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Michael stared across the way at Lord Keiko, running a hand through his hair as he lounged by Kaitryn’s desk. "To think I thought we had gotten out of having to deal with your bull shit all those years ago, but past is past. This is the future and things are different now. What brings you by our lovely Kaitryn’s office?" he asked with a smile, though a dark angelic magic was brewing beneath the surface as he prepared for all hell to break loose

Keiko crossed her arms over her chest and leaned back against the wall behind her. "Kamryn." was all she said watching him closely her own magic rising inside preparing for battle if it came. Kaitryn held her head still in her hands. “Please you two. Like Michael said the past is the past can we please try and figure out this situation? And how to fix it?" she asked her voice level hiding her own magic build up. "agreed." said Keiko. But truly deep down she didn’t want to leave, she had missed Kamryn
Kamryn looked to Lord Keiko as she spoke her name. “Sorry.... I didn't know you two had....history...." she said quietly, moving to stand next to her. "You are right, Kaitryn. I'll figure out a way to fix this.... until it is right she can just stay at my place." Michael raised an eyebrow at that comment, but said nothing

"Stay at your place?” Kaitryn said her voice rising slightly. You think her resemblance to Nagi might be a bit much for you? She asked mentally to Kamryn. "I am not sure that is really the best......" She was cut off by Keiko. "I think that is the best choice, seeing as my ship is currently occupied." she said with an internal smile

Kamryn immediately regretted saying those words in front of Kaitryn, who might misunderstand.... well, who in fact had just done so. She replied back mentally this has nothing to do with Nagi, Kaitryn. But Lord Keiko needs somewhere to stay that won't put her in contact with too many people of this time period; there is plenty of room in my house. Out loud she said "SO it's settled, I will keep coming to work, boss. So please help me out with researching what has happened here, k?"

Kaitryn kind of scowled but let the private conversation drop. "Yes of course. But take the time off while she is here and see what you can find to help." and keep an eye on her she said mentally. Keiko knew the signs of internal conversations but let it rest. Her eyes didn’t move from watching Michael

"Will do, Kaitryn" Kamryn replied, taking Keiko by her arm "Come on, let's go." She left the office, closing the door behind her. Michael sighed at the closed door and shook his head. "This is a problem," he began "Lord Keiko obviously doesn't want to leave this time period.... did you see the way she was focused on Kamryn?"

Kaitryn looked at Michael curiously. She hadn’t really paid much attention as she had been desperately trying not to have an explosion in her office.

Keiko relaxed slightly as they left the office. But inwardly smiled at the touch of Kamryn. 'Am i cheating on Rhea even though her spirit is inside of this girl?' she thought to herself

Kamryn took them to the elevator and paused, waving a hand so they appeared inside of her house. Georgia who had been waiting stood up. "LATE!" she cried, making Kamryn jump. "Oh great, late and you bring ANOTHER new friend home?" she said icily. Kamryn winced and shook her head. "No this is.... well.... a friend from a long time ago. Treat her nice since she is living here for a bit."Georgia stared at this new person, suddenly feeling something "Wait.... do I....know you from somewhere?"

"It is possible Georgia." she said evenly smiling as they stood there. She knew the girls name but for some reason could not recall as to how or why.

Kaitryn looked at Michael, "please do explain." she urged

Michael stared blankly at Kaitryn. "Explain? I have nothing to give you. All I know is that the timeline suddenly shifted for no apparent reason.... but.... things have been feeling unsettled lately.... I have heard rumors of someone trying to concrete time.... this situation could be a possible outcome of something that has occurred in the future or past because of that rumor.///////////// "How did you....?" Kamryn continued to pull Keiko towards the stairs. "We'll talk later.... I am getting her settled in." she said, turning the corner at the top of the stairs and pulling Keiko into her room. "Sorry about that.... my little sister tends to be nosy...."

Kaitryn narrowed her eyes. "No stupid what you mean about Keiko and Kamryn."

"it's ok, siblings are like that." she smiled her tailed twitched at her waist. "Thank you for giving me a place to stay. I hope it’s not imposing."
Settling down in another chair, Michael cleared his throat. "It.... really bothers you doesn't it?"
Kamryn smiled and threw her jacket off "it's not imposing.... it’s not like you came here on purpose.... and last time I accidently came to your time you gave me a place to stay...... it’s the least I can do for you.... um...... should I call you Lord Keiko?"
"No Keiko is fine. i dont want to make it any harder than it already is with me being in this time." she winked at Kamryn a bit of her magic swirled about the room, but it wasn’t dark and creepy but dark and beautiful, enchanting almost

"it doesn’t bother me, i just want to know what you saw, apparently i didn’t see it." Kaitryn said throwing a pencil at him
Kamryn smiled in return to her wink, and felt an almost gentle warmth of magic in the room.... this was it.... what she remembered almost being lost in a high of warmth and listlessness when she had been painted by Keiko....when she had....*shit this is not the time to be reminiscing* she scolded herself. "We don't have another bedroom so you can use the bed here and i will share with Georgia or use the couch"
Michael easily dogged the pencil and sat up "She was staring at Kamryn like she.... like she was about to eat her alive.... well.... "Eat" her alive I mean. You remember how Kamryn had been in the past before? She may have run into Keiko at that time.... who knows what happened between them then. If anything happens now though.... I am not sure how the timeline which is already faltering will do."
Kaitryn looked at him uneasily, she had been with Kamryn before but she also knew that they were not exclusive. What she worried about most was the reputation Keiko had before rhea had come along. Was this Keiko from then or from after? She sighed and sat back with her eyes closed as she tried to think of what might have actually caused this.

