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Kamryn entered her office, yawning widely as she plopped down in her chair, turning to greet penny with a smile
"wow you seem in a good mood. go on another date with Kaitryn?" she asked winking at her
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Kamryn laughed heartily, shaking her head. "No.. just had an eventful weekend is all. Almost like a dream." she felt amused at her own joke and almost laughed again. Picking up her files she left her office and tapped on Kaitryn's door. "You in, Boss?"
"yeah, come in"
Kamryn opened the door, pushing it closed behind her with her hip as her arms were loaded by papers. "Here are the docs I said I would finish." She gently placed them on her desk and stretched, waiting to see if Kaitryn would assign her another project before she returned to her office.
"thank you" she picked up the pile with one hand effortlessly and tossed them in the air, he magic taking over and the files started to file themselves. the whole time she was jotting down notes. "Kamryn, what did you need this weekend?"
Kamryn looked blank for a moment, then realized that she was going to talk to Kaitryn about Nagi two days ago.. maybe not such a good move now. "Oh, these files. I didn't know about some of the sector seven stuff, and had to try and figure out decoding. I got it though." She smiled brightly and ran a hand through her hair which was unconventionally down at work for once. “If there isn’t anything else I'll head back to work"
Kaitryn set her pen down and looked up at kamryn, smiling too herself at Kamryn's 'new' look. "you're not very good at lying." she said winking
"Lying?" Kamryn sighed and sat down in the chair across from Kaitryn. "Why ask me what I had issues with if you somehow magically know what it was?" She asked icily, narrowing her eyes at her.
Kaitryn chuckled. "oh Kamryn, i don’t know what you wanted to talk to me about but i know what you said is not true. so come on, speak up." she sneered a knowing smile as she watched Kamryn
Golden eyes bore into Kaitryn as Kamryn took in her words, wondering what to make of them. She crossed her legs and continued to lounge at ease. "I already told you, issue solved, nothing to worry about. You seem to think I am lying.. but" She would shrug. "That’s your issue not mine." With that she stood up, pulled her hair back over one shoulder and headed for the door, waving over her head as she did so
she paused and turned to her, hand poised at the door handle. "What is it, Boss?" she asked, leaning back against the closed door
"i think i know exactly what is going on." her face blank, expressionless and turned her monitor to face Kamryn. the video footage from the lobby playing on repeat on the screen
Kamryn stood frozen, staring at the screen. FUCK. she thought, remembering the videos in the elevator. After a moment she spoke slowly and carefully. "What.. what do you want me to say?"
"i'm hoping that this is you trying to get closer to the demons to gain Intel." her voice was flat, and each word spoken with precision
Kamryn took a slow deep breath and walked back to the desk, running a manicured nail over it's surface. "It's not Intel," She said evenly, voice surprisingly clear even though her heart was beating fast. She knew Kaitryn was mad, the fact that the woman was calm made it creepier. "I just... happened.. a lot of stuff went down.. I was going to talk to you about it.. but you said.. wait till Monday." She sighed and sat on the edge of the desk, back to her. "I told you it couldn't wait."
Kaitryn watched Kamryn’s movements listening to her. "well then, perhaps you should have used the "emergency" words that were in your hand book to gain my attention. but i see that you had better plans." her voice still calm, emotionless. she pressed a button on her keyboard and the video jumped to the camera inside the elevator, sound accompanied it
Kamryn winced at the sounds coming from behind her, she didn't need to look to know what was being played. Had she really gasped and moaned like that under Nagi's touches? Her cheeks colored crimson with embarrassment and anger at herself. She spun around, turning the speakers on Kaitryn's computer off. "Well excuse me for being overwhelmed and forgetting!" She shouted, bringing a hand to her head. "I know we aren't supposed to fraternize with our subjects.. I know." She pulled her courage up to gaze at Kaitryn's face, seeing if she could gauge anything form her eyes.
Kaitryn watched Kamryn, she herself was not one to like to place evidence of such things in front of anyone, but this was not acceptable, especially for someone in Kamryn's position. her face remained expressionless, her eyes seemed like empty never ending dark deep pits, free of emotion. the only hint to emotion from Kaitryn was the very faint aura of paled red. "so this was simply the beginning of your night. fraternizing is not acceptable Kamryn, for this you'll be reprimanded." her voice still flat as ever
"the beginning of my night?" Kamryn asked astonished. "And how the hell do you know what my nights are like, Kaitryn. Isn't fucking stalking your employee in her bedroom also UNACCEPTABLE behavior?" She asked, standing up abruptly to face her opposite her desk. "If you want to reprimand me then do it, I know I fucked up." Kamryn noticed the tinge of red around her and softened her voice. "Why are you so angry about this? It seems like there is more to this then work going on." Kamryn immediately regretted the words and bit her lower lip, hoping Kaitryn wouldn't rise to her challenge she had unintentionally offered the demon.

Kaitryn dropped her gaze from Kamryn and slowly pushed her chair back from her desk and slowly rose to her feet. her hair falling just slightly into her eyes as she looked down at Kamryn. her face and eyes still void of all expression. "yes Kamryn you did fuck up, and for such you will be dealt with. Your tone and words you need to keep in check. this is a place of business and if you so desire to yell at me do so away from your job. if you can not get a handle on yourself retaining this job will be the last of your worries. this footage was sent to me as you are my subordinate, and such behavior in this building is not permitted and makes this department look like nothing but a bunch of sex whores. and by challenging me...well i will take care of that later, outside of work like one should." her voice never faltered in it's expressionless tone. her aura however gave her away, the red pulsed against her body more brightly
Kamryn took a tentative step back, the feeling of Kaitryn aura reminding her of Nagi in the dream she had seen a few nights before. "My tone? How DARE you put a double standard on me!" She slammed her palms on the desk in front of her for emphasis. "I understand I messed up, and I told you I would accept these consequences.. but what the hell about our behavior in work.. huh? flirting and fraternizing with the boss isn't good either, right?" She murmured softly, locking her golden gaze with Kaitryn's. "Or.. are you jealous?" She inquired, crossing her arms in front of her and tilting her head. "Since everything is out on the table and you are already pissed, we might as well do this balls out, Kaitryn." She added, a little of her usual sassiness reappearing in her voice.
a rather demonic smile spread across Kaitryn's face. in that instance a thundering snap cursed through the room as Kaitryn’s wings spread in full view, her aura a solid bright red. "how dare i?" the laugh that rumbled from deep within her chest was just as demonic as her smile.
