt have a name for it, he just knew he could do it and that every Axel could as well. he stared at where she had been standing after she had left. she had followed them, she had known, how much did she know, did she know what theyhad done? did she know about who he was? Jasper's voice ripped him from his thoughts. "oh Jasp i'm so glad you are ok. I am so sorry, this was all my fault. i shouldnt...i never...i pushed you..and i shouldnt have. i'm so sorry. i wanted you so bad. more than anyhing. i .....i forced you to..." so manywords flowed thoug is head, he found it hard to form complete sentences or get everything out that he wanted too. he felt horrible, yet something in his stomach turned, a feeling that felt weird almost like he could feel her more with out touching her.he looked at her shoulder, the bite had darkened and imprented in on her skin deeply. his hand went to his neck, his had done the same. had he inadventantly bound them together. he knealt down next to her. "i'm so sorry Jasper. I really am."

me: "Why are you sorry?" she asked leaning up towards him. "You didn't push me.. I mean.. you lead me in a direction to be sure.. but.. I kissed you and touched you because i wanted to. "But man.. this bite you gave me still burns like hell.." She ran her fingers over it, and looked at him. "I think.. you have some explaining to do.. about this so called change... " she stood up, and her legs wobbled, sending her back down. "It doesn't hurt but.. I guess I am still weak.."

averylynne1: he knew she was right. she had given back to him as much as he had given to her. he smiled slightly. he was glad that she didnt hate him. "the change..." he trailed off. "there is something that runs deep in the Axel family's blood and history. something that maifests as the family memeber reaches the turning point, where they go from a child to becoming a young adult. you have heard of the tales of men turning into giant wolves?" he looked up from the grass

me: "I have.. but.. I thought my family were makgin up stories to keep me in line.. not that they were real.. but.. is it true then.. my family are werewolves?" she looked at him without fear, just curiosity. " My mother did say she needed to talk to me soon.. maybe.. this is what she wanted to say.." She rose again, this time abel to stand on ehr feet. "I should get home.. I have a lot to discuss with my parents tomorrow.. and you shoudl get to work so they dont scold you"

averylynne1: he looked at her slightly surprised that she was taken this so easily. "yes, the Axel family are Werewolves." he smiled and started to walk with back towards the house. "Jasper....i hope you dont adoid me after.....after what happened earlier." he felt his feelngs for her grow stronger by the moment. he flt the fire burning on his neck. he could feel it through out his whole body, spreading like a wild fire.

me: "I told you, silly. I am not angry.. just.. tryign to figure out what to do with you." SHe smiled and walked beside him, taking a hand in her own. "If felt really good.. all those things you did to me.. but it was weird.. since it wasn't like the Jaqu I know.. and i almsot felt like i was going crazy.. we should be careful.. until I am of age, we shouldn't kiss anymore. " she poked him in his side. "So just wait.. I promise to grow up into the pretty Jasper I saw in my dreams.. and then, you can kiss and touch me all you want" SHe saw the house ahead and ran to the door, waving at him. "lets talk tomorrow after dinner, in the stables." she entered her house and ran to her room, falling to her bed with a smile, unknown to her was the one phrase that would change everything.. her impeding marriage to Zae Frost.

averylynne1: jaqu nodded. he smiled and waved to her as she slipped back into the house. he made his way back towards the stables. everyone had gone to bed in the servants section. he was left alone with the horses. which he didnt mind at all. they were easy going beats, quiet and yet full of such pride and confidance. "if only i was like you." he said to Jasper's favorite stallion as he petted the horses face and head.

me: "Jaqu.." Mirabella spoke from behind him. She was a mysterious figure, small like a child.. but strong and powerful beyond anythign he had seen. "Be careful with Jasper.. she has a destiny ahead of her.. one that you may not like.. but it must be done.. and you cannot force the change on her too quickly."

averylynne1: Jaqu jumped slightly. he hadnt quite gotten the hang of usng his senses. "destiny is what you make it. the paths are laid before you, it is up to you which you take.: he said as he turned to face her. there it was again the fire in his neck from her bite. "i know what her parents have in store for her. to marry that Mr. Frost, who has a heart and soul like ice. but she does not have to accept." he had heard some about Mirabella axel, that she was the longest living Axel. "and how do you know about me? how am i possible? i'm not a born Axel, i carry the name because i was brought into the Axel house hold." so much was happeneing

me: "Yes destiny is what you make it.. but Jasper Axel and you are not meant to be. " Her eyes narrowed in on his bite mark. "It has solidified on you.. as it has on her.. but once she and Zae are married it will not matter." She cleverly avoided answering any of his questions, "rest.. tomorrow begins .. begins the change." She vanished then leaving only silence behind.

averylynne1: "the change?" he was confused. unsure of what exaclty had just happened. Mirabella was talking to him, and then vanished. he quickly noted that she had not answered any of his questions. he growled under his breath. He sighed, defeated and exahusted from all the questions racing through his mind. he pulled himself up into the rafters of the stables to his "room". he laid down on his bed, arms tucked behind his head and stared at the ceiling as he drifted off to sleep.

me: In the morning, Jasper came downstairs, her parents were in a good mood.. almost too good of a mood. "Elizabeth.. why don't you tell her?" Alexander said, biting into a big piece of breakfast ham. Jasper looked at her mother and sat down, grabbign her plate of breakfast. "Tell me what, mother?"

averylynne1: "there has been a proposal for your hand dear. a great proposal at that. we are so happy, you have made quite this impression, and at such a young age. we have a few years to get you all ready for the wedding." her mother beamed as she elegantly scooped up some egg with a piece of toast

me: Jasper dropped her fork onto her plate with a clatter. "What..? But. Charlotte is older.. who is the man I am to marry..? " she was in complete shock.. how could htis be happening?

averylynne1: "oh yes charlotte is older, and should have grabbed the attention of many, sadly your sister, is rather difiant. Well Lord Frost of chorse!!!" her mother said excitedly.

me: She visibly paled. "Lord..Frost?" That cool unapproachable man had asked for HER!? "But.." she paused, remembering his gentle words to her.. his secret winks, saying to his father that he had eyes on another.. "When.. is the marriage?" she asked, picking her fork back up, though she could not bring herself to eat.

averylynne1: "once you have come of age and have had your first full Change, and some mastering of all that comes with that. so. 2 to 4years from now. there is time." there was slight smile on her mother's face that seemed maniacle. "there will be a lot for you to learn my daughter."

me: Jasper was very quiet.. and looked down. "But... I.. I don't love him.." she said softly, burying her hands in the skirt of her dress. "What if I love someone else?"
Even Charlotte stopped eating at that.. this might turn into a deadly contest of wills with their mother.. renown for beign named after Elizabeth becasue of her ..well...attitude

averylynne1: "oh dear... marrige is not about love, but the union of two families. you do not have to love him, just do as he asks of you. there are some who are lucky, like your father and i, who fell in love when we first met, some fall in love through time with eachother. but fear not, he is a good, strong young man, perfect for you. you must abandon this silly crush you have on whom ever it is."

me: Jasper slammed her fists on the table. "But.. I don't even know Lord Frost.. " Alexander broke in at that point, knowing that he had to calm the storm. "You are going to have dinner with him this evening, as a gesture of good will. Now stop complaining and accept it, child. You are born into this family, and have responsibilities. This marriage will make history..his carriage will arrive in a few hours to pick you up. Now go and get ready." Jasper sulked away from the table to her room, and snuck out of her window, back to the stables. She sighed, and looked at the horses, and like Jaqu ran her hands over their flanks, wanting to be free like them..

averylynne1: Jaqu watched her from the fafters above her. "you shouldnt be here. you could get in trouble" he teased watching her

me: "I don't want to look at my family right now.. they are making me marry someone." she sighed and sat on the ground, dirtying yet another dress.

averylynne1: "yes, i know." he dropped down from the ceiling with complete ease. he squated down in front of her. "ya know if you keep getting your dress dirty you will have nothing to wear. you will just have to walk around in your under garmets like a savage." he teased trying to lighten things up a bit

me: She giggled and pushed him slightly "I am not a savage.. besides you have already seen me in-" she paused and blushed, remembering how she had been.. forceful with him. "Anyways.. I can't stargaze tonight with you.."
averylynne1: "must meet with your dashing prince?" again he teased. he smiled at her.
me: SHe nodded.. "dinner.. at his manor.."
She sighed.. "I don't know how to act around men I don;t know!" She grabbed her head and kicked her legs in frusttraion

averylynne1: "you could always politly decline." he said watching her. "or you could just not go at all, and run away. i would even go with you." he smiled softly at her and tilter her chin so she was looking at him. he couldnt help it, the pull was just too strong. he leaned in letting his lips touch hers, he sighed in pleasure to the feeling of her lips against his.

me: She smiled in the kiss, and wrapped her arms aorudn him, pulling him close. Her shoulder suddenly burned and she winced pulling back. "I can't refuse.. or run away.. but I will talk to him tonight. I will tell him that I can't marry him. He can find any girl who will love him.. I am sure it will go ok." SHe stood up and grabbed him by the hand,helping him up. She had more strength today then she had ever had before. "I haev to go get ready.. they are decking me out to look pretty.. more corsets." she pouted and sighed. "You are sooo lucky you dont have to be tortured by corsets all the time."

averylynne1: he chuckled. "thank god." he held her hand. he could feel the magic in her gaining strength. a small twinkle in his eye could not be denied. gently he pushed her back up against the stable wall and pressed his lips against her, passwionatly. he knew what Mirabella had said. he didnt care. he wanted her, needed her, loved her.

me: It was very late at night when Jasper returned, a small candle was lit in her room. She sat in her window, arms wrapped around herself.. a hand resting on her shoulder where Jaqu had bit her. She looked tired, as she gazed out towards the stables.

averylynne1: there was a candle still lit in the stables. flickering ever now and then froma slight breeze. every now and then a shadow would be cast against a wall.
me: Jasper opened her window and sat on the ledge, looking down at the ground below.. she jumped from her window, landing gracefully on her legs and rose, walking towards the stables. She pried open a door and saw Jaqu, and smiled at him softly. "Hey.."

averylynne1: Jaqu was cleaning up some of the harnesses for the horses that worked out in the fields. he turned and smiled. "hey"

me: "Working hard as ever.." She said smiling again at him. Her eyes tonight were a deep dusty gold, not glowing but they had lost their brown tinge. "It feels good to be home again.." she said, looking up wt the ceiling of the stables. "did you know... that Lord Frost was a vampire..?" she asked him quietly

averylynne1: "always" he grinned. he had a job to do and he made sure he did it. "I didnt know. i knew something was off abouthim. but i would not have guessed vampire. are you ok he anything to you did he?" he asked walking over to her

me: She shook her head. "He.. " she paused wondering how to explain it. "He bit me.. here.." she said pointing to the mark he had given her.. which was now overlapped by two vampire bite marks. "He was angry.. saying he wouldn't hand me over to the likes of a little boy.. and then he bit me.. " She sighed. "I was afraid Jaqu.. I don't want to marry him.. not when I love someone else.."

averylynne1: Jaqu almost growled. The vampire was aaas all vampires, jelous, forcefull creatures. he set down the polishing rag and walked over to her, putting his arms around heer gently. he could smell the vampire stench. "i'm sorry Jasper." he wouldnt push her to tell him any more unless she chose to on her own

me: "He didn't hurt me really.. jsut scared me.. I tried to run.. but he was always there.. and eventually I jsut saw his red eyes.. and he bit.. " She poked him in his sides. "But.. even if he bit me.. I won't give up.. I don't belong to him." she said, turning to face him."I belong to you, don't I? We marked each other didnt we?" She smiled and kissed his nose. "I turn fifteen next week.. in one year from my fifteenth birthday I marry Lord Frost.. to ensure that doesnt happen.. I am going to train.. and make the change.. and mark you as mine.. so no one can challenge us." Her voice was deeper and darker, held the edge of a wolf female in heat.she was moving closer to the change.. and to him.