"No no i will not put you out of your room. I will take the couch." her voice was smooth like velvet. Her subconscious was trying to take control of herself and trying to find a way to seduce Kamryn. But her conscious was fighting it and kept asking the same questions. 'is it cheating if it’s just another version of rhea?' her mind flashed back to when she was painting Kamryn, she wished it had been a nude but she was happy with it regardless and the feelings she felt circling in the room during the whole time
Kamryn leaned into the closet and dug out one of Nagi's shirts she had left behind when they had last....she shook her head, clearing her thoughts.... wondering why Keiko's face had suddenly replaced Nagi's. "It's one of yours.... well form the future you I mean. Feel free to use it. And no, I will not be bullied back into my own bed thank you very much," she said playfully, poking at Keiko's waist at which she thought was her belt
Keiko eyed the shirt suspiciously wondering how it was the Kamryn had her future self's shirt. But she took it. "Thank you." at Kamryn's poke her tail reached out and wrapped around Kamryn's wrist and pulled her to her where she reached down and tickled her sides with her hands
The movement was super-fast, faster than Nagi by far and gave her no time to react, except with laughter. "Stop! That tickles!" she barely managed, kicking her feet as she fought to get away from the poking fingers.
Keiko's tail lifted her up a little more and she continued to tickle her laughing with her. The tip of her tail tickled her as well. Hearing the girl laugh just made her laugh, the ringing of deep bells
"Ok.... seriously.... I am either gonna pass out or pee on you, so you should let me go." Kamryn said between bursts of laughter, her body relaxing as she ran out of energy to laugh anymore. "Oh the shirt, think it will fit you?" she asked, trying to slow her breathing, grabbing her stomach which ached from laughing too much
Keiko set Kamryn down on her feet gently and held up the shirt and looked at it. Her tail still wrapped around Kamryn. "Yeah it should fit with no problem."
She smiled in reply, not noticing the tail still wrapped around her, and turned to walk back to the closet, stopping as the tail prevented her from moving too much farther. "Keiko? Your tail is still...." she began, looking back to her, noting how much different from Nagi she actually felt and even looked, as she watched her her features softened. "I promise you, I will get you home, ok? SO don't worry about anything and just consider this a break.... I remember how you used to escape to your office to draw art when you felt trapped by being a leader.... so dont worry about that here, k?"
Keiko lowered the shirt she had been looking at and watched Kamryn's face soften. "I know we will figure this out in time." she nodded "ok" she said slowly un-twisting her tail from around Kamryn even though she really didn’t want to.
without even considering present company Keiko grabbed the shirt she was wearing and pulled it off over her head, leaving the top part of her body naked as she fiddled with the shirt trying to find what the dont was supposed to be
Kamryn blinked in surprise and threw a pillow at her. "DEMONS! Why do you all want to get naked in front of me so much?" she said sarcastically, walking to her closet to grab a pair of black silk shorts and a black tank top for bed.
"Not that the view is bad or anything," she added with a grin, to try and soften her harsh tone earlier
Keiko looked at her and raised an eyebrow "oh um....sorry." she turned her back to Kamryn. her back had the most intricate designed tattoo on her back that went from the top of her shoulders to just above her but crack and from side to side. Parts of it constantly moving while others stayed in place
Kamryn took the moment her back was turned to whisk on her own pajamas, and turned back, only to be entranced by her tattoo. Without thinking she came up behind her, kneeling on the bed, and began to trace the patterns of the tattoo all over Keiko's back. "Is so.... beautiful...." she muttered
Keiko paused in trying to pull the shirt on but relaxed at the feeling of Kamryn's hand on her back. It was a different feeling then with Rhea. "Thank you." her voice was soft and barely above a whisper, her magic circling the room again. Something about Kamryn just sent different feelings through her stomach, her body, her soul.
Kamryn sat back, dropping her hand into her lap as she sat fully on the bed. SO.... you really remembered me after those two years I left? I was only there for a few weeks.... well, I guess it’s understandable since I still remember you.... oh! You know the painting you did of me? It’s in the Night World library now.... they call it the "Mona Lisa of the demons" can you imagine the look my boss gave me when she realized it was me?" she asked with a broad grin, enjoying the feel of the strong magic around her
Keiko sighed when Kamryn’s hands left her back. "Wow....why 'the Mona Lisa of demons'?" she asked sitting on the edge of the bed, the shirt in her lap as she was distracted by the conversation. "Oh I’m sure." she chuckled. "How could i forget you? You were - are an amazing woman. I still have that painting ya know, it’s in the great hall. Well in my time that is anyways." she laughed again
Kamryn felt oddly at ease with Keiko when compared to the other two demon women in her life. "You really are.... so different from her...." she said, looking down "It’s weird.... how can she be so hot blooded while you are just.... like a deep pitch black ocean?"
Keiko raised an eyebrow. "You mean Nagi and i?" she asked watching her
"Ah" Kamryn jerked her head up and stiffened. "Did I....happen to just say all that out loud?" she asked her, smoothing out her silky tank top. "I have that bad habit it seems...."
Keiko smiled softly and reached a hand out to Kamryn’s face and rested it cupping her cheek. Her hand was warm and her skin smelled of lavender and rose petals, her touch soothing. "You did. But you see i have been a black-eyed demon for a very very very long time. When i was first coming into the power it possess i too was hot blooded, quick tempered, and very very reckless. But after a couple hundreds of years she too, like me, will calm down. Just give her some time." she smiled softly again, her eyes unlike Nagi's no longer red, they were a permanent black.
The shock of skin to skin contact with Keiko was sharp and true, sending warm sensations from the point of contact down her neck, side and pooled in her stomach. "I.... I didn't mean anything by it.... I just.... “Why am I acting like an idiot? Hold it together girl.... you are Kamryn Axel.... not some weak willed little girl here She raised her hands to cover the one on her face and leaned into the touch. "There is nothing to wait for, Keiko.... Nagi doesn't love me really.... we are not involved at all." she said absently, the deep magic around her making her feel slightly fuzzy again.
Keiko felt a slight pain in her side to hear that they were not together, that wasn’t the way it was supposed to be. She would deal with that later but in the meantime, the girl before her was her attention. She felt a slight butterfly feeling at Kamryn leaning into her hand, her touch. She leaned closer to her inches from her. Her breath silent as she took in Kamryn's scent. She prayed Kamryn wouldn’t back away from her
Floating in the gentle waves of magic in the room, Kamryn almost didn't notice Keiko was barely inches from her. "Kei....ko?" she said softly, before closing her eyes and leaning in to kiss her very softly, her lips tender and warm, cheeks flushed from the warmth of her hand on her face and the tides of magic in the room.
Keiko was a bit taken aback by the sudden move of Kamryn but didn’t pull away. In fact she leaned into the kiss deepening it feeling their magic’s mingle in their souls. She pulled Kamryn to her more
Kamryn wrapped her arms around Keiko, suddenly feeling like the tides of magic were pulling her out to the sea, to a deep dark sea that she would never escape from. "I'm sorry.... I dont know why I.... did that." she whispered as she pulled away briefly from the kiss, leaning down to kiss along Keiko's exposed neck
I’m not complaining she said mentally as she was engulfed by the feeling of Kamryn's mouth on her neck. she wrapped her tail around Kamryn’s hips and gently laid her down on the bed and moved for her neck as well, pulling the collar of her shirt down a little to give her more access to the warm skin hidden beneath it. She quickly found a small pressure point just below her ear as she moved down her neck
Kamryn gasped, arching at the tingling behind her ear trailing down her spine. Her arms will still wrapped around her as her hands continued to explore Keiko's back, fingertips trailing over the moving tattoos, the magic making her fingers dance with electricity. She quickly regained control of her senses and moved to catch Keiko's lips once more, kissing her deeply and passionately, as if she thirsted for her touch.
Back in Kaitryn's office, Michael's head shot up. "This isn't good.... something is happening with Kamryn and that Demon....the timeline...."
Keiko gasped softly at Kamryn's touch on her tattoos, it was like electricity passing between them, an electricity she didn’t want to end.