Kamryn jumped in surprise at the loud snap and stared at the full wingspan in front of her., She had felt the wings before, and seen glimmering outlines, but nothing as overwhelming as her wings in full view. "Yes.. how dare you." She repeated, refusing to give into the thundering of her heart and her animal instinct to flee. She had to be firm with Kaitryn, as she felt that something else was pushing the woman to be harsh on her besides her lack luster work mistake. "Why can YOU flirt with me and come unwanted into my house as a boss and get away with it, and I get punished for this? I am fine with being punished, but I don't like your double standards. “She growled, taking a step forward towards the red glowing woman before her.
Kaitryn leaned on her desk a small snarl escaping from behind clenched fangy teeth. “If you have such an issue with how i treat you then put in a reassignment request and be done with it. with my position i have all the right to enter your home. you are my subordinate and as such i can make 'house calls' to check up on you when and where and however i please. quit being a whiny little puppy!" she practically spit out the sentence. her desk shattered as a pulse of red energy flowed from her palms pressed atop the desk into the solid wood
The harsh tone form Kaitryn was one Kamryn had not heard before, and she knelt down on the floor, covering her head as the desk she lay her hands on shattered like small twigs beneath Kaitryn's touch. "You can enter my house whenever you please!!? I don't even believe that!" She yelled back, face flushed with adrenaline and fear, pupils dilated within her now glowing golden eyes. "If that is what you want me to do, I'll quit.” She whispered gutturally. "Maybe then I can sleep with any demon I want without you throwing a hissy fit." Kamryn turned away from her and made her way to the door briskly, jaw clenched in annoyance at the whole situation.. at the words pouring form her mouth she couldn't seem to stop.
The door to the office sealed its self and dissolved into darkness. the room followed suit quickly. everything in the room faded away in to the darkness leaving both women in bitch black surroundings. within a heartbeat Kaitryn had lifted Kamryn up with the collar of her shirt and pinned her against a wall holding her at eye height. "sleep with any demon you wish?? i see now. you slept with Nagi didn’t you? that’s why you stink so heavily of demon today. and to think she shows up and kidnaps you, tortures you and suddenly for no reason you sleep with her and yet i have had to fight to get the time of day for your attention, and i have merely gotten a couple dinners out of it! you "dont sleep on the first date" my ass!!"
As the door vanished and darkness encased her Kamryn froze, almost dumbfounded by what had occurred. The aura of anger behind her multiplied and she growled, the hair on the back of her neck raising as she turned to face an opponent who was riding a killing edge. She prepared to go into a defensive stance when she felt a grip on her collar, and her feet hit nothing but air. Her back ached uncomfortably as she was pressed into the wall, and she winced in pain, taking an intake of breath. She scoffed at Kaitryn's words and reached up to hold onto her wrists, giving herself more air. “you ARE jealous, Kaitryn" She whispered, dropping any pretense of employee-boss relationship. "Yeah.. I did sleep with her. But no, we didn't date.. it was spur of the moment. We dreamed.. of one another before.. and slept together in the dream.. and.. we couldn't stop ourselves. I wasn't lying when I said I don't sleep on a first date.. I don't-not anymore. What do you want from me, huh? You jealous because I didn't sleep with you and I slept with her?" her words echoed between them, dripping with the venom from her angry tone of voice.
She watched her closely listening to her words. she had lost any sense of concern for the fragile body that was at her fingertips. a single thought or movement and Kamryn could be no more. she knew that at any moment the demon inside of her could break loose and she'd lose all control and what happened then she could do nothing about. the demon was biting at her conscious, wanting control, wanting to break free. but somewhere in the back of her mind she could hear herself screaming at her to fight the urge to control the situation. her teeth still barred and clenched tight the tips of her fangs digging into her gums, the delicate scent of the sweet mixed blood slowly filled the space between them. Kaitryn, feeling the stab of Kamryn's words closed her eyes and hanging her head, with not a single ounce of care, she tossed Kamryn across the dark room
Kamryn watched as Kaitryn seemed to fight an inner battle within herself, taking in her clenched jaw and the bits of blood seeping from her mouth as she bit down on her own gums. Before she could say anything else, she felt herself flying through the darkness at a terrifying speed. She both heard and felt the crack of her shoulder as it collided with an unmovable object, sending searing pain through her arm and down her side. She cried out, grabbing her right shoulder with her left hand, gasping for air as waves of pain ran through her body. "what... what can I do to make it better for you, Kaitryn?" She asked into the darkness, mentally kicking herself at the weak tremor of her usually confident voice. "I can't take back what I did with Minagi, but I can leave your department.. and we can go our separate ways if I hurt you too much by doing this." She slowly got to her feet, swaying as a wave of dizziness hit her. "What can I do?" she asked again, voice softer... realizing now that she had pushed Kaitryn beyond her normal limits.. as she never imagined that the woman would injure her intentionally.