averylynne1: Jaqu heard the edge in her voice, and edge that pulled him to his edge. his voice dropped, became more husky than normal. he pulled her to him tighter and more desperately. he kissed her deeply passionately. his hand moved quickly. his shirt was on the ground in a matter of moments. he moved his hands to the thin straps of her night gown and pushed them off of her shoulders. his breath was heavy and hot on her skin. "mark me now Jasper, do it with all your force, claim me as yours." there was almost a growl to his voice. he nipped at her collar bone on pressure points.

me: Jasper almsot purred when he growled her name, and she buried her hands in his hair, pulling and tugging as she pressed her lips to his. Her eyes had begun to glow golden again.. "Only you, Jaqu.. only you can push me like this.. " She stood on her tip toes and closed her eyes, she shivered as she felt her teeth sharpen, with complete abandon she bit hard and deep into his neck, deep into pressure points, blood seeping between her lips and his skin to drip on her pristine white nightgown which was falling off of her shoulders. She could almost feel his pleasure rebounding into her own body, and it made her gnaw at his neck, refusing to let him go. her nails running over his back.

averylynne1: "yes... yes Jasper." he growled. he moaned loudly as she knawed on his neck. the pleasure was un matched by anything he had ever felt. her pleasure was becoming his and his hers. finding the strength he sank his enlongated teeth into her opposite shoulder deep on pressure points. Not wanting to get caught he teleported them to a small clearing in the woods. he erected forcefields and alerts. he was going to have her tonight. he felt her bare skin against his and let a hand slide up her side on pressure points until his hand cupped her blossuming breast. he delicatly found the nipple and lightly flicked it, to bring it to a nice bud which he rolled between his fingers gently.

me: She whimpered in his grip and pressed herself against him. "Jaqu.." she breathed.. nearly panting with the desire racing through her. She tilted her head back and lost herself in his teeth and fingers, feeling like aimless waves on the ocean.Her body was burning again.. boiling.. her bones creaking with the need to shift. She dug her nails into his forearms. "Jaqu.. I'm scared.. I want this.. I want you.. but I don't want it to hurt.." she whispered, leaning up to catch his lips, feeling his pulsing need against her through her thin nightgown. "Make it feel so good.. that I don;t feel the pain.." she begged, running her tongue along his lower lip. Her eyes were pure gold, almost illuminating the darkness around them, her body boiled with heat,and was slick with sweat, heat emanated from between her legs as she brushed herself against him, tryign to feel his skin against her own

averylynne1: he moaned loudly again. "i want you too. i promise you will not feel the pain. i will change with you." he assured her. his teeth retracted from her skin. he looked at her. he curled his fingers around her night gown and pulled it to the ground, leaving her naked. not wanting her to feel too uncomfortable about being naked he pulled his pants down, releasing the hardened muscle that had been trapped by the material. he stood before her, completely nude. he took her in, the beauty of her growing figure, the curve of her hips, the perkiness of her brests, nipples erect with pleasure. he could feel his heart beat harder and fast. his desire was growing as strong as the animal desire deep indie him. he wanted her, to make her own.

me: She looked down briefly, even with the desire flowing and the animal within her begging to get out she was still a young girl of nearly fifteen.. new to this world of pleasure and bodily affection.. "In my dream.." she said, looking back up into his eyes.. "There was something I wanted to do.. I thought abotu it.. the adult me.. I don;t want to feel that regret like I did in the dream.. " She pushed him hard to the ground, and mounted him settling himself over his hardened member, rolling her hips against it, "I know I am still a child.. but.. I do love you Jaqu.. and I want you.. not Zae... " she leaned down and nibbled along his jawline, pulling back to wince as the change began.. "it.. it hurts.. " She whispered, reaching for his hands to hold onto. "Help me." she breathed, squeezing her thighs around his hips, arching her back as her spine began to shift and twist.

averylynne1: jaqu was caught of gaurd. he had not expected her to be so forcefull. his back arch in pur pleassuer as she mounted him. the wetness theat encased him was amazing, she was so tight and fresh. he had taken that which was left that made her a child, a maiden. "i'm here Jasper...always...will be..." he panted. he could feel her startt the change things were goung to be different for her after this. he slowly let his own change start, letted it match the pace of her own change. at the same time he raised and lowered his hips, letting her slide all the way to his hilt over and over again. letting his organ hit her inner most secret spot. he knew when he hit it, she clenched tighter around him. his hand roamed her torso and chest dancing on pressure points. he was going to drown out the pain with pure pleasure. his thrusting became more needing, faster and harder. "i claim you Jasper Axel as my mate." he practically growled it, his eyes glowing brightly.

averylynne1: instinct had started to take over

me: Jasper felt the burning searing pain that came with the change her bones cracking as she began to shrink and become a wolf. But it was being washed away by the deep and penetrating thrusts of Jaqu.. She growled low in her throat as the shift began in full force, lengthening her limbs, twisting her back and her pelt began to appear.. her eyes narrowing and beginning to glow like burning coal. She hardly noticed when the change had ended, still encased in the pleasure of mating with her one.. her true lover. She howled as the change finished, her body strong and agile, filled with power. She nipped down on his neck, a true love bite as a female wolf, claiming her mate. She split apart from him, panting with fatigue, but smiled a toothy grin at him. "That was fabulous." She thought at him,knowing he could hear her. "But four legs.. are hard to walk on.." SHe walked to him and nuzzled him, licking his face. "You are a beautiful wolf.." she said, taking him in. "and all mine.."

averylynne1: Jaqu stretched aas he felt her detach himself from her. He had never expierenced anything like that before. it was beyond words. "yes, yes it was." he thought back to her. he liked her cheek as she came up to him. he in turn gave her a love bite, fully claiming her. "you are gorgeous.. i have never seen a wolf with suchh amazing color." he nuzzeled her. "i am all yours." it was as they nuzzeled that he recalled that he had come inside her. with the peak of the full moon, her first change and the mating, he worried that something might come of all this. he pushed the thought deep into the back of his mind. "we should not linger out her too much longer. the maids will be doing their house rounds and you dont want them to find you not in your room."

me: "But..I don't know how to change back.." she whined, beginning to run back towards teh house, still high on teh buzz from sex and the change. "Tell em as we run!"

averylynne1: he took off after her, quickly matching her pace and catching u with her. "it is simple. you just will yourself back let the magic do it's thing. you just have to think it." he smiled, this was the first time he got to run with his kind

me: Jasper was like a newborn, free and wild, young and adventurous. She relished the wind in her pelt, the smell of the dark soil and dead leaves mingling with the crisp autumn breeze. She stopped suddenly and looked to the moon. "I feel so free Jaqu.. like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.. but I don't know why.. " She shook her pelt and shifted, appearing naked next to him on all fours, before rising. "Oh wow.. its cold.." she said, wrapping her arms around herself.. "no wonder we run hot."

averylynne1: jaqu laughed watching her play as they made thier way towards the house. he too shifted back standing on two legs instead of 4. "yes that is why we run hot. i guess i will have to teach you some more of the magic." he smiled looking at her naked body. he had shited back and was fully clothed again. "it takes practice but you will get it." he mad clothes appear on her. "better get to bed beofer those maids come through." he smiled. he gave her a quick kiss before he took off to the stables.

he pulled himself up into his room in the rafters. he laid there stearing at the ceiling again, a huge smile spread across his face


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Post  Kamryn on Wed Nov 16, 2011 3:29 pm

Jasper lay in her room moments later, looking up at the ceiling. Everything was hitting her at once. She was a wolf.. she had changed.. she was mated.. she had slept with Jaqu. She turned over and buried her face in her pillow. She did not know she was capable of such an act.. but it had been exhilarating.. and he had been so.. she smiled, loving that she and him were together now. She did not want to marry the vampire.. but she knew the next time he saw her.. he may bite twice as hard if he knew what had transpired tonight. She would play the game for her mother, but would not marry Lord Frost.. no matter what.
Alfredo sighed in his small study and threw some papers on the table. "I just can't trace him at all." He said to Zae. "It is like he just never existed past two hundred years ago.. no family, no hometown, no birth info, no death info, nothing. He is a mystery..this stable boy." He narrowed his eyes. "But, he has mgic.. deep inside of him. I felt it flicker when he watched you and the young girl.. he may be a formidable opponent.."
The next morning, Jasper was up per usual, in the dining room for breakfast, and attended her lessons in dancing, etiquette, reading, writing and mathematics. She was so bored by the end that she almost literally flew from the house, and headed to the stables in the early evening, searching for Jaqu.


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Post  Nagi on Thu Nov 17, 2011 1:54 am

Zae looked at Alfredo. "how is it possible? his magic runs deep and runs old. there has to be some record of himth somewhere. people do not just have no past." he was not at they could find no information on the boy. He sighed and emptied his glass of blood.


Jaqu sighed as he lifted a bayle of hay from the pile effortlessly and tossed it into a stable. he broke the twine holding in a brick and started to spread it around. It was then that he heared the familiar sound of Jasper running across the field towards the stables. He smiled.

"hey you. you look like your classes wore or bore you out." he teased as he leaned on the handle of the pitch fork looking at her. He found that after thier romp in the woods he saw her in a completely different light. a light that was shinning brigther then a full moon would. He could tell that not only had her body changed the night before into her wolf form but that her body had suddenly hit a groth spurt filling out her female body more.

In the back of his head lingered the fact that she was promised to Lord Frost and with him being a vampire it was going to make things really hard for her in the year to come before she was married off to him. He knew he would have to fight to keep her for himself. He vowed that he would die fighting before he allowed her to be married off to some blood sucker. He didnt care that Mirabella had told him that fate had decided that she was to be with the vampire. Thy would write thier own destiny together. she was becoming more and more his whole world. He wanted her to never leave his side. but if they ran away together what would happen to them. He was a slave, and she was the daughter of a very wealthy plantation owner with a lot of pull in the world.


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Post  Kamryn on Thu Nov 17, 2011 2:46 am

"You know me too well." She replied, undoing her twists and knots of hair to let it fall freely to her shoulders. She was amazed that after one change it was as if her body suddenly felt the need to catch up to her elder sister. She could hardly believe that the soft curves and much fuller bosom were her own.. a true woman in her own right now. Jaqu appeared different to her new eyes.. much stronger and lithe.. why had she never seen his true strength hidden beneath his tunic and boyish grin? "Just the usual... though mother says I start my true education abotu being an Axel tomorrow." She inhaled the familiar and comforting scent of hay and horse, autumn leaves and crisp breeze.

"I had another dream." She began. "I was older again.. so were you. We were fighting.. well.. you called it sparring. I was angry with you for some reason.. like you had lied to me about being away. I hit you so much that you got hurt, and I remember holding you and seeing blood.. and then my throat was burning.. then I woke up.." It had not been a bad dream.. but almost real enough that she thought she had tasted blood when she had opened her eyes. "What are we going to do?" She asked him, leaning against him. "Mother and father will never agree to us.. and I don;t wish to marry Lord Frost.. if only we could run away.. but I need to be sixteen before I am allowed to touch my inheritance.. that is one more year.. but one more year means the promised year to marry Lord Frost. "

She stood there looking thoughtful, and looked up at him. "Maybe.. I can marry him.. get my inheritance, and on our wedding day or night you and I can run away. Truly free wolves."


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Post  Nagi on Thu Nov 17, 2011 2:58 pm

He listened to her as he went back to moving around hay. He would rather get caught talking to Jasper than not working. His mind was going a mile a minute. had their love making activated something that was now letting them both have the same dream? where they sharing it was it a premonition or something more unexplainable than than?

"Ya know I can teach you about the magic that comes with the were." he basically was offering to teach her, so that she would learn as well as give them more time together. "Every night after your training we can meet in that clearing we were in last night. You can tell me what she has told or showed you and we can expand on it, give you a leg up. I had over heard your mother this morning." he smiled to himself remembering last night in the woods together.