Kaitryn almost jumped at Michael's movements. "What do you mean? What’s happening to Kamryn?" she asked watching him closely
Kamryn smiled at hearing her beautiful gasp. "mmm you do sound pretty when you are excited...." she whispered in her ear, pulling her closer to her, nibbling on her earlobe as her fingers continued to play over her back, and danced over pressure points."
"According to my sources it’s...... progressing.... "
Keiko's breath caught momentarily at Kamryn's words and her voice, sultry in her turned on state. " you." she whispered as her teeth found the pressure point that lingered untouched behind Kamryn's ear and nibbled on it.

"Michael what is progressing? Progress is usually used in a good way, but the way you are saying doesn’t sound too good. What do you know?" her voice was steady and calm but there was a slight hint of nervousness
Kamryn moaned and rolled her hips, feeling sensations all the way to the tips of her toes. "Harder...." she pleased, digging her nails slightly into Keiko's exposed back.
"Don't play games with me.... they are about to screw, ok.... this isn't good. The other soul inside Kamryn is helping things along.... but in this state.... believe me as an angel I know.... four souls all together that share one? And a soul mate link? Something will go wrong...."
Keiko obliged Kamryn and bit down harder on the pressure point while her hand found the one below her belly button and gently pressed on it. Keiko's free hand pulled Kamryn's shirt off of her in movement the shirt tearing as it left her body but repaired immediately as it hit the floor.