Her fists clenched tightly at her sides and her head was hung. she could taste her own blood, hear it as it hit the ground, she could feel her body shaking. her blood felt like it was on fire, the killing instinct lingered on the edges of her consciousness. "do as you will Kamryn. i am not your keeper nor am i anyone who can control you. I am currently simply your boss. and until that changes i can only discipline you for your actions on company property." her voice was raspy, and dark, darker than even Nagi's was when she was in her full normal demon state. her words dripped with the last bit of energy she could must away from her internal fight to stay sane. A shiver racked through her wings as the feathers ruffled and stood on end, she could tell she was slowly loosing the fight. growling her body gave in ever so slightly and she dropped to a knee, a hand on the floor to help brace herself. mentally she thanked herself for having turned her back to Kamryn after tossing her aside
Something was wrong.. Kamryn could feel it. Her body was on high alert to Kaitryn, but her shoulder which should have begun to heal had not.. which meant it was an injury that ran deeply magical as it was physical. She swore under her breath and took an uneasy step in the direction of Kaitryn, stopping six feet away from her to gaze at her huddled form kneeling on the ground, wings vibrating with tension, blood pooling beneath her. "If that is what you wish then so be it.. will you let me go now?" She asked, gripping her shoulder again as another wave of fiery pain shot down to her fingertips, making her gasp softly again. "You aren't.... doing well.. " She ventured, biting her lip as she stared at the almost unrecognizable woman before her. "Continuing to talk won't change anything or make it better. So lets just stop this before I get injured worse, or you get out of control."
Kaitryn's breathing came to an abrupt stop as she dropped to both knees. Her body still shaking from the adrenaline rush. she felt her body as it slowly refused her commands, the command to breathe, the comand to stand up, to calm the boiling blood coursing through her veins. nothing was responding like she told it too. her tail unwrapped it's self from her body and the hairs stood on end. her head snapped up in a deep growl and hiss and she felt her arms lengthen, her fingers bend back on themselves, she could hear her bones snapping and popping, shattering under her skin. her muscles forced her into a standing hunched over position. she growled loudly as she felt the last bit of her body dissolve in on itself. the feathers on her wings calmed themselves and her body heaved with each breath. she turned her head ever so slightly to see Kamryn out of the corner of glowing red eyes. her face deformed into the muzzle of a large wild cat.
Too late. Kamryn could only repeat the words over and over in her mind as she watched in horror as Kaitryn's strong graceful body contorted and snapped, molding into the body of a hardened warrior with glowing red eyes. "K-Kaitryn..?" She asked uneasily, taking a few steps back from her, gripping her shoulder harder as if the pain it caused would wake up from a nightmare. Her own body had shifted slightly in response to the stimulus around her, her legs slightly bent, nails longer and sharper, teeth sharp and deadly in her mouth, her hair longer and wild, seeming to move in an nonexistent breeze. "Kaitryn?" She asked again, speaking clearer and louder to try and get a response from her, hoping to recognize anything within the creature who had replaced her.
Kaitryn turned fully and stood squared off to Kamryn. her instincts taking over as she smelled the dog that was before her. she dropped down into a crouched fighting stance, preparing to lunge at her.the razors that lined her jaws dripped with saliva at the anticipation of sinking them into her prey and her mouth watered heavily for the taste of her blood. her tail waved back and forth behind her twitching at each movement of Kamryn's body. she growled low and deep watching her, waiting for the moment to pounce. "you going to fight me doggy?" her voice was heavy with magic and a low growl rumbled behind each word
Fear continued to eat at Kamryn, making her grind her teeth. "No.. I don't REALLY want to fight you. But if I have to to stay alive.. especially for-" She paused mid-sentence.. almost laughing at the irony of it all. She had been ready to say "for my sister.." It was laughable.. the whole situation was. She had gone crazy and fucked a demon she was in charge of investigating, pushed Kaitryn to her limits and gotten her ass sucked into an alternate dimension.. and now she was so afraid she felt as if her body would tear in two. Her back arched and she yanked down hard on her arm, feeling her broken shoulder crack into place, though her right arm still hung uselessly at her side. "Bring it, then.. tear me to pieces if it will make you feel better. Take your frustrations out on me.. the little puppy who disobeyed her master." She purred, eyes continuing to glow. She knelt lower, and prepared to dodge the impending attack, blood pumping furiously through her limbs, hands trembling with fear and anticipation.
Kaitryn threw her head back as a dark laugh ripped from her chest echoing in the dark. " you have no chance of surviving!" she called to her. Kaitryn’s feet left the ground as her wings pumped effortlessly in the air. her body pivoted in midair laying her out like an arrow that had been released from its bow. with a smile spread from ear to ear mouth open, teeth sharp and extended ((think saber tooth)) ready to bite, she curled her wings back on her back and flew at break neck speeds towards Kamryn. then it happened, something inside her broke, just seconds before colliding with Kamryn she veered to the left and crashed rolling into something hidden in the darkness, the sound of her skull hitting the ground echoed, the sound was like the sound of cement shattering. then...silence
Everything happened so quickly Kamryn could barely follow the course of events. Kaitryn launched herself at her, smiling wildly, eyes aglow, her wings shimmering like dangerous knives in the air as she became a blur to Kamryn's senses. Kamryn had barely decided to dodge by rolling when an abrupt draft of wind hit her in the face, and Kaitryn veered to the left, entering the darkness, after which a horrific sound of bone against ground echoed menacingly through the dark room, leaving Kamryn alone in dead quiet with only the sound of her heart to indicate she was still alive. "Kait...ryn?" Images of Kaitryn's shattered body and face flew through her mind, causing her to ignore her pain and run into the darkness after her. She found her laying on the ground on her side, a pool of blood around her face. "Kaitryn!!" She shook the woman violently, ignoring protocol to keep head injuries still. "Kaitryn...? Talk to me..talk to me!" Kamryn wrapped her arms around her and lay her head on Kaitryn's chest. " I am so sorry.. this is all my fault.."