"She was speaking to your father that if you seemed a natural that perhaps you should not have to wait a year for some privileges, such as your inheritance. If we can make you seem more of a natural then you already do, perhaps you can get that inheritance early and we can leave. no need to play a dangerous game with that vampire." his voice was low, trying to keep their conversation from reach the ears of the other slaves working in the field on the opposite side of the stables. He was able to tell that the volume of his voice was not audible to them at their distance.

"I would love to run wild with you, truly free." he looked at her and smiled again. he had freely given her his heart, now he only hoped that she would hold on tight and never let go. If the dreams they were having were any indication as to what was to come he hoped that even in that time she would still hold his heart tightly and love him with all of her being.


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Post  Kamryn on Thu Nov 17, 2011 3:14 pm

She initially made a face at hearing more training. But after a sigh she relented. "As much as I don;t want to train all day long, I suppose it will be much more interesting with you at least. " She offered with a girlish smile, tucking her hair behind her ears. "If I have a natural talent.. maybe I can get it early.. the timing will have to be crucial.. she could marry me off early.. " She looked sad for a moment settling down in a bale of hay.

"I love you, Jaqu. I do. It is just.. it is going to be hard to run from my family and friends.. from everything. I am still young.. I don't think I am blindly in love.. but.. I am going to sacrifice a lot for us. I know you will too.. so let's promise to always love one another.. this would be horrible if we were not together in the end. " The dreams had apparently been more unsettling than she thought. She didn't want herself to become the woman she saw in her dreams.. cool, yet fiery.. strong and arrogant.. yet hurting deep inside..

"Well, we can begin tomorrow night then." She said happily, bouncing off towards the house. 'See you then!"

After a few moments of silence, the sound of feet approaching returned. When Jaqu looked up he would spy countless amounts of tumbling golden curls, a set of intense azure eyes and full rosy lips. "Good Evening, Jaqu." Charlotte said in her soft yet somehow uppity way. "How have you been lately?"She ventured a smile on her face. The look in her eyes said she knew something..


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Post  Nagi on Thu Nov 17, 2011 3:18 pm

Jaqu nodded and agreed with Jasper to make this work out in the end. He waved to her as she left. he smiled to himself. Though she was younger than him, and still technically a child he was in love with her. He knew it would be hard for both of them to leave what they knew and have to start over somewhere else.

He heard the footsteps and continued to work on spreading the hay. when the footsteps stopped next to him he looked up. he was a bit shocked to see Charlotte standing there. Though they were the same age he always saw her as being much older. She had always acted as though she was 3 or more years older than she actually was. He had no issues with her. They had never been friends but had always gotten along as much as a high born woman and a slave could normally.

"Hello Miss Charlotte. I have been well, thank you. And yourself?" he asked eying her carefully. He didn't like the look in her eyes or the smile that danced on her lips. He knew something was up. She never really talked to him and found it odd that she had ventured out of the house this late in the evening. The family never rode at night, if they went out at all it was to make the Change and run free. He knew this as he had smelled their scent one night when he too was out enjoying the freedom of the Change. He had been sure to stay down wind of them and stay away from their normal running grounds. the last thing he needed was for them to find out that he too was a werewolf. There were so many possible outcomes, and none of them good.

He stopped his work and looked at her, as was customary he did not meet her eyes. He wasn't sure if she had over heard them or if she was just really good at guessing as to what was going on, but he would not jump to conclusions. He would wait and see what it was that she wanted of him at this hour. He briefly looked at the stall he had been working on, luckily he was done with it and there for done with his chores for the night. He had planned on going out for a late night run, but Charlotte knew about him, he was screwed, and if she knew about him and Jasper they were both screwed.


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Post  Kamryn on Fri Nov 18, 2011 1:17 am

She smiled wider and knelt lower slightly, bending over to catch his eyes. "You are always so proper with me.. even though you talk to Jasper like she is your equal." She said with a mock whiny tone. "No matter." She finished, twirling once as she stood up, brushing dirt off of her prim dress. "You may think you have outsmarted everyone.. but you DO realize that a freshly mated female wolf has a scent? A marking that she has been taken? You are lucky mother and father are too busy and old to notice it.. they would never think to look for it." She paused, letting the weight of her words settle into his bones.

"I have no issue with you Jaqu, you are as clever and handsome as any man. More so in fact then you let on. You work hard for our family, with no complaints. But, you have marked Jasper as yours and she has marked you.. I could smell the sex on her when she returned late last night." She sighed dramatically, leaving a mystery of if she were being helpful or merely digging for attention. She turned and caught his eye briefly, and cocked her head to one side. "You can change..Jaqu. And you marked Jasper.. love and lust makes it hard to think clearly obviously." She sounded slightly bitter, but quickly melted her voice to its usual sweet honey-like mezzo.

"I won't tell on you.." She began, pausing, letting the sentence drag slightly. "But.. if I do this for you, you will owe me in the future." She finished, lounging against the stable doors like Jasper, only emitting a very different feel than her.


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Post  Nagi on Fri Nov 18, 2011 1:33 am

Jaqu eventually raised his head to look her in the eye. "I treat Jasper as she treats me. She treats me like an equal and i treat her as such because she has asked it of me. Though we are the same age you and i never had the same friendship or understanding that your young sister and i have." He swallowed hard as he took in her words. He had known that yes there was a scent but in his excitement he had completely forgotten about it. oh course Charlotte would have picked up on it. she was sneaky and conniving.

"How did you figure out about me?" he asked. no one had ever known but Jasper and Mirabella that he was a werewolf.

"Yes i am aware that there is a scent. but it sliped my mind unfortunately." he admitted, slightly defeated that he had been found out.

"I will only owe you iof you do something for me." he said in all seriousness looking her hard in the eyes. "you are keeping this secret for your sister but for me you will have to do something."


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Post  Kamryn on Fri Nov 18, 2011 2:16 am

She laughed when he finished speaking. "ME? Do something for you? Keeping the secret is not just for Jasper, Jaqu.. it is for you too. I will not do anything else for you. I told you, I have no qualms with you.. but this is major. Out of curiosity though, what would you have wanted me to do hm? If it seems interesting I may be willing, I am always up for excitement." She smiled coyly at him, tossing her hair over a shoulder. She had more likeness to Elizabeth than many wolves in this age. The only strange thing about her, was that her eyes were neither silver nor gold, but an intense blue.

As kind as Jaqu was she would not belittle herself to indulge in the desires of an unknown Axel whose secret she held, whose secret meant life and death. "Don't presume that I am as giving as I am being with you now. This is a one time deal, Jaqu.. take it..or I spill the beans." She sadi it with a hint of finality, eyes hard as she gazed at him. There was no hatred there, but a hint of something.. something dark.


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Post  Kamryn on Sat Nov 19, 2011 5:04 am

averylynne1: Jaqu looked her straight in the eye. "I want you to convince your parent's that Zae is not the best match for Jasper and call off the marriage." his voice was low. he could feel the wolf magic seeping into his voice. he wanted her to understand how much it meant to him.

me: Charlotte sighed. "You want ME to do THAT? You realize that they will never call off the marriage? Even if the man maims her.. he is a godsend in their minds. A Vampire Lord.. hell THE vampire King. There is no way I could do that." She shook her head. "I know you love Jasper.. I will try to see if they will let me Marry him instead.. I know Jasper is iffy about him.. that's all I can promise you."

averylynne1: "all i can promise you is that i will do something for you, but only as much as i possibly can." he knew he was asking a lot but it was their only chance. he didn't want to make a deal with her. he knew how her mind worked and he was not really a fan.

me: "I won't ask much of you.. Jaqu. You are.. well quite busy with work and chipping away my sister's innocence.. so I won;t bother you." She turned, leaning against the door.. "Well.. I will see you around." She left then, without looking back once.

me: Jasper awoke with a start, clutching a dark rose to her chest, she looked around frantically, unsure of her surroundings and gasped. She was in the stables.. but.. they were half torn down.. the smell in the air was different and .. everything came rushing back to her. "Oh God.."She murmured, dropping the rose to the ground as she shakily stood up She touched the side of her neck where it met the shoulder, and felt the gentle raised skin of the mating bite.. and her golden eyes widened. 'This can;t be happening to me.." she said aloud, beginning to feel her heart beat, the warmth of blood, and the desire for oxygen.. she was l=alive.. a werewolf.. and mated to Jaqu. It was not a dream..

averylynne1: Jaqu stirred and groaned as he sat up from the floor against a wall of the stables. his head was pounding. harder than he could ever remember it hurting. He rubbed at his eyes and gave his neck a quick rub to get out a kink. He paused. He felt the raised skin, the scar from a love nip. His eyes went wide and in an instant he was on his feet and pacing. He was so confused. He staggered suddenly as everything came rushing back to him. he felt like his head was going to split, there were two pasts worth of memories in his head. he started to pace again only to stop in mid step. he sniffed the air. He smelt Jasper, but she smelled different, werewolf, and that's where the smell stopped. there was no vampire scent at all. his head turned as he heard her voice and just stated at her. completely unsure of what to do or say. he had caused her to be alive....again.

me: Jasper remained stoic and quiet, clasping her hands in front of her. "I guess that explains the dreams we kept having.." she said conversationally.. trying to keep her voice kind, without letting the steely edge enter it. She knew it was not Jaqu's fault.. per say. He had somehow been overcome by his dark magicks in his depression and had taken them on the biggest time travel joy ride of all time.. in to the past that could literally change the future. "I.. I need to get home.. I have to.. I have to fix this.." she whispered, holding her neck.. he smelled different now that they were mated.. her senses were filled with him.. it drove her crazy to be near him and feel him so.. but this wasn't some childlike love anymore.. they were back.. and zae would already feel her loss from his senses.. and they could never...

averylynne1: Jaqu looked at the ground. he felt completely responsible again for her change. "Jasp i'm so sorry. this is my fault, let me try to fix it, there are a lot of people i can go talk to to get you back to normal." he walked over to her and smiled. He was instantly his full force with her being. he could feel her, every part of her through scent. there was a sudden jump of desire that rose up in his stomach. they were mated, they had apparently actually mated. if that had prevented jasper from becoming a vampire, what else had it changed? had it changed anything at all other then them? "I'm so sorry." he hung his head. suddenly he felt so very small

me: She shook her head and reached out, gently touching his shoulder. "Don't be.. you are still learning about your magic.. you can't help it.. happened.. so.. we just gotta deal with it." At this point, Mirabella Axel appeared silver eyes deeply glowing, face scrutinizing. "Oh Jaqu.." was all she said, shaking her head. She knew he was training alone.. trying to hone his powers.. trying to become stronger than his father. Jasper glanced at Mirabella.. she had appeared so quickly.. this woman would be a beast if she did gossip articles, she thought.

averylynne1: Jaqu almost smiled at Jasper's touch. he suddenly wanted to hold her to him. but he resisted both, know that it would be wrong. it had been very obvious that they had not been meant to be together. He almost jumped out of his skin when Mirabella arrived. her tone was strange, he felt submissive suddenly, something he was not used to feeling.

me: "Give us a moment, Jasper." She said, her voice deep and penetrating. Jasper shrunk away from her, feeling the sudden need to bare her throat to her.. it was almost as if Mirabella was.. angry..Jasper nodded and walked to the main house, settling on the porch as Mirabella turned to Jaqu. "This is why you do not train alone!" She almost shouted at him. "This is no laughing matter anymore.. you have the type of magic that does what we call cementing. Only you and your father have this type of magic.. and only you two can reverse it.. but you are not versed enough yet to.."

averylynne1: "you act like i did this on purpose!! which i Didn't by the way. we were simply spending some ime together like long lost friends do. so dont treat me like i did this on purpose." he was livid with her. the feeling of being submissive faded. he got right up in her race, rage boiling his blood

averylynne1: "i chose to train on my own because there is no one that can train me, not even my father!! my power is strong and dark but different then his. I'm alone Mirabella, you made sure of that a very long time ago when had become a young man and you put me in stasis. you guaranteed my life to be solitary then. so what makes you think anything would change now?"