"Oh shit." Kaitryn stood up and grabbed Michael’s hand both appearing outside of Kamryn's house. Kaitryn moved for the door but as her hand connected with the door knob both her and Michael were thrown back forcefully
Kamryn paused slightly at the sudden movement and tearing of fabric, but was so lost in the pleasure gathering in the pit of her stomach that she ignored it and moved her hands up to tangle in Keiko's dark hair, pulling her mouth closer to her skin. "Yes.... more, more!" she pleaded, almost alarmed at the pleading coming from her with seemingly no stop button. "
She set up a field in there.... she knew someone would maybe stop her...." Michael growled. "This needs a high level of demonic magic.... you could pull it off.... but you would have to utilize a big portion of your demon half to do it"
Keiko moaned as Kamryn puller her hair, her hips rocked against Kamryn's for a moment Keiko released the pressure points and moved down Kamryn’s body until her teeth gripped onto her shorts and pulled them and her underwear off. She moaned at the heat coming from between Kamryn's legs.

"It’s possible, but one problem Michael......this is not her magic or her doing. I have seen and felt her magic, this is not hers. I can’t identify it, without being able to do that i can’t touch it. Not know who spun this i could make it stronger or worse kill that ever set it."
Kamryn shivered as a rush of cool air hit her skin. "Eager, aren't we?" she asked teasingly, opening her legs to wrap them around Keiko's torso to pull her back to the bed. "You better not stop...." she urged, not pleading this time but almost demanding and she tugged her by her hair up to French kiss her.
Michael narrowed his eyes.... "Soul mate magic...." he whispered. “Kamryn and Nagi have been at odds with one another in this future part of their souls.... but now that Keiko and Kamryn are about to consummate the link.... the magic is protecting them from interference"
Keiko smiled into the kiss, relishing in the scent and taste of Kamryn. She wasn’t sure why she was so taken in by her in this way. Her tail tickled Kamryn’s legs and danced on pressure points. She deepened the kiss. She leaned more against her the cold metal of her belt lightly grazed Kamryn’s skin.

"Crap. What happens if they aren’t stopped or can’t stop on thier own? What will happen to Nagi and this time?" Kaitryn asked looking at Michael. She had dealt with a lot being both demon and angel but never had she ran into soul mate magic

Kamryn shivered as the cool metal touched her skin "You still have clothing.... it’s not fair....” she whispered, running her hands along the bottom of Keiko's shirt, slowly lifting it over her head. “God you are fucking gorgeous..." Kamryn breathed in awe, running her nails over the perfect skin, tightening her thigh muscles to trap her above her as she began licking and sucking at her neck.

/Michael narrowed his eyes and shook his head. "It will cause a concrete point in time... a change in the past... Rhea will vanish... as will Nagi... the time continuum will falter. We need extra help on this before they fully consummate the ritual. "

Keiko moaned softly at Kamryn's words. She let her pull her shirt of and smiled down at her. "You are gorgeous in every way. The way the light touches your eyes, the soft glow of your skin, the soft scents of flowers in your hair." her voice barely above a whisper, her breath caressing Kamryn's damp skin where she had already nibbled and sucked. Her hand gently messaging one of Kamryn's breasts the other hand drawing intricate patterns with her nails on Kamryn’s abdomen.

"What about pulling them into another dimension?" Kaitryn looked back up at the house. She hadn’t pulled that large of a structure into another dimension in a few hundreds of years. "Why would Rhea disappear? She existed in Keiko's past long before Kamryn ever ventured into it" she asked still looking at the house
A soft sigh escaped Kamryn's lips as nails were drawn teasingly over her skin. "You...have a way with words... and" she paused to gasp "your hands." She finished, arching into her touch invitingly. "The question remains though... are you as good with your mouth as you are with words?" She smiled a big smile, reaching down to undo a top button on Keiko's pants, before grabbing her black tail to caress it softly between the fingertips of her right hand.

Michael shook his head. "Another dimension or not... the soul mate link doesn't vanish... if this soul mate link is attached to Kamryn... it means Rhea will not have been the soul mate to Keiko, time will right itself by erasing her and replacing her with Kamryn... and will delete Nagi who is the current soul mate of Kamryn so the balance is complete. Trust me on this... we work hard to keep soul mate links working in heaven." He sighed and held his head. "The only other option is to try and wake Nagi or Rhea up. Only soul mates can get through this type of magic... or the one who started the system... and since we don't know who that is... we are screwed."

Keiko smiled devilishly and chuckled lightly. "My mouth works better than my words." she said as her nail pressed on the pressure point below her belly button and her other hand pinched her nipple at the same time. Her tail twitched in Kamryn's hands as she stroked it.

"Hmmm...." Kaitryn reached out to Mirabella mentally. Mirabella, I need your assistance. Kaitryn scowled at the house

Kamryn cried out in pleasure as waves of sensation ran through her legs and torso. "God damn it, woman..."She gripped Keiko's tail tighter; closing her eyes as she rolled her hips rhythmically to the touches and caresses.

Mirabella lifted her head and raises an eyebrow; it was odd for Kaitryn to directly contact her with no warning. She closed her eyes and felt a huge energy rift in the distance. "Not good." she said softly, rising to vanish and appear at her side. "What is happening?"