The sound of Kaitryn's heart beat strongly against her chest, her breathing heavy from excursion. Within a couple minutes her body slowly reverted back to her human form. her bones cracking and snapping back into place, the glow gone from her body. she lay naked on the cold ground. her body repaired it's self with speed unlike any other demon or race could. Her wings lay limp behind her, glittering in a non-existent light before fading out of sight completely. her breathing returned to normal. she could feel a weight on her, something was laying on top of her. slowly she opened her eyes. "kam...ryn...what are you doing?" her voice was soft, gentle almost, a mere whisper. she hurt everything in her body hurt. she knew immediately that she had for some reason shifted, something she had not done in over a thousand years. her eyes were a glow of a soft gentle glacier blue from beneath sweat soaked hair.
Her voice. Kaitryn's voice. Kamryn's eyes shot open and she glanced up at her from her position on her chest. "Kaitryn..? Are you ok?" She asked, sitting up to run a hand over her sweaty forehead, pushing her hair from her eyes. "You hit your head pretty bad... I'm not in good shape either.. but I'll survive." Her shoulder had begun to heal slowly, but still ached and her arm moved stiffly. She only just then noticed Kaitryn’s nudity. Her eyes widened slightly, and she took the moment to look her over from head to toe for injuries.. yes.. injuries is what she told herself. "Can you sit up?" She asked, putting a hand gently on one of Kaitryn's shoulders, trying to ignore the sudden pang of desire that whispered in the back of her mind, hoping Kaitryn would not notice. One demon was enough, she told herself.. no need to get carried away.. especially after this one had almost killed her.
Kaitryn winced ever so slightly, she had one hell of a pounding headache to say the least. Kaitryn pushed her self up into a sitting position, Indian style. her arms lay limp in her lap her head hung ever so slightly. she hurt, she couldn't recall a time she hurt this bad. she desperately tried to remember the events that had just taken place. she remembered her anger flaring at Kamryn, she remembered picking her up, tossing her across the room, then....she had shifted, she had prepared to attack and then, that was right the angelic nature lingering in her blood had broken through her natural killing instinct, forcing the realization through her consciousness only moments before hitting Kamryn. "yeah i'm fine." she looked up at Kamryn and slowly reached out a hand and placed in on her right shoulder, a warmth washed from her hand down into the muscles, tissues, and bones of Kamryn's shoulder, healing the damage caused.
As the warmth spread from Kaitryn's touch Kamryn sighed, relieved to feel better once again instead of like someone was stabbing her in the arm. "Thank you.." She said hesitantly, looking down, her hair still long and wild from her change, seeming to shine redder in the dim light of the room. "I'm- I’m sorry, Kaitryn. I really am. I fucked up badly and tried to hurt you for my own mistake. I'm sorry." She looked back up at Kaitryn, eyes glistening with wetness, though no tears fell.. Kamryn had decided she was beyond tears many years before. "I'll quit if you want me to.." She continued, running her hands absently on Kaitryn's legs in front of her, seeming lost in thought.
Kaitryn looked up at Kamryn. she reached up and wiped the wet from Kamryn's eyes, tears may not be falling but still they were there. "I will never ask you to quit Kammy. Never. But if you would feel more comfortable doing so i cannot stop you." her voice was gentle, calming, rational. she laid a hand on top of Kamryn's hand on her leg, and leaned in and kissed her, passionately.
Kamryn smiled softly at Kaitryn's remarks. She had not expected her to be so forgiving of her.. maybe she liked her more than she realized... As this thought was running through her head Kaitryn leaned in close and kissed her deeply, sending shocks down her spine. At first, it took all of Kamryn's will power to keep her eyes open.. a demon's kiss was intense.. but a Demon and an angel.. ? It was unlike anything she had ever felt. "Mmm, Kaitryn.." She whispered, tucking her head under the taller woman's chin as they continued to sit. "I won't quit.. I can't. I love my work, and all the people here.. I just.. I should be punished for my mistake. I will accept anything you come up with that you find suitable." Her face was hot, and she deliberately kept her head tucked under Kaitryn's chin, not wanting her to see the flush on her cheeks form the kiss.
Kaitryn held Kamryn to her, pulling her closer to sit straddling her lap. "oh I'll punish you, when i come up with something. but perhaps you have been punished enough with the recent events." she chuckled slightly as she felt Kamryn's body pressed against her own feeling every breath and movement her body made. she reached down and tilted Kamryn's face up and looked deeply into the beautiful golden eyes that looked back at her. she slowly lowered her head down as she lifted Kamryn's chin up to meet her and gently pressed her lips against Kamryn’s. the girl was intoxicating to her, her scent drove her wild. and having her this close was no exception, in fact it was far more intense. she had little strength left to really control these feelings and emotions ripping through her body. as Kamryn's scent hit her nose again she moaned ever so quietly into the kiss deepening it
Kamryn shivered when Kaitryn drew her closer to her, positioning her atop her lap. Kamryn's golden eyes blazed as she stared into Kaitryn's icy blue eyes, feeling like she was about to drown in them. 'kaitr-" Her words were cut off as she was pulled into another kiss, soft and gentle, well.. at first. Kamryn felt Kaitryn's grip tighten as she devoured her mouth, stealing her breath away. Hearing her moan only made Kamryn heat up even more and she reached up to wrap her arms around Kaitryn's neck, pulling her needfully towards her. "God.. that feels good.." She whispered, eyes closed as she allowed herself to get carried away by the sensations in her body, "But.. we.. we shouldn't.." Kamryn did not know if her protests would be heard.. and she barely had any energy behind her refusal.. but while she still had some control she had to try, even though she was failing miserably already
Kaitryn heard her protest but the words that proceeded them pulled stronger at Kaitryn. She nibbled down Kamryn's neck, paying special attention to the pressure pints that lay in the area. she nibbled behind her ear, down her neck, across her shoulder bone she brought more to the surface after ripping Kamryn's collar to gain more access, and up the other side of her neck, behind her ear, down her jaw bone before capturing her lips with hers again. her heart was racing, it felt like any moment it would burst from her chest. just the heat of Kamryn's body against hers caused her to breathe heavily again. her body reacted to Kamryn's movements, her blood felt on fire again, but this time a completely different feeling.