me: She reached out and slapped him hard, tears glittering in her eyes. "When did I once say I blamed you for it? And you go and blame me for your lot in life. Everyone is alone in who they are.. what powers they have.. do not think you are the only one suffering! But don't try and deal with everything alone.. "she sighed and leaned against the stable walls, looking very young and yet very old. "You will have to stay away form Jasper until this is fixed." she said, looking at him intently

averylynne1: when she slapped hi he growled, the growl vibrated so deep in his throat it seemed as though he had swallowed a monster. his eyes flashed brightly and the swirls started turning in his eyes. he was pulling on both magics at the same time, a rather deadly combo. "it is your fault Mirabella. you were my mother and yet you forced me to thing i had been orphaned. do you really think i would not blame you for how my life was?" he looked up at the house and could see jasper sitting on the steps. oh, how he was drawn to her, he wanted to go to her, sit with her, hold her. he turned back to look at Mirabella, she would not command him to not see his friend. Arianna had tried the same thing after he had been bitten twice, but Jasper was no threat to him anymore. In turn to her commanding he stay away from her he hit her square in the side of her jaw. it was no where near how hard he could have hit her but it was hard enough to get the point across that he wasn't going to leave his friend alone.

me: Mirabella sat stunned on the cold ground.. it had been.. far too long since anyone had hit her.. or even been violent towards her. "She rose gracefully,, the left side of her jaw swelling briefly before the skin colored normal and healed itself. "Blame me then. Jaqu. Blame me for your life if that is your wish. But you were the one who came here.. and you are the one who is choosing to teach yourself this magic. You are not the only one who has been told they were orphaned..if you are that far to disagree.. then I have no choice." She waved her hand and in the blink of an eye Jasper was gone, leaving only the silence between mother and son.

averylynne1: he didn't feel bad for hitting her, in fact he felt empowered. he started to pace again. every time he faced her he would lock eyes with her"yes but how many are told they are orphaned and spend hundreds on years playing a slave to thier parent's family simply because their parent doesn't want to take the responsibility to raise them. You wiped my memory each time. only through learning the wizard magic have i been able to recover some tiny bits of my past, of times before this house that i didn't even know existed. I came here to no longer have to answer to anyone, to somehow take control of my life some how. but apparently i failed at that even." he was growling his words now and had started to stalk back up to mirabella, as though he was building up for a fight. somehow he knew in the deep recesses of his mind that she wouldn't fight him, he chalked it up to her being to old and rusty, and think she was too good for such a thing.

me: She shook her head and clutched at her flowing skirts, twisting them in her fists. "Do not think I did not want to raise you. I hid you from your father Jaqu.. I had no other choice. He was.. he was a very different man then.. dangerous.. any knowledge of his blood being alive would have ended with your death. He is not the same man as he was.. thus why you were finally able to know the truth. " She glared at him, eyes silver but with traces of.. a very intense blue. "DO not cross the line with me on this.. mistake or not.. you screwed with time in a bad way.. and now only your father can fix it. DO not seek out Jasper Axel.. or I will go even further and make her forget you."

averylynne1: "you wouldn't dare." he was almost nose to nose with her almost touching, he growled deeply again. the swirls in his eyes twisting more violently in their goldenblue color. his lip lifted in a snarl exposing an elongated fang. he was pissed. "and you are telling me you didn't fuck with time at some point in all your history? if you make me forget about her and i find out about it, i will hunt you down Mirabella. Mother and clan leader, it doesn't matter. I have never fucked with your life, with the ones you care about, how dare you threaten the only firmed i have currently. How dare you!!!!!" He was yelling at her now, still face to face with her. he gave her a push sending her into a stable wall only for her to find him nose to nose with her again

me: She looked up at him through narrowed eyes, feeling the pain radiating up her back from the contact with the wall. "Don't take your anger out on me, boy." she said silkily, grabbing her hair in her hands, tying it up in a high ponytail. "No, I have not fucked with time as you put it. I don't change things unless an outside force does something that is damaging. You think I am afraid of a fight with you? A woman who knows abotu dark wizards. Don't do this now, Jaqu. Work on fixing it so you can have Jasper back." She was not meeting him in his aggression,but a dark power was swelling within her, "What will ti be, Jaqu?"

averylynne1: he watched her with eyes that seemed to be growing. his face was shifting back and forth between the wolf and his human face. the rage had called to his animal, to the beast. he growled loudly at her, he snapped a couple times, just missing her neck or shoulders, almost as though he was antagonizing her. his shirt dissolved off of him from the heat radiating from his body. he could feel the dark wizard mixing and dancing with his wolf. "i never said you were afraid to fight me. i simply challenge you." the words came drifting out on growls through gritted teach. He was going to get jasper back, but at the moment his whole energy and concentration was on the situation at hand

me: Mirabella's eyes went from narrowed to wide. And she bowed her head. "SO be it then.." she said, and waved a hand, having them appear in the Axel caves. A large group of wolves were gathered around an open space in the caverns, among them was Jasper, Georgia and even Kamryn Axel. From the shadows Elizabeth Axel's golden eyes glittered. Mirabella's dress had shifted to a skin tight black body suit, which though looked soft was as hard as steel. "I hearby announce a formal challenge of the authority invested in I, one MIrabella Axel Matriarch of the Axel clan. If this day I declare my loss or lose my life, all powers of knowledge, forbidden magics and lore shall be inherited by said challenger Jaqu Axel. Presiding shall be Georgia Axel, next in line for leadership of the clan. If I am defeated, she must declare new law or step down as leader."

averylynne1: Jaqu looked around. he had not expected her to have taken this to a formal challenge. he was pissed but wasn't so sure he had it him to to do anything other then give her a good beating, he could not find the strength to kill her. but at the same time he could not let himself loose. it was one thing to challenge a werewolf to a dual, something completely different to challenge the leader of the clan. Hunter stood off to the side watching. he was surprised to see that Mirabella had accepted a challenge at all, but from her own son? now that was something that was a bit interesting. what could have happened between them to lead to this? Jaqu growled at mirabella. he suddenly wasn't sure what he had gotten himself into. he had seen her eyes go wide, but from what, was she scared, worried, surprised, or thought him stupid

me: Mirabella stood in the center of the open fighting space.. and made a dangerously sharp knife appear in her hands, with it she immediately cut off her luscious hair, leaving it ragged and spiky barely reaching her chin. She threw the hair aside and removed two earnings as well, the second she did a low hum filled the cavern, and her body began o glow a delicate silver, her eyes turning husky steel blue, silver dancing in their depths. Elizabeth gaped at her sister.. she was taking this seriously.. but then.. no one had even uttered in passing of a challenge to her.. she followed the rules to the tee.. and it looked like she would not let this challenge go unanswered. "Come, Jaqu.. we must make the blood offering." She said, her vice usually silken and silvery deep and husky, dripping with magic. She took the blade in her hand and raked it up her entire left arms, letting the blood flow freely into the ground beneath her feet. Georgia ran to her side and ran a finger up the cut, then tasted the blood. "Now you, Jaqu." Mirabella said, passing the dagger to him.

averylynne1: he moved closer to the center of the ring. he looked at the dagger and then back up to mirabella. "what are you doing?" he asked hushedly. he felt her magic and was almost unsure of how to react, did her drop to his knees and beg forgiveness? run away? attack? he was confused. his confusion only fueled his anger. and his anger fueled his magic. a gold aura rose around his body, the edges pulsed with an eerie green glow as he let the two magics mix

me: "you challenged me," she said back quite audibly. "You challenged the Matriarch.. any challenge must be accepted.. and if I am defeated then everything changes." she was quiet then, definitely keeping something from him. "If you don't have the balls to follow up with your bite, then declare your defeat here and now.. or cut yourself, and give the blood to your leader to be and allow her to officially begin the fight." Her voice was icy, her eyes taking in his glowing aura. She did not want to fight him.. dark magic and her were not well suited.. but she would. Both of them would not leave unscathed..

averylynne1: "i challenged you, not your matriarch." he growled. he eyed her suspiciously. he could tell she was hiding something. "what aren't you telling me?" he hissed at heer. he took the knife but simply held on to it waiting for her answer. he was not going to claim defeat, he would rather die protecting his pride and dominance, how ever little either really where, but it was the one thing he had that was constant.

me: She glared at him, an intent to kill rolling off of her and striking his aura, it almost felt like a physical blow. "You do not challenge me without consequences, Jaqu." she said tensely. "And now.. there is no turning back." Jasper watched the two from beside Elizabeth, watching Jaqu carefully. "Now.. raise the blade to prove your determination to your challenge or forfeit now." She ignored his earlier question, standing stoically beside him, her usually small and frail form suddenly teeming with lithe muscle and power.

averylynne1: he growled loudly at her feeling the intent to kill coming from him. he let his form bulk up slightly and gripped the blade tightly in his right hand. he looked her in the eye. "fine mother. if we must." with that he dragged the knife from the inside of his elbow to his wrist. he flexed his muscles in his left arm which forced the blood to drip from his arm to the ground. as his blood hit the ground there was a smell that associated with his blood, the smell of werewolf, dark wizard, and vampire. some how the vampire blood he had received from jasper and haruka was still pumping though his body. "what aren't you telling me?!" he growled again as he felt the blood run down his arm

me: Georgia grasped his arm and ran a finger up it, tasting his blood. She gagged slightly and looked at him, but said nothing. "The blood offering has been made!" Mirabella cried out, her voice ringing in the cavern. "A woman never reveals her secrets." She said to him coyly, winking once before she walked a few paces away and turned to face him. "I announce the challenge begins!" Georgia called, quickly leaving the fighting space. Mirabella stood at ease, gazing at her son. "You will find out soon enough anyway.." Mirabella said, her cut now fully healed as she waited for hsi approach

averylynne1: she looked at georgia briefly as she gagged. he sighed. his wound healed up just as fast. he forced the wolf features back into submission but let the power continue to flow just as freely. his body was lithe and rippled with magic. he dropped to a crouch . it was then that Jasper caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. he felt relieved to see she was ok, but feared what she would think about him making and taking this challenge. He wore no armor. he lunged at her, shifting to different areas in space around her before truly going in for a strike with fist to the side of her neck at point blank range

me: She took the hit directly, a sickening crack filling the air around them. She flew through the air and landed in a crouch, head at an odd angle, though she twisted it once and all seemed well. "Again!" she said. and appeared behind him, digging her claws into one of his kidneys from behind him, tugging them out and jumping back.

averylynne1: He gasped and dropped to a knee. the pain was incredible. he growled and jumped towards her, before colliding with her he disappeared and reappeared behind her. his knee slammed down on the back of her knee as he wrapped an arm around her mid section and squeezed. he felt a couple of her ribs give way with a shattering that could be audibly heard. his free hand he buried his claws deep into her side on pressure points for pure pain

me: She gasped softly, shuddering from the pain in his grip. She elbowed him hard and then vanished from his grasp, appearing sitting on his shoulders where she squeezed her legs together to strangle him slowly with her thighs.

averylynne1: he gasped instinct setting in to fight for air. he wrapped his hands around her legs and tried to pull them apart. he stood staring at jasper as he started to get a little light headed. he dropped to his knees. he admitted he loved Jasper and what he had done would only make her sad. she loved him but not the same way he knew she loved Zae. he dug his nails in Mirabella's thighs deep and raked his claws down, shredding skin

me: She growled and reached down, digging both of her nails into his eyes, blinding him. "Enough games, " she said, jumping off of him, blood trickling down her legs as she healed, though slowly..

averylynne1: he cried out in pain as she blinded him. their eyes where what took the longest to heal. but he didn't let that hinder him. he pushed himself up to his feet and let his other senses kick in. he was able to tell where she was from smell and sound. he dropped back into a defensive position. he extended his hand out in front of him. a green ball of pure wizard energy appeared in his hands swirling as it pulled more energy out of the air. in a quick flick of his hand the ball flew faster than even Jaqu could move right towards Mirabella

me: She muttered some words and a shield went up, but it could not prevent the full brunt of the attack, and he could hear the sizzling as her shields fell and she was tossed back, hair slightly singed. "Better.' She said, her vice sounding very feral. (((wow.. what are we gonna do about this fight..? not sure how to end it quickly..))
With a swift motion, she pulled him back by his hair and bit him in the throat, gnawing over the top of his love bite as she pressed her dominance.

averylynne1: Jaqu growled and started to fight. he knew somewhere in the depths of his mind that he had enough power to take her out, but he couldn't bring himself to do so. he went completely lax in her grip

me: She bit even harder as he did this, realizing he was letting go momentarily. She pulled away and said half growl "DO you yield?" She knew he wasn't giving his all.. but it was sprung on him, this fight with ceremony.. one day she would let him and her battle it out alone just the two of them, magic and animal instinct.

averylynne1: "yes" his voice was barely above a whisper. he fell to his knees, in pain. his body was desperately trying to heal his eyes which left the rest of his would untended. he wanted to fight her, to see what she really had but he was all over the place right now. still learning his new magic, getting used to the circle, dealing with a love that hated him at the moment, another love he could never touch but had been somehow changed in a weird slip of magic and one that would never let herself love anyone enough for a relationship.