Keiko smiled wider at Kamryn's cry. She slid her tail out from Kamryn's grip and gently ran the tip of it over her slit. She moaned at the dampness and heat she felt there. It was intense and desperate feeling.

Kaitryn jumped slightly. She had not expected Mirabella to appear. "There is a soul mate bond about to happen, between two that shouldn’t be bond through soul mates in this time. Why this event is causing a soul mate bond Michael believes has to do with the bond souls being at differences. Kamryn and Lord Keiko are in there." she explained quickly nodding towards the house. "I have never dealt with soul mate magic, though perhaps you might have an idea or suggestion to help with this matter. If they mate completely, Nagi Hino and Rhea will disappear as though they had never existed. The magic has spawned from someone but we can't trace it."

A sudden shudder racked Kamryn's body at the touch of Keiko's tail. She moaned loudly, gripping the bed sheets beside her tightly in her balled fists. Her breathing remained ragged, eyes softly glazed with arousal. Something was calling to her to stop, a small voice... but it remained just out of her reach, being overrun by Keiko's presence.

"I... am not familiar with how to break soul mate magic... but it seems that at this point... things will need to get a bit more complicated." she said smoothly, raising the black orb of lore into the air as it appeared. "If we can't get this Nagi here to awaken, then we need to get the one from the past, she can enter the home."

Keiko slipped out of Kamryn's legs and slid down her nibbling her exposed skin as she did. She came to rest with her face between Kamryn's inviting legs and blew softly on the dampness there. She laid a gentle soft kiss on her slit before delicately slipping her tongue between her folds expertly finding her clit and gave it a little flick.

Kaitryn looked at the orb Mirabella had in her hand. She knew the role of the orbs well and knew exactly what her orb could do. "perhaps we should try to wake Nagi..." she grimaced slightly, she wasn’t too happy that Nagi was there but she also knew that throwing things out of balance was worse. “Before gallivanting into the past?" she said watching her. A searing pain ripped through her stomach for a split second and her figure flickered between her demon features, human features and her angelic wings. She gripped her stomach momentarily as she regained control. "Perhaps Mirabella you should go try and wake her. Michael and i can babysit the house for a bit." she said composed as though nothing had happened at all

A soft cry escaped her lips as Keiko invaded her innermost regions, tongue working expertly to drive grunts, groans and yips from her. “OH...God..." she murmured, almost in prayer as she saw grey spots in her vision. Why the hell was she feeling everything so deeply? She spread her legs wider and buried her hands in the dark tresses that lay against her inner thighs, twisting and tugging as waves of pure ecstasy rushed through her.

"If she were to awaken on her own then she would... we have little time... the moment is upon them. The choice we have is to use a past version of Nagi or Rhea or to reestablish Kamryn's soul mate link with another person temporarily so it cannot be moved to a past version of Nagi. Soren is still in this time, so it is possible to remove one of the links to Nagi in order to abate this disaster."

Keiko smiled as she heard Kamryn, each grunt and moan making her work more to please her. She wanted to hear her come hear her scream for a reason she couldn’t put a finger on. She gently with no notice slid a single finger into Kamryn moaning at the wetness and warmth that engulfed her digit.

"That is a possible option. Either way we need to move and act fast. I can feel the time shifting." Kaitryn said as another searing pain passed through her stomach again. In Nagi's ship Nagi's form started to flicker in and out as if a TV screen about to die completely. She moaned in pain and her face scowled up as though she were fighting something.

The sudden intrusion of a finger inside of her pushed Kamryn close to the edge, her muscles clenched, refusing to relinquish the finger as she thrashed beneath Keiko. Her voice grew louder as a sweet haze covered her vision, as if she were about to lose all control over everything she was doing.

Bella glanced at Kaitryn and cocked her head to the side. "You are in pain?" She asked, gripping the orb tightly as she felt a slight disturbance from the house... it was close now...on the ship Soren shook Nagi, grabbing her hands as if touching her would keep her with her. "Nagi! Hang on!!" she cried desperately.

Keiko feeling Kamryn was close withdrew her finger and sat back looking down at her body now glistening with sweat. "Dont want it all to end so quickly now do we?" she teased and she leaned down and kissed her deeply.

"Eh." Kaitryn looked at Mirabella, "" she lied shivering as she felt the disturbances from inside as well. "This is not good. I can feel Nagi fading."

A soft growl escaped Kamryn's throat, though more as a purr of pleasure than anything else. She drank in Keiko's lips greedily, wrapping her arms around her neck as she pulled her close, rolling her hips upwards to keep friction. "No... Let’s not let it end too soon..." She agreed, sliding her left hand down into Keiko's pants to play carelessly with the warmth there.

Mirabella felt something was off with the angelic demon, but had no time to focus her energies there. "I will summon the man who can change a soul mate partner here." she said gently, raising a hand to her forehead, she said clearly. "Christopher Hawthorne."

Kieko moaned and raised her hips slightly trying to get Kamryn to touch her more intimate parts.

