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an entry as Sydney Ita [Aug. 8th, 2006|10:55 am]

The world keeps moving ahead no matter what happens. That is how my mother reacts to most things. Horrible sometimes unforgivable acts occur, and she exists in them for a mere moment then moves ahead, dragging the clan along with her. Lara.. the woman I look up to. The woman who seems to look at me still as an oddity of nature, unsure of what to do with me. Fayth has tried to keep the rough edges of life smooth to prevent them from cutting me.. but I am almost 17.. I have to figure out how to stand on my own two legs as a full bloodded wherewolf.. Lara may end up giving me the leadership of the Ita clan.. but only when I prove myself worthy. I just dont know how I can do it.

I am a gentle person by nature, but hide it 24 hours a day. There is no room for gentleness, shyness, timidness in my world. Lara has made that clear. It is a free for all in agressiveness that I have top stay on top of. I almost have lost myself in it. My sister upping and leaving for no reason didnt help. So what if she didnt fucking look like everyone else.. not evereyonhe will look the same in the clan.. as time passes hybrids or outsiders will intermingle and we will get different types of looks.

She didnt even give anything a chance.. she just left.. as if no one here meant a thing to her. And what.. the Axel clan has something better to offer her? Does she have family there? She has people that look like her.. I will never understand it.. I have forgiven her.. as I am mature enough to do so. I accept that she has changed the course in her life.. I will love her.. but if she does anything to hurt the Itas.. I wil have no choice but to retaliate as I shoudl to protect my own.

But I have to go..Lara is bellowing at me to come train.. aka get the shit beat out of me by her. Until next time.

an entry in the alternate dimension [Sep. 5th, 2006|02:12 pm]
Dearest Diary,

Far too long have I been plauged with guilt, suffering and the secrets of my family. I am still a young girl, past my prime time of marriage, wanting more from my life then to be put in an arranged marriage with a man I have never met from a place unknown to myself. I am a Nightwalker.. a breed unlike most. We dwell in the shadows of society, feeding off red blood from victims of all types.. human or not. It is a ifestyle that has allowed my family to exist in high soceity, to traverse cultures, history and time in one fell swoop.

But, I have no choice. I am trapped by my curse.. our curse.. our kind cannot have children.. with all of our power we are nothing but minute flecks of snowflakes amoungst the avalance. We cannot breed.. it is the simplest and most terrifying fact of our lives. I do not wish to marry.. Diary how I wish I could find someone else. But, there is no one. My friends are few and far inbetween the gossiping circles of the families, and a few relatives can bring me brief moments of joy in our sparkling yet rusted world.

I know there is someone out there for me whom can change the fate of my family... of my race. The mysterious man is unknown to me, I just know he is promised my hand which I shall not give without a fight. My parents dont understand taht being a sixteen year old girl forced to love another for the sole benefit of sex and children will definently NOT FLY.

If only Hunter oould return from his adventures. We can talk about anything.. he knows the feeling as he is soon to be put into a marriage as well. He is my best friend, a brother I never had. And the only one I can feel free around. Diary, am I doomed? Am I cursed to marry a mysterious and shady baron or duke from another realm, and be forced to be their slave to all their disgusting sexual desires.. all their wants and cravings to life when I dont feel a thing for them?

I am lost.. but what can I do, Diary?

Kamryn Rose Ebony Axel
Eldest Daughter of Dorian and Victoria Jane Axel

entry from Kaitryn [Oct. 10th, 2006|08:42 am]

Well i should be working i have a large report to do on demonology, but i just can't seem to think. well concentrate on it at least.Kamryn, as always has had my eye more and more the past couple days, though for some reason i knew she and i would never be together. She has chosen MiNagi Keako Hino, the only Black eyed demon to be alive today and yet not a blood thirsty beast. She is a Demon none the less, but she seems to have a much more soft side to her. to imagine that such a demon would be born. then again i am not one to talk. I myself am part demon, i have my tendencies, however my angelic half keeps most of the ravaged beast tame. Had I moved faster and sooner i would not be sitting here unable to concentrate on work, i would have Kamryn as my own. Coulda woulda didn't.

now that that seems off my chest i must now get back to my task at hand.

entry as Avery [Oct. 10th, 2006|08:50 am]

Well off on one of my many "adventures" i have recently discovered some interesting information. actually to be more honest i have located The Book of Rawer. This is the official history book of the entire Demon race. and i mean the ENTIRE race. all the blood lines, all the lies and truths, all the wars, every prisoner, lives of the nobels. It's all in this book, along with Prphecies, and myths, legends, all the stories of the race. this book even magickly records the demon history as it plays out. and it tracks the life of the current Black Eyed Demon for however long they live. This book is the key to the Demon race, it supposedly also includes the key to wiping out the demons, humans, all civilizations. this book is the greatest thing to have ever come to my hands, to the IGM, to the universe; however there is one problem with this book, it's in a text and language that only the black eyed demons can read. supposedly something in that type of demon's eyes can decode the language and text even though they had never been taught that language or text.