She had lost.. she knew deep down that she could not stop anything from happening now. Kaitryn had been jealous.. and Kamryn knew it, Kaitryn's fiery body heat were a testament to her desire, her need and her will. Her kisses and touches were eager and penetrating, making sensations sweep up and down Kamryn's spine, whisper sweetly down her neck before pooling in her hips. She sighed and whined softly, tilting her head back to give Kaitryn better access to her skin. She barely felt the pull of her collar, the fabric giving. Her eyes glistened with desire as she began to roll her hips, tangling her fingers in Kaitryn’s hair as she kissed and nipped at Kamryn. "Don't stop.. " She breathed, the words coming out more like a growl than anything else.
Kaitryn smiled internally at the sudden desire from Kamryn. She bit down on her collar bone on pressure points, but not hard enough to actually draw blood. her wings extended behind her as she felt her own desire climbing higher and higher. she wrapped her tail around one of Kamryn's legs on pressure points, squeezing them all every couple breaths with her tail. She pulled what was left of Kamryn's shirt off of her and tossed it somewhere in the darkness
Kamryn usually hated not being in control.. but she was as far from upset right now as possible. Kaitryn seemed to know all the right places to touch, and it was sending her over the edge. Her eyes widened as Kaitryn bit down on her collar bone, drawing blood. The pain mixed playfully with pleasure, sending a loud groan from her lips, her body shuddering with the onslaught of sensation. " Oh my God.." She breathed, gripping onto Kaitryn tighter so she wouldn't melt into the floor. Following Kaitryn, she reached up and undid her bra from behind, letting it drop beside her, suddenly wanting to feel her skin on Kaitryn's with nothing in between
She pulled Kamryn closer at the loss of Kamryn's bra pressing them together. she lightly lapped at the blood dripping from Kamryn’s collar bone, feeling the magic in her blood course through her own. Kaitryn pulled back from Kamryn's collar and looked at her, a tiny drop of blood on the corner of her mouth. Her eyes started to glow, the glacier piercing blue colour that they are. she rocked her hips in motion with Kamryn's, herself wanting more. she gently wrapped her wings around the two of them, the feathers lightly tickling Kamryn's skin
At last what Kamryn desired had happened, Kaitryn's supple skin was brushing her own, making her shiver in delight. Her eyes were closed as Kaitryn began to lap at the blood, each flick of her tongue making her moan, and wonder how it would feel for her to use it somewhere else besides her collar bone... feeling overwhelmed by sensation, Kamryn continued to roll her hips with Kaitryn, removing her arms from around her neck to trace the feathers which were brushing her skin. She smiled devilishly and leaned forward, nipping along Kaitryn's jawline, stopping to nibble and suckle at her bottom lip before grabbing her tail, twisting the tip of it roughly. "Maybe you should punish me now.." she purred, once again catching Kaitryn's throat with her teeth. "Or I may be bad again..."
Kaitryn Moaned as she felt Kamryn playing with her wings, it was a sensation that was hard to explain, ruffling ones feathers was usually an annoyance but for some reason at the peak of desire it felt heavenly .she tilted her head back presenting more access to more skin. the warmth from Kamryn's body made her shiver, it had been awhile since she had felt the warmth of someone she wanted more than anything. she could feel Kamryn’s heat from between her legs on her own bare legs and it drove her mad. but when Kamryn twisted the tip of her tail she let out a loud moan and teetered for a moment, as Kamryn bit down on her throat again she fell back on her back. she tightened her hold on Kamryn with her wings to help keep her from getting hurt or falling off. "i guess you may have to be bad" she winked at her playfully as she ran a finger along Kamryn’s waist band
Kamryn laughed, a beautiful sound which seemed like deep ringing bells. "Oh I see how it is.." She began, stealing a kiss from Kaitryn before rising to stand above her, legs on either side of the Demon. "If you want bad.. I can give you bad. You won't send me to hell now, will you?" She asked playfully, swiveling her hips as she slowly removed her pants, tossing them behind her. She dropped down once more, enjoying sitting on Kaitryn's chiseled abs, taking the moment to run her hands over her sides and chest, savoring the smoothness of skin. She tilted her head to one side as she examined her, and smiled wider. "Hm... I think your tail is bigger.." She remarked, eyes glittering, reaching down to pull off her last piece of clothing which was preventing her and Kaitryn from truly exploring just how deep this was to go.
Kaitryn's eyes widened ever so slightly as she watched the well-shaped women she had tangled in her web of lust stand over her. the view was amazing, one she wished to see more of. she moaned softly as Kamryn sat back down on her, the heat was more intense and she wanted to feel more of it. "i like my women bad." she growled at her trying to catch Kamryn’s fingers to nibble on. when she felt Kamryn's full naked form a top of her own her hips rose on their own accord wanting to feel her more. she wrapped her tail around Kamryn's waist and rolled them over so she was on top this time. her tail released her and trailed up the inner side of her thigh before stopping to tickle her between her legs.
The sudden shift from being on top to being on bottom annoyed Kamryn at first, until she felt Kaitryn’s tail trail up her leg and brush against her. Her back arched, and she cried out, digging her nails into the ground on either side of her. "Who-who's being bad now?" She stammered, hardly able to get words out. Kamryn wrapped her legs around Kaitryn's waist, making sure she wouldn't run away or try to make her wait. "Why did I never notice how hot you were?" Kamryn admonished herself, reaching downwards to run her fingers free from Kaitryn's mouth along her inner thigh.