Kaitryn stared at Mirabella as the dark wizard's name rolled off of her tongue. Chris appeared looking rather annoyed and in just a pair of boxers. "Well this had better fucking be important. I was just about to get in the shower." he growled. "Oh, Bella. Aren’t we looking particularly beautiful today." he said a sly smile spread from ear to ear

Feeling the demon ease above her she slid lower, leaving Keiko to stay above her by her arms as she grabbed the edge of her pants, slowly tugging them down inch by inch, fingernails trialing over pressure points as she left more slick skin to be exposed to the sweet air filled with the mingling scent of sex and abandon. "Come here..." she growled, running her tongue over a slender hip, nipping on the bone there.

Mirabella inwardly sighed, not wanting the whole world to know about her personal love life crisis with Christopher at the moment. "Stop being cute," She said with a soft smile she could barely hide. "We need a new soul mate for Kamryn, ASAP or history itself will break down and considering its two horny lesbians in there right now... I don't think we have much time before the soul mate link consummates between Kamryn and her past soul mate Keiko the black eyed demon."

Keiko sighed and smiled and tiled back ever so slightly give Kamryn more skin access. She moaned as she felt Kamryn's bite on her hip bone. "Dont you stop...." she teased using Kamryn's own words against her this time. Her voice husky and full of desire.

Chris smiled at the fact the Mirabella couldn’t contain her smile to him. He turned and looked at the house behind him. And sighed. "Really? Why is Keiko even here?" he asked allowed, not wanting a reply really. "Ok....a new soul mate for Kamryn......" he looked thoughtful for a moment... "I got it." he turned and looked at the 3 behind him. "you." he said pointing to Kaitryn. "You will be Kamryn's new soul mate until Keiko has returned to her own time." he said slyly. Kaitryn turned slightly red at this. "Um excuse me who the hell do you think you are picking me?" she scoffed at him, though internally she was excited yet concerned. Chris smirked evilly. "It is done. Ta ta." he said as he smiled back at Bella. "Till next time Bella." he winked and disappeared. The shield on the house vanished almost immediately after Chris had

A sudden rush, a falling feeling filled Kamryn and she screamed, though not in pleasure, and tore back from Keiko, grabbing her chest as a sudden rush of unbearable heat filled it. "What...what's happening?"

Mirabella barely had time to reply before Christopher had vanished, leaving the three with a huge silence. "You will be fine," Michael said, patting Kaitryn on the back. "But ... maybe you should get in there and um... I don't know... stop them from destroying time?"

Keiko jumped back slamming herself into the wall behind her just as fast as Kamryn had if not faster. She too gripped her chest and she gasped for air. She felt......empty inside. She looked over at Kamryn. "Are....are you...ok?" she asked breathlessly.

Kaitryn kind of grumbled and appeared in the room with the two. "Well then. I think your play time is over Keiko." she said glaring at her. "What are you doing here Hybrid?" Keiko spat back at her now in full composure of herself. "Just go your Highness." she said smiling evilly." Keiko growled. She looked at Kamryn feeling odd and uncomfortable. "I’ll check in later." and with that she vanished from the room appearing next to Mirabella.

Kamryn sat against her bedroom wall and grabbed at a fallen sheet, wrapping herself in it. "What the HELL are you doing here?" She asked Kaitryn, standing up and running her hands through her thoroughly disheveled hair.

Bella glanced at the Demon King who had appeared beside her, raising an eyebrow at her very naked appearance. "My Lord," She said politely, curtsying. "Perhaps some garb...?" She ventured, waiting for the demon's response

Kaitryn Looked at Kamryn Feeling the sudden pull of her soul to her. "I wanted to make sure you were alright." she said still just standing there leaning against the wall. She dropped her eyes from Kamryn's form trying to fight the pull

Keiko looked down and smiled slightly to herself before her normal kingly garb reappeared. "My apologies my lady."

Kamryn shook her head, still light headed from the sexual desire she had felt with Keiko and confused by the sudden feeling of emptiness and yet longing in her body. "This is really not a good time, Kaitryn... I don't appreciate you barging into my private life like know that already so why!?" She asked her harshly, emotions too crazy to put a lid on them

Mirabella smiled and looked up at the tall woman....*too short* she thought to herself, sighing slightly. "There is no need to apologize; I am old enough to be fine around various types of nudity, so you need not worry yourself. But perhaps you should find a place to stay the evening, my Lord." She said, glancing towards Kamryn's house, wondering how the other demon within fared.

"Sorry Kamryn. There was a concern about what would happen if yourself and that demon got too far in your.......personal adventures." she chose her words wisely, which was rather uncommon for her but feeling the tension in the room she felt it best to not aggravate Kamryn too much beyond that which she already was

"yes, i understand that well myself." she looked back up at Kamryn's house and then looked around the area. "I should find somewhere to be. I will try my old ship. I hear that Kamryn's main body and Nagi's were brought there."

A silence hung in the air for a while before Kamryn sighed. "Whatever... just...just do whatever the fuck you want, I am too tired to care right now." She said, dropping her sheet and stepping into her bathroom without shutting the door. A moment later the shower turned on and sounds of washing could be heard.