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Post  Kamryn on Mon Nov 21, 2011 3:47 am

Mirabella released hi and rose. Georgia's voice boomed next to him "Mirabella Axel wins!" A soft applause began in response, though many who did not know who Jaqu really was expected her to win anyway. Mirabella put a hand on his shoulder. "You need to heal." She said, though her words were much deeper,not only his physical wounds.. but his heart. He was too torn.. torn between too many great and deadly women.. he would not last much longer like this. Jasper appeared at his side then, having them reappear out in a woody area near the compound. "Jaqu.. how are your eyes?" She asked, watching with amazement as they began to heal.

She had an arm around his waist, and was worried.. though she knew being close to him was bad now.. she could not stand by when her dearest friend and the first man she had truly loved suffered before her. He appeared broken both in body and spirit.. and she didn't know what she could do to help. "You need rest.. we can talk later."She said it in a tone demanding that he be up for the talk, and to not avoid her.


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Post  Nagi on Mon Nov 21, 2011 11:00 pm

Jaqu grumbled low as he heard that his mother had been declared the victor. he knew it was coming as he had yielded to her. He didn't want to kill her and knew that she would not have yielded to him which would have caused him to have to kill her. when he felt Jasper's arm around him he collapsed into her body. he leaned his weight against her as much as would allow himself to.

He smelled the woods and felt relaxed by it. but the hurt and anger rang deeply in his soul. he moved away from Jasper about a foot before he cried out, truly letting his pain and anger free. he fell to his knees in the damp grass. The cry turned into a howl that vibrated deeply in the hearts and souls of those he loved and cared for and those that loved and cared for him, they would feel the pain in his soul and the anger, even a feeling of fear that boiled in his blood.

His eyes had stopped in their healing suddenly. his body had pulled all his energy and power to heal his eyes which left the wound on his neck, his kidneys to try to heal at a normal human speed which would take to long, even the ceremonial cut on his arm had reopened and his body felt warm from the blood soaking his body. But it was the sudden stop of the healing on his eyes that sent a panic through him. Sight was one of the most important senses that the wolf relied on for survival. a broken wolf was a dead wolf. the pack would push them away, unable to take on the hinderance of the broken wolf. he suddenly felt a tingling above and below each eye as he felt a battle scar burn into his skin, the scars would be almost permanent and looked as though he had been slashed across his eyes.

he opened his eyes and could see nothing. his eyes were blank, matte in color where they had normally been piercing and bright. he pushed himself to his feet. "Thank you Jasper. I love you and always have. Thank you for your help, but i must rest. we will talk later." his voice was pained but he attempted a smile in jasper's direction. he quickly started to call upon his other senses to "see" where everything was. he would have to rely on these until his eyes finally healed but he knew that his body could only heal them so far until the rest of his body healed. He disappeared from Jasper's side leaving her with just a smile.

He went to the only place that felt like home, where someone he knew would be there for him, someone he desperately needed. He appeared in Arianna's office in a crumpled heap, blood pouring from his body and unable to see. He only hoped that she would care for him. He had spent the majority of his current life with her, and he depended on her far more than he liked to let on.


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Post  Kamryn on Tue Nov 22, 2011 5:46 am

Jasper could hardly believe the damage Jaqu had taken.. she knew Mirabella had a gift for magic.. but.. this was beyond rational. He could not even see yet.. and when he howled.. her heart almsot shuddered, and her blood ran cold. She wanted to reach out and hug him, protect him in any way she knew how.. but as soon as he stood up and smiled, whispering a few words to her he was gone.. vanished form her sight and senses. She gripped the grass around her, and growled in frustration. What the hell did she want? Why did she feel so attached to him still? Was it the childlike part of her that wondered what if? What if she had not ended up with Zae? But, there was no changing the past.. well.. She grinned. Not the entirety of it. She would wait for him to return, and rose, returning to the caverns to converse with her family.

In sector Seven, Arianna sat quietly at her desk, typing aimlessly about a report she had received, when a sudden rush of magic filled her office, and Jaqu appeared broken on the floor. She was almost in too much shock and disbelief to even comprehend how wounded he was. Just seeing him.. a foreign object in her office.. someone who had been away from her life for months now.. She shot up and raced to his side, kneeling next to him her knees already covered in blood. "Jaqu.." She breathed, in shock at what had happened to him. Without asking questions, and ignoring the strange magics around him, she quickly cut her wrist and let her blood drip into parts of his wounds, they began to heal faster, though it wills till be a slow process.

At least the blood flow was stemmed, and he would not die on her floor of blood loss. The irony it would be. She made him appear in her penthouse home in a nearby tower, resting in her soft bed, shirtless so she could begin to stitch close some wounds which still bled. HE seemed half out of it, but she continued, working tirelessly for hours to stitch, mend and disinfect wounds that refused to heal fast, until he was left stitched and bandaged on her bed, and she lay beside him exhausted form the efforts, waiting for him to wake up on her blood soaked sheets.


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Post  Nagi on Tue Nov 22, 2011 1:33 pm

Jaqu could feel Arianna's presence and it had calmed him. calmed him enough that he didn't move, or even flinch as he felt the prick of the needles and the thread being pulled through his skin as she sewed up his wounds. He knew that he had chosen the right place to go.

He had fallen asleep very shortly after the sewing had started. he was pulled out of his sleep as he felt the last stitch being tied off. he knew that his body would eventually heal and that his skin would push the stitches out as though they had never been there. but it was his eyes he was still scared would never heal completely if at all.

He smiled to himself feeling Arianna so close to him. He knew that she would eventually have some words for him, a good verbal licking he knew was in order. He had left her, had not spoken with her, he had cut her off, and she had done the same. He was surprised that he had been able to even get into Sector 7 as he was no longer a member, but he would think about that later.

He slowly opened his eyes, not surprised to find that he still couldn't see. his eyes stared at the ceiling, still dull and unseeing. "Ari..." his voice was low, slightly still husky from the magic that still coursed through his veins.


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Post  Kamryn on Tue Nov 22, 2011 7:57 pm

me: Arianna perked at hearing her name, well part of it.. She rose from the bed, hands on the stained sheets and leaned over him, appraising his injuries. His eyes were still unseeing to her surprise, she had not touched them with her blood since something about the injury itself felt off, she felt that she shouldn't mingle magics there. "I am here, Jaqu." She said, her light yet tonal voice filling the space around them. Her blonde hair had fallen over her shoulders and tickled parts of his forearms as she watched him, leaning over him still.

averylynne1: he smiled widely, his eyes may have been dull and unseeing but there was a sparkle to them that showed his sudden happiness at hearing her voice. he almost laughed at the tickling sensation that traveled up his arm from her hair. "sorry to on ya." he said letting the little joke sink in for her

me: She was silent for a moment, and without the ability to see her face her expression was not revealed to him. "You obviously needed to.. if you had not come I would be dealing with your autopsy not stitching you back together." She waved a hand and the sheets suddenly felt softer, they had been changed. "You are in no state to give a lecture to.. so I will skip that for now.." She continued, shifting so he sat up against her, lifting his heavy weight. A spoon with soup was pressed to his lips. "Eat." She commanded.

averylynne1: He chuckled, he knew there was some words he would have to hear from her, and none too pleasant he was sure. He hated feeling helpless, his body was stiff and so moving at that exact moment was difficult, so he accepted that he would be treated like an invalid for now. "What no airplane spoonage?" he teased the southern lilt was deep. he smiled but allowed himself to be fed like a baby bird

me: She shook her head, her hair falling over his shoulders and spilling down his chest as she fed him. "I don't do airplane shit." She said, he could hear the smile in her voice. His southern accent had returned very strong.. she was not sure what he had been up to lately.. "You can stay at my place until you are well enough to move." She added, continuing to feed him, also telling him that he was now in her own bed in her own private house which he had never been to.

averylynne1: he laughed a hearty laugh. The two of them had always had a strange relationship between them. "so once i can move i'm out? well then i think i will remain unable to move." he teased around the spoonfuls of soup. "it is a shame that the one time I'm in your private home that i cant see it. and who would have thought we be in the same bed." his teasing didn't stop and the accent never let up either. he had resorted to a survival state, which brought out the accent, an accent he had had for a very long time and seemed natural to him. it took him a lot of energy to hide the accent that no matter how hard he tried would never leave

me: She tensed slightly at his teasing, the lines between their already strange relationship had always been blurred.. but he was always like this when he was emotional..and it always made her heart beat faster. She hoped he couldn't feel it though their skin contact as she held him to feed him. "No more jokes from one has been here but me.. so think of yourself as the guest of honor.." she paused and then continued. "You can stay as long as you need, Jaqu.." it was in her quieter voice.

averylynne1: he felt her heart beat faster, it gave him a slight feeling like the feeling of the hunt on a full moon. something about her had always pulled at him but it was never a bad thing. "oooo guest of honor, i fell so ....honored." he teased yet again. he had heard her that he should stop the teasing but it was natural for him to be such with her

me: She gave him the last spoonful of soup and set the bowl down, remaining behind him to help his food settle while she held him upright. "I am sorry you are so hurt Jaqu.. I really am.. I will help you heal as much as I can." She whispered, leaning her head against his good shoulder, tucking it under his chin from behind. She had missed him more than she thought, and feeling him so close was nice

averylynne1: He smiled and let her lean against him. he had found some strength somewhere and was running his hand through her hair that had drifted over his shoulders. he had missed her. "Thank you Ari. Really i mean it." his voice was soft. he could feel something emitting from her but was unsure of what it was. his senses and power were so exahusted for him to be able to tell exactly what it was, but it had an almost grateful and comfort feel to it

me: She moved from behind him letting him plop down on her bed easily. She lay beside him, and took a hand in her own. "Rest now, I am feeding you small bits of magic. It won't replenish you loss,s but by morning you should be able to do basic stuff like teleporting items to you ." She moved a blanket up around them and settled with him there, it was so weird.. being alone forever in her room and office.. and now her best friend.. and one of the loves of her life was beside her..

averylynne1: "I'm so sorry Ari." he had much to be sory about and he knew it. He smiled widely as she laid down next to him. It had been a hundred years or so since he had fallen for her, but it also been a hundred years that he had trained to see her as a friend and nothing more, but the boundaries he had built between them to keep them at that distance had melted away shortly before he had left. it was one of the many reasons he had left. He lifted her hand up to his mouth and kissed the top of it before he drifted off to sleep.
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me: She shivered at the kiss against her hand.. she had not been.. touched like that in many years.. the last and only person to do that to her had been Jaqu.. She spent a sleepless night with him, feeding him magic until the sun rose. She rose fro bed and made a breakfast for him, mixing some of her blood into an omlette to help him with the last bit of magic boost he needed. "You awake, JaqU?"