though this book is of great importance and very difficult to get ahold of, it is meaningless without a black eyed demon to read it. this book is simular to that of the Axel clan spell book, however with The Book or Rawer it does not just get passed down to each black eyed demon or passed down in the clans or race like the Axel book, no this book appears to the black eyed demon after their 100th kill as a full blown black eyed demon. it's bizzar. this book sits in a cave surrounded by none other than black flames. it hovers above a never ending pit. getting to the book is virtulely impossible. only a black eyed demon can call to it, claim it and recieve it. i will not put here how it was that i aquired The Book of Rawer, just know that i did.

i must speak with Twister more about it later.


subject: Report attn: # 4993716 Pathway: Terra Tky [Oct. 14th, 2006|11:25 am]

:::Begin Transmission:::

Name:Korbin Reth
Code name: The Pharoh
ID Number: Krbnrth-061495

I have finally reached my destination, finally returned home for the first time in many years. Tokyo hasnt changed much in the years I have been removed from it, waiting, training, working my ass off to perform to the standards placed on me.

Initially there is a shift that can be felt in the energetic forces, my reader indicates it is from many factors. I have already picked up demon, black eyed demon, wherewolf, vampire, elf, and hybrids. They are all mostly within a hundred mile radius of a certain focal point. But, there are edge readings that I have monitored and shall continue to monitor as well.

My housing is complete, I have entered an educational facility, have obtained my identity, all that is left to do is begin my mission.

Operation Terra Restoration is now in effect.

:::End Transmission:::

subject: Report attn: # 4465271 Pathway: Red Drag [Oct. 29th, 2006|11:45 am]

:::Begin Transmission:::

Name: Reidan Di-Amante
Code name: Twitch
ID Number: Rdandiam-000158

The Red Dragon has without any fuss added me to the crew. My assignment was picked up yesturday shortly after arriving on the AirBus. It appears that this location has a very high foot traffic of multiple spiecies roaming about it at any one given time. I have seen Rogues, Demons, Vampires, a shapeshifter doing parlor tricks, a solitary Warewolf, and i believe a few angels.

these observations are strictly from the eye only. i have yet to pul out my radar, as my "costume" does not allow for any hidden objects. i shall continue to alter my costume to allow more and more equipment while serving my "job" here at the Red Dragon.

for now this is all i have to give. Over and out....

Operation Alpha Parlor has comenced...

:::End Transmission:::

(no subject) [Feb. 6th, 2007|06:07 pm]

i don't know how long it has been since i last left words on these blank pages, nor how long it has been since i actually spoke more than just a few words to anyone. i have been here in this hideout i created, it lies between my mother's ship and where my heart lies. I have to protect it, save it from my mother's rath and her craziness. we came here only a few years ago with the intent to survey this planet and then rid it of life. My mother has become furious with me in the fact that i have strayed from our objective. the time i spent here prior to this mission was simply wether or not these creatures would be easily destroid. i did not come here looking for simular life as my own. that time was far different then the time i have spent here for survey. i have intigrated myself into the Underworld life that inhabits this planet. it seems that all creatures use this planet as a hide out or a go to place for life away from the strife of their own planet and time.

In putting myself into this world i have found something that i should not have, something i should not find for appearently my destiny had been written for me hundreds of thousands of years prior to my existance ever being thought of. I am not to find what i have here, i am to fullfill my destiny and bring the down fall of all living creatures, including that of my own kin. but i believe that i have failed in fullfilling this destiny. i have found love.

A love that bridges all boundries, a love i fear will kill her, will kill me. i love the life style i have, the people, though hard to admit to anyone, and this one special girl that i can not and will not destroy this planet. i refuse.

it is hard to tell her i love her, hard to talk to her. i saved her life a ways back, i did amazing things that no one would do but for the love of their life. i travelled through time, broke barriers and boundries, i released the true demon deep with in me, the Black Eyed Demon. all to spare this young girls life. and yet i still can't bring myself to admit that i love her. my mother i know knows and threatens to kill her because it is because of her that i refuse to follow orders. perhaps it is, but either way, i love her, i would and will lay my life on the line time and time again to protect her. and one day i will find the one strength i lack, and tell her how miuch i really do love her and how much i really do care. one day she will be life and one day we will share one together. you will never see these words my love but, Kamryn, you are my light and my love, i will love you forever.