Kaitryn smiled down at Kamryn with her comment. "i donno, thought you had." she teasingly whispered in Kamryn's ear being sure to add a bit of her angelic allure to her words. she closed her eyes inhaling deeply as she felt Kamryn's touch and nibbled on her ear ever so lightly. "you do something too me girl that i just cant put my finger on." she practically moaned that in to Kamryn’s ear. Her tail slid up the inside of Kamryn's thigh again but the tip danced along the pressure points all the way up before coming to rest laying against Kamryn's crotch. the heat radiating there caused Kaitryn to sigh as the tip of her tail tickled her lightly. Kaitryn couldn’t believe what was happening to her, she had longed for Kamryn's touch for so long she wasn’t even sure that this was real or not
"mmm sure you can put your finger on it.." She murmured, already half hypnotized by Kaitryn’s ministrations and sexy voice. She slid lower, spreading her legs wider to allow Kaitryn access. "Or.. your tail.." She said with a smile, licking her lips subtly. With Nagi, things had been sudden and firey.. Kaitryn was like a slow burn compared to Nagi.. but one that burned her deep to her core. She reached out again to her legs, tickling her thighs before running a finger through her slit, gazing at her as she felt the woman's body react to her touch.
Kaitryn's breath caught as she felt Kamryn's touch find its way between her legs. how badly she wanted to feel more of her touch, how long she had waited. but she enjoyed watching Kamryn squirm, and in ways she had never seen before but in her dreams. she braced herself with her wings and gently grabbed Kamryn by her shoulders and slid her up. she lowered her head and placed her lips on the eager ones of Kamryns, she could feel the release of her powers as the kiss deepened, the angel and demon in her both wanting the control of the kiss. the tip of her tail found the prize she wanted, the tip glided against the nub she had found, sliding up and then down and then pulling away
Kamryn felt Kaitryn grab her shoulders and position her, pinning her in place as she began to devour her mouth with hungry kisses while her tail teased and prodded her cunt. She groaned into the kiss, body shaking as she arched up, breasts brushing Kaitryn's chest as she manipulated Kamryn into a frenzy of need and lust beneath her. Just as Kaitryn had wished Kamryn writhed beneath her, attempting to push her crotch closer to her tail. "Don't tease ..." she whined, rolling her hips alluringly to try and appease Kaitryn into following her wish.
Kaitryn placed a rather firm hand on Kamryn's chest and pushed her back down to the ground and her kisses trailed from Kamryn's lips down her neck, her mouth lingered on the bite marks she had made earlier sucking slightly pulling the blood back to the surface licking it slightly causing more blood run as she moved down Kamryn's chest. she lightly nibbled around her breasts before eventually coming up to nibble on her nipples. she sucked on them pulling them into her mouth and rolled them around with her tongue, she applied pressure every so often. Her tail continued to dance on the nub she had found. she lightly ran her nails over Kamryn’s body with her free hand
Kamryn felt afire, everything burned, her blood boiled and her skin was slick with sweat. "Kaitryn..." She breathed, sighing the name like a prayer. The hair on her arms stood on end as Kaitryn drank the blood from her skin at her neck. Uncontrollable moans and yips escaped her, making her sound like the wild animal she truly was. She felt heat gathering in the pit of her stomach, and knew she would not be able to hold back the waves of pleasure much longer. "So...mean.." she gasped, a sudden jolt of sensation causing her to grab Kaitryn's shoulders forcefully, digging in her nails which had slightly grown longer. "I..I-I can't" She murmured, body shaking with need beneath Kaitryn, head tossed back in pure abandon.
Kaitryn could feel the slight shift in Kamryn, the shift making her want her even more. Her breath was shallow as her desire built to a level she had not experienced before. she could feel the tension of her own release growing stronger as she held the squirming girl beneath her. she trailed kisses from her breasts down her stomach and down her abdomen before returning back up her torso and she took Kamryn's other nipple into her mouth. as she did so she slipped the tip of her tail into Kamryn for a mere second before pulling it back out. with each nibble came another dip of her tail, never more than just the tip. she moaned as she felt how wet Kamryn was knowing herself that she must be just as much so.her fangs extended as she felt the need from Kamryn, the smell and taste of her blood her eyes glew even brighter and her wings started to glow ever so faintly, only getting brighter and brighter as her needs rose. she found her way back to the wound she had cause, blood trailing down Kamryn's chest. she licked the blood trail tasting the sweetness untill she found the scource and lapped lightly at the bubbeling brew that pushed its way up through her skin.
Everything was almost too much for Kamryn... Kaitryn was tormenting her slowly, dipping her tail into her only for the briefest of moments, denying Kamryn her release which was welling between her legs. Her whole body was tense, almost buzzing like the sting of a guitar which had just been plucked, eager and inviting. She grabbed Kaitryn by the hair and yanked her head up, capturing her mouth with hers, running her tounge along her own, tasting her own blood. She nipped on her lips, drawing blood of her own, mingling their essences as Kaitryn's tail continued to pull gasps and groans from her. "Shit!" She cried, tossing her head back, breathe increasing. "More...Kaitryn.. please.." she begged, not caring how desperate she sounded.. only longing for her final release.
Kaitryn couldn’t take it anymore, the longer she teased Kamryn the longer it was till either could get the much needed release they both longed for. gasping at the taste of the two of them and the begging that leaked from Kamryn's lips she removed all reserves, she pushed her tail into Kamryn as far as she could feeling the pulse of the desire of the woman beneath her. she moaned loudly at the feeling. "oh gods!! you...feel...oh my god...so good" with each word she withdrew her tail slightly and then pushed it back in with a bit more force. she put her head down in the middle of Kamryn's chest as she moaned with each thrust. with her left hand she reached down and took Kamryn's clit between her fingers and ever so lightly rolled it between them
At last Kamryn felt Kaitryn's tail enter into her deeply, vibrating as stroked deep within her. Hearing Kaitryn's exclamation only made it feel all the more better. She growled in pleasure, wrapping her legs around her waist as she began to move in rhythm to the thrusts, nipping at Kaitryn's neck forcefully. The addition of her hands made Kamryn gasp, and her eyes began to roll back into her head. It was too much... too much for her body.. but oh so good. “Gods.. yes.." She moaned, bucking under Kaitryn like a wild horse, "Harder!" he urged gutturally, her eyes gleaming with desire, magic rolling off of her in waves.