averylynne1: "yes. but why don't you come back to bed?" he teased as he slowly found the new strength to push himself up into a sitting position. her blood had helped a lot and mixed well with his own healing magic. he could feel the stitches already trying to be pushed out of his skin

me: Her eyes grazed over his chest appraising the injuries, maybe lingering a bit too long.. thank God he couldn't see yet. She sighed. "Were you this bad in America? No wonder you gave yourself girl issues.. you are a natural flirt." She teased, returning to bed and passing off a warm plate of omlettes and toast. "You can feed yourself you womanizer." She teased pinching his side

averylynne1: he smiled and laughed. "i am no womanizer thank you very much, could always find out." he teased holding the plate of food in one hand as he reached out and tickled her side before pulling her to him, all without spilling any of his food

me: And it began..he would make her feel young again.. she hated feeling out of control even when he was injured. She let him hold her, feeling a hurt person deserved something. "How are your eyes?" She asked, sitting up to face him, leaving his hand around her waist to stay as she gazed into his injured eyes, trying to find some sign of sight

averylynne1: "they don't really hurt anymore. but all i see is dark." he sighed and set the plate on his lap and quickly scarfed down the food. "You didn't have to take care of me ya know." he smiled, there was a light tone to his words and he pulled her into his lap facing him. a leg on either side of his waist. he had regained his strength and speed, that was apparent because the move was near impossible to notice or feel. "but i'm glad you did or i wouldn't have gotten to be around you again." he teased. the accent still strong in his words

me: She felt her heart flutter again, had he gotten this much stronger, even she couldn't see or feel when he had moved her. His body was obviously almost healed.. it was just his eyes and magic levels now. "Jaqu.. " she began, reaching out to brush his forehead. "Your eyes.. why are they still unseeing?"

averylynne1: He smiled at the flutter of her heart. he had always know how to get under her skin. "i....i don't know. my magic had started to heal them but stopped." he felt a little feeble suddenly and hated it. but like his normal self he recovered quickly from it. he reached up and took her hand in his. his fingers had brushed the scars around his eyes when he did so. he could tell that those would never disappear. but he hoped that they gave him a more rugged look in the end. he smiled to himself about the thought. his left hand slid up her thigh before slipping onto her lower back and he pulled her closer to him. the heat in his body had already returned. his right hand slid up her arm after releasing her hand and cupped the back of her neck. he smiled and pulled her to him again, this time he let his lips brush hers

me: Arianna's eyes widened in surprise, and she stiffened slightly at the sudden invasion of her personal space. She let herself melt into the kiss momentarily, wanting to cherish this rare moment with Jaqu. "Jaqu."She began breathless form his kiss. "Don't do this now.. please.." She said softly, holding his shoulders tightly in both hands. "You have..Lark.." she finished, looking down. "We both know you and I are.. not to be." She didn't move away from him though, still allowing h is hands to rest on her thigh and wiast

averylynne1: "My Lark has been lost." he said quietly. he truly had gotten to the point that he thought she would be lost for good. he had not given up on her but he feared the worse. but it was something about Arianna that pulled him in a different direction. he had wanted to be with her so long ago and the feeling had never vanished. he blatantly ignored her that they were not meant to be. there was no proof one way or the other. He pulled her again down to meet his lips, this time he deepened the kiss passionately holding her to him.

me: She growled low in her throat, annoyed at his unerring persistence, but began to relax in his grip. Would she be defeated by him..? She did not know.. She pulled away and kissed his neck gently. "Why are you pushing this Jaqu..? You need to decide this.. " She ran a finger over his love bite. "You are mated now too.. and have a soul mate in America.. no wonder your magic is crazy.. your heart and soul are out of balance." She ran a finger down his exposed chest, running it over a nipple playfully. "If you want.. I w ill play with you..but don't expect me to take you seriously with a will as weak as yours." She warned her tone hard, but resounding with care under the harshness.

averylynne1: "my will is not weak my sweet Ari. Nothing can tinge my will." he smiled. the feeling of her finger running down his chest made his own heart flutter. his smile grew as she touched his nipple. "mmm i like our game already." he teased leaning in to nibble on her neck on pressure points. unable to see anyways he closed his eyes. he would have to play this game with his other senses.

me: Arianna lay with her head resting on Jaqu's chest, her hair plastered to her face and his skin with their mingling sweat. She was tired.. not only from the hours of lovemaking, but due to her magic she had woven during their playtime. Sexual magic was always hard for her.. but it was a magic passed to hunters to use to extend their lives, and to help others in need. The magic had entered deep into Jaqu.. and he would feel it in a few cays, and could decide if he wanted to use it to heal or dispel it.. she would leave it up to him then. "You seem much better." She said hoarsely her throat sore after shouting so much. "How are you feeling..?" she asked him, sitting up and placing a hand absently on his chest

averylynne1: "much better." his smiled lit up his eyes, which still had not healed. but he felt like some large weight had been lifted off of his chest. "tell me again why we never did this before now?" he teased running a hand through her hair gently

me: She was quiet to his question for a while before answering. "Don't misunderstand me, Jaqu.." She reached down and took his hand, lifting it to her lips to kiss it gently. "Don't misread my actions tonight.." She rose from her bed and pulled him. "On your feet, you have not walked in days.. though after last night you seem to be in good enough shape." She said laughing. "Can you stand?" She asked, worry entering her voice. She held him up slightly, arms wrapped strongly around his muscular waist.

averylynne1: He simply smiled to himself but said nothing. he knew that what had happened would probably never happen again. it was the first and last time they would sleep together. "Yeah I'm pretty sure i can." he let her take some of his weight as he stood up. once both feet were planted firmly on the ground he untangled himself from her grip and walked around a little bit. he took in the smells of her home, the sounds. he was amazed at it's size, a penthouse, how fitting he thought for the head of the Hunters. "you have a nice place here Ari." he said running his hand over some furniture as he moved about.

me: "It has been mine for a long time now.. you tend to get money when you never die." She said with a grin. She wondered how he was doing.. obviously he was as good at hiding his true feelings as she was. Damn Zarron.. why couldn't she forget about him? He didn't even exist anymore.. and yet his memory and her love for him had blocked her from loving Jaqu all these years. "I won't be able to keep you off the circle radar forever Jaqu.." she began.. "But I will try for you." She ran up behind him and hugged him form behind, squeezing him tightly.. damn her soul.. somehow she would beat her feelings for Zarron.. she just didn't know how..

averylynne1: e had heard her moving towards him but without his sight he had not been prepared for the hug that followed. he smiled after re-catching his footing. "I dont want you to get hurt Arianna." he rarely used her full name with her. "Tobias is a very powerful man. and i don't want to loose you." he had placed a hand over hers that had wrapped around him. he could feel the turmoil inside her, the same he had. he loved 3 women, 3 women that were always some how out of reach.

me: "Tobias is strong..but there are diplomatic roads he must take first.." She said with her "business voice" releasing him. It was then that her phone rang, and she answered. "Arianna Hunters." After a long pause she closed the phone, and turned to him. "There has...been a development in New Orleans.." She said. "Something happened to Lark."

averylynne1: Jaqu's sightless eyes went wide and then he scowled. "what kind of something?" his voice was deep with concern or anger, it wasn't obvious and his accent had suddenly gotten deeper with this emotion

me: "I am not sure.. Roslyn wanted to know where you were.. she sounded..upset."

averylynne1: his teeth gritted in anger. "are you doing anything the rest of the day?" he asked her turning to face her.

me: "No.." she replied, suddenly shocked by his sudden shift in behavior. "I was going to work from home today.."

averylynne1: "good." with that he wrapped his fingers around her arm and both appeared in Roslyn's shop. He knew he could find her there, she was always there. "Spill it Roz" he said letting go of Arianna's arm

me: Arianna glared at him, though knew it would do her little good as he was still blind. "Jaqu.." She said in surprise (ros) looking up from behind her counter. "I tried to stop her.. but she insisted that she needed to do it.. and now.."She bit her lip. "Lark is sleeping in the back room.. but she has been sleeping for four days straight.. I don't know if she will wake up.. she used a lot of magic.."

averylynne1: "What did she do ros?" he asked, his voice deep. he moved towards the counter. "you are not being really forthcoming with the issue at hand." he had never been like this around her but there was no time for that now

me: She sighed. "I don't need to explain..she can show you.." She said, motioning to a small girl standing to the left of the counter. She had not been there mere moments ago but was now standing. Her hair was long and lustrous, raven black and falling to her mid back. Her eyes were a deep forest green, trimmed with flecks of soft gold. Her skin was pale but held a slight olive tone to it, the air around her crackled with magic. She was slight, only standing at 5 feet inches, but her body was slender and graceful, slightly toned beneath her clothing. "Long time no see, Jaqu." She said softly, her voice a deep and rich alto.

averylynne1: "Lark?" he asked turning his head in the direction of the voice. "wait, which Lark?" he asked not moving. he kept his head down just enough to hide his eyes from sight

me: She girl smiled, tilting her head slightly. "It's not Lark.. my name is Wren.. a bird.. just like your Lark." She appeared in front of him, looking at his eyes. "Hm... quite the damage.." She whispered, running her fingertips along the scar. "Lark broke the spell holding us together.. I am in my own body once again.. and she has hers back to herself.. but.. she is sleeping now.. " Wren said, removing her hand from Jaqu's face. "She will be fine. Give the girl time to recover.. it is not everyday you can bring someone back from the dead after all." Roslyn sighed, holding her head. "Lark separated Wren form her body.. for you Jaqu.."

averylynne1: Jaqu didn't move away from the hand that touched him. he didn't feel the need to. this Wren was not a threat to him, at least not at the current moment. He lifted his head towards Ros. "And you couldn't have said something before?" he asked. had he been able to see her face he was sure that her face had been replaced with an expression of shock from his anger that spread across his face.

me: "Don't give me that bullshit! You fucking ran!!!" she shouted. "You left me alone to deal with Wren and Lark fighting one another.. and I didn't know where the hell you were to tell you! I finally called Arianna and she happened to know where you were.. so don't you dare get pissy with me!" Roslyn was just as angry with Jaqu as he was with her.. the tension built in the air. Wren shook her head. "Leave him, Roslyn..this one is lost to us for now.."

averylynne1: "for your information, i didn't run away. I've been gone a couple days thank you very much." "Lost?" he asked looking in Wren's direction. boy did he have a mess to clean up. a mess that was going to be hard to clean up.

me: Wren looked at him with sad eyes he could not see. "It is not your fault..Jaqu.. you are merely lost on which path you should take. I did not help that.. I am not as angry as I appeared to be.. just..lost like you are." She moved to him again and touched his cheek. "Until your heart shall not be able to see.." she whispered into his hear, backing away form him to settle on the counter. "Now.. it appears you all have a problem that I could help you with.. Jaqu..go to Lark if you wish.. I have work to do." Wren vanished then, leaving behind a gaping Arianna. " do you do it?" she asked in awe, seeing only a moment of the life Jaqu had been leading here made her wonder how he wasn't more broken than he was

averylynne1: Jaqu sighed and habit took over and lead him into the back room. he could smell her, taste her, feel her in the room. He smiled at the soft hum of her breath coming and going in her sleep. he smiled and move to her side. he sat gently on the edge of the bed. "Oh, Lark. you are so strong." he whispered and kissed her cheek

me: She stirred in her seep but did not awaken, and breathed his name softly in her restless dreams. Arianna followed him into the back room, standing behind him. "Its great that she came back to you." she said lightly, kneeling beside the both of them. "Things worked out in the end." She masked the sadness in her voice, seeing the two of them together hit the nail home with how much Jaqu loved her.. "I have to go now Jaqu.. I am on Circle turf.. I can't stay long.."