[Mar. 8th, 2007|11:08 am]

"You can not and will not loose sight of the mission! You will follow orders and rid of this putrid planet." Ryoko screamed at Nagi. it had been days almost weekd since Nagi had last spoken with her mother. she really didn't want to talk to her and least of all about the mission that had been set apon them. Nagi had been around nearly as long as this planet but yet she still wass a young adult in demon standards. And she acted like it a lot of the time.

"Why do you lay this shit on me?! Noboyuki has just enough brains and just enough power to do the job! for fuck's sake you do as well!! why don't you do it? why does it always have to be me?!" her rebuttle was just as youthful as she was. she knew the answer but didn't want to have to admit it. but it came anyways....

"Because Minagi, wether you like it or not you are the legendary Black Eyed Demon. this is your destiny to destroy life, you must do it!" Ryoko was a stubborn bitch and every day proved it more and more.

"Fuck you, Ryoko! this is stupid shit you are going on about, shit i could careless about! Go to HELL!"

Ryoko threw a small marble sized ball of fire at Nagi, probably a very bad idea. Nagi was already beyond pissed at this point.

Nagi caught the ball and without blinking threw a ball of black flames about the size of a bowling ball right back at Ryoko. Ryoko Barely had time to react to the first ball let alone the two that followed. Glareing her eyes turned red and she prepared herself for a battle against her own daughter that she knew could be her last battle ever, it could be her death going against Nagi in the state that she was in. Ryoko flew at Nagi and veered to the left just intime to catch a glimpse of Nagi's blacked out eyes and slight ghostly colouring to her skin. Nagi reached out locking her hand on to Ryoko's tail and whisking her around too fast for Ryoko to relize she was being slamed into a tree until after the pain shot through her body on contact.

Ryoko slipped out of Nagi's grip to hover a few feet from her daughter and looked at the legend that stood before her. Nagi looked up and locked eyes with Ryoko. it was in that instance that Ryoko smiled, she knew how to gain the upper hand on this battle. it was sly and devious, but it was the perfect attack.

"Look at yourself Nagi. Is this what you want Kamryn to see? will you being who you are really bring the two of you together? come now Nagi, we all know that you two will never work, you're a cat, she's a dog, these don't mix." Nagi's rage exploded in a burst of black energy shooting into the sky temperaraly as she lunged out of rage at her mother. Ryoko's smile became more devious as she shifted out of the way and ryoko wasn't able to think clearly around her rage to react to the fact that her mother's ship was just infront of her less than a foot. she slammed into it head first.

she dropped to the ground with a thud. she didn't move. the impact had knocked her cold. Ryoko picked her daughtrers seemingly lifeless body off the ground and carried her into her ship and laid her on the couch.

[b]story plot [Apr. 18th, 2007|01:21 pm][/b]

Jaeda walked down the raod comming home from a night out at a club. she had been with Georgia and her boy toy Hunter. With her abilities from her parents she had the power to teleport home, but she just wanted to walk, to think, to clear her mind.

She had grown up with Nagi's brother and his wife; Noboyuki and Sasako, as though they were her parents. She had never Known her parents, they had died shortly after her fourth birthday when a void opened up in their time and it was her parents that stepped up to save the earth from total destruction. Kamryn had died trying to save her only child, Jaeda from a creature that devoured childeren that had come through the void and Nagi died from becoming too enraged by the death of Kamryn that the black eyed demon devoured her whole, just after vanquishing the creatures from the void and the void it's self. At times she hated them for leaveing her but most of the time she was proud of them for saving everyone and the earth. Every once and awhile she would swear she felt them holding her or whispering in her ear. A few times she got in a fight and to this day swears Nagi helped her out.

But now all she wanted, more than anything, was to meet her parents, learn of their pasts, and learn from them.

Jaeda slid the door open at home and stepped inside.
*Welcome home Jaeda* the automated system greeted her. she flipped it off as she walked into the kitchen and over to the fridge.
"Jaeda, Sasako is going to make dinner here pretty soon so you shouldn't eat anything now." Noboyuki placed a hand on Jaeda's shoulder and then ran his hand through her hair quickly before pulling himself up on the counter.
"Jerk" Jaeda loved Noboyuki as though he truely was her father and like a brother.
"Aw I see, even with your thoughtfullness you've been in lately you still have your spunk." Noboyuki was both joking and serious. Jaeda just looked at him and went back to stareing into the fridge as though looking for something.
"Jaeda, what has been on your mind?" Jaeda froze, she knew he wasn't playing around anymore.
"I...I don't want to talk about it." she knew that this answer was not going to get her out of it.
"Jaeda." Noboyuki looked at her as though he knew better.
Jaeda sighed and clased the fridge door and turned leaning her back against the fridge door. she crossed her arms over her chest and looked at the floor.
"Yuki-chan I wish I knew my parents. I hear some of the most amazing stories of them, of what they've done together, how they met. I've even seen pictures of them and their lives, but i really feel as though i know nothing of them. You were Nagi's brother and knew her the best, and Georgia was Kamryn's sister and knew her the best, yet even with all the effort you and Sasako and Georgia and everyone has put in to help me know of them i...i...i just wish i could have met them, just once, to hear they're voices, to feel their touch." a few tears ran down her face, she quickly wipped them away. she was soo much like Nagi in the fact that she would hide and push away her feelings until she couldn't hold it anymore, and soo much like Kamryn that she was willing to talk about things.