"Do as you see fit my Lord." She replied, turning to walk away. "Do not worry too much about the emptiness within you... it shall be quenched soon enough when you return to your correct time." She said before vanishing into the night.

Kaitryn nodded into the silence and watched Kamryn leave the room. She sighed as she heard the shower running. she pushed herself off of the wall and looked around the room for a minute, and hoping Kamryn would appreciate it she snapped her fingers and the bed was made with fresh sheets and the musk smell was pushed from the room and house. She appeared in her office and threw her feet up on her desk and leaned back sighing staring at the celling. Kamryn when you feel up to it come to work

Keiko disappeared and appeared in the main living area of her old ship. She looked around at the customization that had happened when Nagi had inherited the vessel. More native intricate designs lined the walls in a tone on tone design visible only at certain angles. Much of it resembled some of the designs of the black eyed demon birth tattoo that would soon take over a portion of Nagi's body.

Kamryn heard Kaitryn’s thoughts, and briefly replied in a gentler tone * I will be in tomorrow* before turning off the water and stepping out of the shower. To save time she snapped her fingers, finding herself and hair dry and wearing a simple pair of black pajama bottoms and a black tank top. She entered the room and found it free of the musky smells of sex and the tension of taut emotions. She flung herself onto the bed and was asleep before her head hit the pillow.

As Keiko looked around the ship a voice called from behind her. "Oh, hey Nagi. I thought you were out?" Behind her stood a small redheaded girl with a streak of white in her hair, a black tattoo clearly visible on her back shoulder through the thin strap of her red tank top. "Hope you don't mind me staying again," she said cheerfully, cheeks still flushed with the aftermath of her intimacy with Nobuyuki.

Keiko turned around a looked down at the young girl. "I'm sorry miss I am not Nagi." she smiled softly

Noboyuki stretched out on his bed smiling from ear to ear. To think that he had found his true love on such a distant planet was odd to him but he loved her and that was all that mattered

"Oh... you...aren't?" She asked her, a little confused. She approached Keiko and stared up at her face momentarily, before her dark green eyes widened. "Oh! You aren't! I'm sorry...I only met Nagi once under...well... interesting circumstances so I mistook you for her by mistake." She extended her hand and smiled again, her light energy very different from the heavy ones Keiko had just encountered. "Sasako Muyo." She stated. "And yes I am human." She added. "I won't bother you too long, just visiting Nobuyuki."

Keiko smiled. "No worries child it is quite alright." she took the hand presented to her. "Keiko Hino." she introduced herself. "Noboyuki eh? He seems like a good lad, i hope he makes you happy my dear." she smiled again releasing her hand

"Keiko....oh! You were the one on the phone from before!" She realized, "Nobuyuki is your biggest fan." Sasako was at complete ease with Keiko, not seeming to be bothered at all by her presence. "But don't meet him; he said it would be a bad idea if two black-eyed demons met up." She turned to a hallway then waved. "See you around, Keiko" She said, ignoring the use of formalities. She disappeared down the hall and dove into Nobuyuki's room. “Hm..." she began. "If I was into chicks... I would so do her." she said thoughtfully as she fell into his lap.

Keiko chuckled lightly and went looking through the ship.

"Do who?" he asked wrapping his hands around her hips. He loved the feel of her on him. He shifted her to sit on his stomach bringing her closer to him

She obliged, settling on his stomach as she straddled him. "Mmm Keiko," She replied, running her hands playfully over his muscles in his sides. "She is staying her briefly apparently. She is super cool though, really regal." She smiled wide and leaned forward to kiss him gently. "But I gotta go... dad wants me home by four am." She said sadly, sliding off of him. "I will come back over tomorrow though after school, and we can hang until four am again."

"Aw i have heard that she is in town and time." he grudgingly let her slide off of him. "Wish you could stay" he teased her playfully reaching out and wrapping his tail around her waist playfully playing with her waist band

"Stop that!" she chided him, slapping at his tail just as playfully. "You have me now; I belong to you and no one else. I promise you that I won't ever look at anyone else, won't touch them needlessly or sleep with them. You are the one I want... and believe me..." she paused, looking down. "That means a lot from a girl like me... I love you ok? So trust in me when I say I will be back." She slipped out form his tail and leaned in to kiss him again. "See you tomorrow, Yuki." She said gently, happy with her new nickname for him.

"I trust you sweetheart. I’ll see you tomorrow." he smiled and took her kiss happily. "Yuki?" he asked raising an eyebrow

She merely stuck her tongue out at him. "Yes, Yuki. It’s cute!" She argued playfully, wagging her butt as him as she left his room. She whipped out her cell and called her dad, "On my way, just heading home." She said before hanging up, exiting the ship.

Back in the ship, Soren sat on the bed where Nagi had been, holding her hands in her lap, wondering what she should do to help her... she didn't want to lose her.