averylynne1: He turned and looked at her. He loved her but something inside him told him he had to let her go. She would always be his friend and he knew that. "Ari. I will always be there if you need me. Please don't forget that. I know i have wronged you and you have done nothing to deserve it. I was selfish and scared. I know that now. You will always be in my heart until i breath my last breath. You are and always will be one of my dearest friends." he smiled and reached for her hand. He found her hand and gave it a little squeeze and kissed the top of it. "I will come visit when things have quieted down here and we will have our talk." he smiled

me: She smiled and nodded, letting go of his hand and turning before he could smell the tears threatening to fall from her eyes. She vanished after saying a soft goodbye leaving Lark and Jaqu alone in the room. Lark was breathing easier, but still very deep asleep. "Her life seems to be out of danger." roslyn said, having already forgiven him.. she didnt tend to stay angry long. "But.. Tobias came by..looking for you.. he is not pleased."

averylynne1: "I'm sure he isn't. apparently i have many who wish to have a few words with me as of late." he had smelled the tears that Arianna had tried to hide. he knew that this hurt her. she had just started to open up her feelings with him. Last night had been, he knew, what had started it. he hung his head. she wouldn't talk to him for a while now, and was sure that what they had once had between them would soon fade away. He had noticed that he was able to see color now. he had forced his heart to move past Arianna. But could he move past anyone else. He knew that he and Arianna had had something that neither would ever truly admit to. But could he really pick between the two that were left? He knew it wasn't fair to Jasper. She loved Zae, they were soul mates, this he knew. But Arianna and Jasper had been is loves long before Lark had walked into his life. He knew that Arianna would be hurt the worst between her and Jasper. her and jasper shared a man they both loved, 2 men, himself and Zae. But Lark had loved no one but him. he sighed. he vaguely thought about his new companion in the circle and wondered where she had disappeared too. "Ros, keep an eye on Lark." he handed her a piece of paper with a number on it. "if you need anything or anything changes here with Lark call me." it wasn't a request but more of a command. He would have to face the Axel Clan and Jasper before he could move on. he had to clean up his mess. With that he disappeared and appeared back in the Axel Clan hide out

me: At the Axel caverns, Mirabella had gotten out of her fighting garb and rested in the hot springs, enjoying the heat as it took the tension out of her muscles. Jasper had been pacing for hours now around the edge, driving her mad "For the love of God child, get in!" She finally growled at her, making Jasper jump. She was still not used to seeing Mirabella so..wolfish. Jasper abided her request and stripped down, settling in next to Mirabella. "You fought.. amazingly well." She said, opening the conversation. "As well as I needed to," She said absently, looking up at the ceiling. "What we really need to think about here is you."

averylynne1: Jaqu could hear their voices coming from the baths. he sighed and walked towards them. He had not walked through the caverns since he was very very young, and barely remembered them. He was sure that much had changed since. He moved with smell and hearing, listening to echos as he walked, the small amount of sight he had regained of color also aided him in his movements

me: Mirabella felt him coming before she saw him, and looked to Jasper. "He is here." She said, knowing that was all the information Jasper needed to hear. Jasper glanced around and finally felt him, and smiled to herself. So he had gotten better better enough to walk on his own at least. "Jaqu?" She asked, craning her head around to try and see him

averylynne1: he walked into the baths. "Hey Jasp." he said. he didn't say a thing to mirabella at first. he sat down on the edge of the bath. he had the high ground now. "hello Mother." he kept his head down avoiding both of their gazes that he could feel

me: Mirabella smiled. "Hello, Jaqu." She replied softly, continuing to lunge in the waters. "Would you like time alone with your mate?" She asked him, running her hands through her newly short hair.

averylynne1: "no. it is fine. your presence is only an annoying tick at the moment." he was cold towards her. more so than usual, in fact he had never really been cold towards her. he had always felt that she was motherly towards him, long before he found out the truth. "Jasper, I'm sorry. for everything. I have made you Alive twice now, and though you do not seem to claim i am at fault, i know that i am. I stood alone the other day in that circle because i brought it upon myself. i chose to train in a magic i knew very little about on my own, asking for no help, and as a result i have taken you from your soul mate, again." his voice was unwavering, sad almost but full of pride. He lifted his head to look at her, he could only see the parts of her skin and hair that the light touched as nothing more than color.

me: Mirabella ignored his comment, long ago having steeled herself against painful words from anyone, and watched her son as he spoke to Jasper. "You don't need to apologize, Jaqu.." Jasper said, a little of her own southern lilt returning to her accent. "How can you blame yourself if you..parents never helped you out with this?" She didn't mean to make a stab at Mirabella.. but felt the need to. "I don't know what to do about this.. honestly.. I have to be remade a vampire.. and who knows what that will do to you and I since we are bounded as is a lot to think about." She reached up and took his hand, seeing that his vision was still not perfect yet.

averylynne1: "Jasper. i have had a lot of time the past few days to think. And i believe i know how to right this. But it will be tricky and you will have to trust me. at first it will hurt but you are strong and i know you can over come anything." he smiled. he knew the words that would follow would hurt her more than becoming a vampire again. "Jasper Acacia Jade Axel, i hear by retract my mate ship with you. You belong to another, not i. I have stolen you from the times past and have wrongfully pulled you away from your soul mate. may our bound be severed by the call and power of the Moon." He spoke with power and truth, he had said the words correctly, as was the ancient way. a spell he should not have known. He called on the power of the moon and the blood that ran deep in both of them. and without permission he had pulled on Mirabella's magic, and more frighteningly he had pulled on the magic of the Black Orb. He had pulled on it to right the past, to undo his change. He felt the magic swirl around him and around Jasper. he felt the memories of what had happen linger but the actions had been undone from the past to correct it self properly. the pain was immense, the spell had been one that only Mirabella and her sister had known, it had been forbidden in the clans, once mated their was no turning back for the sheer fact that very few ever survived the ritual of loosing one they were mated too

me: Mirabella mouthed her mouth in a soft gasp and uttered "no.." but it was too late. Jasper screamed as red fire pressed on her from all sides. The pain was so immense, and yet she found she could not pass out.. it was pure torture. Mirabella could not step in, Jaqu had initiated a deadly spell, so deadly he had had to draw on her own powers Elizabeth smiled to herself, realizing what was being done. A smart boy that one. When the spell subsided Jasper lay gasping in the water, slowly sinking beneath the surface. Mirabella grabbed her and tugged her out, taking herself and Jasper out of the water. The love bite on her neck was an ugly shade of red, but was fading. Her heart, however, was also fading. "She's dying, Jaqu.. her body couldn't handle the magic like you could.. I won't ask how or why you knew that spell.. but Jasper needs help now.. there is only one way to save her."


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Post  Nagi on Tue Nov 22, 2011 10:17 pm

Jaqu walked up over to Mirabella and jasper. he put his hand up, palmed facing Mirabella and with a slight push on the air between them with his magic Mirabella was pushed back 5 feet. in the same instance he picked up Jasper and disappeared with her. He appeared in her and Zae's home. He knew, as much as he hated Jasper being a Vampire and hated them just as much he knew it was the only way to save her, to make things right. He laid her down on their couch and walked over to the large king sized coffin. he gave it a hard quick kick. it took less than an instant for the lid of the coffin to slide off and Zae to burst forth from the coffin. In an instant he had Jaqu by the collar of his shirt and lifted him up to eye level.

"I knew you were bad news!!! You should have remained dead!! She wouldn't of had to go through any of the shit you brought with you!!! You are Scum, you filthy dog, scum i will rid this planet of." he leaned in to bite Jaqu's neck.

"Are you going to let Jasper die so you can kill me?" Jaqu asked. he wasn't struggling against Zae, he knew he deserved every word and probably anything Zae would dish out on him. Zae's eyes simmered and he looked at Jasper lying on their couch, her life slowly drifting away. he tossed Jaqu hard across the room, hard enough that he hit his head on a stone wall effectively knocking him out.

Zae leaned over Jasper's body on the couch. He ran a gentle hand down the side of Jasper's face. He leaned down and bit Jasper on the same exact spot he had originally bit her to change her. He drew her blood out and gulped down her sweet essence. just as he heard her heart to slow to alomost nothing he retracted his fangs from her neck and tore open his wrist and placed it over her mouth. he gently rubbed her throat forcing her body to drink his nectar of life.


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Post  Kamryn on Wed Nov 23, 2011 6:44 am

Mirabella remained silent as she was pushed away from Jaqu.. accepting that the bond between them was no longer what it used to be.. there was too much going on in both of their lives to deal with it now.. for now the girl's life was more important. She let them disappear and remained seated on the cool floor of the caverns, the stream from the hot springs rising in front of her.

Jasper gasped, choking on his blood, her body convulsing as it was close to death.. she opened her eyes wide and drew her last breath, falling back against the couch she lay upon, her skin becoming a pale alabaster with the slight hint of a tan beneath it, her features softening into an even more beautiful appearance, her hair becoming lustrous with hints of auburn and blood red in their dark brown depths. Her heart stopped the moment her eyes opened into her new vampire life. Her eyes were a sparkling gold.. with warm hues of ocher around their edges, slightly different from when she had been changed before. She spied Jaqu and licked her lips, the new young life made her thirst and she almsot jumped but stopped herself, holding her head. "" she barely got out, grabbing Zae with both hands, gripping his arms tightly, trying to not look at Jaqu who lay helpless on the floor...due to Zae most likely.. but she would speak to him when she had eaten and could think clearly again.


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Post  Nagi on Wed Nov 23, 2011 1:37 pm

"Yes you do. Come my Love let us go for a hunt." he pulled her up off of the couch and escorted her out, he looked down at Jaqu and gave him a little push with his foot. Jaqu who had been in slumped sitting position fell on to his side. "Stupid mutt." he muttered before taking Jasper out to a secluded part of the woods, away from the other night world creatures and towards the hunting grounds. There were many Hunters out and about looking for that prized trophy to hang on their walls next to a stuffed fish. They were always good game for the vampires.

almost 20 minutes after they had left Jaqu pulled himself up off of the floor and gave his head a little rub. there was no wound and no longer any soreness but the memory of it was still clear in his head. He stood up and looked around. there was no evidence that anyone had been turned, Zae, he noted, was very clean. He sighed and disappeared. He knew that he had to have a couple conversations with a few people before he could try and go back to his life. He appeared in the Axel hideout and quickly picked up on Mirabella's scent. He knew she was the first that would have many words for him.