Noboyuki sat there looking at the young girl he had taken in and raised. she had grown up so much, and gained so much of the power she had been given at birth. Her abilities were completely unknown to anyone, the combination of the two powers frightened everyone.
"Jaeda, i think you might want to speak with Twister. He might have an idea you might be able to do some of that." Noboyuki had always known that Twister could send her back in timeso that she could meet them, but had wanted to wait until she brought it up.

"Twister? he could help me with getting to know my parents?" Jaeda was a little confused.
"yes. he could send you back in time. i didn't tell you before because i wanted to wait until you were ready. with you asking about them now tells me you are ready. Seek out Twister and he will take care of you. but be careful with working with him and the IGM. they are a mob of sorts and he may try to get you to pay him back some how. just remind him whom your parents were and he should ignore any type of payment." Noboyuki tried to prepare her as much as he could. Twister had become more mobish over the years, ever since Nagi died.
Jaeda smiled and leapped into his arms. "Thank you Yuki, Thank you. I love you!" Jaeda ran out of the house pausing only long enough to put her shoes back on and darted down the road. she dipped into her powers and pulled apon them to help her gain more and more speed, running faster than the air. she stopped as though she had never been moving and stared up at Twister's house, the headquarters for the IGM.

subject) [Apr. 25th, 2007|04:49 pm]

~Nagi. Nagi~
Nagi sat up in bed. she had been having the same dream for months. Everytime she would see Kamryn being drug off by dark hooded creatures. Nagi would lunge for her only to fall face down in a muddy puddle outside of a red glowing cave she had never seen before in her life. and a female's voice would come whispering out of the cave. ~Nagi. Nagi~ ~to save her you must kill me, but if you kill me then you both shall die.~ ~Nagi~ ~if you save me i can give you all that you desire. fame, power, glory.~ as the words flow all she can see is a pair of cupped hands and a hooded figure coming slowly out of the cave.

"Nagi, honey. are you okay?" Nagi jumped ever so slightly when she felt a small hand and smooth arm wrap around her bare chest. she looked down and gently wrapped her long fingures around the smaller hand.

"Yea, yea. just a bad dream" she laid back down and sighed when she felt the warmth of the arm wrap tighter around her. Kamryn Kissed her on the cheek, kind of trying to get her attention.

" this dream; the same you've been having?"
"what happens in it?"
"it's nothing, don't worry about it."
" no Nagi it's not nothing! you wake up as though something has ripped you apart. so obviously something massive is happening in that dream! and since it's been happening for a couple months now, you need to tell me whats going on."
"It's just a dream. it will pass soon enough, you have nothing to worry about. i promise kammy, i can handle this." Nagi tried to assure Kamryn with a gentle kiss and smooth smile.
Kamryn frowned but knew not to push anymore tonight. she wrapped her arm tightly around Nagi's chast, and tucked her head under Nagi's chin before driffting off to sleep with Nagi's arm wrapped up around Kamryn.

an entry as Kamryn [Jul. 2nd, 2007|11:24 pm]

I don't even believe this.. Nagi actually said that she loved me. Things seem to be moving too fast for me to keep up. My daughter from the FUTURE is here, Nagi and I have pretty much moved in together.. in a sense... as in she is here... all the time.. although most of our time is still spent in bed. heh. I am not sure if I am dreaming though.. I have wanted to be with her for what has felt like forever.. I wonder what was the final thing that made her truly admit that she wanted to be with me? i may never know, but in a sense I don't care.. as long as she is with me I am more than happy.

Things are not going to be easy for us.. I know it. her mother isnt too thrilled.. neither is my boss. I feel bad about semi leading her on.. and I .. I dont know.. I jsut think that our relationship was somethign selfish of us to want.. so obsticals may pop up to block us from ever beign together.. On top of that she is the main Black eyed demon that the nIghtworld has been studying.. I cannot let her flal into their hands no matter what.

Will someone tell me that this is real? Above and beyond everythign this is just so.. so much to take all at once. But I better go before I start not makign any sense. I cant help it though.. she drives me crazy!


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