Kaitryn groaned as Kamryn's body began to move with her, the flow was just to great. her thrusts grew harder and harder with each one. she found herself biting Kamryn's chest again, drawing blood yet again. the pressure between her fingers grew stronger at hearing the words and pleasure roll off of Kamryn's tongue. "cum for me Kammy, scream my name as i feel you cum all over me." the words were a growl as they left Kaitryn's mouth.
Kamryn did not need to be told twice, she wanted to scream her lungs out, and she did. She cried out, almost in a howl, digging her nails in Kaitryn's back as sweet pleasure rolled throughout her body, making her shake and tighten around Kaitryn's tail. She shouted Kaitryn's name over and over like a mantra as the orgasm that shook her continued, pulsing with strength Kamryn had never felt before. She continued to shudder as all strength left her, leaving her limp on the floor, sweat covered hair falling in her face, breath raspy, the scent of musk dancing around them and covering them both like a blanket. "Jesus.. Kaitryn....Just... Fuck.."
Kaitryn growled as Kamryn cried her name. she was breathing hard as well. she had not expected her to come so quickly. she withdrew her tail and fell next to Kamryn, breathing hard and dripping in sweat. she chuckled at her comment. "wow, so poetic." she chuckeled again. her body had no more strength and the smell of the blood and musk flowed through out the room.
"Shut up...fuck being poetic at a time like this." She smiled and moved to lay half atop Kaitryn, running her hands absently up and down her sides. "mmm you didn't cum did you? That doesn't seem fair does it?" Kamryn asked, her hands s trailing down to Kaitryn's thighs, gently pushing her legs open. "We can always remedy that.." She offered, golden eyes gazing down at Kaitryn's hips, tongue running along her lips as she stared hungrily.
Kaitryn couldn't help but laugh at Kamryn, she was right fuck being poetic, let a lone articulate in a moment like this. she shivered as she felt Kamryn’s hands roaming her body. as she felt Kamryn's hand slide down begging for entrance to her she arched her back ever so slightly, her touch felt so good. without hesitation she spread her legs presenting Kamryn with the opportunity to touch her more. "please...." she begged barely above a whisper
Kamryn paused briefly.. surprised that Kaitryn, strong and forceful Kaitryn was allowing herself to be prone in all ways to her. Hearing that deep voice of hers in a begging whisper made Kamryn close her eyes in delight. "You are very pretty this way, Boss... Ilike it.." Kamryn growled possessively, laying lower on the ground so she was eye level with Kaitryn's crotch, taking in the wondrous colors and shapes of it. She blew gently, tracing her nails around the pressure point under the bellybutton. "You look delicious, Kaitryn.." SHe said, leaning in to press her lips to her inviting wetness, savoring the salty and musky flavors of Kaitryn's desire.
Kaitryn gasped quietly as she felt the kool air against her nether regions. she chuckled at her comment. "boss?" she asked questioningly.Kaitryn's back arched high as her breath came in raggedly as she desperatly tried to catch her breath as she felt kamryn's mouth on her crotch. "oh god..kammy. dont....dont..stop..pllllee...please." she begged, her voice drenched with the animalistic desire and magic that lay deep within her
Kamryn ran her toungue slowly over Kaitryn's nub, taking her time to trace it's outline. She hummed into her crotch with amusement when she commented."Yes..Boss.. it ih what you are, well.. except for right now.. I"M the boss." She pulled her hair back form her face and continued to suck and lick, burying her face deep, enjoying the moans and bucks from Kaitryn. It took all of her will power to pull away and replace her lips with fingers, which leisurely massaged her lips and hood. "Tell me you want it.." SHe ordered, golden eyes burning with intensity as she look up over Kaitryn's torso, chin resting on the pressure point under her belly button.
Kaitryn cried out as she felt Kamryn's chin press on the pressure point. "KAMMY!!" she panted bucking her hips as she felt Kamryn's tongue replaced by her fingers. "god please.." her body seemed to have a mind of its own, her tail wrapped around Kamryn's wrist pulling her hand lower, trying to entice her to slip her fingers into her, she wanted to feel her inside of her desperately, the heat of the moment caused her to be out of her element but she wasnt going to let Kamryn get away with ordering her around...at least not yet. she grinned a fangy grin, her fangs had extended again, long enough that if her mouth were shut they would over lap her bottom lip. her eyes glowed blue but the shape had taken on a more cat like look to them.
"Oh... getting impatient are we?"She chided, clicking her tongue. "You can;t be helped. Mmm well then, lets go kity kitty." She teased, seizing the moment when Kaitryn was getting cocky to plunge four fingers into her, curling the tips upwards to hit her sweet spot, fucking her hard and fast, unrelentingly. She wouldn't get slow from Kamryn after trying to take the upper hand again. "Now.. tell me.." Kamryn whispered into her ear as she continued to bury her fingers inside of her, "tell me to make you cum.."
Kaitryn could barely breath as Kamryn fucked her hard. once she was able to catch her breath after the initial shock she moaned loud enough for it to echo off of the walls that lay hidden in the darkness. "damn Kamryn.." she wanted so bad to cum but the want to stay in control fought with her. she rocked her hips with each movement of Kamryn's fingers. "kammy.." she whispered. "please.. i need you..you.. to make..." she struggled with control again. she could barely take the barrage of emotions and sensations riding through her body. "make me cum ...kammy. hard.." she begged, her words slurred slightly from the sensations and the magic coursing through her.