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Post  Kamryn on Thu Nov 24, 2011 5:18 am

me: Mirabella felt Jaqu reenter the caverns, but remained where she was in the steaming hot springs. She had healed, but was still a little stiff from the fight with her son. She had not fought in so long, that her body was recoiling from the sudden movements she had put it through. He would see her if he desired, but for now she would not push him.. he had already put himself in his own personal hell as of late. And he had grown.. very powerful.. it was dangerous.. she knew that he was a threat...In her stead Elizabeth appeared beside Jaqu, baring his path briefly. "Quite a show you put on earlier.." she said, talking about more than the fight..

averylynne1: Jaqu stopped and looked at her. he had never met her but knew of her. "what do you mean?" his voice was low and hung with his lilt

me: She merely smiled. "I always thought my sister was the good one, she goes and gets knocked up by the worst possible person.. but I am very excited at all the potential you have, Jaqu." she continued. "Don't expect Mirabella to lecture you anymore.. not after that magic stunt you pulled." She said softly, eyes staring at him. "It is problematic that you have so much power, but not your fault. But with this power you need to make a choice.. you have too many alliances Jaqu.. you need to make your stance with the Axel clan clear soon.."

averylynne1: He eyed her suspiciously. there was something about her eyes that made him a little uneasy. "Elizabeth, you are worse than my mother, speaking in riddles. why cant you be more specific? I don't have that great of power and i have no idea what you are talking about about a stunt." he was starting to get irritated. "my stance with the clan?" he hadn't ever really been part of the clan and had not been brushed up on the rules or hierarchy of the clan

me: Her eyes narrowed and she was suddenly right in front of him, pressing him hard into the stone wall. " games.." She said in a low voice. "Your magic is dark and deep. You drew on your mother's magic and undid a mating.. do not FUCK with me and say I am the one who speaks in riddles." Elizabeth was known for her short temper, but to see it in person was definitely different. "You have not been officiated in the clan in all ways, but you were accepted in a challenge thus marking you as a formal member.. but you must officially stake your place in the clan or give it up. We have no need for those with light connections. Jasper knows this, which is why she has declined her spot in the family already."

averylynne1: His lip curled up baring his teeth. he growled at her, deep and low. He was tied of being treated like a little boy. he pushed himself off of the wall and started pressing her back towards the other wall. "how DARE you?! I have done nothing wrong. i was left to be alone my whole life, serving YOUR family as it grew as a slave. is it any wonder i trained so hard to learn the other half of my magic. I have done everything i could." he realized that his vision had returned. he placed his hands on her chest and gave a good hard shove against her. He was tired of bowing to everyone.

me: Elizabeth merely laughed. "Cry me a fucking river, Jaqu. Cry me a fucking river. You think anyone of us wanted this life? You think your mother wanted to almost die, to be torn to shreds by a lunatic and be forced to live this life.. this long weary life..? We hate it, and we suffered but we suck it up and live. How have you been living your life? You learned abotu who you were and trained, yes.. but how? Alone. Guess what.. so did you mother. You think she had anyone? If you are tired of being lectured, then stop doing shit that merits it." Mirabella appeared then in a long white dress "Elizabeth.. you are in no position to talk to Jaqu like that. Leave us." She said coolly, glaring at Elizabeth as she vanished. "The last thing I need is to break you and my sister up from fighting.. why are you here Jaqu? What did you need?"

averylynne1: Jaqu had prepared for the fight. He was ready for it, the wolf inside him desired it above all else. there had been something in her eyes that had pulled to his wolf strong enough that the human side of him was slowly slipping to the power of the wolf. So much so that when Mirabella showed up he turned and snarled at her

me: Mirabella just glared at him. "I am in no mood for this Jaqu.. I do not have time to deal with a fiery and angry man who has no place to direct the anger at himself but at others." She sighed and leaned against the cool cave wall, silvery eyes taking him in, his hunched back, lie the wolf was abotu to spring forth at any moment. "If you will not speak to me, I have nothing to say to you, Jaqu." She continued, looking at him, staring him down. She was not growling, but her voice was soft and silvery, unsettling. His magic was out of control, he was losing his sense of self.. she did not want to deal with angtsy wolves.. male wolves.. she had tried before.. and failed horribly with Kamryn's family.

averylynne1: he relaxed at the lack of a challenge from her and looked her dead in the eyes. "You had told me you wanted to talk to me. so here i am." it was scary just how quickly he was able to pull the wolf back in and compose himself. he had even pulled in and hidden the wizard magic he had been learning.

me: Mirabella tilted her head slightly to the side, and slid down, settling right there on the cavern floor. Given a few hundred years, Jaqu would be monstrously powerful.. Mirabella knew that he would surpass her one day in power.. each time she saw him it would become closer to reality. "There is nothing much to say.. you know what you did was wrong but necessary. You have to train.. you need to speak to your father. No one but he can help you.. or perhaps another dark wizard.. but besides him or Lark, I do not know who else can assist you. I just know.. if you continue to do this on your own.. it will harm you or someone.."
She knew the worry would bother him, she a horrid mother.. but she could not help it. it had to be said

averylynne1: Jaqu sighed and leaned against the same wall as his mother and slid down it to sit next to her. "yes i know. but i don't was his training. i don't want to end up like him." he brought his knees up and leaned his elbows on them holding his head in his hands. "I...i have been completely unfair to you. you did what you did because you were trying to protect me. but in the end i was ungrateful. I'm sorry mother."

me: She shook her head. "No Jaqu. I did what I did to protect you.. but I never told you anything. I could have at least said I was your mother.. I was frightened of your father back then.. Even now.. he still makes me feel like a weak child" She leaned her head against his shoulder, her short hair had returned to its normal long and curling state. "I don't wish to fight with you.. but you need help. Your power is growing out of your control.. you have an edge wit your wolf.. that helps you. But... you should be formally mated, find a partner to keep you grounded. I never had that.. maybe I would be better if I had.."

averylynne1: "there is nothing wrong with you. you have done an amazing job. you had to learn on your own, and try to control the others. you are Alpha and you have earned for sure. He makes you weak because you love him. i should know, Lark does the same thing to me, but i love her enough to put my life on the line if needed." he knew that there was so much more that had to happen before he could truly claim anything about love, or power. "Bella....i don't want to fight with you either, but there was something about the way you have always spoken to me that had grown a ball of rage and hatred that i really couldn't explain. I should have treated you better when i found out that not only were we clan but you are my mother." he sighed looking at the ground between his feet. there was something he could tell what it was with her leaning on him, but he relaxed even more, taking comfort in her touch

me: She rose, her hair brushing the top of his head as he sat there. "If it is your desire to train without your father, so be it. At his point.. he knows of you and hasn't even made a single motion to see you once.. there are some things abotu him that will never change.. but I do love you. You are my only son.." She gently pet his head, and smiled down at him. "Now go.. you have much to do and it is not here you will accomplish it."

averylynne1: "what did Elizabeth mean about make a stand in the clan?: he asked as he nuzzeled into her hand on his head

me: "You fought the leader.. you showcased your power.. but you have not pledged your allegiance to us. You have to soon, or you will be unallowed to venture near us." She continued to pet him, smiling absently as he leaned into her hand.

averylynne1: he closed his eyes still nuzzling into her touch. "but even if i pledge the allegiance to the clan, what does that mean?" there was a low rumble in his chest, if a dog could purr he would have been

me: Mirabella considered her answer for a moment, and then slowly removed her hand, pinching his cheek to bring him back to reality. "It means you will protect our secrets and our members, that you will not betray us for any other organization.. and that your children will be a part of our clan. It is just a way to showcase your love for who you are really." She stood in front of him then, and knelt before him, eye level with him. "You don't have to. Jasper let go of her clan place, so you do not have to be forced to join. You are free to do as you will"
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averylynne1: he looked at her. it was strange to be able to look her in the eye. he knew by instinct that he should look away admitting his submissiveness, but he didn't. "But i am blood oathed to the Circle, i can not just leave it, they will hurt her." he wasn't to be part of the family he had been denied. "i want to be Clan." he said quietly "my place would be where exactly? are you really ready to let the clan know who i am?"

me: "Of course. It's not that big of a secret anymore.You have no more need to hide from your father either." She stood again, looking thoughtful. "Tobias will be a problem.. but there are always ways to deal with him..."

averylynne1: he raised an eyebrow at her as he stood. "what would my place in the clan be? he looked around watching the movements of the clan.everything seemed so peaceful. "i cant let him hurt her."

me: "Your place? A member of course. The leadership positions are all accounted for right now, but you would be next in line after Georgia Axel. I suppose you would be a higher ranking member of the clan due to age and power, a special case like the sleeper. "

averylynne1: "i see." he looked like he was thinking. he didn't really care about his position as long as he wasn't cleaning up after horses again. "I need to go to her."

me: "Go to her then. You always have a place here." She hugged him once, though awkwardly, she wasn't used to doing it. And let him go.


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Post  Nagi on Sun Nov 27, 2011 10:35 pm

Jaqu appeared in the back room to Ros's book store. he had always found it funny that such an eclectic store would pop up so close to religious institutions and schools. he pushed the thought away as he looked down at the sleeping form of Lark. he had loved so many powerful and deadly women and yet there was something so powerful about the pull, the hold, that this little bird had on his heart he deemed he would never understand it, but then again he didn't think that he needed too. all he needed to know was that he loved her and she loved him.

He sat on the edge of the bed and brushed a couple strands of hair out of her face. she looked so peaceful sleeping there like that. he would have been content if they were the only ones in the world at that moment. He smiled and using his power he floated up and then down laying behind lark's sleeping form.

"I am here my sweet little bird." he whispered into her ear. he wrapped an arm around her, glad to just hold her.


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Post  Kamryn on Mon Nov 28, 2011 4:08 am

She smiled in her sleep upon hearing his voice, it somehow reading the deepest regions of her mind as she slept a deep healing sleep. Roslyn watched them both from afar as Jaqu settled beside her sleeping form, brushing her hair out of her face. The scene was painfully beautiful and private, making Roslyn quickly retreat to give them space. So much had happened in Jaqu's absence, Lark had been almsot crazy.. shifting her mood to the point of violence, Maleigha had appeared on the edges of each scene and observed the whole time, leaving Roslyn alone to deal with the aftermath.

The moment Wren had separated from Lark, Tobias had appeared, and a battle had ensured in the store between the two.. Roslyn gripped her upper let arm in memory, recalling the burning white pain and the scar that would never leave as she had dove to protect Lark's unconscious body from a rouge magic attack. She remembered Wren treating her, and her quiet words to her. "He will be back.. Jaqu will.. his soulmate is Lark.. a wonderful woman that girl.. but she and I, though separated are never completely apart. I am gogin to take my leave.. as to not interfere in the link.. my presence will harm the thread binding them.. the thread which also connects to my soul."

Roslyn wanted to tell him.. but didn't have the heart to. How could she tell Jaqu that he was in love with Lark partially because of the soul she shared with another? One whom he hated for putting Lark through so much pain. There was always tomorrow.. she thought.. and hoped Lark would open her eyes soon. Back in the room her eyelids fluttered, but she did not awaken, though a soft smile continued to spread on her lips and she breathed Jaqu's name, feeling safe for the first time in ages.


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Post  Nagi on Tue Nov 29, 2011 10:48 am

Jaqu could feel the energy inside Lark working and struggling to heal her completely. He placed his hand over her heart and pulled delicately on his werewolf and wizard magics and started to heal her faster. He smiled when he felt her healing more rapidly. Not wanting to over flow her with magic other than her own he pulled his hand back and drifted to a sitting position on the edge of the bed. He knew she would wake soon, but before that he had somethings still left that he needed to take care of.

He sighed and stood up. He looked down at Lark's still sleeping form and smiled. He appeared in the Club and moved quietly and as discreetly as possible. He didn't want to draw too much attention to himself. He grabbed a drink from the bar and retreated to a solitary booth in a dark corner of the bar. He knew that Tobias would know he was there and would find him. He knew that the man was furious with him. In the back of his mind he wondered where Maleigha was, or what she had been doing in his absence. be he would find her later.


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Post  Kamryn on Tue Dec 06, 2011 3:56 am

As Jaqu had thought, Tobias did find him, already knowing his location. He appeared out of the shadows, and sat beside him in the shady booth, he did not speak, and no energy radiated form him, his face was expressionless. "I suppose I should have expected this from you in the end, Jaqu. Once Arianna wraps someone around her little finger they tend to remain her willing pet for all time." He said icily, lounging in his seat. "Don't even try to deny it, wizard. You crawled back to her in your hour of need instead of to the Circle.. there are no excuses you can offer to satiate me."

Tobias held a small silver cylindrical object, twirling it absently in his hands. "You continue to bring painful consequences upon yourself due to your indecisiveness Jaqu. It is not becoming of a powerful and capable man such as yourself." The one and only thing Tobias could claim was that he had never thought of or treated Jaqu like a child, but as a wizard equal or surpassing his own power. "You have pledged to the Circle, and therefore even though you have betrayed, you are not likely to be cut off.. instead I am putting a leash on you as it were temporarily." He rose a hand, knowing a slew of anger from Jaqu was imminent. "Keep Maleigha with you.. she is your new companion.. and my eyes.. do you understand? She is to be at your side.. ALWAYS. Until I deem you trustworthy a gain. I don;t care if you are showering, taking a shit or making love to Lark..she will be there."

He didn't seem as angry as he could be.. but.. Tobias was not one to ever show his true face...


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