Sasako could hear Noboyuki chuckling from his room as she left

Nagi's face scrunched up slightly before relaxing, almost as though she were having a bad dream. Keiko opened the door to Nagi's room and paused and leaned against the door frame looking at Soren when she spotted her

Soren glanced up and saw Keiko, she smiled softly and rose. "Hi... good to see you. How is um... your counterpart fairing?"

averylynne1: Keiko looked at the floor before returning her gaze to Soren. "Good i suppose. Hoping that Rhea is ok and all gets.........rectified....soon." her voice was soft and her tone seemed distant

Soren cocked her head at her strange demeanor. "Are you ok?" She asked feeling concerned for her. She rose ad gently put a hand on her arm. "If there is anything I can do to help...I will." She had only met Keiko briefly earlier, but there was a huge difference now within her, maybe things had not gone well at Kamryn's.

Over at Twister's Sasako had arrived and her father was waiting. "And you were where?" He asked. "Out," she replied, not wanting to give her father too much info... if he knew she had a boyfriend, eh would flip. "You barely made it back in time be careful or you are grounded." he said. Sasako rolled her eyes. "Ok, dad... I will... just give it a rest. Oh hey elf man." she said cheerfully, waving at Avery who had been gone on the elven planet for some while, before going into her room. "Why do you get a bright eyed bushy tailed greeting you bastard?" Twister grumbled to his friend.

Keiko Nodded, "yes my lady i am fine. Just very very exhausted." she smiled weakly and turned to leave the room to cross the hall to a guest room and slid inside. She was asleep before her body landed on the bed.

Avery shrugged. "Probably because i am not an asshole father who puts curfews on and tries to ground his adult child." he teased as he sipped on a glass of sweet elven nectar wine

"You really are a bastard... she is not an adult... she is sixteen! And four am for a sixteen year old is not pushing it...her movements lately have been suspicious... maybe i should give her a body guard to tail her..." he said thoughtfully "You!" he said loudly, pointing at Avery. "You have been gone and need to brush up on your work ethic, you are gonna tail her." He said with a satisfied grin..."Find out who he is." he added, settling into a chair to drink a bottle of beer.

"Who he is? What makes you think there is a boy involved in all of this?" he said taking a sip again ignoring his "fatherly" outburst

"Oh come on! She is happy lately... and stays out until the very last possible second." His eyes narrowed. "Besides, I sense some energy from her. Times are strange now, my old friend. Someone is playing with time... I want to make sure she is safe. There are reports that historical records have been altered... and I know for a fact now that in one book there is a mention of Lord Keiko Hino and her consort having gone missing... where they are I am not sure though... I need you to investigate."

Avery being his normal self looked down into his glass and swirled its contents around a little. "So which is it would you like to do 'OH GREAT MASTER'?" he teased "follow your capable child or look into the time shift?" he looked at him with a rather coy look

Twister raised an eyebrow at him. "Why both most humble servant, you are an elf for Christ's sake, I am sure you can wing it. More than one of you in there anyway." He joked, rising as he finished his beer. "In all seriousness, this is important shit... so don't fuck it up."

“You are talking to a king Twister, do you honestly think that i would fuck it up human?" he asked standing up and stretching slightly. "I’ll keep an eye on both and fill you in. dont be too surprised if there is a boy. It is only natural that she would be interested in one at her age." he said flatly he looked down the hall that Sasako had gone down. He was pretty sure she could hear their conversation and wondered if and when she would come bounding back into the room with a rebuttal. "The main thing is you need to not lose your cool if there is a boy. Obviously she is happy, which means he makes her happy, again if there is a boy. That is all you can ask for is that he make her happy and treats her right. And you know as well as i that she can handle her own, she is your daughter after all."

Twister grumbled and turned to him. "I don't care about boys being in her life, ELF" he enunciated, matching Avery's earlier tone. "It is who the boy is that matters to me. Don't lecture me on children until you have some of your own." He waved a hand at him as he retreated to his office. "I know you will do well, that's why you are my best front man." As his door closed, Sasako stepped out of her room and moved to the sofa, settling down and grabbing a beer. "SO...what does he wanna know?" she asked.

Avery shook his head and ran a hand through his hair. He took a sip of the nectar wine before flopping back down in his seat. He casually looked over at Sasako as she came in and sat next to him. He took the beer from her and replaced it with a mug of the same nectar mead he was drinking. "This tastes better." he said as he watched her. "Well you know the usual. what’s his name, who is he, what kind of guy is he, does he know about the IGM, is he Night World, is he human, does he treat you right, does he make you happy? Like i said, the usual dad stuff." he smiled and sipped more of his mead

Sasako smiled back at him and drank his offered wine, raising an eyebrow at it. "Mmm this is pretty good." She said, moving so she half lounged on the sofa. "He is a nice boy, not human, knows about IGM, not Night World, he treats me right and makes me happy. But I won't spill the beans on his name. I REALLY like him though... and if we end up marrying I will be royalty.” she added with a wink. She shook her head and reached over to poke him. "Stop running errands like this for my dad, you have more important stuff to do.... like...oh investigate the time thing that I kinda know about." She finished, looking up at him with a sly grin

"You sure are getting your hands in quite a bit young lady." he chuckled. "Well what do you know about it?" he asked watching her. He poked her back playfully. He ignored her comment about more important things.


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