Kamryn drank in the sight of Kaitryn begging under her, body shaking with need,making Kamryn's own nether regions ache and swell. "I like it when you call me Kammy..." she whispered, nibbling gently on Kaitryn's ear, slowing her pace with her fingers,to give her a chance to breathe. With her other free hand she took one of Kaitryn'sin her own, holding it tight before she bit down hard under her belly button,elongated fangs digging into the pressure point dangerously.As she suckled and gnawed under her navel she curled her hand into a fist, sliding it completely within Kaitryn, bombarding her with speed and deadly precision, reeling from the feel of her slickness as her body seemed to envelop her fist.
Kaitryn screamed out as she felt Kamryn's fist slide into her. it was too much, then the feeling of her fangs pressing down on a pressure point. "god..kammy...let me...please..i need.." Kaitryn couldnt find the words she desperately longed for. Kamryn's touch sent over the cliff edge again and again. her body begging for the release she desired so badly. she tangled her hands in Kamryn's hair pulling on it slightly before pushing her head down, applying more pressure to the pressure point she was already working on. her back arched and her tail slipped from Kamryn's wrist and lay limp on the floor. her body was concentrated on a single thing and her tail was not it at the moment. only the pulsing between her legs and the hand Kamryn had deep inside her.
Kaitryn's screams echoed around her as she continued to plunge her fist deep into her, she pulled away form the pressure point she had been working on and adjusted herself so she straddled one of Kaitryn's legs. She moaned as she began to rub herself along Kaitryn's thigh, her wetness leaving a glistening trail with her movements. "Let's... do it.. together.." She breathed, body shivering as she felt her desire beginning to peak again. She snarled, eyes sparking an almost molten gold as she began to buck against Kaitryn's leg, her fist twisting and finding even deeper recesses of Kaitryn's nether regions, hair flying wildly as she became one with Kaitryn and her desire, pushing them both closer to the edge.
Kaitryn gasped as she felt Kamryn dig deeper inside of her. she moaned loudly as she wet Kamryn's wet pussy gliding along her thigh, the heat piled between her legs made kaitryn want more and more of Kamryn on her. Kaitryn couldn't take it any more. in one forceful buck she came, she came hard. "KAMMMMMYYYYYY!!" she screamed.
Kamryn almsot winced at how tight Kaitryn's channel became as she bucked under her, screaming her name. Kamryn, hearing her name was sent over the edge, she tumbled down into sensation,shuddering as she fell forward against Kaitryn's chest, breathing heavily, gulping air. "Good... girl." She whispered with a smile, leaning up to kiss her tenderly. "What... did we just do?" She asked Kaitryn, removing her hand to lick her fingers greedily, savoring more of the Demon's taste.
Kaitryn's breath came in gulps as she tried to catch her breath. the euphoric feeling the pulsed through her body was one she would not hesitate to have again. "i..think...it's called sex" she smiled, her voice still rumbely from the magic and slurred slightly from trying to talk around her fangs, which at the moment due no energy were not going away any time soon. it took a great deal of energy to keep her appearance human like. though she was half angel and half demon, naturally her features were more demon cat like then close to human
Kamryn laughed heartily, and pinched her right nipple teasingly. "Yes.. I know that..but I mean.. is this a no strings kind of deal?" She asked, releasing her nipple to lay on top of her comfortably, tucking her head under Kaitryn's chin."and.. actually.. I wanted to ask... where teh hell ARE we?"
"its whatever you want it to be, however i wouldnt mind if it...oh say happened again..." she laughed. she wrapped her arms and wings around Kamryn holding her to herself as well as adding heat to keep both warm. "this is my office, i just pulled it into another dimension. it happens sometimes when my anger runs rampit, gotta keep the devistation contained after all"
"you.. just HAPPEN to pull your office into another dimension!?" Kamryn asked, startled. In all her studies on Kaitryn before working for her,she had never realized how powerful she truly was. "Well.. it may happen again.. it my not. But.. God it was amazing." SHe slowly stood up, brushing past Kaitryn's wings, offeringher a hand to stand. "Well.. we goign back to work or what?well.. after we shower thatis.."
"yeah i pulled the office into another dimension. if i absolutely needed too, i could pull the entire earth into another dimension, however it would probably kill me to even try it." she chuckled ever so slightly. "i suppose we probably should return to work." she took the offered hand and walked around a little looking thoughtful. her tail wagging gently behind her. "we ..need..." she trailed off as she reached into the darkness for a second and pulled on the a section of it causing a couple showers to appear out of the darkness
Kamryn crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow."Ok... now you are just showing off." She chided, her smiling eyes betraying the sarcasm in her voice. SHe stepped into one with little ceremony, turnign on the water to let the sweat, blood and juices from sex wash off of her skin. "...I am sorry though.." She whispered, thinking Kaitryn wouldn't hear her over the running water.
Kaitryn followed suit climbing into her own shower. she scrubbed her skin, smelling of sex and kamryn would not be such a good thing to retunr to work smelling like. mentally to Kamryn 'about what?' she asked
Kamryn turned her water off, hving finished scrubbing and rinsing. She replied out load " You heard htat?"
with one final turn in the water she turned the water off as well. "yes, yes i did. i am an angel ya know, we hear everything." she smiled as she stepped out, water still clinging to her body in tiny beads. she ran a hand trhough her hair slicking it back before shaking her heard causing water to fling everywhere. her features still animalistic
Shutting the door behind her, Kamryn waved a hand and appeared in a new outfit for work "Just.. for my fuck up.. and for trying to make you jealous.." SHe shook her hair out, letting it fall in waves down her shoudlers. "Hmm.. you going to go back to work looking lik e a cat who is about to catch a mouse?"


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